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City of Desire

City of Desire for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by TORNADO located at UNIT 04, 7/F BRIGHT WAY TOWER NO.33 MONG KOK RD KL,HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence, Sex) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is fine. The in game purchases can get expensive if they come at all. Support is useless. Lots of hoops to jump through to get what u bought in good faith.
I have lost access to both of my accounts. One linked to google and one to facebook. It would not be a problem if I did not spend money on the game
This game is really fun but it needs only one thing: nudes. It will be a lot more fun if there was nudity in it
I played this game in a year. Its a nice game but hopefully the developers of this game will update the dates of the secretary. They will add more activities. Yet this game is Good πŸ‘
Everytime when I updated the game, it keeps on jamming everytime I tap on something. Please fix it ASAP.
This game has no instructions, no story line. Takes much to long to open new buildings and upgrades. Takes a long time to upgrade your boss. This game needs more work done to it by the developers. There is not even a help screen. This is the worse of the worse. Please correct or it will be uninstalled.
Terrible experiences, from 1. Play on tab, taken up all memory till cant update. From 400mb till 6gb. After clear the memory, it automatically send to new server, must complete the story line before able to choose the played server again, wasting more time 2. Each update doesnt specify the how and what correctly, many misleading information. 3. Suspend my account without reason, mail to customer service but no response. Dissapointed at developer after some times of play.
The new Halloween secretary is inaccessible. I have her, but when I try to interact with her, it crashes the game. Every time. Dropping to 1 star until I get a response. Basically paid to get access to the secretary and would like the game to work as intended. Will adjust rating after this is resolved.
No in game customer support. Solid pink screen during exploration events. Been like this for more than 1 week. Still not resolved, still unable to complete explorations due to nothing loading.
Too detail oriented/complex without explanation. Private game room is utter garbage. Three card monte is a scam irl and digitally. Graphics are a positive but do not compensate shortcomings. Storyline is very slow and a bit disjointed. You will be penalized harshly for sleeping or working irl.
I have been playing this game for quite some time now... I am not a heavy spender on the game but I am still able to cope up. You will develop pretty much a lot faster if you pay but the good thing about this game is that you can use tactics for you not to be bullied by constantly communicating with your union or if your pretty lucky then you can get diamonds for free. As for me, got 20k diamonds in a spin!!!
I actually loved this game but after spending lots.of money to improve my.status they did an.android update and.kicked.most.off the server..we have.all lost our accounts.
Overall, it is a great game that you can enjoy in your spare time. Great artworks, great execution of the city building genre. I do have some suggestions though. 1. Implement the ability to view both the boss appearances and the beauties in full body mode, like what you can do with the agents. 2. Implement a cloning facility as a building, obtainable after reaching a certain level for the boss. Then you can choose to clone a captured beauty from plundering, even the rare ones from past events.
This game is relaxing and good but i suggest to improve your event play resources and pls nerf the power of global event because you can spend more time to upgrade your agent.
Loved it until the pay to win children decided to start attacking and ganging up to destroy my city. Not fun anymore πŸ˜• uninstalled. Losers can play with themselves
(Read edit history, I need space for updates) regarding uploading avatar (Update 1) no contact by customer service still. Requested refund through email, (update 2) finally got word back on issues with the game support took almost a week to reach out to me I got word on what the ongoing issue is. I am still waiting on a response email from support, I am changing rating up to three stars for the time being. Support turn around time is the main issue for me right now.
I've been playing a few weeks, and it has been a smooth enjoyable experience with multiple different game play... In one game.
I try to pay pack-1000 using google play balance. But it keep indicating 'unavailable for this purchase'. What on earth
Good game with some strategy involved. To get done off there perks you do have to spend dinne cash. Overall it's a fun game though.
well the game is good but as you get to the top leaders... the game progress is getting slower but its fine.. btw you should add more events where we can claim tourist spot
This may be one of the most enjoyable strategy games that I have played. Perhaps because the need for purchase is more based on ejoyment rather than a demand.
Ive had no issues with the game and have enjoyed playing. Ive also met some nice people. Even your enemies in the game are friendly and helpful.
HORRIBLE, after 5 months and endless money. Lost all my accounts due to update, should be expected to get all my expenses returned by Tornado. It would be the proper thing to do from developer
nahh , gameplay stucked as on pay to progress , could've been better if there's building that produce building materials than should explore overseas , only spender staying there , like spend to play , otherwise , not much feature we can get , stuck on build , stuck on date , stuck on anything real life $ costly..
Typical empire builder, exceedingly stingy on resources and materials, exceptionally generous on forcing you into a great grandfather of grind tests. Of course, the tease to bypass this is to spend real world money on the game. Unfortunately, this is a lie, unless you spend ever increasing amounts of money on the game, you will inevitably be forced into the grind for resources and materials. Pass it by, it's a total piece of junk and not worth the aggravation.
Been having loads of fun with the game, but some features do not work. The "pictures" make the game crash. If this was fixed, would totally be 5 stars.
This game sucks.. at first its a really nice one but now its trash.. poor costumer service.. they dont reply.. imagine a player can get 5 stars agent in one day even he is just vip 1 and he can rescue them a couple of times without paying ransom or attacking.. seriously?? I love this game but now i think its time to quit.. WASTE OF MONEY
Fun at first. Casino very difficult to win. After 2 weeks very difficult to promote. Unless u top up cash. Overall it is a good entertainment app
This game is very well made and super addictive. I've played a few games like this and I got bored within a week and left but I don't think I'll quit this one anytime soon. Love the features and main thing is you don't have to put in a ton of money to get powerful. I don't mind spending some money in games but this one isn't greedy so far.
They worst customer support ever. They had issues and sent players responses We are on vacation. Average time 4 days for a response . We have lost 8 players on 2 weeks because of terrible service
It's good but almost half of secretaries are limited event and pay-to-get. Make some old ones free in chance to meet in lake garden please.
Has been lagging and bugs all over around. Do feedback to customers service no reply at all. When reply. CS can't do anything. Always spend many diamonds for racing event. Found that new racing timing was not update and lost the event. Wish to talk with game developer manager. Never got any answer. My buddy spent ton of money. Got insult from those losers people. CS only ban them 1.5 day chatting in World chat.
My account was gone after updating to 2.0.4 version, suddenly everything starting from 0 again, very irresponsible!!
Pretty good game so far. It needs quite a bit of patience though. I wish the characters have more than one picture
Game is nothing but a way to take your money. Too many high spending players prey on the weak and attack endlessly. Broken casino absolutely rips you off. Don't waste your money. Buyer beway. Only way to make any progress is to spend gobs of cash.
Started out great. Soon found a problem were a player has unfair advantage, we can not attack his city. All I get from customer support is the canned responses like you are here. They take your money and fix NOTHING even when you provide screen shots.
Great game to pass the time. It's not very overwhelming with all you can do because the game gradually introduces it. You're able to get used to the new stuff before something else unlocks, which is nice.
My account was gone after the update of new version. Its sucks! Wasting of time and money if you will not improve this app. Im playing this for a year and its gone instantly. I hope you will fix this kind of problem. And the loading process is too slow. Sooner or later might no one played this game........................................................................................................
After a week of gameplay, this game plays very similar to others of such genre, nothing innovative. It's heavily P2W with some elements being locked strictly behind paywall. Certain beauties and buildings are strictly available through real cash. One beauty alone can cost as much as USD50.
Customer service never replies. Need help with bugs in my VIP account but no replies still after days. So if you are planning to upgrade or pump money in, my suggestion is DON'T! You get ignored if your account faced any issues.
The "pick the joker" card game is a joke. There's no way to follow the cards. It moves too fast and is purposefully there to only eat up diamonds and points. Otherwise, it's a decent life action game. By the way, I left a review. Never got the 200 diamonds.
Game is fun with decent graphics, a very good idle game that you can play without having to spend a fortune
Its an awesome and addictive game. 1st simulation game i ever playd. Its alot for me to keep up with bt i love the game and that song tht plays in the background too.
Pros: The game looks very good. The game runs good for the most part. Cons: 5 weeks there have been issues that have not been addressed. #1 - City Special Events stop working daily for half the day. #2 – Most of the Union features don’t work – and so you can’t get credit or do the related events. #3 – Cannot change my Avatar –this was supposed to fix in the October patch/update I was told but this is a bigger issue in its self that there has not been a new update since then and now it’s November but new daily to weekly new P2W items are added to game. #4 – Timers for my monthly pass also glitch, due to the more than likely random issues I’m having across the board with the game in general but it so far always gives me my items just not on time. AGAIN this is a "canned reply" I have all done these as in game Tickets as this review noted. You released a update DURING a in game EVENT and I know my Union do not get the rewards due to this because it basically crashed the game. I still testing to see if any of the bugs I have still now 6 week old open tickets on are still broken will update this review.
Updating after 3 months of play - Game is well made and fun initially but after a while gets monotonous. Repetitive things over and over gets boring. After a certain level it's basically couple of hundred a month or you're stuck forever. The rewards from events are absolutely rubbish. I don't participate in a bunch of events because they're waste of time.
I like the game. However, there are so many typo errors in the game that you can't avoid to read. Why don't you hire someone who can fluently understand english to check on this. Some examples, "judical" instead of judicial, "stanima" instead of stamina. Very disappointing!
Very primitive game, similar to any Chinese developed app. Bad graphics, bad progress and bad translation. It depends on spending money Completely waste of time. Not recommended to be downloaded or even tried.
So far I think this is a decent game, but unfortunately it needs work. Text scripts go by too quickly not giving enough time to read before disappearing. Some item descriptions are cut off so I have no idea what they do. More explanations needed (more thorough tutorial) on how to advance in the game rather than just idly clicking the next quest and completing it. Also seems a bit ridiculous that you have to pay gems for date items but get punished for not being able to complete the date properly
Game play is great. If you spend money you get screwed our server was literally down for over 36 hours. They gave everyone even the servers that were not down a insult of a compensation when reporting it i get the answer to many people complaing about the issue sorry compensation won't cover your loss more free event in the future. That some excuse basically go screw yourself we are not smart enough to compensate you for their screw up you truly shame your ancestors
Need help.. when I load the app, it opens a new game with vip 0 character.. I have vip 4 character bind with Facebook and google, but it's not loading
Sucks I was doing great and on the update my account was gone and yes I tried to sign back in but it did not work now I lost all my progress thanks a lot will never play again
This games need you to spend a lot of money to upgrade. The developer also will cheat you later when u already at high power. Happen to me, i play untill my power reach 19M, then one day when i wanna open the games my power become 0M. I inform the developer but no immediate action taken. My advise DONT PLAY THIS GAMES. They will cheat u later. Save ur money.
This game is pure xxx. For 1 reason The game developer only sided high V Players. They never consider all fact and mass banned players from communicating. All because of the supposedly "insults in this game, which the game had carefully designed to incite hatre and making players to spend more money. when highest V10 level ever appeared in this game, rather than maintaining the masses of low V players, they decided to side highest V players. My advice, stop the game and spending.
A simulation action dating game both virtual and real time wherein you can meet new people from different countries. Spend time chatting with others at the same time build your team and city with your union. Money is just optional in this game if you use your best strategy to build your team and other stuffs. A must have game on your mobile phone. It just needs more development on adding more dating venues and open new places to encounter. One of a kind game. More power to City Of Desire team!
Interesting game keeps me entertained and best part: no ads, specially like a lot of those new games where there is literally an ad every 30 seconds stopping game play.
Just finished the new update today. Lost my account. Almost 6 months of games - all gone. If I have to re-start again ... forget it.
I like this game...i build up my area from zero to big city and few bases. And i have pretty secretaries to assist me This game really help me to learn planning.
The story line is very interesting and if can increase the chances of getting more diamonds, more weapons, that will be more fun.
It's a good game actually especially when you're fan of Mafia Themed Games, this makes me remember the Mafia Wars game in Facebook. This game does not actually base on storyline, so for people who think this game is a storyline based to get stronger, it's absolutely a NO and for peoples who think you need to spend money to get stronger? Not really, my current Rank is Minister of Interior V and my Attack Power exceeds players whos rank is Judicial Minister and above. It's just more on upgrades.
After 4 months playing i devloped my power in the game things was nice , till update coming put me on zero power to start from the begining which is so pooring i remove the game completly πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Been playing for nearly 6months, initially was fun but things started to get bored/repetitive as there's not much update. Certain feature like encounter is not fully released yet. It's actually a good game if the developer really develop the game content but unfortunately their direction emphasise on selling the shop item/package to the players rather than really developing the game.
I love this game so much.. Please add this game to play store again. I need more games like this gameplay and graphics!. 10 stars rate for this Game ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fun time killer, dialogue is very choppy and obviously translated, but it's not a pay to win game so can't expect too quality.
After the update I lost all my games. I have 2 account in 2 servers when I open it a few minutes ago its not there anymore, instead i was told to choose open a new game and a new character. And when i tried to switch server to find my account both are gone. I have 2 accounts the 1st is me in secretary of state 1 and the other as minister of interior 2 (as I recalled). Plizz bring back both of my game/account and dont tell me to fill in some digital form of lost game with many confusing queations
DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! Their are many dangers to any competative online gaming, which I wont list due to limited space. But to name just a few; Cyber bullying, and using multiple accounts to support that, and hacking to cheat. The designers take no precautions against users abusing the system. and their is no customer report feature. This could be a good game, but its not. PS. To the Designers. Do not bother replying to this comment. I don't care to hear any automated responses.
I love this game so much.. Please add this game to play store again. I need more games like this gameplay and graphics ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Account lost after update. Since the merge of the servers, loading is getting slower. After reinstall app, freezed at starting screen. Cannot even load
Its an awesome game keep up the great work The pricing for the secetary pack is too much to handle for players who is looking to add secretary to thier adding a roulette for normal encounter or quick encounter to freshen up the experience of the game i hope the tornado dev would revise the pricing for the secretary Thanks
The game is fun, when it works. Was locked out for 2 days and tech support just ignores all attempts at communication.
I have a problem with my account. I have my account to play this game then I uninstalled it then reinstalled it but it didn't have me back my account. I pressed the switch account and that I thought my account will be back but it didn't work and so I rate this game-1 star as if my 1st account is strong but now it didn't have me back my 1st account. Thanks now Im going to download it again.
if you are looking to have fun playing games, then this game is not for you! all games have bug, but for this game, when you tell the bug to the customer support, they won't admit the mistake and give all sort of stupid excuse trying to bluff their way through. nothing is transparent in this game, they hide everything so they can twist and turn when needed. furthermore, you must spend big money on the game in order to advance after a while, if not you will advance slower than a snail.
Ok so it took some time and I did have to email a lot to make things happen, but my lost account was fixed and I'm back to playing my game I spent a lot of time, energy, and $ on. Thank you for following thru with your promise to fix the problem.
A little buggy and theres a typo in one of the screens, mission is misspelled. Good game all and all though except my sea missions glitched after first two so my experience has been lacking. And if you read this far the card game is the easiest thing ever watch the joker card ez pz i dunno what that other guy was talking about
Definitely an addictive game you should be able to count all points to lvl up instead of being restricted to only points you get from encounters or sea exploration
Expensive game. Plan on spending 1000s to compete. Big spenders kill small spenders. If you don't spend don't play
Ok game. But the advantages of additional secretaries for those willing to pay makes the fame broken. EDIT: the player distribution between servers is so low making one union dominating a server possible. It's hard to breath if you are on the upper ranks and all those above you come from one union. Saturate players between servers more to allow better attack selection.