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Clash of Empire: Strategic Empire Age

Clash of Empire: Strategic Empire Age for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by LEME GAMES located at FA YUEN COMMERCIAL BUILDING 75-77 FA YUEN STREET MONGKOK KL. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Tower Defense are the DUMBEST kinda games. Literally nothing you do matters, except upgrade your heroes. I spent the first 30 mins doing the obligatory free upgrades before I even knew way kind of game I was playing. Tower Defence? ugh.
Very satisfied, this war game has clear graphics, super good sound effects, and many rewards. It is very exciting to play. This war game is a good empire game and is worth recommending!
Great concept, but while the game is "free" it's still pay to win. Not as bad on pockets as other games of this kind.
Damn thing keeps opening in the middle of other games (causing me to loose them) and can get very laggy. Also, it takes about 2-5 minutes to open it.
I started the game a few hours ago, play going fine. Made a couple purchases. Tried to message in chat and received a "banned from speaking" text across my screen. Had I sent a threatening, or abusive message, I would expect to be banned. However, I didn't. There was no reason for them to ban me. So spend you money and get banned! Wow... Just wow.
Developers create huge castles that would cost you the value of your home every 3 months. Do not spend money... they get it for free... Yes there are little items to collect for finishing daily tasks but, without spending at least a few hundred dollars a month the promoters turn everyone into perma farms, eternal infernos. The kingdoms do not grow, the big guys burn the non spenders til they quit.
So far I'm enjoying the game and the story line. Long as they don't get to greedy. You'll like it if you like this type of platform . Been playing for a bit now . And I must say, COE rewards you. Yes its pay to play in certain circumstances. But like I said, this is one that I haven't seen in a long time. They love the players and they reward us. But, COE , pls don't change. Thx
I like it i play lots of these games and this one is much better strategy and bit less spending can win with your strategy unlike some games only win with money
They literally take away everything that helps you which is OBVIOUSLY because they only care about lining their pockets. There was a glitch in the game when I did buy something. I hit the purchase button it said transaction failed. However they had a glitch in the game which still took months to fix Now I can't even update the version of the game to get onto my account. So I get brought to update which I press and it brings me to Google play and then says open again. Can't log on at all.
I love the game. super addicting. It is pay to win for most but it is possible to just play. It will be harder if you dont spend at least a little bit but it's not impossible.. I've been 0laying this game for a while now and personally it's my favorite strategy game because it's not super complicated. You build and upgrade. Research and train troops. And thats.just the basics.
This war game has a good reputation for 10 years, and honest operation support! Give you five stars, review is a classic empire game, the game is very powerful, you can play during the break. It's very good to show it out all the time.
This game is like most other kingdom grow games. Grow, attack, get attacked by higher lvl Lords. Its all the same. The environment of this game is nice. Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, and even Julius Caesar. Cross server wars are cool but higher lvl players will wreck your ass. It takes time obviously like any game to get powerful but once you do it's fun to use that power. Would give 5 stars but buildings don't visually change when you upgrade. Would be cool to see. Packages are really expensive.
The operation of the game is simple, easy to use, and the effect is realistic. In addition, the game is more distinctive. The graphics are super fun and a very fun Empire game. It is the best choice to pass the boring time;
Okay first of all let's get one thing out of the way this game is the best strategy game you will ever find in this play store. I have been a vetren strategy player and this game is f2p. You can literally farm premium currency and can compete with P2P players. Idk why the developers have not highlighted on their gold farming mechanism in advertisements as this is the best point you guys have. I would definitely recommend this game.
Should have more hospital space as your troops die far to often as you cant put a peace shield for any longer than 24 hrs at a time ,which l think takes away from this game
Decent enough game, its been a year since I last played. Still a few of the original issues. 1. Please update Translator, some languages do not translate, i think it Arabic and if you wouldn't mind can you make it so translation is automatic, Instead of continually hitting translate button. FIX THIS AND ILL LIST NEXT ISSUE. I made the suggestions for fixing translator nothing has been done deleting game for second time, won't be back.
I’ll admit, after seeing all the cheesy ads. I was hesitant and never even thought about downloading this game. But eventually I made the decision to try it out. And I can say it is an amazing game. That has blown me away. You are able to play for hours if you want. But it also doubles as a great game to log into every now and then. Joining alliances and making friends is great. And the sense of growth and achievement is also great.
This is one the greatest experience that I have had in a long long time it's fill for some reason that I had played before don't remember well,I love it.I had been searching for a crafting department in order to design or customize blades or gears it will be amazing to go to war with a arsenal created by your own soldiers and allies.🌄
A strategy mobile game I like very much. This empire game was introduced by a friend to let me download and play. It is indeed a stimulating classic mobile empire game. The picture is clear and beautiful, the sound quality is good, the action is cool, the gameplay is playable, and the characters Bright and vivid image, worth recommending!
I like the game. You cannot track other players though. No way to warrant or locate opponents. Strange. No way to purchase stam inside of the game so you will run out of reasons to be in the game often. Often text is not allowed for reasons that mean nothing in English. Your entire text is stricken prior to your finding out that "covid" is a bad word in their language. CS says covid is a sensitive subject. In what world??? DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Im having issues with not being able to log in to my accounts since the latest update. Why is that? Please fix the issue. There are numerous players having that same issue with their accounts also.
Pretty good! It's possible to progress alright without spending money (although it helps, if you want to be one of the bigger accounts). Gameplay is smooth, stats in game aren't insane. Way better than FFXV: ANE, which I left to come here.
The screen effects are beautiful, the sound effects are also good, and the rewards are generous. I have recommended it to several friends to play, and they all say it is a good game.
There is fun but every kingdom is now a pay to win. It has got worse and worse to where people are nearly the max castle level within the first 3 to 5 days its stupid and no one gets a fair fight im glad to quit now unless this changed. I laugh mainly cause this is the only reply they give to everyone. It is a pay to win and even if you complete all the tasks it is still play to win. There is no way you can get a castle 26 in 6 days just by the quests or rewards. Make less pay 2 win
I hope it gets better and better and I like it very much. It’s very fine. I’ve been playing this strategy game. It’s really fun. The playability is very high. It’s really fun.. Good graphics, strong sense of substitution, and good strategy game mechanics. Stop it, the whole family likes to play, the interface is getting better and better and more fun. The strategy game itself is good, haha, novel mode and gorgeous graphics! , Much better than those brain-dead strategy games
I played Guns of Glory for almost 2 years. This game is very similar, and so far I'm almost 2 weeks in, a c18 and no money spent and I can hold my own. That speaks well for the development of the game. A level playing field makes for a better experience. It's easy to understand and the socialization aspect is great. Excellent game I recommend for anyone that enjoys games of this type. Pain 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Reported a problem via in-game help. Response from support was that the game was working as it should be, the problem I had wasn't a problem because there's a problem with my memory (not device memory, but my memory) and not the game itself. Multiple players have reported the same problem I had, but the in-game support denied that the problem ever happened as according to the "game logs", the problems we reported did not happen. is it common practice for game support to insult the players?
I really like this game but as of right now im a level 8 castle so I haven't had the full experience yet. But I absolutely LOVE the idea of workmen instead of just a building queue because you can increase training speed or research speed so the workmen aren't just for building and upgrading. They also are really good to distribute over a large amount of buildings so not just 2 are getting buffs. So far so good I would like the game to feel a little less clunky though
Seems as it takes for ever to obtain enough to up grade my castle. Therefore is the challenge to manage how your grow. Now in an alliance that has helpful players, it is a better game. There are players who will pick on castle's much weaker than they are. They drove me away to another start.I have changed to 1 star as I am about to quit this game again for the same reason! It takes $$$ to play and grow because the huge BULLY'S have taken their toll on me!!!!!! I can not upgrade my rating!
This is a very classic application. The operation method is simple, and it is easy to use. It is really easy to learn and quick to use, with smooth image quality and fast running. It is highly recommended for big guys
Good fun, new features keep being added so although possible to play a little there is enough to keep busy for a longer time. I would recommend upgrading gold mines enough to afford a 24 hour shield or your toast!!! .game play is smooth with a good choice of avenues .fun to play at all levels so upgrade at your own pace .
The painting style is good, the control is strong, the hands-on effect is excellent, the game is very good, if there are more characters, it will be more perfect.
Excellent game. Has all the good bits of ROK & ROE etc and other bits reminiscent of others. Love it. The only two down sides I have found so far is although there are plenty of rewards the gold is very stingy as are speedups which you really need as the Castle takes forever to level up.
Awesome!!! What tha heck is turret guard??? The feature is killing me! A saving grace on a speedy way to get our heroes improved... Google Play, we may need a six star rating for COE.
I made fun of this game a lot on account of the absolutely atrocious ads and just just really stupid ads. Then Oversimplified said something bout it so I decided to “try it” and was blown away been playing this game non stop ever since. But if you guys really are listening come up with some ads that reflect gameplay. Not animations of the game. It actually made me and most of my school not want it cause we thought that a game that was desperate enough to fake gameplay wasn’t very good and it dro
It's better than other games like these. Big spender have to spend limited a day which is better than other games. I'm a c22 and I can defend against a c26 with t9. Sure you'll have to work on research and hero's. It took me 2months without spending. I have 3 farm accounts. And I spend almost entire day playing. It's fine game
This game is amazing! It’s so much fun and you never run out of stuff to do. The one thing is that when you are about to use a speed up that is more than you need the yes button is red and I feel like red is more of a color that would be for no which is blue so I accidentally used a 24 hour speed up on a 5 minute thing but otherwise it is a great game
Best game of this type yet. They give you three gold mines on your property. Level 20 in 2 weeks is easy. Been trying to get level 21 for a month. I think it just level you've got to spend some money. But I'm not playing this game anymore.I want to aim the shots I want to kill the people I don't want the game to do it for me that's what's wrong with this game
very very addictive more than any war game I have played...keep it up..you can make it better,,,the problem is it's too time consuming nd growth is way too slow ,,,,,it becoming too money conscious andbalotbof players who can't spend are getting tired and leaving the game....make it a little fair and for the fun of playing games ..money is still going to be spent..
I was enjoying the game however i was robbed of almost 200 gold coins because i tried to collect them. Nowhere does it tell you that if your accounts not binded you will lose whatever you try to claim.
Enjoyed the game until I had a payment issue. I never received a purchased pack, so I requested and received a refund through Google just before the 48 hour deadline. COE locked my account for a "malicious refund" and said they would unlock it if I refunded the .99. They said I received the pack, but I had checked my inboxes multiple times and never saw it. I asked for a screenshot of the collection email from my account and said I would reimburse them if I could get a screenshot, but they won't provide it or let me check the account. Don't waste your time and money because if there is an issue, you will get screwed. Good thing I found this out early.
This game is good in graphics. But if dont spend money on this game you will be a weak player and will loose every fight. In this game you will see discriminations between rich and poor at its best. If you can spend money you will be strong and well equiped player. And if you dont spend money you will always loose. So it is my utmost request to COE team to stop this discriminations among rich and poor. Make other arrangements to get money from this game by showing ads or something on the game .
Awesome! I don't sleep at night. That's how addictive or crazy this game can turn one into. There's so much intelligence in the game. So much brain work on managing and prospering your kingdom, from war to business. Game play and graphics, awesome. Just download it. Don't even blink about this.
The screen is clear and easy to control, and you can also play together online. I have been having fun for a long time, and I like it. I’m playing it is fun and the startup is very fast, which is quite fun. The simple and pure gameplay makes us girls fall in love
This strategy game is too fun. I have never played such a fun game. Others on the phone are very playable. It's really worth recommending. What are you waiting for? It is worth recommending to everyone
Amazing game,i hope that it’s my real Partner.but some problem i didn’t about this game how to play and deployed my game
Ive played this game for almost a year now, I have spent alot, and the only problems I have is that I have an extreme advantage over others who have not paid anything or paid much. We all started at the same time and im 5x as strong. Also there is way too many players who are able to use robots and get away with it. But the game itself is great, would be alot better if the skins and wars were easier for players without alot of money.
This feels the best for me. The unique style and gameplay are pretty good so far. I am very satisfied with the control. If I play strategy games too much, the requirements are naturally high. It accompanies me for a lot of boring time. You can choose an exciting empire game according to your personal preferences, it’s very fun,
I Have been playing this game for 15 months. The developers keep improving the game on all fronts. really love the new event: alliance expedition! You can buy mines for gold production which is needed to play competative. But after an initial investment of 160 euro, you will compete fine with bigger spenders, just need to make the right decisions. Lovely community!
Overall fine game one of a kind . Only if they make the matchmaking a little bit fair new kingdom,s are getting matched up against kingdom,s which are 1 year older or more no way you can win with players who've been playing for 1 year earlier than you no matter how much I spend or my teammates spend don't know how the kingdom,s are matched . Not recommended until they make the matchmaking fair.
After spending money on this game, it asked me to bind it. When I tried binding it, it said already bound and to start another new game! Not going to start again to spend money on something I already paid for the upgrades Update: Issue resolved and once again able to enjoy the game again.
A very good empire game is very detailed. I have been playing this empire rise game. It’s really fun. The playability is very high. It’s really fun. It’s great. It can also be fun~ a very emotional empire game.
well, so far the only cons are.. when u purchase a pack, for example the level 16 castle pack.. it was not clear detail information that i would still need speedups. i thought i was getting a straight path to level 16.. other than that.. Too many layers to get mail.. please circumcised options. There are too many double layers to get to stuff.. As gamers, we love efficiency not inefficiencies.. i would like to see more attractive market items that are actually worht our hard earn money please
I had worked so hard for this game, something incredible happened to me, I lost the game,And I had to start a game again, which was very sad, But with the efforts of the game developers for me, and they were able to bring me back to that castle, I thank them very much, both for taking care of the problems completely and for their beautiful game,I think for this game and its creators, more points should be given, 😍😍😍
I enjoy the game but I am having trouble. I can't send my heros to the garrison 3 camp to complete a bonus.
This game was dope up until castle level 11. This is where it goes from free to incredibly expensive. Once your castle reaches level 16 and above you will not only spend lots of time but tons of resources to upgrade. This wouldnt be an issue if there was a better way to get resources. The highest tile is level like 8 reosufre til with about 800k available resources. At level 16 you will need about 5 milliom of each resource to upgrade. So unless you got time amd money i wouldnt waste your time.
Tbh i really like this game. But the problem is my smartphone doesn't have good ram. I wish developers could make optimization for "low ram smartphone" so we could play without problem. Option on ingame setting very limited.
The picture is exquisite. The effect is great. Friends around are playing. There are many kinds inside. It is an office worker. The best empire game for riders! Don't miss it!
When I first started playing this game I didn't expect myself to play this often but I was beyond surprised when I played this often and now I am doing very well I usually go on this twice a day due to the way my day is set but I fully recommend
Spend over $500 on this game, and asked for refund for little things I did not need, they banned my account and demand I pay them back to have my account reopen. I would give 0 star if there is any.
Same like ROK still need to update their out of castle gameplay as it really looks dull and you can't freely move your army.
Fun! At first. :'+( Be warned- This is a "Pay to Win" game. The more I play the less I like. At the moment I am level 27, I attempting to get my Castle to Level 30. I am tired of losing to other players credit cards instead of their skills. They should also have a series of tutorial videos for the game play. The UI needs work. Also-Beware of trolls. Even if you block them, they have ways of sneaking back into your life. I am sorry I ever started this game. It could have been better.
Nothing to do, except to spend time in tapping on the screen, upgrading and collecting and there is no room for any strategy or skills to use. Not concerned yet about the bugs and issues in the game.
Horrible Update, have just runied the csi, taking away the kingdom hospital. have 3 war events atm throne expedition and csi and being invasion, goes for several days. kingdom hodpital is neccersary. this has ruined for game for many a people. shame on you.
I really like this war game, classic gameplay, real-time PK with real players, especially fun, welcome everyone to join us. This war game is really fun, with beautiful sounds, colorful graphics, many ways to play, and very fun. I recommend it to everyone. like
Fun to play. Like most you have to spend money to rank up fast. I like the game better than most others like it.
It's a nice and easy to play game but it's full of game bots for cheaters. I am in s146 and the server has probably 50% accounts belonging to the no. 1 alliance which auto farm for their lust for power. I am wondering if you guys condone such cheats in a game or not.... 3 days after the above comment, I guess no response meant you guys approve use of cheat bots in your games...
Definitely a pay to win, but you can do well without using money if you get into a good Alliance. Have made some good friends playing this game, we look out for each other and work together for a mostly great adventure. There are always a few bad apples in every game they come with the territory. Just find good companions and listen to the experienced players that can help you get a good start.
The graphics are very pleasing and, unlike most other civilization games, it has other parts to it than just upgrading, training troops, and attacking other players. It has events and a campaign and an arena and it even has clan battles. The game is just very diverse and enjoyable, You can play for hours at a time!
Typical "best wallet wins" game. Dont bother buulding wall traps as tgey arr completely pointless. Zero effect during an attack. Game has serious issues with lost items and alliance members being randomly removed from their alliances . They create new servers more constantly so older servers die quickly .. time kill and money waste.. Oher MUCH BETTER games of this type are out there. FIND ONE OF THOSE this game gets 👎👎
Good game.. Please make it possible to be buying angel castle with gold.. At least when you reach castle 30 you can be able to buy angel castle with gold please.. Thanks
It is a very exciting and exciting casual game. It is a brand new attack, and there are many game combinations. You can play whatever you want. You will definitely love it!
This game is so stupid! They penalize you for storing rss, you cannot track other players. nor purchase stam inside of the game. That's stupid. Text is censored for reasons other than vulgarity. Your entire text is stricken prior to your finding out that "covid" is a censored word and the letters "ur" are a bad word. In what world??? China virus is sensitive covid is not. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
So far, so good. I've spent about 20 USD, and I'm developing quickly. Game could use some upgrades. Chat system, map, and troop control are not the best, but the interface is great, easy to understand quests, and easy to achieve goals. I'll post more and update from time to time.
An excellent mobile game for fighting IQ. It's really great. It's still a classic gameplay. You can't get tired of how to play it. Convenient operation, let's play together
it's a great game with a nice graphic.i had a good castle but my phone was stolen and I had to start a new game.it was sad memory.but I like this game and my friends in kingdom so I try again.if I had that account I would be c30 now.😔
there is no strategy, you try to survive without instruction and endure getting attacked by stronger players. it's an interesting game that helps pass the time but it gets old...
I love this game. Besides marijuana, this is the only other thing that keeps me out of trouble. Awesom game. I would recommend this game to everybody
Just keeps on making it harder and harder not to use money, taking away all aspects of the game that made it fast(er) pace with no regard for what we, the players think
Giving it 3 stars for the game it used to be , but every update they cut rewards or resources , last update even cut starter pack that you buy , i see new up date coming up theres more cuts .sad really was one of the best games out there , soon will be just another dead money game on my last kingdom hoping to keep it alive for more than a month or 2 like all the others, good luck if you new or free to play ,you will not last long on this game
Not bad. Only thing i dont like is you can't move kingdoms after level 6. Which is way to early to find a good alliance or active kingdom so i am stuck in an very slow and quiet kingdom.
I've played all the strategy games, it only takes moments to figure out this one is real pretty but its going to cost a fortune.." only four resource towers on the map open once a day".. enough said. You will not be able to collect the resources you need. You must buy them or wait a lifetime.
Good game but the Devs are slowly getting Greedier and making it harder for players that don't spend a lot of money
Game is good.. But you should bring new updates.. Like 1.a different kingdom player can talk to another Kingdoms player through mail. 2.you should bring gold mine field in kingdom map like food, wood, iron, silver.. You should bring gold mine field to. 3.and you should upgrade the castle to c35.. Right now c30 is max.. Upgrade it to c35 max.. And put new troops more then T10.. like T10 is with c30.. If you update it to c35 then T15 WITH C35.. Make some new updates..
Best game of this type i have played. Game play is more reasonable for spenders and non spenders alike. Suppot seemed shady when i needed their assistance. They continued to tell me i was wrong about my problem. I was in the process of shooting video of my issue and problem resoved with no explanation from support. Went 3 days without rewards i paid for. Over all, enjoy playing
Edit2: I was able to solve the white screen problem, instead of doing the log in through facebook lite I used the normal version and I was able to load my account, after the log in I deleted facebook and everything was normal. At a certain level it's a pay to win game. Even if you commit to it some players will have an unfair advantage.
Very good, I like it very much, the only strategy game in the mobile phone, it is so fun that it can’t be stopped, it’s especially good to pass the time, highly recommended
The type of game is very simple and very fun. It makes people feel stuck in it. I like this civilized mobile game too much. It is really fun. It brings a lot of fun to our young people. I recommend it here for those who like to play. Friends of the game.
The operation is very simple, super fun, the picture is smooth and the sound effects are also very good, the content is also very rich and interesting, you can play very hi
Another game than you need spend money to win. I know! Developers will say is not necessary spend to get a great experience. I would like to see a developer play it and get the throne without spend money or cheat. And I don't know why, this game helps much Chinese people. Cheapest packs in everything.
This strategy game is so fun, I like to play such a strategy game, the picture is clear, the voice is realistic, and more importantly, there are a lot of benefits and a lot of rewards!
You obviously need to spend some money. But its not frustrating huge amount to progress. Not bad overall if you have patience. Its better than other same genre games in the play store right now. Need to join a good alliance in high levels. I am enjoying.
Hope this empire game gets better and better. I’ve always liked it since high school. Now that I have the mobile version, how could I miss it? Of course, it’s more exciting to play together. Exciting to play a war strategy game with super good graphics. Simple and easy to control, rich in gameplay, easy to use,
My friend recommended me to play a brand new mobile game. The screen of the Empire game is very delicate, simple to control, fresh and exciting! Keeping operations updated is more important and highly recommended.
Bring me a lot of fun. The graphics are great, the design is reasonable, the game is very interesting, and the game is very fun. This strategy game is too fun, interesting and easy to operate!
I have played since February 2019, listen to me now, unless you can invest literal 10's of thousands of pounds OR invest the time into running and building up 20 Farm accounts linked to your main DO NOT bother starting. I do not have time to explain how backwards and inefficient they have made COE but basically it's PTW now, pay with cash or cheese it with bots, otherwise you simply can't compete. The 5* reviews are fake, written in English but definitely not by the West. Steer well clear.
4.5 stars=fake.I feel 2 stars is being generous. English is terrible. Translator doesnt work if you speak English. Entire game is catered to Turkish and Russians. Overall game is easy easy to use but don't even bother talking in the main chat- I corrected my misspelled word and changed it to *people and was banned completely from talking to everyone including my own clan. Cannot send messages now. "Activeness" is what they call stamina... The whole game seems biased to those that speak English.
Easy to learn. Alliance members are very helpful and supportive. Quests and challenges help to keep the game interesting. Updates and maintaince cause more problems than they solve. It is so frustrating and causes me to lose interest in the game. The next time that you do an update to the app and I cannot get into the game for 12 or more hours I am uninstalling it permanently.
New upgrade keeps kicking me out. The problem worked its self out when i reinstalled the game. Thanks for telling me to reinstall the game.
Seems as it takes for ever to obtain enough to up grade my castle. Therefore is the challenge to manage how your grow. Now in an alliance that has helpful players, it is a better game. There are players who will pick on castle's much weaker than they are. They drove me away to another start.I have changed to 1 star as I am about to quit this game again for the same reason! It takes $$$ to play and grow because the huge BULLY'S have taken their toll on me!!!!!!
I have played them all. GoG, WaO, KoA. This one is different. Sure you can pay, but it's more limited so hard for big spenders to dominate. More important you loose troops attacking. Defending is much more important and the training time is longer so less people attack. This game is much more realistic for the common player. I recommend this game. Try it
Developers create huge castles for next to free, they bully all other players until you spend huge money. If you do not spend and make them strong fast (mortgage your house and car they will take that too) you will never develop. All these games are same silver spoon babies that never had a parent teach them any morals.
Don't bother, pay to win game, customer support non existent, translator is terrible. Devs ignore suggestions and take weeks to solve anything.
Love it. But its frustrating for me as i keep getting this response everytime i try to buy a pack "Payment Component Initialization failed". What does that mean? I've been trying to get help.with this for awhile now but none has been received. Its so frustrating.
I love this game and play daily. But I rarely get notifications! NEVER IMPORTANT ONES like getting scouted or attacked. IDGAF my gather troops are returning. I care I'm being scouted. Or getting attacked!!!! I've checked game settings. All are on. And phone setting allowing the game to give alerts and what not... yet.... only get 1 or 2 notifications a day. What's the point!?
Simple to play, but don't let that fool you as there are a great number of different combinations to make you stronger in one part but at the expense of allowing another part weaker. Very much on the Evony line but so far no Lag👍