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Clan N

Clan N for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Creamative located at YTU Davutpasa Kampusu, Teknopark C1 Blok C211/B Esenler 34220 Istanbul TURKEY. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is good but there is a bug that happen to me often its that the player's/bot's character some times stuck in an area and cant get out without quitting and back and that bug was really annoying for me, also make the ingame gamepad customizable like changing the positions of the buttons and there size and make to the joystick "closed" option that does not let it move from a place , also the game crashs when i play it a decent amout of time like more than 10-30 minutes
Ok so I've been playing this for 30 minutes and I don't know why other people don't get the controls. In my opinion they are really straight forward and easy to use. If I were to complain about the controls what I don't like about them is that the movement joystick is way too big for a game like this but that's pretty much it. Would appreciate if you could make it smaller. Anyways this is a solid game so far and I'm enjoying myself.
A solid start for a new game. I like it. Ok, I am not denying that the controls are a bit quirky. But still it is an 'easy to learn, hard to master thing'😅. Actually I liked the layout. You have taken a great effort. The opening scene is one of the best i have scene in a while. Way to go buddy
Now that the controls are somehow good, I suggest that you make bots more effective(like they can pick items or guard themselves) because from what I can see, bot allies die easily. Also please add a Lan coop because I don't know if there is currently. Great game and has a potential!
hey guys, i don't know if this apply to all devices but i found a bug (i know this will be common for now) that if you manage to fail the jump at the water in the start, your character will be invisible. I just also notice one thing, the controls for phone are so bad but the game seems to be fun so goodluck to you guys. x
It's so interactive my brother likes the game and the story is so sad can you make it a little more interesting . Thanks
For some reason this game struck nostalgia, kinda reminded me of Karateka (was that Atari?) The game has ads unfortunately. The controls are a little weird at first and took me some time to get used to. For the short time I've played it, it's not a bad game. I'll edit my review at a later time when I get more time with the game.
Hardware controller not supported in options menu on main screen. Intrusive video ads are UNACCEPTABLE (you could easily offer IAPs to remove ads and also not offer video ads). Hardware controller is not supported if game has already started (so if connection is interrupted, you have to reload the game after reconnecting the controller). Game is also too hard, even with a hardware controller. It also keeps demanding access to my contacts. 1 star until these are all fixed.
Controls, controls, controls. Thats all i gotta say, PLEASE add a joystick and buttons because when i started the tutorial it was very hard to understand what it wanted me to do. The walking is hard because your finger ends up moving a lot which causes hard aiming at the enemy, and the attacking is kinda confusing. Fix the controls, make them better, update the tutorial and this game will be 5 stars no doubt.
The controls are a bit wonky. Sorry but can you add a setting for people how want to play on there phones. That's the only problem i found. Other then that the game is phenomenal.
Really love this game very fun but moving the character without a controller is sometimes not that accurate and I find myself running into trees and other things but other than that I don't have much to say other than that it's really fun to play
This game is clean, i just hope they add differemnt combat system depending on character because the thing that only changes to them is special attack
Having pre-registered for the game, I was amazed at the devs work, tutorial seemed to be spot on till you get to the dummy phase endlessly striking & not being able to advance, (be best to have a guide panel during tutorial) controls need improvement, overall great work 👏🏼 love the layout and intro
Man the game looks so nice. I love pixel art games and that old score style thing is a 10/10. But the controls man... Its extremely hard to walk without ur finger ending up in the middle of the screen. I even tried to use my game pad zero but seems like the game isnt compatible with that little controller. I wont uninstall the game bc im hoping there will be an update about this matter soon i hope
The nostalgia that this game gives i loved it... but i cant sign in to my google play account...pls help..
Ok this game has a great potential to be on the top games list .. but ... 1st you need to fix the shuriken tutorial .. maybe giving the option to the user to remap the buttons on the screen .. but the most important .. why the game ask to get access for contacts !!!
I wanna make this clear for everyone having problem with controls: the game uses swipe feature, both for movement and attacks. Movement using one-swipe-then-hold is new to me tbh, so it's very hard for me to get used to; swipe-hold to one direction, swipe-hold to another until my thumb reaches the other side of screen. I agree with the devs that the swipe control is more natural, but it is only for attack. It would be great if there're other ways of moving, but game's still great, tho. Keepitup.
The movement side is fine but you need to add buttons on the other side for attack, dodge, etc. Just add a touch joystick and touch buttons that can be customized. It's horrible playing on a tablet trying to touch certain areas of the screen?
You REALLY REALLY need a gamepad for this game! And probably a tablet, too. It seems like it would be a lot of fun if everything wasn't so tiny. There's just too much interface, aligned too inconveniently, to make use of all of the moves you can do on mobile. Even with the expanded buttons; you need to be able to relocate each button independently. I did not understand the other control schemes at all. Also, the number of 30+-second unskippable unrewarded ads is totally unacceptable.
Great improvements and I can play with my girlfriend even from far away. Hopefully it gets noticed by more people since it's a good game, good for short duration gaming or on long car rides. Good job
Pretty fun game. I think the art is remarkable. There were lots of bugs and inefficiencies at the initial release and it was still entertaining. Now that the bigger bugs were fixed, things have become way more manageable and fun. This game has lots of potential.
honestly, pretty bad. the controlls are abyssmal and "a b x y" on buttons make me think that that is a port. if that is - that's a really bad port. walking is awkward, the ads aren't seen that often - i get them every 2 levels. i can see the potential in combat system but it's made so clumsy and awkward that you end up just swiping the screen until all the enemies are dead which isn't fun. everything else is fine though
dude this is so epic, this game what i waiting before, looks and wondering how beautiful is this, and then now i playing this game, so awesome dude, btw, improve more your game and controls and add some features ideas, and its like a little same as "otherwolds legends" i love pixel action rpg btw so, thanks dev(edit: the game update guys, there's a virtual gamepad now and fix some bugs, read first the update before you rate 4 star below
The controls are fantastic and smooth, the only problem i'm encountering now is how progress is saved because I somehow have -3 lives which makes my character very weak from the start. And I still hope that LAN Co-op can be added to the game, other than that keep up the great work!
This game is good and everything but the problem iam facing is to move. It seems like that it is impossible to fight because your real mission is just to move. Just fix moving guys ur game is good but needs that repairing.
This game has potential. First the tutorial feels a little vague. The controls are a bit janky (tried all controls. specially the touch controls are not good to be honest). The enemies feels a bit powerfull from the start (don't know if that's intentional). I personally don't mind the ads as it does not interfere during play time. Also i don't think access to my Contacts is a way to log in to Google Play Games. I hope you guys try to improve the game.
The game is amazing, i hade a Great time playing. The movement was not as good, i would recommend a in-game joystick and seperate Buttons for attacking and throwing shurikens. The graphics are very good and I love The score system. The controls are The only thing that annoy player that play from smaller devices
Kept crashing at the end of the tutorial level, if theres an ad, i guess there might be a conflict on showing it? Edit : thank you for answering DEVs, for more info, my phone is a POCO F3 Edit 2 : doesnt crash anymore, a very fun game with learning curves and fun boss fights, definitely 5* worthy.
Good game to play with my friends!the controls kinda sucks my controller is not working tho but I still fun without the controller kinda feel weird but that's really it.
Beautiful pixel graphics, control set up is all wrong not sure what you where thinking there. Bug found character not appearing on screen, Update, there's a reason why most developers give full control customisation, this fixes everyone issues with button placements, you have buttons left and right up and down, like a Xbox controller, we are not holding a Xbox controller, super awkward reaching over to the button on the left, also you have the button's so close together is ridiculous.
I don't get the controls. Especially the right trigger. Also, just give us customizable on-screen controls. It's very awkward for me to use the controls as it is now. I've tried the touch controls and I'm even more confused to that one. Also, also, the lightning thing Akira uses has a VERY far button placement. I understand you can only use it once in a while, but it's still far. All in all, I can see the potential in this game. Just gotta fix the controls, then I'll try playing it again.
Controls are not optimized. One second you are going right then you are going up or in another direction. Need better controls. Made it past the tutorial and gave up on trying to defeat the first 3 enemies after because my movement was erratic and couldn't move where I wanted to. In the tutorial, the targets don't disappear so you can be mindlessly attacking the same dummy over and over again.I feel like the game has potential... Also, why do we have to give permission to our phone contacts?
Its a great game and overrall fun and challenging, but my only problem is that the game always crashes whenever I finish stage 2-3, I dont know what the problem is but it keeps happening and I cant really progress.
It looks good but there are some flaws in the movement, it has a lot of potential but it looks more built as a controller game than a mobile game. It would have been much better to have different buttons for rolling, attacking, and ninja starts, the movement is so bad and it would be much better with a joystick and have the attack seperat than movement. It has a lot of potential.
The game you make are really beautiful but the problem is the movement and controller it is kinda hard to move it around and confusing as well. But i think this is the only problem the controller and the movement of the character and i found bug in beginner level (where you teach the beginner how move and etc.) When i am in the jump where theirs like water and platform to hop in, when i fall into water my character dissappear And the another prob is the fight system of your character
Please add Static Joystick. I don't want my joystick to follow. Edit: The controls are fine now. The updates are really consistent. Looking forward for future content.
Overall the game is good, but the control a bit complex. A single melee button should be enough. What bug me around is the game require access to contact which kinda sus. I dont think playing online co op require the game to access my contact list
I preregistered for the game, and I'm loving it already, but the 'analog stick' is very sensitive and difficult to use. This games art style and gameplay feel very inspired and I would love to give a five star review if only the devs would fix controls. Mind you, this review was made the first day of it being out.
Reminds me of old games at the arcade I used to play. Anyways, game is very good. Unique controls, fun hack n slash gameplay, great 'mini' style pixel art, and nostalgic arcade-y music. You get to do dungeon runs n stuff with different characters with very diff. styles of gameplay. Funstuff.
The game is good. The pixel art is a nice touch too but the gameplay is held back by the annoying controls. Allow players increase the size of the buttons. EDIT2: Okay I love the basic controls. The Devs are hard at work, thank you. But there's no roll button and no jump button either. It is difficult to make progress without these buttons. This is easily an A+ game, it just needs refining.
If you think the controls fixed because "other people seem to love it" like you respond to reviews, then it tells a lot about your game. I'll pass until you figure out what good touch controls feel and look like because to me it's still unplayable.. for a good game. I preferred v0.9 in except the movement are a good step forward except the character shouldn't move on screen press, instead of always going to the same direction like it's doing now. and joystic could be invisible when not pressed.
Well, you made it alot better with the new control layout but fighting is still cumbersome, movement is still wildly loose and in the tutorial, the fact that you have to take a path that is at the top of the screen behind the character health display is somewhat confusing. I get there's not alot of real estate in a phone screen but it should be used efficiently and wisely perhaps add a little sign pointing the way? Either way I guess this just ain't for me, the search continues for the epic tale
Game closes on me each time I try to start it from the title screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no change. Would really like to play this since the controls have been updated...
The art,the graphics looks great..... And after update the control which was hard is now easy.... Or i say comfy ... So good this game ... I still don't find multiplayer... But the game is amazing.... Good job... Easily 5 stars.... Keep it up....
Everything in this game is good but man the touch control ...is not nice. If you want to move properly you have to not let go of the finger from the screen. Plus how do I do the normal attack and charge attack with touch control?(sorry for asking)
Well...it's unplayable for now. After update all buttons are huge and covering all the screen. I will keep this game for a while because I think it got potential, so...please keep updating. (After update game works better. Still not ideal...but I can see light in the darkness. I giving 2 more stars.)
the control is in chaos,Classic mode control has BIG Buttons covering half actions screen, Left hand & Right hand version cannot be used at all, both are NOT respond to where we want to go, the direction button has its own will. only Classic can cooperate with our finger, but buttons are SO BIG ,blocking the actions screen. The Graphic is really pixelated,worse than Minecraft graphic, is it for purpose?
Great game just at the launch, there are some glitches...some annoying ones, one i hated the most was when the level was clear all my friend bots were doing there winning move while I was frozen. It did not even say stage clear...so I had to start that level all over again, anyways great game with great story.
Good art and a simple gameplay, been trying to find a pixel art game that's good and free. The developers are listening to complaints and actually fixing the problems is also a rare sight, i recommend this game if you're bored or something and needed a quick distraction. The game is lacking information on what each stats does, also the requirements to get 1-3 star results after completing stages. And would it be a bother to add the story into the game, rather than put it on the google play page.