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Classic Dozer 2020

Classic Dozer 2020 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lucky Games Dev located at Hongkong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was $3.00 short of cashing out & it would freeze & restart game when you won cash.. Sent message to game host to please fix.. Logged in today lost everything & they reset me to lvl 1 !!! I would not even give them one star... Not happy 😠😠😠😠😠😠
You'll never be able to cashout. As soon as you get near the payout, it increases the amount to be earned. Total waste of time
When I got close of winning something. Would not show up on the board. When I was going to win the phone they took one of the squares off.
This is a fun game alot of videos but worth it. Especially with covid making us jobless and having to stay home it really pays out be patient.
I collect 34 fruits and vegies last week but since then they never drop last two vegies and fruits its unfair for me i be play this game everyday for more than 1 hour a day, by this time when I nearly win about 1000$ for the fruits I did updated it for the 3rd time maybe I shouldn't updated it coz it keeps dropping vegies and fruits when it is not updated I updated this last week by then its stops giving new veg. and fruits
Game is a fake scam they say cash out at R300 when you get to R300 it changes to R1500 do not download this game!!!!!!!!
Reach levels to payouy buy kept receiving not enough cash. Way too many ads, pop ups to perform other actions while coins fall to the side due to no wall being up. Played almost 3 months. Waste of time, effort and being hopeful for payouts.
Been playing 6 months daily, when it hits jackpot for the first 20 pounds you reach, you win, 5 pounds plus, once you get there, then never more than 50p Once its given you about 2 pounds, it tells you no more cash today, and you have to wait 24 hrs A con, in getting us to make them money by watching adverts
Haven't played for very long, but it frequently gives me the message "out of cash, come back tomorrow. " and I get the se msg the next day.
Why is it after every add I get black screen, every time I click for the wall it says network probs, hmmm yeah its only because I get the nickels, the wall only works when I get the useless gold coins, very fishy if u ask me,
What a rip off. Spent weeks slowly collecting money and watching more adverts than I can count. Got to being about 50p away from finally being able to pay out, then went onto the app to find my total reset to 0 and the payout conditions raised from £16 to £80! That would take over a year. Not worth the time at all.
Game changed to £80 withdrawal and the money I made got taken and set the balance to 0 I didnt even get a chance to get to the $20 target before I got there the balance got taken
Completely fraud app. Please don't download it. I had been playing it for so many days and earned Rs. 1365/- after seeing so many advertisements. But, suddenly on the day befor yesterday the cash out option had become Rs. 7500/- from Rs. 1500/- and all my earnings had become Rs. 0/-. I had informed them by email but no response had been received till date. Don't understand how this type of fraud app can be appeared in Google Play Store. Is Google involved in this type of cheating?
Scam don't waste your time. I've been playing a while now and they keep changing the goal posts so you never win. Also has these side games where you can win an iPhone or air pods. It out right cheats event when you win it forgets to register when you win.
FALSE ADVERTISING! Tired of seeing "Network Error". My network is fine. Also, extremely slow at earning any profit.
Had $40.00 then it disappeared. Treasure Chests are not registering. I have sent E-mails and still no response. I am very disappointed with this app and with the customer service. If I still had my money or even if they would have responded and tried to fix the problems I am having they would have gotten a higher rating.
Game got a face lift then took all my money..Dont waste your time.This game sucks.it was hard enough to get the $14..then they take it from you.
Don't waste your data, time, and energy, I've tried it they are just fooling people for their own selfish gain, don't try apps earning money made with unity, I've tried it all, bunch of selfish frauds. Don't know why play store has become a breeding ground for this kind of fraud apps. My actual ratings would be -00000000000 how do you guys even live with yourself fooling others intentionally????
Nice game and hope it's legit. Not like other game made by unity they are scam. I hope this one is real and really pay. But really nice and enjoying.
Literally like the worst game ever. Everytime i spin the wheel it gave me the same puzzle piece and the number of pieces i had never moved. Do not download this game it is a waste of time and space. Worst game ever. The person that made this game is a liar and a fraud
Fake app! Please do not waste your time. Can not collect the $20 and it keeps saying no more cash to give. Also wont give me the option to cash out for my $20. Watched thousands of adds again and did a lot again for a fake game. Not fair to the people who play at all.
cheating all the money error and gone i play for 5 days earn $13.8+ today login all gone only the gold left
Stupid cheating app have played for a while than the winning money is lost when abt to reach $20. And the rest like coins and vegetables collection still intact. How can it be. So don't download this app just a app so that the game development team can earn money from the adverts and they not going to pay out anything.
I'm very unhappy with your game you took away my money I had on there I all most had $ 20.00 Dollars on to cash out on you change the win amount and that pissed me off I will be not playing your game anymore just lost a player
Game shows that you can cash out once you reach 300 but once you get it and try to cash out it says unavailable and tells you to try again later and gives a countdown clock for when to try again. Once you try to cash out again after the given time the clock just resets to 23hrs. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!!!
When I opened my game this morning, all of my cash had gone and I was back to zero. I had originally raised $14 in total before this. Is there any way to regain my cash?!
I have finally hit $20 but guess what I can not withdraw. All this games are a waste of time and data
Got within a pound of being able to pay out only to turn on the app one day and find that all of the money I had earned had been wiped and my total was 0 again. The payout conditions had to changed as well so now I have to get £80 to be able to pay out rather than £16, which would take years! Total scam and waste of time.
Sorry people...there is a definite NO pay-out. You are about to reach the pay-out amount, then all of a sudden they lift the pay-out limit... and so it goes on. Have been playing for almost 2 months...the money limit for the day, decreases to less than $1... still waiting for those last 2 veggies. Last but not least...when you need that wall so badly... guess what... "SORRY. NO NETWORK CONNECTION. PLEASE TRY LATER"...yeh right! Don't be so quick to give 5stars...you might regret it. 🧐
This is Insane!!! We should do a Class Action Law Suite Against These Games!!! I am tired of us waistingcour Preciuse Time on thse Scam games!!!
I'm waiting for the last two fruits to be release for the past 3 days for me to get $1000 paypal money but nothing happened. I wanted to know if "Made with Unity" is really paying as i have played many of your games but nothing seemed to work, Am i just wasting my time here??? Give me tips ........
It's ok you cashup quickly, but as I "cashed in $20" on another dozer game (claimed May20 - still waiting for pay out) the next target is $300 no option to $20. It will be interesting to see whether they will payout or a scam. If it pays I will give this one 5 stars of not it stays on 1 star.
My internet line full bar always... but it shows no network... this is the tricky way not to give winning for players....😢😢😢 and I have screenshot of the msg... will share in my media social apps with the pictures..
So far so good. I hope this is not another big $ starter then drop to a few petty cent. And never reach the cashout amount when you only need 80 cent
This is a great game to win money, soon as I downloaded the this game. I was like o yeah!keep up the good work guy's.
Enjoy the money coming in from this App while you can, because once I report you to Google Play for being dishonest and not continuing to pay out rewards as soon as people get close to the cash out amount They will remove your app and flag you so that you will never be able to upload another game in your life!! I wasted so much time and made you a fortune in watching all your ads, then you stop paying out money.
JUST installed and after only 5 minutes will be uninstalling. A wall that only stays up for 30 secs. Every 30 sec u have watch an ad. Then the wall says,no connection yet the game keeps playing. Had 5 fruits and only 1 credited. Thanks but no thanks.
I'm very disappointed. I got the free spin but everytime I spin on the airpod pro puzzle 0.1 ,my number on the redeem portion did not show.I had been monitoring the number,it has been more than 5 times when the spin had stop on the airpod pro puzzle 0.1 .I meed this points to reach 20/20 I feel that this games is a fraud and no one wins.Hello,can you at least respond and don't ignore
Hi...I had nearly 25£ on my screen until a day ago but yesterday it came as 0 if u can't afford to pay why u wasting u time ..I am not happy with this game.i am only giving 1 star as it is quick game but as I lost my credit I am not happy at all...I will give more star if u sort this problem out..
There is this chinese saying. Where got such a big goose jump around the streets best describe such games
Every time i try and get any coins it tells me there is no internet connection and try later!! I cant pkay the game witbout coins. My other games work and i do have internet!!!! Not happy!!!!!
I am still waiting for the Phone and the the Air pro. I am very upset as I am playing this every night I will sue that company if tbe dont pay me if you steel my time and it is months now you steel my money under false pretenses. I need kneed only 2 kind of fruits and vegetables but when it comes up then the wall disappear. Why is ther no human who we can talk to. Are you all just robots.....?? I demand a answer.
Guys This Bloody Game wasted My 3 months really when 1 completed 1300 rupees next day it get to 0 rupees and target changed to 7500 rupees Its really wasted Do not use this rubbish and this app should removed from play store Fake app Please Stay Away Do not Use.
Fake Game! Doesn't even count each coin that falls! I even got 777 on the spins & couldn't claim my big cash prize cause there are no cash prizes with this game! Don't waste your time!
Love this game so far. Every now and then game just stops and I have to open it again. Love the scratch cards, spinning wheel and slot.
I had over $19 last night when I played. When I went to play tonight, I have $0. It took me over a month to get to that balance and now it's gone? I'd give you zero stars if I could. This is ridiculous
Ok. This is the same app that stopped working and didn't payout. Why would you create the same game under a different application? To everybody, do not play this game and if you do, do not expect a payout.
I played for months to reach the R1500 payout point. Got to R1470 and from there on out it says "NO MORE CASH AVAILABLE TODAY" And the free spins does not stop on iphone and pods again when you are one spin away from winning them. Big waste of time and data
I was really enjoying this game until it had an update then all the $ I earned ($19) disappeared . The cash out has changed from $20 to $100 what had happened to this game?????
Was okay at first and earned about £30 , but yesterday all from my cashout was £0... email no reply till date. But coins were still there...if update cash payout, don't make the cash gone without informing. Seriously?
Upset with these earn money apps and games..once you reach about 90 percent of goal it stops money.except the billion coins the easy one but takes long long time to get.the earn cash or rewards cards is a scam.giving one star because o think it should be against the law to false advertise and deliberately deceive like these aps/games do
What a Scam... When I started playing, cash out was R300. I reached R300 now it says cash out is R1500 and it keeps on telling me NO MORE CASH FOR TODAY, COME BACK TOMORROW 🤦‍♀️. All of these PayPal games are a fraud and false advertisement, none of them pays. They just steal our data with
I find it relaxing and funful only if I could open the download.But these games are fun filling and give people the opportunity to grow
Yesterday I was at 15.00, no it's back to 0. I will be uninstalling this game. It was actually a nice game.
And for the fruits, don't think you will get after 32. They won't give you more. I don't think I will continue to play this game. For anyone who planning to try this game, better don't try. Because when you try play, 1 week, or 1 month, it's already enough for them to earn money from the ads you watch. Even, if you fed up and uninstall this game, they still get money from the ads you have watched.
I downloaded the game and then playing it now for 2/3 days and there is no points or anything on screen the screen all I see is The Pusher and where the coins dropped but does not tell me how many points I have what rewards at 1 or nothing any help would be appreciative
SCAM! Every time you reach the minimum $ to be able to cash out, they increase the minimum, making it impossible to win. Complete waste of time.
Fake game and every game which get logo made of unity is fake. Always unknown error exist in games of this. In starting you will 5. 65 USD from next day u don't get more than 1 or 2 USD And no. And from 3rd day you will get just unknown error in games of this company response on emails are going to dustbin by team.
This is the most bizarre coin pusher I've ever played WHAT'S WITH THE FRUIT. It's a totally pointless game.
Worse app. I collected 34 fruits and vegetables in 2 weeks and collected $21 how can I redeem my $21 earned and why after reaching 34 fruits and vegetables the last two fruits and vegetables never came out? I already opened a new Indian Themes with treasure keys. The game is good and exciting but no real payouts and no real prize of $1000 for collecting 36 fruits and vegetables it's stocked on 34 friuts only.
You change the amount from $20. To $100. When you did this I lost all my money I had $16.50 cent rip off . I'll rate this game its a rip off we watch the ads and the person that made this game .gets the money.
Because in Spin and win i have 19.5 puzzle to have airpads but every time i take a piece of airpads puzzle it does not increase pls help to have it
Got loads of fruit but hasn't come up that I have got it which is highly annoying the honey melon I have got at least 5 times nah still hasn't come up clearly there's a problem with this game
Just starting to play but it is so much fun let's see how it goes and see if it does like the rest of the games and don't let you collect
Ive been playing a while but getting realized that .....😓 being cheat .. it is not like the way they advertise.. So people , do not get cheat because of the advertise you saw.. It is just to attract people to play and actually they make use people's time. To help them to watch thw advertisement while the player is struggling to achive the mission.. Like for eg: they are sleeping while we are struggling to achive the goal.. after that gain nothing.. I immediately uninstall ..
Was great at first, then changed and changed again. Now everyday when u go on it says no more cash available please come back tomorrow. Yet another scam!!
Scam game.....do not install...wasting time...as i reached $20 , the payout change to $100...uninstall
This app will not allow you you to get the freebies... I completed the puzzle for ear pods all of a sudden when i play it again it says that i need 5 pcs of. 01 puzzle.. Its a fake app
Not happy at all yesterday had 15.00 dollars in account , you did an update and changed the pay out from 20.00 to 100.00 and wiped out my account balance in the process - you suck and will be uninstalling your crappy app
Not happy. Will be uninstalling. Keeps on freezing and when I want to watch an advert to put up a wall, no server connection. I'm on wifi and still can't watch ads. Now updated the game...no more cash today, but I haven't properly played yet!!! Waste of time