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Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG

Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Iron Horse Games LLC located at 340 S LEMON AVE #4271 WALNUT, CA 91789 UNITED STATES. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
🍪(Updated review) Love the game; simple, yet addicting. The creators at Iron Horse Games LLC, are very quick to respond to reviews and emails. Well made game, with a lot of customization when it comes to making your character look badass. Can't wait for more updates from you guys. Keep up the awesome work!🍪
Loved the game but the fact that it drains my battery, froze so bad I had to restart my phone then wouldn't open anymore. I gave 1 star and won't change it.
Great clicker game! Unique and a lot of fun. Different abilities, pets, dungeons are all really fun! Stat points key u customize your hero. One of the best clicker games I ever played!
This game is super addicting and one of the best clicker RPGs available on Android would recommend to anyone!
if the latest version has been out for over 3 weeks: 1) the game never autoupdated like every other app has 2) there was no "update" button for me to click to update. all i had was the uninstall and open buttons. so, I don't understand why I would have been on an older version. there was no way for me to know. I'll try again, but I've lost all my progress because there's no cloud or anything save. I cleared data and cache on my phone. aaaand...nothing. Login and craft ads still don't work. done!
Ill update my review once issue is resolved. I purchased the $15 package i was charged twice but didn't receive rewards. Refund one charge and get me my deal
I was expecting just another clicker. Then I noticed the developer responses to reviews. None were copy/pastes. So, I installed. The art style is excellent. The controls do what you expect. The ads are unobtrusive. The play progression is smooth and well paced. 5/5
Doesn't work on Google Pixel C Tablet. After 10 secs, it freezes every time. Only game that does this for me.
Addictive and Fun! I also love the constant loot gaining, ever changing armor. I also like my hero! That smug grin! Lol. So far theres nothing i dont like! Simple, easy, and fun just as it should be. Fantastic game! :)
The guild section feels like an overlay webpage.... Other than a chat icon that loads the page, the game has nothing to do with guilds, no random guilds suggested to join or random people to invite to yours.
So far so good, still early days. But I've played a few early access games from this company and all have been very promising. Looking forward to what my character will look like as I progress. Good job definitely recommend.
The game is too easy. There is no reward great enough to want to proceed past stage 20. Other idle games have cool rewards. Add bad ass rewards and you're good to go
Updated review: I have been playing this game since release. Since day 1 it was an amazing game however it was pretty short. The dev was quick to lengthen the game and add features to keep us going. The dev is also very responsive and active in the Discord. Want a real challenge? Go for the highest stage you can on your first playthrough!
so far this game is fantastic . plays very smooth . fast paced once u get the hang of what to do and when. it is very clear and descriptive in explaining. pets are cool and it has a long time play value from what i see so far. the only thing i wish could be done. is to either leave a guild you start or rename it i made one and can not seem to change the name or leave . new events would be fantastic. basically just more of what is already there . gear sets. so u can go atk dps or mag or res farm
Game froze at "earn 2 ascend points to ascend". Could not click where the gloved hand was pointing or anywhere else.
I loved this game at first , but then when i tried to get back on it , it wouldn't let me . Hope u don't have the same problem
Great game. Very addictive. Level 39/World 37/3rd Ascension Noticed 1 problem tho. The Dungeons aren't resetting. Have completed both but still waiting after 3 days to play them again and see what other pets turn up. Only issue apart from that is sometimes the Upgrade button stays red even tho you can upgrade - Weapon only.. Spell upgrade seems OK or not noticed it on that button. Thanks for a great game and thank you for making it FREE....... Running through Bluestacks 3 Android Emulator on PC and Also Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet... Works great on both. Easier on Bluestacks as I have an auto-clicker to save the fingertips and mouse. NOT needed but great for overnight grinding runs.. lol Quick tip too - Earth Rock/boulder spell is best.. if it misses the one enemy there is a good chance the next enemy will run into it giving an instant kill or on higher levels a big hit point loss.. bosses don't like them.
Animations could be updated, and ads don't work so they need reworking. Fair bit to go but hopefully the devs get there.
It has potential but it's ridiculously short. Completed in a few hours, yet it has daily rewards? It seems like it was launched way to soon, before the game was a quarter done.
Good game overall but could you try to implement a leaderdoard system into the game because it would make it competitive and you will have more people playing it.
Nice game, one suggestion would be an inventory system for the gear, having to stop the action to equip or lose every item all the time is a major issue. Also stacking potions would be nice, other than that great game
This is a promising game in my opinion. Good graphic and control, the auto spell feature is great. Waiting for new update.
Same thing over and over and over...its a clicker yes but it's basic gameplay I found myself playing it for maybe 30 minutes total and got crazy bored with it and I usually stick with idle games and clickers for at least a couple months
iron horse games are great so it's not a surprise if this one is a great one...i just hope that this one didn't break my heart as idle zoo tycoon did coz' it didn't save or it's always resetting but as I see on others feedback it's great keep it up iron horse 👍
Too barebones and you start to run out of things to do WAY too quickly for an idle game. I've been playing for 3 days and I have all the pets I'd want, plus all the talents. If I kept playing, it'd be just for getting bigger numbers and the third pet slot. Needs more talents in the trees for sure. Also manages to commit the worst crime: the ad potions are WAY OP compared to the regular potions. Do you want to use consumable materials to make a potion that buffs one attack stat by 30% for ten seconds, or watch an ad and get a free potion that buffs both attack stats 100% for two minutes that also gets you permanent stat and talent points?
Game is good, in fact I enjoy playing it alot. Kinda hope for a multiplayer feature to come in the near future, or at least a ranking system.
Just started so need a bit longer for better review. So far the only thing I don't like is the fact that you her to click on the gems while your fighting monsters,I miss 50% of them I wish they could be auto collected when you get them. Also what happens to the items you have when you equip new ones? Do you just lose the cost, there's nothing showing you can sell except when you get a new one.
Waited for my first prestige before writing a review. The game just isn't fun, manual progression kills games of this genre and having to fight only 3-5 low res enemies felt weird. The graphics in general felt forcefully stitched together, some being high res, some low res. I didn't like the smug look on my character's face but a wolf cape solved that problem. XP and gold gain on items felt useless as progressing through levels made much more difference. No forced ads and such, which is good.
needs an option to upgrade armor and equipment otherwise cool game easy to play and good to wile away some time
This game is incredible. Super well-made with lots of polish! Can't believe this was made by one developer. Excellent work!
I have been playing for 3 weeks And my daily mission and advanced daily mission has not reset since day one of me playing. The first time I played the daily it has a check Mark and it hasnt reset once yet. Please fix this then my rating will change. Other than that the game goes pretty smoothly and its actually pretty fun but if I cant get more pets it becomes less interesting
Awesome and unique clicker game! Super addicting. Love the art and the intense gameplay 😂 the pets and talents are great too! I can't wait for the next update
The game was fine until I ran into a bug; World 80, and I cannot progress. My knight "runs in place", no enemies on screen, enemy health bar says "x/x"; I have two ascend points, but cannot use them. I can't go back to world 79, I can't go to world 81, I cannot enter the daily dungeon. There's no way to reset my game unless I lose all my data. Would've given 5 stars, but this bug has completely hindered all my game play useless.