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Clash & GO: AR Strategy

Clash & GO: AR Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Elyland located at 7 Florinis Street, Greg Tower, 2nd Floor PC 1065 Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There is something really wrong with your game. Either you have way too less players or there is something really wrong with matching players in your game. I have got attacked by the same person 5 times in the past 72 hours and the game gave me option to revenge the other player only once. How is this even possible. Your matching is not even working. And that too just installed the game a week back. anyway have quit the game ever since.
its awesome. i love it. many will find its gameplay familer and easy to pick up. getting out there to take control of the landmarks is vary exiting. its the main perk to this game. i cant wait for clan wars to start up. join Borg while you still can. power through perfection
Reminds me of clash of clans to much, I do like the outer space aspect. With the GO function why not create dungeons on the map where just heroes can go in and level and get gear. Think of the manga "The Gamer" and the dungeons he is able to go in later on. Let the player create his/her own hero/avatar so the can get some skill the play as like mage/warrior and so on, or heroes to help with defense of your town. This game needs something that sets it apart from PokemonGo and Clash of Clans. Good game though.
.... Great game.... Nice graphics.......but it's getting boring...... Our clanmate being inactive coz... Clan wars is yet available.......
Creative cloning, but going out is not so rewarding because too little prize scattered on the map. It feels better to stay in sofa and upgrade while mugging other player. All other gps-based game try to make player healthier by forcing them going out, but this one will make you fat. Dev, please put more effort on rewarding player who go out walking, running cycling (but not driving please) .
my hero wont gain any experience from battle...has anyone ever have this problem???other than that its a great game
It's great! Just add clan levels, clan perks, wars, base edit, and a loot bonus system. And an improved laddering system would be great. If those get added, this game would be the BOMB! The new CoC! Also, if you added another type of loot to train troops (like dark elixir on CoC) that would be awesome! Here's are ideas for a new loot type... voidenium, vibranium, or uranium.
This game was originally a lot of fun. My coworker and his kid and I would be in the same clan helping each others defenses like in clash, had a really good time while carpooling to work collecting towers and working out the treasure hunt quests together every weekend. The game brought us together, however they made a terrible decision to limit how fast you can go in the AR, now if you go as fast as a bicycle, you cannot do anything. We no longer play together since you can't play in the car. Others in the clan stopped playing as well, as one has mentioned he used to play while taking the train to work. You might as well just play clash of clans as the AR is now non playable and people are leaving the game going back to clash due to this terrible decision of limiting speed in AR.
I have not been able to log in for weeks due to internet connection but I know it can't be on my side mainly because I am in a place where we're running Fibre on a 100 mb line which has had no issues since its installation... I enjoyed playing Clash & Go but now it doesn't even work... Please address this Elyland.
This game has great potential but why don't you update the game as you promised. I love the idea of clashing and at time going for a walk to collect resource. You really need to put something in the game that makes it stand out form the rest, don't lose interest and update the game. From a Fan
I was having a blast even though I can no longer use the AR function. (Fix this asap) but then I started attacking people my units were getting melted. Even my healing nano bots couldn't save them. I looked and saw a single storm shooter unit guy (don't remember what they are called) killing everything. I had 30 big tank dudes and 22 soldier guys and one single storm defender killed them all within seconds. Every person I attack now has one. Everyone in my clan is requesting them now to. If something ever needed a nerf, this is it. One unit kills my entire army.... come on.
Believe me if u think this game might be a boring rip off of coc then u are absolutely right its graphics are bad gameplay sucks and even tutorial is kinda hard ill still stick woth coc if i have to make a choice between these two
An amazing AR game that can stand on its own now, but given time and the right updates could become the best AR app out there.
pretty good game don't understand why if you have 10 antimatter Towers you still want to get 25 antimatter back even though it says 5 / Tower also it would be nice if you could choose the targets instead of it going after resources when it's being attacked by defense equipment
This is a great game. Highly recommend everyone who loves strategy games to play this game. Lots of ways to get resources using the AR side to help build and upgrade your base and troops. The hero upgrading by exp is really cool too. Get the game and join my clan 321BOOM!
It's such a good game. All it needs is clan wars, clan games, and clan leagues. Then it would be up to date with the other games like this one. It's one of the best clash related games ever made i recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new clash related game. It's like C.O.C (Clash Of Clans), Pokemon Go, and Boom Beach . Download this game I recommend it. Have fun clash on.
I love the whole idea, except, the functionality. The idea is awesome, but I am having a hard time doing anything in it. All I am trying to do is build walls but Everytime I try to drag it they cancel the placement altogether. The game is great, it just needs some asthetic and technical revisions.
My first impression was: Diversified gameplay with the best AR since Ingress. Doesn't drain battery and loads fast. Excellent! After playing for a while I had to realize that the game does not really encourage you to go out. You can get more resources by sitting at home and raid other players. Not good for geolocation game. Much Clash and very few Go :-(
The speed cap has killed what made this fun and different. I'm losing towers and not seeing capsules when on the road has a passenger. My home is empty most days,yet Pokémon go seems to have my house full of things to do. It's a shame, because with clan wars coming in November I'm not sure how many clans will be around to fight against.
Okay been nearly a month I'm giving up on this game still doing maintenance supposedly uninstalling after I leave this review update don't know what y'all are doing but looks like you're doing nothing
This is a smart way to play a strategy game, work on your base to make your defenses better while you can be in AR mode to walk around to get closer to resources and buildings. I'm loving this game with the way you can modules inside units, buildings, even your hero but it takes time to be dragging walls and buildings to where we want it to be so I hope you can add a base editor for us in the next update soon. Really hope you read this Elyland because I'm kinda addicted to this game now. I wish to see this AR strategy game become the best there is.
Best game I have ever played. But unit layers should not be thin but thick for 100%, or may be full too. Are their other similar games of same or similar companies? I want to play. Upgrade, research shouldn't take real time like 2 days, 3 days but 5 minutes to5 hours. If you want to make real time then do squad war on real time. Must make Clash & go Arena FPS. Every bot must be different with different names like Attacker bot 1, 2, 3. Shooter bot 1, Shooter bot 2, Shooter bot 3.
You have added many quality of life improvements to Clash & Go which helps knowing you listen to feedback. I'm currently in a position where I'm not able to go online as frequently at the moment but never notified when I've been raided which should be added also I'm currently level 55 and don't do much offensive plays but am 9/10 attacked and receive mostly trophy penalties even though I'm below 300 trophies... Please address the unbalanced matchmaking.. Will be greatly appreciated! Keep it up!
Dev either too stupid to realize its geolocation which ain't ar or to stupid to get ar mode option to implement. I've tried with option turned off and on and looked the same no difference meaning no ar
support is horrible with these guys, my account was #1 in the game when this app had come out and when I got a new email it wouldn'tet me log in, I contacted support and they havent done anything about it and it has been over a year.
Really fun until it says "you're playing too long" after an hour. Then makes you take a break. I'll give 5 stars when you take this off and stop trying to be my parent. Also, add a hover over the military camp to tell me how many troops are there before it's full. I gave a 3rd star (up from 2) because they responded. Nothing is fixed. You can play this game without the AR. Still just like CoC without the best features. No clan wars. Still playing. Will update after THEIR update.
Extremely quick support team, within 1 day got a response. Game throws of my favorite games together and I really enjoy it.
I liked it but the part where you lose your troops after each mission and even if they dont even die you sill lose them
It has same vibe with clash of clans with addition gps based tower to increasing production and lack of build mode so you can focus to where to put your building. I hope the developer add the build mode
This truly has the potential to be as big of a game as the original Clash of Clans or even bigger. While I agree that the game could use a few final polishing touches that other reviewers have hit on below my review, as a TH12 CoC player, i have already switched to this game and will be staying with C&Go. Great Job devs and keep the updates coming!!
Lots of problem bad copy of clash of clans plz improve the game i have invested much time in playing this game. Thanks.
Better graphics but didn't have reality Otherwise perfect game. Nanorobots tech is gud. you have to update something to get the rank on playstore
Having to rotate the device back and forth for AR is ridiculously dumb. Please consider to make your AR in landscape mode.
Love the AR feature! It makes travelling fun :D btw can u do something about the pink blocks when u dont have the other buildings yet? It kinda looks like a bug or something hehe. Also pls add base edit button. thank you:)))
Great game, love the AR mode, this will be the new clash of clans! Hopefully they update it often and bring out new ideas
Just looking at the build menu gave instant headedge. Pretty stuff everywhere but ilogical, confusing and alien. Like a bad Linux GUI. Just worse
Has great potential..i have a problem while attacking..make it like coc where when you click to the empty troop box so that theres no accide tal drop of troops
The game is super dooper. But please add base edit mode. It is very difficult to edit your base. Please fix this. If u add that I'll give you 5stars. When will be the next update
Moving too fast?! Another game ruined with an update. Just because I was in a vehicle travelling down the road I could not collect materials because the vehicle was moving too fast. Deleted.
INCOMPATIBLE WITH PRIVACY USERS. This game is unplayable for those who deny "BigData" as you are REQUIRED to give permission to the device location before playing. Denying permissions just loops the requests for access so if you deny BigData - avoid this app entirely....probably the developer itself.
The more you play it the more you realise how totally empty the game is. And the waiting for resources takes way too long. Its just plain boring. Toward the end I would just log in and play for 5 mins just to check on things I've been waiting days to complete. There is no nothing interesting to keep me playing and it's way too expensive to skip the waiting.