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Clan Race: PVP Motocross races

Clan Race: PVP Motocross races for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Deemedya INC located at 1250 Borregas Ave. #118 Sunnyvale, CA. 94089. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
They refuse to update the game to make it better. Don't waste your time or money. You won't get matched up evenly with other racers either and they just ignore what we complain about
Could be a great game, but Matchups are lopsided. I'm 400 power and it keeps matching me with 500+ power, so I haven't won a race in awhile. I think I'm to the point in the game where they try to squeeze money out of you. As for the trophy count, I have 1400 and I am being matched with people that have 1900+. It needs to be matched only by power of the bike because that is what makes you able to beat others all the time. So once again, pay money=bigger bike= wins. PAY TO WIN game
Okay, here is my opinion EightballeR here.. I downloaded this game when it was an early release, ive spent a ton of hours upgrading my bike and earning boxes...Ive had a lot of fun, I love the graphics and the geometry of the game is awesome. So the matching has taken a turn, before I raced close to rank players, now its 95% bots. Also the cases take foooorever to open and 99% of the parts you get you dont need..ill hang in there for now but needs some work
Honestly I think it's a pretty fun game. It's addicting, and challenging. Although some of the gameplay and controls had a few glitches. When I go to play my first game after opening the app it glitches and makes everyone else ahead for 3 seconds. And the controls quit working sometimes in the middle of a race. Other then that great job on creating this game.
Ok what to say, right the game is OK to point, but unless you want to spend money you better be ready to come in 2nd or 3rd a lot of the time or last you will come in last a lot of the time, the graphics get in the way at times so you don't see the bump that knocked you down, you'll come 1st once every 15th to 20th race and the up grades are either useless or wrong but you have to work out what goes with what which can be fun.. But anyway i am deleting it now as it gets annoying.
The game really is fun. But the new update for some of it sucks. The bike does not handle the same. The reaction of the bike now is terrible
Its a really fun game bit there is a downside! The bikes all seem to have the same speed, My bike is R312 when competing against someone that is R111 they seem to be just as fast as me, i hit big jumps they hit the same speed and compleat a big double? Also when you crash you should be able to start from where you crashed not a few jump sections back, Please improve these things.
Graphics are good, but recently it's like all the players are using cheats with unlimited nitro boost from on set. It's annoying, also the signs along the trail keep blocking my view from seeing the obstacle course. Deleting soon if this is not fixed
Very dissatisfied. The opponent picking is completely off the scale. You get pitted against people who are in a different league, have R numbers sometimes 250 and more than you. Plus there's a lot of people who cheat using boosts all the time. Lost tool kits you open one get a game error and loose it. The best by far is finishing a season with an R964 rated bike, to then start a season with an R815 bike and demoted 2 leagues. Oh and you never ever get a response from the developers. Spent money.
Games good/ fun think the seasons are too long in my opinion. Should be ads to reduce time requirements on opening chests. 16hrs is a long time to wait to open something... other than that's its pretty fun.
Basically a more P2W version of Dirt Xtreme. Based less on skill. After many chests I have still received few 'power' upgrades which is the most important attribute. Control and speed also make a bigger difference than Dirt Xtreme. You win barely any gears but stuff costs the same. That said you can continually play without fuel so it's a trade-off.
Generally fun to play, but really unfair to play with much stronger players, need to fix some sort of matchmaking and when I report cheaters using nitro from start of race I expect you developers to do something about it but instead they are still playing....ekhm sorry cheating. If those 2 will be fixed then 5 stars. Right now only 2
2 stars cuz it's bad enough it's a pay to win game, but the time to open boxes r ridiculous and the set backs when u wrecked is very BAD, needs to b rejusted badly and still got a few bugs. FIX BOX TIMES, RESTART POINTS, GIVE BETTER UPGRADES THAT DNT COST 10$ a pop
not bad.. it's an exciting game but nobody play this game with login Facebook account.. few minutes ago i was playing, someone trying to hack my account.. too much hacker playing this game.. I think game developer should fix the bug and should take care about security system.. now I'm afraid of playing this game... what should i do ?? please pay attention game developer..!!!!😞😞😞
Fun game. The clan part of it makes a big difference. Having a team to interact with adds an element of fun. My clan setup an external chat which helps to build comaraderie. At one point cheaters dominated the game. The developers listened to the players and have pretty well eradicated cheating. Kudos to them! All in all a great game. Because you progress against other players it's always a challenge. It seems there is always someone to put you to the test.
So I wanted to take my time on this review because this game is awesome. However. I have to rate it a 4 because nothing is perfect. One major thing needs work which is; Overall gameplay(maps, campaign, online/offline racing) . The ranking is actually very smart. If u have low trophies and a low rank. If your skill is good. Ull be ranked with better higher ranked players. Darn amazing game if you ask me. Deffinately a keeper
This is a very interesting game no doubt. However, there are few points the developers should improve.. 1. Matchmaking: Recently I'm racing with people 2-3 times above my league. Races should be based on league. 2. Purchasing gears: I purchased the legendary box twice, and after opening the boxes, it cannot surpass any of my previous parts which were below legendary. Wasted my money. 3. End of season: This demotes you 2-3 times your league. But you never get any reward if you're promoted.
It's a good game but the stupidest when it comes to Ads almost after every race which is just a 30 second race, it is soooo upsetting and it turned me off the game, the gains from winning matches not in cash or gears, just boxes and stars is another big fall
I gave a 4 star rating only because I feel you should cut down the time it takes to open up cases. Thatz way to long and I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same. If you can do that I will change my 4 star to a 5 star, other than that keep on rockin guys.
I like this game becase you get to raice with other people in different places of the world and as you level up you can face harder people to win agenst. you can open chestes and up grade your bike and your person.Also some issues are that as you ceep lossing the first thing it said it says you have to many cases. You cant get any more. Any thing then that itis really fun.
It's one of the best MX game iv ever played And if you could change the colors of the body and stuff I would love it
The only problem I have is how are the opponents in the race decided? Every time I race, I end up with opponents with bikes having ratings of more than 200 to 250 rating points than my bike. It is not even as per the number of trophies because in most of the cases my trophies are way more. But still I have to race with them and no matter how good I ride. Also a humble request to please remove those trees and side cushions as they block the view of the road which makes it impossible to control.
The game appears to be pretty good in the early levels, however as you progress the race matching process is poor matching you against people with bikes that are twice as powerful as yours. This makes winning a race pretty damn near impossible! I presume the obvious reasoning behind this is to make you splash the cash and be constantly upgrading your bike. whilst the matching process is as it is i can only rate the game 2 stars, make this fairer and the game is definitely worth 4 or 5 stars
Progress lost with new device. Bloody annoying! Got a new phone and logged in with Google play games and I'm back at the beginning with a crappy bike and no trophies. What's the point of logging in with Google or Facebook account if progress isn't saved?
Great game, the graphics are great, controls are easy and the way the race is set up brings out the competitive sprit and fun. Wish there was a faster way to earn money and parts without paying to play.
Buggy controls, and the matchmaking algorithm regularly pairs you with people who are racing bikes ranked twice as high as yours. You'll have no chance of winning, and have to hope you eventually get paired with someone you can beat. Even if you do win, there's no guarantee that you will get the points. Lose, and 100% you'll lose the points though. All of this combined with the ridiculous method of upgrading your bike and this game is at best something marginally decent to play while you poop.
Had the app for just about a week now. I've been able to connect to the game servers just one time for about 15 minutes in that one week. Infrastructure improvements are needed on the game side.
good racing game. I would rate higher but you can only hold 4 cases and it takes WAAAAYYYYY too long to unlock them. If you could hold more, or it would take less time to unlock them, score would be higher.
Too many cheaters in the game. Getting annoying when you lost points due to nitro cheats. Don't know what happen when you report against cheaters coz I met several times after reporting it
Game is awesome the actions or styles of game are good but one thing it's very bad πŸ˜™ why it can not play with known friends like other multiplayer racing games, it can not invite friends, can not challange them 😚 game depelovers why don't you make it batter ?
I like the game but clearing junps is difficult and nitros is abused like hell. Mostly just gun it when i believe it would be more fun to reward some techinical skill like clearing jumps wheeling over whoops ect ect. When all you really have to do is gun it : /
Straight up... It sucks. You're constantly matched with people you have no prayer of beating and occasionally the controls simply cease to function mid race. It's frustrating and stupid. Don't waste your time. There are better games.
This game is so good but i think the dev are too lazy :( needs more work. Pls do more options. I really love this game, thanks.
So bad experiences with this game 😏 It's never connecting to the server when you used mobile data. If u use wifi then that game start. Please I request to game developer that this game use offline also . Because mobile net speed nt all the time high
button controls is lousy, front & back button is to close. The strange thing is, bike with lower power is able to catch up with those of higher power. What sorcery is this??
I like it but one thing I don't like is when you start game and then it doesn't want to pass it doesn't put a checkmark by your name and another thing in the first part of the game a person but you can't customizing just get aspersion and like you can customize the color
The match making is so bad, don't know how these fools came up with it. When starting off at R35, you get matched with your class. Buy not even that is level. Game throws in a couple of riders over 100. I'm at R90 and I'm playing up against people 200 and up. Can't win against those classes. So much for this game being fun.
Dear clan race team I played this game since 3 years and this is fantastic game but last two days I having problems after finishing race there's loading error and after every race need to reopen this game. Please tell me the solution of this problem. Thanks
This game has way too many cheaters, no I'm not talking about people who put money in the game, I'm talking legit hackers. Apparently the people running the game don't care. Money players don't matter. The pairing system in this game is hot garbage. All levels of people are constantly getting paired with other players with bike ratings 400+ higher or lower in either direction which makes the races unfair. And why isn't there a feature to race your own clan members in friendly races?
It's great. But there are some race tracks that I'm having trouble finishing because the power of my bike isn't that strong enough to climb some hills. Therefore, there's no choice but to exit the game. The logistics of the game should know if the player's bike could climb the hills on the given track. Or else there's no way to finish the race.
Great game everyone should get it it is really fun to upgrade and change your bike and the graphics are better that any other game definitely recommended πŸ‘πŸ˜†πŸ‘
They nerfed their own game, muxh like Tennis Clash did with their speed abd stamina, these guys did that with handling. They want you to play more. Be smart and play a lot, lot less.
It's a fun game when your actually racing other players but seems almost all the time your racing bots. I've spent a good amount of money on this game but until I can play with android/iPhone players and have less bots I cant see spending anymore money on this game. getting boring. may uninstall unless something is done about the bugs in this game.
Game is unfair and unbalanced! I see why people download the hacked version. My bike rating 2360 R570 and I always raced against bikers with 3000+ rating n R700+ how is that fair? Then you have the cheaters who go unpunished. I'm deleting this game and installing the mod version with unlimited nos and money I don't care if I'm blocked or whatever because do it daily. There's no fun in losing to hackers!
Have more customization and reduce wait time on chests. Otherwise, an amazing game that keeps me playing.
I love this game but have one complaint. Several times a race has started and there was only 2 of us racing but at the finish line there will be 2 more racers sitting there.
Potentially a fantastic game, but totally let down by the fact you will race people you cannot beat, the controls stop working intermittently, (obviously at the most important times) and other players cheat, so what's the point? Avoid it is my recommendation, because the developers don't seem to give a flying xxxx.
This is bUll$#Γ·+ I go to sync my data to my tablet an it FU*€# restarts my whole account i loved this game but I put way to much time intoittorestartill never touch it agiautdutdutdutdutd75d7td75d75d75d75d75d75d65d6o5s6tdytsyts65s65s65d65d65d6td65dyrdn...how do I get my account back it won't let me restore?
This game is really nice, no problem for every ads showing, but still FAKE in racing, like i race with other players, even though i'm playing with BOTS. Hope you can make a real game that can play with human, not with bots. You've made this case so cool man😁, but i can still know the truth. If you can transform the race to real race with real other player, i give 10 starsπŸ€ͺ
I would give this game 5 start, but: 1 star went away because you seem to not be able solve the cheaters problem. 1 star went away because you have many bugs in the maps, especially the ones with sand. You fly, do not see anything visible, but get stuck in mid air, without being able to see anything there. 1 star went away because of the matchmaking system. I get matched with people that either have 1000-2000 cups more than me or their motorcicle has 200-300 more rating than mine. Please fix!
Nice game, but I was wondering, could you make it so that we can color bike parts? I would love that! I'm really hoping that you see my review!
Price on parts is extortion! 8.99 for 25 to open 1, 4 HR case πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ there are times when someone riding next to me crashes but then finishes the race upside down? 😲 u can't win against that level of cheating! But... Its a really enjoyable game and you don't really need to spend money to progress which is why it had 2 stars. Fails on every other aspect tho.
Was one of the best free games of its kind around. Understand that there are limits with free games. However any boxes that can be earned take way way too long too open 16 hrs, 8hrs and 4 hours. challenges rely on these being opened also. Still frustrating as hell. Addictive but expensive to progress bike. improved a little but still room for improvement
Love this game now I know you can change the auto acceleration and I like the fact Deemedya INC got back to me on my review and helped out with my problem. Awesome game...but now I can barely progress in the game bc I'm always paired with other racers with a bike R a hundred more than me, so right out of the gate there winning and they literally have to all wreck plus myself have a perfect run to win..but still great game.
Hands down was a challenge but the overall experience, I want to purchase me a bike now lol πŸ˜† just playing..but overall great game i give it 10 thumbs πŸ‘ on a scale of 1 to 10 being the highest
Best motorbike game so far. Been playing for 6-7 months still going to new levels each one as good as the first. Graphics could be better but makes up for it in creativity of overall game. Definitely check it out.
Too much time taking to open crate and adv vid aren't loading most of the time. Generally you can play more than 4-5 race but you won't get enough money to upgrade ahead and to open crate you have this problem as it's said above.
Epic game, like the tonyhawk pro skater2 of moto games, an the tech support team is phenominal. The only issue i have is the customization kits, the higher level bikes just look plain dam stupid, an the lower tier bikes have more of a motocross aesthetic, they very rarely give you parts or colors you wana build with to. A chance of 1/10,000 it seems like. That dosent seem fair for the price you pay. Overall its a great game with addicting gameplay it would be a 5 star game if the kits were fixed
At first I really enjoyed the game. You could compete evenly. However, once you start leveling up the game physics go haywire on you. You can't race without your bike crashing repeatedly. I`very ridden real dirt bikes for a long time and the bikes in this game do not act realistic. I can only assume once you get to a high enough level you have to spend money to be able to compete. They get you hooked at the lower levels hoping you`ll be hooked enough to spend money at higher levels. Deleting!
Why are there so many player with vietnam flag with a very strange name that are not vietnam name? Is that bots? Yeah, you put so many bot with high statistic, so that we cant win. And the player matchmaking is so sucks, always end up competing with bots or other player with high level.
After update... Game sucks... No handling on bike... It flips on its own... No more fun using this game... They dont reply to ur emails... But keep telling u to send them email
It gives you the opportunity to watch a video for the free "Cases"/"suprise box", but yet every single damn time it says-- "we're sorry,theres actually no 30 second videos right now!! Ran out of stock man!!Sold right out,don't plan on stocking up either.....but you can try again later!! :)"__love the game, but I have yet to open a crate from the free chance opportunity.
Top notch mobile gaming. Lot of trail games with physics controls out there but Clan Race has smoother controls than most bike course racers in the genre.Clan Race is competitive & addictive gameplay from the start. Lots of online racer to go brave the obstacles to the finish line.
I really like the game except I can't get past the first Gold level because the server keeps paring me with bikes that are 100, 200, even 300 points more powerful than mine. It's not even a race and when I lose it takes away so many points it bumps me back down to Silver.
it's fun but more annoying than not sometimes. you'll disconnect from races and lose points, your bike can be too fast and you'll crash upon landing jumps, certain spots on tracks are buggy and will flip/launch you costing you a race. there's probably more I'm forgetting but you get the point
Was excellent when I first downloaded and played it, but yesterday I tried to play and it wouldn't load, I tried everything, restarting the game, the phone, reinstall but to no avail. I was enjoying it but looks like I won't be playing it anymore
lean function does not work if still accelerating, mostly whilst airborne. not my device cos trials etc is fine. (trials used to have this bug years ago but fixed it.) also more graphics options needed. love the way you are trying to a trials supercross thing, but those fixes need addressing to make it fun to play so 2 stars until fixed. Edit: 1 star. I have not been able to connect since day 1. other pvp games connect, google play connects, but game server does not. I have an awesome wifi connection - today it connected, started up, 2 mins later it disconnected and has not connected since. Played once since purchase due to this. 1 star.
Game is working on wifi now....but if u cross the finish line to high it doesnt register u crossed and have wreck just to cross it again and lose the race...Need to add more tracks..Love this game besides that....I am almost thru Guru level
This game is a joke. No updates in over 6 months, developers do not fix any bugs that they are made aware of, and people are cheating in the game and nothing is done about it. Game has great potential if only a different company came up with it and actually spent time to improve it.
Good racing game but the sprockets are pretty much impossible to get without buying them so unlocking crates takes an avarage of about 40 hours to unlock 4 loot boxes. Seems to be another one of those games where if you really like it your going to end up spending a fairly large amount of money to be any where close to competitive.
when you fall off the game puts you too far back to respawn and nowhere near where you fell off...certain hills all players get stuck on because they r too steep an can b stuck there for ages and even boosting doesnt help ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! lastly only when you first start to play are the other players and bike similar to your own...when your bike gets better you end up racing against ppl that are much higher in ranking and much better bike....bloody stupid!!!
I don't know why you don't fix this game. You want people to download the game but you guys do nothing about sorting out the game. Pull yourselves right. Could be a very good game if you spent time sorting it out
After install stuck while loading on 'social inited' 61%, at 2 different devices and different accounts.
Was a great game but omg to many adverts really slow to progress without spending. Other peoples bike always better than yours
It is a fun game and the graaphics are good and you should add some more people to play with and also were we can chose a map and race on it.
I really like this game I can't ride anymore but you do need to think about it when playing or easy to flip forward or backwards only thing i think could be better is longer boost as it takes forever to fill and runs out very quickly but good game play
Needs work. The game is good if you can endure all the problems with it. Too many glitches that make racing frustrating and sometimes even impossible. The cost of in-game goods are extreme and the lack of return on that investment is disappointing. The biggest issue to date though is the last update that has made playing racers from Apple devices impossible and most of the races now are against bots. I can't recommend this game to anyone in its current state.
Good game, but i frequently disconnected during searching race and loose trophies without race. And the matching is unfair, i always fought enemy's on the higher league, which is obviously i loose more trophy. Maybe you should consider matching with the same league. Otherwise the game is good.
This is probably the best mobile game I've ever played. I have it on both my iPad and my Samsung phone. I have a 20 strong clan, that play and chat together daily. Unfortunately the latest update, that has Battle Pass in the bottom left of the screen, has made it unplayable. I do hope Deemedya can sort out this latest update out before people stop playing. It will be sad to see players leave such a great game. Skydance Flying Circus
Waste of time. Errors. Fails to load. Don't waste your time on this rubbish. Worst thing I have ever wasted my time on.
Very good game but the devs are lazy I think. The snow tracks were removed months ago after a glitch and have never been replaced. Theres also a long term issues such as over shooting the finish line if you go too high, again no sign of being fixed
I have played for more than a year. The new physics are terrible. The game is completely uncontrollable. All you do is wheelie over. The new update is rhw worst.
Ok, this is an excellent game and those saying you can't progress without spending big, are wrong. True, it takes time, skill and effort to get up the ranks, but it is far from impossible. The matching algorithm can deter playing, especially when you've been on a run and hitting around 10,000 and you get nothing but really high rated bikes that are impossible to beat. Cheaters are rife! There is a way of calling them out after each race, but the developers don't do anything about it. Try it out.
The game play was excellent. THE CONTROLS are difficult at the beginning but who don't love a challenge? In all of all. This is an excellent game- in its caliber. If you are a bike rider..and want the feel of
It is fun game with a ton of levels. You can upgrade your bike reasonably only problem it dose not look good if u want a decent bike, you the have to spend thousands of coin to upgrade. The problem with that is u only get them in crates which take ages to unlock. You should get coins as well as trophies for a race as would make me want to play more.
I like the game, however the case unlocks need some improvement. You only have 4 slots, and they take HOURS to unlock. Maybe winning races in first place should reduce unlock times to make the racers more serious.
I love this game, but it thieves. I am in master division I just came out 2and place and only got 5 trophies. That's outrageous. I more point which pisses me off is the selection for the starting race. Its ridiculous. How do you'll expect a R867 to beat R's 1250, 1003 and 999? It's not a task that can be done by racing only if all 3 players falls continuously. And that is not possible. I cant give 5 starts because of these 2 issues. Improvements are needed for this 5 star rating.
Overall, this game is bad. The matchmaking sucks, everything is buggy, and the maps have little spots that absolutely screw you up (ex. blind spots, small lips where bits of the map are spliced together, etc) It's too big of an app to download, and not even worth it. The graphics are terrible, it looks like someone tried to make the game with a Walmart laptop. The game is pretty much pay-to-win, you get offered a great bike but for a steep price. When I get put in a match, I am way under powered
Once you level up, they place you in very difficult races, with bikers that are not in the same division, and way faster bikes making it very difficult to try and win. Also the game begins sticking when when load a race forcing you to restart the game and your trophies are deducted. It had plenty potential, however I think it's set up for you to get addicted then you have to spend .oney to enjoy it later down. I've message them on fixing their sticking issue but it continue to happens. Delete!
Good game really enjoy it but hungry developer. Regularly offer you 25% extra on gear purchase then when you buy case you get bad part every time. You buy case with earnt gear you usually get good part. When you reach level master you can see that case isn't really random. First bike purchase is pretty pointless, second one is OK but you will quickly reach a point where you need to spend yet more money to progress. Free case is always bad also. Have too many bot disguised as real person too.
fun game but it is the glitches that make it so terrible. doesnt matter weather on wifi or data still glitches. also super unfair matches, literally cant compete with people who are hundreds of points better than you
This game is rigged because how can you disappear though the grown then pop bk up and when other players press the boost button 300 mile an hour up the track ?
Tracks should be longer. When you enter gold league enemies become too op which is rediculous. No coin rewards after the race. 24h clan quests beyond rediculous. Only 1 mode, no friend list to have some1 to challenge for fun. Those are some basics for a normal online game.
The matching is horrible, most of the time the opponents are so powerful you simply can't afford to win even take a 3rd place. And the gold league minus pont even if you get 3rd place. Not appreciated at all.
it is a good game and I would definitely recommend it but the one thing I wish they could fix is the controls and make them more responsive and make them work because the littlest mistake that I make and then try to lift myself back up it doesn't work
The matchmaking is horrible. I always get matched against players with bikes twice as strong as mine, who are not even in the same league as me. Fix your f*****g matchmaking, it makes the game unplayable, you can't make any progress
I really love this game, the only downsides is there's no way of earning gears from what I know and having to wait 8 hours per crate is so slow, along side the graphics, there are so many differant styles you could use like dirt frontier, thoes graphics are awesome but I prefer the customizeablity for this version of the game
I really enjoy this game. Quite real reactions and good graphics. Only a couple of bugs left to work out (my thoughts) regarding bike reactions.
I really liked this game when i first started, it has the potential to be one of the best racing/dirt bike games on mobile. But now it has a lot of bugs in it. IOS and Android players can no longer play together which cuts the playing field in half. there are numerous other problems that have been presented to the developers and they have shown no interest in actually fixing them. unless they devote more development to this game I would not install.