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Cleon - Warrior Fall

Cleon - Warrior Fall for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Gismart located at 22 Great Marlborough Street London, UK W1F 7HU. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fun I like the concept of finding relics as you smash through stones and kill bosses, can't wait for the app to be fully developed, it would be cool to see a multiplayer option and more customization.
So the game is okay, it has ads after every level even when you don't ask for the extra. I also noticed everytime the user logs back into the game, the game tries to give you a tutorial again
It was fun until the ads. By that I mean I don't mind playing ads but after level 10 no matter what you choose it is ads. So tell me double money for a video or continue for a video... Everytime.
The game is good and fun, but way too many ads, instead of playing most of the time you will be watching ads. Too bad rly.
Music is bad during gameplay. No music in upgrade menu. Game play is boring and repetitive. Having upgrade with ads on all three upgradable items is not fun.
Another game that crams ads down your throat. Prior to the latest update (as of 1/30/2020) you could get anywhere from 3-5 runs in before you got an ad. After the update it became after every run. BAH! Uninstalled it. Like a majority of people I dislike games that force ads on you after every turn. DEVS*** take away mandatory ads after every turn. Offer ads for rewards. Can't tell you how many ads I watch to get the reward for a free advantage in game. Good luck
Nice game, the reason i give it 1 star is because of the ads.... It is like every other game out there... A ton of ads.
I immediately uninstall the game since the ads are wayyy too much..if I calculate, the ads time is longer than the gameplay time..so not gonna waste my life here.
i dont know, game play seemed interesting. Ads...everytime you change screens. i bailed quickly. im beginning to believe the marketers and devs are business ignorant. it doesnt take me thirty seconds to know i dont want the advertised gamed...then i dump the game that advertised it. SMH
Hmm bad stupid nah MY GOD MAN THESE GAME R STUPID hmm?whats this game?cleon i better try..OMG THIS GAME IS AWESOME DIE PLANET DIE so like i ever play this game before not yesterday but like in 2020 feb idk BUT THIS GAME IS AWESOME
See..the game is good...but just think a bit...the only thing the player is going to do is to tap when bar is in green...what is fun there..anyway .nice UI
It is a great game. Deserves 5 stars for sure. I am disappointed in one thing. Please fix it. Even after upgrading my characters to more than lever 35, I don't see and addtional damage that I m causing to my opponent. Is it useless to upgrade.? Becoz I don't see any change...
Satisfying game but ads after every level and mandated after every certain amount of upgrades ruined the experience, annoying!
So I started playing it, and it seems okay. It's repetitive, but that's understandable. I stop playing it for an hour or so and then play it again, to which when the guy jumps, the entire screen goes black and just stops working.
I actually found this game because of an instagam ad πŸ˜…...it looked fun....so I decided to play it....it's really fun and addictive....tbh....I wish it was a little harder...It only took me three days to reach level 100 πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜
I'll admit this game is good time waster material. But theres two thing about the game that really bug me, and they're both kind of the same thing. 1. Ads between every single level. 2. Forcing me to watch an ad to get an upgrade I can afford three times over. Seriously. I understand you want to make money, but theres a line that's just too far and you've waaaaay over crossed it.
I can't even play because of the ads its a waste of time to even try it. After playing for 30 min i had to delete it coz im not gonna wait evety time for the adds, when the add is over and u can skip it u get another add i mean this is annoying asf
I can understan that you need to put ads in game, to give a free boost if you watch them and etc. But to play them after every round without option to skip them... its frustrating...
The game is ass, people just make fake games to advertise to you, and that's all this is. Right after you get started within 5-10 minutes everything is ads, you just get bombarded. "Games" like this give the entire industry a bad name.
The adverts are waaaaay too much, please fix this because I cant seem to enjoy the game properly. I cant play this while listening to music because ads keep coming up.
Can't upgrade. I like the concept of the game, but I downloaded this on a phone that's not activated, so i had to wait three days before i could watch an ad to be able to upgrade my armor. I should be able to upgrade offline as well.
WAY TOO MANY ADS! There is literally an ad every two rounds, which rounds are only 20-30 seconds long, meaning there's an ad about every minute. Not to mention you can't even upgrade your armor without watching ads. Fun concept once again ruined by the creators being greedy and putting SO many ads.
Spent more time watching ads than I have playing the game. Shame because the game actually has potential to be an addictive game. 10 mins in and I'm already sick of the ads.
It's a fun game it is just stupid that you have to watch ads to upgrade your armor and no way around it even if i open the app offline it still says to watch a ad to upgrade
The gameplay is really entertaining, but holy shhyet the ads are too friggin much, brother. It's okay if it's for the free upgrade and some voluntary stuff. But its often showing unskipable 30sec Ads for every couple level, and it's really ruining the fun. Hope you guys can fix it, thank you!
My favorite super power is super strength. This is the perfect game for super strength specificalfly for the legs, so for some reason its satisfying watching the Warrior smash worlds into pieces!
Everything in this game its about ads... There is no adventure at all... It keep repeating the same style of playing... The upgrade power doesn't effect the character at all... Just waste of time.
Gameplay is subpar and the fact the game asks you for ads to upgrade (free upgrades etc) as well as giving you random ads as you play (which makes no sense) ruins it entirely. Controls aren't inactive at all - and rather braindead (watch a bar with an arrow moving back and forth, tap to win). Fact they add ads to the game just to get extra money is hideous. Should be no ads while playing, and ads if you want bonuses. Just like every other decent game out there.
Best game ever created. All other games fail in comparison..delete all other games ...hail Cleon. Please give us more ads..... there are never enough.
The idea of the game is alright, but I got upset because of the ads and also the development of the game is not great, in my opinion not a good optimization. To be honest, I think I would continued to play the game if I wouldn't have got three ads in a row after every level.
For the game to be perfect firstly you have to add story in first and improve graphics of the control and the main screen and all then make the game only playable with your connection on and lastly remove the advertisement and if someone wants to revive themselves by watching video than make it seldomly and the quality of the ads should be improved well the game is awesome but try to add other things then just smashing rocks k that would be allβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
Being forced to watch an AD in order to upgrade your armor is pathetic and low by anyone's standards. Give people the option to skip. It's stupid on any level. People already hate ADs dont force them to watch them in order to progress
Really enjoyable skill game with nice gameplay for a quick blast I just loved the skill timing element in the skill bar to stop it close to the centre as possible, especially on the boss fights. Upgrades to your warrior are good for protecting him while falling down and smashing into things. Sound effects are good and do a decent job in the action on screen. Lots of ads but these reward you with more free coins for upgrades.
Would give it 5 stars. Great game but the ad is just too much. Every single round there is an ad. Plus the watch ad to 2x or 3x your coins dont work either.
Not really a game is it, just tap once and watch the little person jump on a rock. So many of these 'games' that are just vehicles for adverts these days, you're lazy, stop making the world worse.
The game could be more fun, but too many ads. I play the ads to get more coins or helmets, but when I chose not to double my coins and not play an ad, it plays anyway. Bummer.
The game is great until you get to level 100 then it becomes so difficult it basically impossible, from my experience i think it gets easier when you upgrade but i bought a few helmets and now i cant pass a single level to get monwy for upgrades. Maybe make it so it gets a bit easier when you fail a few times.
Game seems cool but to many ads. If they cut it down or don't make me watch one when there appears to be an option not too I might like this game. All the 5 stars are a scam
Amazing is enough for you but congratulations will be then when you teach other so perfect easily so he/she can also make games like this ....
Finished all the mission as on date. Easy gaining points and power ups with many no of ads. I have downloaded this game yesterday evening around 09:00. By today morning at 11:40 all the missions completed and rewards were achieved. Graphics and audio are a big Plus to the game.
The game was alright but it's so many ads that took the fun out of the game after EVERY level it was an ad and than the forced ad upgrade just too much and not a game I'd invest real money to remove ads if given the opportunity either shame cause it was a bit catchy
Upgrades become free but you'll have to watch ads thus forces you to go online to watch ads. Why not just make it a paid game? Why bother end users with so much ads?