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Classic Solitaire Klondike - No Ads! Totally Free!

Classic Solitaire Klondike - No Ads! Totally Free! for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Potato Jam located at 220059 Belarus, Minsk, Fedorova 17/2. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's solitaire. So, there's that. Pretty basic which is fine with me as long as there are no ads. Game can be a little laggy and unresponsive at times but overall I can't complain. It is a little annoying having a rate me box pop up every couple of hands though.
Too choppy & too bright. Also, mine was constantly doing 3 cards vs. one even though I had selected it. Yes, I want a simple, straight forward affiliate, but this one is a little too much like back in the day library computers... no looks or frills. HOWEVER... IF you're looking for that, you've got it! It's just a tiny bit too "simple" for me.
Oh my it is such a relief to have a game to play and no interuptions of any kind. This is the best game by far and I mean that! You can play this solitaire game none stop for as long as you like and try to master the game and never have to stop and see ads or problems ever. Now trust me and give it a try. If you are like me and love playing solitaire this is the card game for you now enjoy.
Best solitaire app, near perfect. A couple of suggestions for the developer: 1) include an option to disable card flipping animation, or speed up the animation. I'm unable to do my next move while the animation is happening, and it is usually just a little too sluggish. 2) the auto win button is tiny and at the bottom of the screen, consider making it bigger and moving it to the gap at the top of the screen, in the gap between the tableau and the top edge. Otherwise, great ad free app!
A simple, very basic, no frills solitaire game. Low mb, smooth gameplay. Ideal for passing a little time while waiting for the bus etc.
ThiS is a great free no ads Solitaire. Glad there are games where you can play without ads or have a option where you can remove ads. Great ad free game. Thank You for this game.
I never had a solitaire game that i never won at. It seems as though these open sourced ones i never win or i win once in a while. Unacceptable. I never had this issue with the solitaire games that contained ads.. Gee i wonder why
It's exactly what it says and nothing else. No ads, no fancy graphics or animations, no experience points and locked content, just one deck, one or three card draw, play solitaire. I love it.
Actually ad free and simple. I wish the vertical mode had the cards to draw at the bottom of the screen. It's just a more user friendly layout.
It stinks...it doesn't give you a chance to win. Played it 3 times and I know I am good at Solatire. So ,ad free equals no one wins. It is rigged so you loose.
**EDIT** (2nd Review) Again, I have to say thank you sooo very much : ) Solitaire is still flawless and I play it frequently. Well, I just "had" to thank you again. Still trying out the other apps, I'll review them soon enough. Γ—Γ—Γ— Listen up people ! You're crazy if you don't try his App's out. >>> (1st Review:) Thank you sooo much for creating this app. It's verrry clean.. beautiful ! AND NO AD's ! ! You do splendid work. I actually feel guilty sometimes when I play it :) Thank you again :)
When a win is a forgon conclusion, the timer should stop. When I play with a physical deck of cards, and it's obvious I've won, I don't keep placing cards in the stacks. I grab all the cards and shuffle. If you used a timer the same way, to score bowling, the timer wouldn't keep running during the pin reset.
If you're expecting a solitaire game that replicates the random deck shuffles you would get with a physical deck of cards, look elsewhere. The deck is literally and figuratively stacked against you algorithmically, arranging the deck such that most cards are precisely in the opposite order in which you will need them, forcing extra reshuffles AND loss of 100 points for each reshuffle. Even worse are recent changes: a Quit option that DOESN'T and auto-moving all cards to suit stacks.
Like the game, would like to see a least number of moves possible to solve for each game. For instance "this can be solved in as little as this many moves ".
AwesomeπŸ‘!!!!! Sooooo appreciate and love not having ads!! One thing for positive feedback ie:suggestion is if you need to get out of the game like to reply to a text you have to "quit" and then get all the way back in instead of just being able to drop the box down. Not sure if I explained that correctly but hope soπŸ™‚
Absolutely brilliant to be able to play solitaire without interruption. As the info says....there are no ads and it's free. Very basic animation but I want to play the game not watch numerous scenes just to play the game. Fantastic.. Highly recommended.
Really good app. Works smooth. Have downloaded and played 3 previous solitaire apps. My favourite from ten years ago is no longer available if win/loss stats were available this would be number one in my books. Two years later, I still love this app. Good job!
good game but there are so many ads, just oodles and oodles of ads, idk why so many ads, ik it says theres ads in the title and how its going to be hard to play this 1st person shooter but still
We all know how stupid these games have become with 30 second ads every minute or so and they are only interested in selling advertisements. Just owners taking advantage of everyone and Google approving of it all. Well this game is ad free and lots of fun. We all ought to support these people and uninstall all those other jerk games and put those companies our of business. 5 stars here!!
Clean, simple solitaire. No frills, no extra permissions or accounts you have to make, and best of all, no ads. When I think of the ideal solitaire app, this is what I imagine.
No ads. No BS. Good control of the deck & it lets me do just what I want to, game after game. I've been looking for this for years and HERE IT IS!
Excellent no-frills game. No intrusive ads, no sudden audio and a nice simple clear screen. No hints but isn't that cheating anyway? Forces you to think of every option. I've uninstalled my previous app and won't be going back. Some people might think the graphics are basic compared to others but after a few days you realise that fancy images don't make a brain-sharpening game any better.
Excellent! Simple, straightforward and responsive. Best of the bunch and offers uninterrupted play and adequate options!
This solitaire game is very good it doesn't have ads to interrupt your playing and it doesn't run down my battery life like the other ones that I had. I would recommend this one to anyone, it's great πŸ‘
Excellent game, well presented. Would be nice to have access to scoreboard on demand and not only when you get out.
All I was looking for was a basic Klondike game not loaded with ads and that's what I got. No frills, just a good game without hassles. Thanks!!!
Solitaire the way it was meant to be NO ADS! And free too! I'm looking for the catch but I haven't found it yet!
Good game and simple to use. It would be useful though to be able to reset records. Only having all time best performance recorded is frustrating especially when best is a long time ago. Better incentive to keep trying against daily/weekly/monthly performance.
02/27/21: Good, basic solitaire, plays well. Only one thing I'd, personally, like better is a background color other than that green. May seem petty, but just not a soothing, relaxing color, and I play for pure relaxation - which, of course, includes great gameplay πŸ€—. Best to all.
very nice NO ADS!!! not sure how the scoring works. I would like the undo button on the bottom. no number of moves count. just fun. I would like to know what the best score you can get deck wise. Still enjoying it very much. Thanks
Perfect. Simple, no tricks and no ads. Small on the MB's too! A couple of weeks on and still enjoying this app. Wish I had downloaded it years ago as I play quite a lot. Pictures on the Royals would be nice!
Really enjoying this game. The larger cards are easier to see and I like that I can change the board to play left handed. Time flies by very quickly when I open this game. I'm teaching my 4yo nephew how to play. He loves watching the patterns the falling cards make when the game is over. Thank you.
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.... Ace piles are auto-placed by suit and alternate colour. Undo is always visible, and is limitless. Replay is easily accessed. After winning, same game can be replayed. Statistics are broken down by moves and time (interesting to see how each affects scoring). NO Ads! NO online access! Very compact app. I would GLADLY pay for this game - please offer an option to support the developer!
BEST SOLITAIRE APP EVER!!! I am so grateful for this app! I needed a simple solitaire game without all the fancy stuff, without ads, and, hopefully, free. I honestly did not think I would find it. Not everyone wants all those frills and whistles. If I am waiting for a doctor's appointment, I want a stress free game to play--not one that ads stress. I am in my 70s and all those fancy add-ons I loved when I was younger are now definitely NOT what I want. This app is just perfect, and I cannot thank the author enough for his/her generosity in providing this games without ads and free. Perfect for the pandemic! Also, if you know someone who has mild cognitive disorder, this game is perfect to exercise the brain of the player WITHOUT stressing the player out. God bless the creator of this app. I would give you TEN stars if it were possible!
Enjoying this as no annoying pop ups and emojis and ads. Quite challenging! A hints button could be nice though never obliged to use it.
other than a little hard to focus on quickly, its great. no ads, no internet junk, works good. seems a little hard to focus on at my age. not sure if its the size or type or what. A little unresponsive sometimes. You have to tap the exact spot necessary for card to move. Can't just tap card, must be exact spot.
Yeah I really like the game. It is pretty basic, I especially like the way that it loads. Quick & to the point. Can get a bit monotous, abit boring if one plays too long like I do. However I love it.
Excellent game with no ads. Love the self challenge on the score. Quick and easy game just perfect to full a few free minutes.
I play this just about every night before bed. I'll be happy to see scoreboards added, just so I can see my average time. I love the "auto finish" option when you've uncovered everything.
I play this game every day, and it's great. It's quick to start, easy to play, and has no annoying ads. Thanks to the developers for providing something free that is truly worth having.
SOOOO glad there are no ANNOYING ads or pop ups. Thank you! Just easy play. The graphics could be toned down just a bit. Very sharp and bright - not so easy on the eyes when you are staring at them so long. Only one suggestion: I would get rid of the extra screen and step after you have clicked on the "Quit?" button. You can't really do that by accident with where it is located and it seems unnecessary. IMHO. :)
Quite simply the best solitaire game in store. No ads. No monetisation. Just great entertainment. Superb!
I'm just trying to deal with a life that feels intrinsically painful. Solitaire helps. This app has no pop up ads, just nonstop gameplay. It helps. This app is one of the precious few wholly good things on this earth.
Good basic no frills game play...no options to change decks or replay a game, but is ad free and that's what I wanted...could use a little brighter colour schemes for me but that's a tweak not major problem.
A nice, ad-free game - thank you! -->Does anyone know of other classic card or other games without adverts? If fun/engrossing I'll pay, but free is best and cheap is okay.
It's great to play Solitare & not be bothered with ads!!! This is the same style of play I used when I was much younger, but with a real deck of cards. No cell phones to recharge or irritation watching ads Thank you very much!!! The date today is February 13, 2021. I'm adding to my 1st review because I don't know how to make a new review. Still enjoying this game app very much!! Thank you for providing this Solitaire ad-free game!!! Yours is the best app of all!! Thank you, thank you, thanks
Good game to quickly pass the time. Love that it saves your scores & times which gives me a goal to shoot for each game. And best of all, its FREE with NO ADS!
I LOVE this app, but it doesn't give ANY hint's,& you can't get the Aces to stay put when you move them. Other than that, i've got no other problems with this app. πŸ˜§πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ If you guy's could please make these change's, id sure appreciate it. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
This is exactly how you want an app to be. It does exactly what you want very well and nothing more. No ads slowing down play. I have never given a review on google play until now. That's how much I like and appreciate this game of solitaire.
Simple, clean, uncomplicated fun! Fast no gimicks and best of all no ads If you just want to get on and play the game, this is the app for you
I love this app. There only problem with it is that it does not let you play quickly. There is a built-in delay before the app will accept input after a card moves. Therefore a person needs to purposely wait between moves