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Clockmaster for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by SAMFINACO LIMITED located at Alpha Tower, Pavlou Nirvana-Aipeias 1st Floor, Office 11, 3021, Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game! Great graphics & sound. Match 3 but always changing things up. Always chances to win boosters!
I enjoy the game but it could be a little easier. Maybe make it if 2 bombs are combined it makes an explosion.
I love this game but hate the candles in some of the games. There are some games you have no choice but to make a purchase on items to win. Yet they usually start another game you can play at easier levels. I am addicted to this game, they change it up to hold your interest and do give you free time and free items.
I love the game been playing for a long time, just wish i could have more then 5 turns n timed turns shouldnt run down even if ur not playing
Update now can't play! Come on game developers! Fix it! I uninstalled and reinstalled, I BETTER not have lost my progress!
Great game. Graphics interesting, very challenging, and can sometimes be frustrating, but that's the fun. Not for those who are impatient. en frustrating but that's part of the challenge. Not for the faint of heart. But very fun.
I like the game but you have to spend money. Speaking of which I spent 19.99 on 130 rubies and when I got back on it had me restart and they disappeared! Better yet I have contacted them twice with no response! That's the worst part cause you know they areraking it in! I
Play this game long enough and you will see it is a waste of time and money. This is the same game as clockmaker but called clock master. I am glad to see only a few hundred people waste their time on this!
Used to be my favorite game. I have gone really far spent lots of money on here. Now it says I have to update to play further but when I tap on update it goes to the game in play store but only says play or uninstall. Havent been able to play in 2 weeks guess it's about time to delete the whole thing. I will not be playin any games no more
Whats going on with this update thing. Same as the others. Cant get back to the game. Wont update. Been trying on and off for a couple days now. Are you trying to get this fixed. I dont see any replies from the developers. Itll be sad if you cant fix this. I really enjoyed the game, a long time player.
What's the deal on yhe game. I've played for 2 years now yhid update didn't work. Uninstalled & it started from the beginning. 2 min into the game another update that doesn't update. Lost a long-time player. Uninstalled
Hint, If you need red, go for other colors allowing the red to build up, dont forget too hit the bottem rows to cause cascade effect
I play games to relax and unwind. Sometimes this game is aggravating. When this happens, I will disappear for a while.
Couldn't play until I updated. Clicked update. Took me to Google play page. No option to update. Tried unistalling and reinstalling and lost all progress that I had paid to help me progress. Now, I started over and am told to update again. No thanks. Uninstalling.
Used to be my favorite game it had been stuck on update mode for several days and wouldn't let me update. Checked on it last night and it must have had some type of glich or something because it had started from the beginning. Very disappointed I spent a lot of money to get to the level I was at and now lost everything.
Stuck in "update game" mode; but when I went to update in play store, there is no update. I've played for years (and spent thousands of $$$$) and used to love this game. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be saving a boatload of money, since it no longer works correctly.
This is a challenging and interesting game. I enjoy the storyline. If I were to criticize something, it would be the small writing and puzzles. I have bad eyesight and tremors and I often hit the wrong key because it is so small.
Same problem with update, can't play at all, this sucks, please fix this.and still not fixed, what the hey. Still stuck in the loop. Apparently whoever's made this game app doesn't care if people play it or not. Sucks.
Love this game. It's hard sometimes and frustrating at times but all in all fun game. Only complaint I have is 3 nights ago it crashed my phone, got it restarted, cleared the cache crashed again uninstalled it reinstalled it played it for couple hours. When I tried today to play it won't load. Hopefully I can play again after I reinstall it yet again
I love this game but ive uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times play a couple of games and then it wants me to update but cant. Over it.
The game uses false advertising. Their ad fooled me into thinking this game wasn't a matching game and was instead full of puzzles. Even after completing the first level and finding out that it was indeed a matching game, I decided to play more to see if there were any puzzles at all and there weren't. Although the graphics are pretty the game itself is not well designed(there are much better matching games out there) and since they had to lie to get me to download the game, I won't recommend.
This game is addictive! It is my all time favorite game. If you invent more games like this one, please let me know! As for spending money, yes, you can but you don't have too.
It is a good game. Levels are solvable but not very easy in the beginning , however they get much more difficult to solve as you reach higher levels . In my experience, it is impossible to complete tasks without paying. Now it needs an update, which is also impossible to install.
Normally I like this game. But now when I go to it a screen comes on stating there's an update, so I hit the update button & it takes me to the usual screen for that except your options are uninstall or open. If i hit open, back to update,hit update,......please fix,can't play
This update BS is really becoming a pain, we used to play it daily now I think I am just going to delete it and find another game to play....
This game is awesome, but unfortunately there are some levels that take 100s of attempts, which gets me closer to deleting the app.
Keeps telling me to update the game but when I come over to google play the game is already updated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled same thing. Not only that I lost everything this game sucks.
I can't play game. Says to update and when I click update goes to Google play. Then I have to choose Uninstaller or open. So I m Uninstalling the game and going to reinstall it
LOVE IT until you get to the levels with the spiderwebs. Been stuck forever there and I will be uninstalling and not recommending to others. It is fine to have spiderwebs but not ones that come back especially since in those levels you have far to few moves vs. Objective of level.
Was favorite game stuck in update death loop...thank God I didn't spend money! Avoid Below games at all costs!
I love playing Clockmaster because it gives you a variety of goals to achieve and to win the tools you need to advabce your progress!
Cannot continue as wants me to update. When I click on update it goes to open then goes back to update. Just circles
Clicked update and it takes me to the Google page....won't let me play....I am afraid to delete and reload, will probably lose everything :0(
Cannot get the game to update. It says tap to update but in google play it just has open so it goes back and forth. Cant play at all until it updates.
I have to admit I'm addicted to this game! I've been playing for a few years now & the games change often with graphics that get better each time! NO ADS!!!! There is no better game PERIOD!
How come game is frozen in this loop. Tells me to update, then doesn't give option to update. Sends to back to prior screen. I love this game and don't want to reinstall and start over.
It is a good game. Levels are solvable but not very easy in the beginning , however they get much more difficult to solve as you reach higher levels . In my experience, it is impossible to complete tasks without paying.
Says to update. When you tap update ot goes to "open". And then goes back to screen where it says update. Around Around. Never updates.
I love game am stuck says I need to update to continue. I already did but, It contunes to say update. Unable to play.
I really liked playing until it said I had to update. Two other people have also commented on this. When you try to update it will not let you. Since you cannot update, you cannot play. This was a 5 star for me until this new issue.
Mine is stuck in a loop too!! I get notifications to collect my daily bonus, but I can't get out of the loop. Are they EVER going to fix it?!?
Same as others. Can't play. No update. So sad as it was a 5 star game. If not fixed soon will uninstall!
I love this game I am bedridden and am on hospice so it's a good source of entertainment for me, I was having problems with this app when I was using my other phone but now that I have a different phone everything is great
It's the hardeayast and funniest game I've played. Ive not been able to play for 3 days. Must be a glitch in your system. It tells me to update and whrn I do it sends me to play store to update but it wont updare!
I realy enjoy playing your game. I have a hard time puting it down. But sometimes i dont know what to do to win the game. There is no instructuons to follow to conqure the game.
Regarding the update. I ooen the game it says update. I push update and it takes me to google play. On google play the only options are uninstal and open. No update button
I've tried to play 2 weeks, but it keeps saying I need to update. When I go to google play, it says play or uninstall. I've given it plenty of time to be fixed. I'm done. I'll spend my money on another game.
I love this game ❤️, I've loved it for the past 3 year's .,It's just a little slow,and sometimes it freezes for a few minutes, then it's okay., So need to fix these problems...Other than that, it's okay !!!!
I agree with the others. Stuck on update. I got a new phone and have to start from the begining. Also, if I'm not playing the game the timer on lives or items should stop also. I cant play for 24 hours straight.
The game is pretty simple. There's tons of stuff to do, however, it is NOTHING like it is advertised. Stop advertising different things! It's so disappointing! With that being said, I downloaded and played for a few days, but I'm deleting it due to false advertising. I didn't want this kind of game. So that's a bummer.
I love this game. There are so many layers to unpeel. Its easy to get extra lives so when the levels are hard I can keep trying until I get it right. One warning, it's very addictive!
So far this version seems easier to play than the version of clockmaker. Can clockmaster be downloaded to my computer.
Wonderful, greatest, challenging, love this game most I've tried hundreds of games and this is the 1 anytime anywhere #bet?
It would be better if when upgrading your phone you wouldn't lose levels. If you can take it with you it would be better
Help! I love this game and have invested a LOT into it,got a new phone and I have to start all over again. I chose the same avatar and name and it's the same cell number. How so I pick up where I left off in my old phone?
I really like your game little hard at times but great for puzzle players only thing is it takes 2 and a half hours for 5 plays a little long needs to be shorter would play more
I have not been able to play cuz it keeps asking me to update it when I just updated it so I am unable to play. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE GAME???? IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS ISSUE!!!!! PLEASE, FIGURE IT OUT AND RESPONDE!!!!!
Updated the game, now I cannot play. Screen goes from "update" to Google play page. Thought uninstalling would help but it didn't. Now I've lost all my progress and can't even play from the beginning! I'm disappointed because I was really enjoying the game. Uninstalling!!
I dropped my rating, this game is super fun but right now they have so many glitches every other puzzle. Then the loading screen takes so long. I am still trying to try this game
Regarding the update. I ooen the game it says update. I push update and it takes me to google play. On google play the only options are uninstal and open. No update button. Still no update button and cannot play after a month. Uninstalling the game. Waste of time. Too bad.
I love this game. I love playing this every moment I can. It's hard to put the game down because I get into it and really enjoy it.
It says I need to update but after taking the steps to update it just keeps going to post about needing to update. Very frustrating
Now. It seems to be stuck in a loop, i pull up the game, it takes me to an update screen I push update, it doesn't work, then back to play or Uninstall screen and back again to update screen. When I was able to get to the game, I couldn't pull up the teams. It seems to no longer be available either. Really did enjoy it before. Its still stuck in a loop, can't play, still.....11/14/20
This is best game ever. I would recommend this game to anybody. It makes you think and the owners of the game do not try ask you for money. This is great.
Awesome game, can be trickey most of the time, just use common sense, you will figure it out. Lots of fun
Same as their other game. At about level 20 you are not able to progress unless you make a purchase. After you make a purchase you loose what you bought and it just continues like that. And you always seem to loose by 1 or 2 moves. Then its like ow man so close. Would you like to make a purchase now
Clockmaster on Google Play, but actually just aplagiarized, never-updated version of Clockmaker. Hey Google Play, why do you let that stand? Update: now this ClockMASTER thing won't even start without a non-existent update from the olay store. I guess they finally caught on. Uninstalled.
It was a good game, can't open it anymore just says update. When you click on it goes to screen says open, click on that and back to update. No thanks not fun anymore
Clockmaster on Google Play, but actually just aplagiarized, never-updated version of Clockmaker. Hey Google Play, why do you let that stand?
Just uninstalled the app and reinstalled now lost all progress and unable to link it to Facebook to get my progress back.
I still enjoy the game, and find it frustrating as well as challenging. Thank you for your hard work and interesting creation!
Not enough moves to Complete levels.. doesnt make game fun when you have to play a level 10 times. Game does not play like advertisement shows, i guess you have to be 100 levels into game to play the way ad shows...i am uninstalling game
It difficult too play when you dont get very much help when the levels are really hard and with the spiders webs come up so fast that lYou don't have Time to think what to do next to win that level. much yp Ou
It's a fun game but it advertised as a jigzaw puzzle so I didn't install a game I actually wanted. The loading screen takes quite a while to upload but other than that the graphics are pretty much on point and overall it's an entertaining game.
Kept coming back to this game, even though it was frustrating, but glad I did! Not quite as difficult to win levels and still challenging. Keep up the good work!
Ok not sure what is going on here. Updated just fine on my Note 9, but will not update on my tablet. What's up? Both are Samsung products & both use the same internet. Very disappointing here.
The game says to update. Then takes you to play store. But the game will not update. I uninstalled and restarted the game. It still won't update.