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Climb Higher - Physics Puzzle Platformer

Climb Higher - Physics Puzzle Platformer for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Orbital Nine Games located at 989 Nelson Street, Suite 510 Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 2S1. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Couldn't even get past level 3. No instructions on how to play, Tutorial has no tutorial, just 3 levels to figure out. Got stuck right away. No explanation, no walk through. Played physics games for decades. Worst one yet
Control is annoying. Reverse of what would be intuitive in my opinion. You pull left to send ball to the right. Aiming would be much easier by dragging finger to the side where you want ball to be sent. I checked settings to see if i could change this this, but i didn't see the option
Really fun, good challenge game. Edit 2: to get all achievements takes weeks/months of dailies, so was thinking of ways to keep replayability up. Like dailies give points towards unlocking ball costumes, live multiplayer races, live multiplayer mini games (teams or not), multiplayer soccer trying to get a big floating circle into each other's goals (no gravity, teams or not), weekly releases of a new adventure level (many collectibles over large map), or editor+player created level section...?
I really recommend this game. I have played it for many hours now, and it is absolutely amazing. There is always different and creative ways to do the levels. I love that you have to combine your creativeness, your logical thinking and good timing to get the best results. This is definitely the best puzzle game I have ever played!
Fiendishly challenging and quite simply addictive! When you play this entertaining physics game you will quite simply be enthused.
fun game, super developer -- a great combination of physics, logic, and coordination -- with practice it is possible to get sunglasses for the smiley that climbs to the flag in the 45 levels, finds triangles in the giant level, and reaches the flag in the daily levels
Good time killer. A bit frustrating a lot of moves/shots are based on luck. If I could see where I am going to land once I release would be so much better.
Too much fun! Then the drama builds fast, a bit too fast, but still manageable. All Orbital Nine games are now the only ones I play.
WOW Fantastic. I have 3 ORBITAL NINE apps, I think this is my favorite, but BRAIN IT ON is pretty good.
Great game! Very challenging but fun make you think! One thing tho can we get full screen support for notched devices?
Another amazing game from orbital nine thanks! For making games like this. I have played brain in on! And there from a notification i know about this game. Keep making games like this good work!
I'm loving this strategy game. At first, it stressed me out, but once I got the handle of it, I find myself getting tempted to play.
fun game, super developer -- I have over 90 yellow triangles -- I can't find an explanation about unlocking all levels or using colored hats
Very challenging game , could've used some hints , I think I'm done after level 7 . Lots of hours trying to climb . Very little ads , good luck , enjoy .
I had a good feeling about this game and I was right. Ignore the bad rating, it's a shame such a great game has less then 4 stars.. Keep it up devs F the haters...this is gold..
Interesting challenges, but nowhere near as enjoyable as Brain It On. This game could really benefit from some simple instructions or explanations. For instance, I made it to level 18 and I still don't know what the yellow triangles do. Couldn't unlock level 19, because obviously I didn't achieve some undefined objective in one of the previous levels, but I'll never know what. Would have preferred a few dozen new levels of BIO instead.
Seemingly simple, this game demands more thought and dexterity than you might imagine - and I love it for that. The timed medal on each stage has me going back over and over to scratch that speed running itch. Very good!
Thanks for the game.its fun and the controls are nice and simple.thanks for combining the aspects of fun and learningπŸ˜€
Excellent game that takes skill, ingenuity, timing and patience but not too long that you get totally frustrated and give up. Great game Orbital Nine (cheeky I know but any chance of a clue on getting the last (34th) flag in the 'sandbox' level; the one that's upper left of the level with two vertically hanging bending unbreakable walls protecting the flag in between) 09/06/20 Update: worked out how to get that last darn flag πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
I had a very good experience as others indicated if you are looking for a good game to pass time and have fun i recomend it . extremely low downlad count for an actual good game but yet there are games built around makimg money offbyou that hit 10 mill downloads . lets make this hit 1 mil downloads atleast .
Decent game though collect every single triangle (collectable) and barely 3/5ths of the way to getting the reward. Then get maybe one a day from challenge puzzle. Ridiculous method of doing it considering some of the triangle requires near perfect skill and luck to get
This game is very clever, and very difficult. Significantly more difficult than I was expecting, from what appears on the surface to be kind of a casual phone game. It's a welcome challenge, with a good difficulty curve (at least up to where I'm at) and clever level design. Lots of ways these mechanics could be used and expanded on, and I'm excited to see where the game will take me. Give it a go.
Super fun game with the perfect amount of challenge. I genuinely like it as is but I admit it could use some visual polish (Angry Birds and Cut the Rope) were essentially physics simulators (as is this) but they, arguably, became hits because they had polished aesthetics and a narrative to grab onto. I'm not saying they should be copied but they may be useful as case studies
Simple, fun, and apparently ad free? I see an option to pay to remove ads but have yet to see a single ad.
Love it, quite difficult Would have given you 5 stars but i cant unlocked 2nd level even though ive passed all 9 stages on level 1
It's a very steep learning curve: but well worth it. Challenging: but good fun once you get the hang of it.
UPDATED PER YOUR REQUEST (I don't email people I don't know): Disappointing compared to the first two games... please work on new levels for those. The little blob changes shape and/or texture in mid game. What causes shape to change? Can u make it be a more deliberate action instead of being a surprise/unintentional? Flicking a thing around the screen offers less options for success/fun than creating shapes which interact with "the world" to accomplish a goal. That's worth pondering.
This game is difficult, frustrating at times, and I love it! It's smooth and intuitive physics combined with challenging, multisolution puzzles. My only concern is that (after getting all 45 stars and the bonus level) I'm forced to wait One Whole Earth Day for a new daily level πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ And what about more of these Epic Bonus Levels huh , or a lil level creator action bruh, ok thaaaanks πŸ˜…
Great, once i learned to control it. A bit frustrating but thats kinda the idea of this sorta game is it not? Great game very impressive
Incredibly playable. Excellent problem solving game. As good as their other games. Highly recommend this as a good stress fee waste of time.
I absolutely loved 'Brain It On' by the same developer, and completed it all to soon (even though it was tough in places)! Been looking for another addictive puzzle fix ever since and nothing has come close to it, until now. A very talented developer and I'll be watching closely for their new games in the future.
It's extremely difficult. I find it hard to believe the time stated is even remotely possible. To be honest if I want an intellectual challenge, I'll do a crossword.
I loved playing this game because im a big fan of platformer and puzzle games and this game combined those elements amazingly. And another thing about the game is that the controls and gameplay features are fairly easy to master. Overall this game is amazing and thats why im giving it a five star review
It is a great game and fun to play. When I discovered this game I saw some bad reviews that they don't understand how to control but when I downloaded it, there were visual instructions which was great. I loved it.
Physics need to be worked on. Not realistic feeling based on heaviness of ball and momentum. Controls/ball tracker are odd. Made gameplay frustrating. Only challenging because of the physics quirks and time limit.