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Clock of Atonement

Clock of Atonement for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Odencat located at Minami Aoyama 3-1-30 Avex Building Coworking Space "avexEYE", Minato ku, Tokyo. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Never really got started. I tried all of the options I could think of and then had to resort to a hint, a vague, unhelpful hint. After trying several times, each with a 30 second ad, I decided to forget it.
a fun little game to kill an hour! short & sweet and a cool concept that was well executed. also liked the fact you could unlock the extra episode by watching ads as an alternative to paying as that better suited me
I can feel the game very well good job if one day I became a rich person I will find this game again and donate for you. mark my word....
I love that it confused me for a day and then all you had to do is pick up the knife at the beginning
This game is great! However, please add an option for us to replay it. The beginning part of the story isn't replayable unless you press "Reset Game", but you have to watch 20 ads again to unlock part of the story (again)
I liked the game play, but the story doesn't make sense... Why whould he kill her if he loves her so much?
that's was so Amazing game I like its so muchh i enjoyy it and also it's really sad because i already done the game and it's really emotional but that was nice and cool game i ever play so that's all i really like so much pixel games thank you πŸ€—πŸ’•
I loved the mechanics of this game but its very short compared to their other games,, u also have to pay for an extra episode which I don't mind but I'm broke
Interesting storyline where you attempt to correct the protagonist's mistake by manipulating time and making choices that can change the outcome of the situation. Simplistic gameplay where you tap the screen to select items highlighted in green. The game is fairly short but entertaining, a great time killer for an hour. I'd like to see a future game that is longer in length. Great job developers!
This was such a good mystery game. It all added up on the extra episode, and also if you dont have any virtual money to buy the extra episode, then I suggest that you watch 20 ads, I did it and it took a long time, cause the ads were 30 seconds. And also keep up the good work, and make more games like this if possible. I suggest everyone who likes this types of games (mystery, pixellated, horror), then go to the makers of this game, and find the games you like.
The art style was nice and so was the story but 1.there were too many adds ones that pop up and the one always at the bottom 2.it was so short and if you want it to be longer you had to either watch 20 adds or pay This game has so much potential but I feel like you kinda messed it up.
Short but enjoyable. In the first part every choice you make affects the end and it's really interesting to see what will happen. It's great that you can watch ads instead of buying the next one. You can also pet the cat and that's awesome.
Cool idea for a puzzle game. Going back and forth in time gets tedious but getting to see the different outcomes sort of makes up for it.
I love it just a few things add the ability like most escape games where you're allowed to pick up certain items to help you escape you should be able to pick up certain items and use them like in the first chapter but more often. more endings. more secrets. And if you buy the extra chapter you can play the full game.
I never thought a time traveling game would leave me teary eyed. The end left me speak less. would recommend
If u are reading this Lots of love Ur all games are great Zelle was legendary Hope to see more creative stories in future
not bad but I didn't really know how to play the game so I was stuck a bunch of times. Such a waste that it's so short but it's not bad.
Honestly ever since I started ur games it had been so fantastic I fell in love with ur games and was eager to play more I have all ur games but this one is something I don't understand or should I say can't explain Am stuck I need help And hint is not working Am at the beginning of the game where she was killed I forwarded the time so what do I do from there because am clueless ☹️☹️☹️☹️
This is quite a mind opening game because being a religious person who solely believes in God, this helped me be reminded of what was being portrayed in this game. A 4 star!
Quite short but a pretty touching premise. I do wish there was more to it, like stories of other characters.
The story is short and meaningful but it is very one dimensional. Maybe a little backstory could make the game better
Haven't played it yet but I'm positive it'll be good. I've kind of been on a game binge of oldencat's stuff today. Bluebird was amazing! I'm loving mousebusters so far!!! And this looks spooky
I did like it, I just felt it was a little bland. I still really liked the idea and I love your other games!
I am trying my best to finish the 20 ads to play the sequel for free πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I hope this isn't a scam coz I would really watch 20 ads for the sequel!!! But PH internet s*cks!!!
I have a problem here. I cant solve the part 1 where i should prevent myself to kill the girl/woman (i dont know). I tried all the endings. And the best ending is caught by the police. But i cant continue on. It ask me to rewind the time. But there's no ending i can do.
I much prefer the other stories (or rather, games) from this developer. But this one also get a full stars from me. It has a nice problem solving mechanics!
Good game, not too easy but clearly not hard. Bonus point for the fact that you don't necessarily need to pay to have access to the prison part!
I give this game 4 stars. Episode One, a game where you kill the love of your life then try to prevent it, decent, not too hard not super simple 4 stars for that. Episode Two, it doesnt even follow the narrative and starts with you in prison and ends with completing your sentence, you have to click on a barrel moving it across the screen and is basically watching a walkthrough, -2 stars. Change it please and add more episodes (not little walkthrough ones either) and i will change my rating.
amazing best thing I have ever seen.I hate the fact I had to watch 20 ads to onlock the extra level and I can't see my afterlife. It was a good game.
I had been wanting to play a game like this for years! I just wish it was longer, but you did an awesome job!
I don't know how I feel about this game. I gave it a perfect score nonetheless. I bought the extra episode when he ends up in jail for $0.99 (just think of it as donating to the developers who made this game). I don't feel bad spending my money on a game that I enjoyed playing. I hope to play more point-and-click games in the near future.
Very original game, like an interactive story where you can pause & intervene at certain points, and roll the scene forward & backwards and see how it changes. I did expect at first that the outcome would be changeable, but of course that's not how life goes... You may only regret the past or not. It is rather short & ambiguous, but there is an extra chapter that leads to the final conclusion (you have to purchase to unlock it, or watch 20 ads in a row... 😬)
ahhhhhh. not a bad game at all. I love how they tie together like Tsubasa reservoir chronicles. x3 its super awesome!
its good i like it not like it love it but its to short and the extra episode is need to buy but i dont have money if you watch ads its 2 ads in one time omg
I wasn't expecting the amount of violence but I don't know why, it tells me in the description. I like how the 'bad guy' realizes what he had done and takes the steps to fix himself. And I love the option to go back and reply different endings.
DAMN 😭 actually the first half was a bit confusing because the main character's personalities contradicted a bit lol but the second half was really good! it's a great reminder to be kind to everyone because in one way or another, it would go back to you. keep it up!!
Could have been really awesome, the concept was really cool. But it is soo short, finished it in like 10 minutes. There's a "part 2" at the very end you can play for $0.99, also very short and really no game play. Waste of money πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Maybe you can expand and make a real part 2 to the game
The fact that he was regretting everything he did and then he choose to accept it after knowing that he is something he can't change. the story line was nice and it's actually nice to change his mistakes he did.
it was amazing it has a Shor story though I wish there was more. also the idea of watching adds is amazing for the next episode that was made to be spent on.
Absolutely amazing. I love how simple the game seems to be but how crucial your choices are. I hope i find more games like this
I love this game, everything is perfect except it's a little bit short but, everything else was amazing. I even played another of their games called "Town of tides"that one was even better,it was longer than this one but both games are good. Go ahead download it.
I loved at the end how they gave you the choice to play the conclusion by watching ads if you are unable to play😊
Short with a very intriguing concept. I would love to have played more from a murder's perspective, but with more scenarios and story with the horror genre. I didn't mind having to watch 20 thirty-second ads to play the next episode. Please make more games like this!
So far so good a little hard to figure out even with a hint. But thats what maked it good. but its a little short thats why i only gave it 4 stars.
okay? this was really short but it's okay I guess. I'm glad he felt bad for what he did, though I think he was mentally unwell and the story should've been longer where he at least got better.
the story it's really good, sorry I just can watch ada but I can't give the donation hope you make a lot of story life like this.
The game was very cool and had a pretty deep meaning, the extra episode left me with pretty mixed feelings (in a good way) but I like how we can watch 20 ads instead of paying $1 for it
A little too short, but I love the concept and it was really interesting. Would love to see more by this developer
i really love it. It's short but so much better than so many games this is really what I was looking for ... maybe even better !!
So i finally solved the puzzle and WOW! was not expecting that twist! Im watching my final ad to get the next chapter, i hope it is good! Edit: omg i love this even more after i finished the final chapter! I just realized that this ties into bears restaurant (another great game by odencat) so wow! Outstanding!
This is a really neat game. Just hard enough to make you think and not get frustrated. 8 bit works really well here, too.