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City Bird Pigeon Simulator 3D

City Bird Pigeon Simulator 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PlayMechanics. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is really impressive especially for a mobile game. i felt like the story made me contrigued more than any other game that I've played. the graphics honestly blew away as i literally felt like i was a pigeon flying in new York City. not to mention the sexual tensions that i felt for the birds in this game. the thing that i didn't like was the scary dog because it scared me and i broke my mom's tablet. she beat of course. btw collision is amazing because it's realistic.❀️
Garbage. There are no real game mechanics, you just fly around. NPCs walk on the spot at walls, nothing to do and no challenges. Literally pointless.
I love this game, but the only problem I have is the mission information, the way it was explained on how to do the missions has incorrect grammar, and it's hard to understand how to deal with Pigeonzila. But, overall it's a fun game!
It was super glitchy and too many ads. I first thought this game was going to be good because of the good pictures even though there welas a very low rating and I was soooo wrong the games graphics were almost as bad as the game play for as soon Ias i tried to fly it glitched and sent me lagginly in an upward spiral the houses looked like a little child drew them and it was not good
I love this game! thank-you the markes of the game.... guess you have to make sure that you don't want to be ALONE with the dogs...........🐦🐩 They are not good? They are like wolfs.......🐺🐀🐧🐦πŸ₯πŸ”πŸ“πŸ£ my favorite bird is the chickens i have a old English damtam chicken and her NAME is. Crow and she go's with me and she looks like a little crows friends are PIGEONS!!!!!!!!🐦
yet another game which is unplayable due to the amount of ads, all are enforced and last 30 seconds which pop up every single minute sometimes less... I don't know if this is a decent game or not but I do know the coin master ad off by heart now so that's good right!.. uninstalled after less than a day of playing.
Suckiest game. The graphics suck, the island is soooooo tiny. The joystick is weird and uncoordinated. The bird doesn't look like a normal bird it looks like a mauled chicken with overgrown wings. Don't download this game.
Immediately uninstalled when it played an ad after less than 5 seconds of playing. Im not exaggerating, I literally barely walked off of the roof before an ad started. I can understand if the game isn't perfect, like all the other ratings are talking about, but its unforgivable when a game is just a money hungry cash grab that wants to play an ad every moment they get. Let us play the game, we don't want to have our immersion ruined constantly. If you want money then try making a good game
The creators apparently think we're retarded enough to watch ads for 30 seconds after playing a minute(!). Way to treat your audience. Free tip: If you want me hooked enough to even consider buying this, MAYBE LET ME GET HOOKED IN PEACE FIRST??
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER. OMG THE GRAPHICS ARE INCREDIBLE. I ALSO LOOOOVE THE CONTROLS. Also, the general game concept is amazing. I would love for this to be made into a console game.
WOW what a horrible game cannot find food ANYWHERE and WHY ARE THERE WOLFS IN THE CITYS!!!!!! ITS MESSED UP you gotta take the wolfs out & replace them with dogs oh and could ya add a arrow that shows where the food is? that would be VERY helpful and also make it so the hunger does not drain so quickly beacause this would make it a wonderful game πŸ™Œ
Nice little sim. Has a few glitches. Good flying and walking animations. Excellent tree models! Unfortunately, we cannot land in them, as we could in "Fly Like a Bird". You can only land on ground and roofs. To go up: push your controller up: bird will flap faster and climb. Center the controller: bird will flap slower and fly level. You can let go and let it fly on and on. Pull down and bird will flap slower and descend. Landing is a little tricky, as landing icon only appears briefly. Hey Players - I found the food! Under the Pause icon, is the map icon, like an unfolding map. It shows three islands connected by bridges. Look for tiny grey squares all around. They mark the locations of ... Bird Feeders. They are light tan in color, and hang from trees. Bird seed dots the ground underneath. Land on the ground and a Feeding icon appears. Eat your fill. As for dogs and fighting: pigeons cannot fight anything. Their only protection is to fly away. This is a simulation. What do real pigeons do? Fly, perch, eat. That's about it. For all that, I really enjoy such sim's. I like flying around the little city and trees.
Graphics look like a game from 2001. Controls are hard and confusing to use. Small map. Rlly boring. Terrible game over all. Would deffinitly not recomend.
played for not even 5 seconds... got interrupted by a 30 second ad. get back to the game, and not even 5 seconds later... another 30 second ad. that's a full minute of advertising for not even 10 seconds of playing the game. uninstall. do not recommend. 0/10
its nice, but can you get a family? play as them? level up? get babies? whos the pigeon that you bring stuff(food?) to? i dont get the game, but its nice. can you have up and down button?(for flying only)and can you NOT move when youre not moving the joy-stick?(thing that you move the character with) can there be more then one predator, and why can you NOT fight them? why is there no prey?(animals that dont fight you)tha'd be nice if all of those things are in the next update.AreUgonnaFixThisBOI?
The idea is great, but the graphics and the world-limiting mechanics are a little to bad. I'm waiting for a further update, hoping that those things will be fixed soon!
1 star. The camera angle is fixed to far away, the control to move is tiny, there is no way I can keep playing. Uninstalled.
I played it for a few minutes but i kept losing health because i couldent find any food. It didnt even help me to find where i find food. This game also has bad graphics and the controls are very hard to control. I give this app 1 star. Really bad graphics! After i deleted this app because its super bad and has really bad graphics i mean REALLY BAD GRAPHICS!!!! P.s. Like seriously! BAD GRAPHICS!!
You should make the controls on the keyboard too so its easier!, But I like the Turbo when we're flying! it really helps getting away from the bull dogs.
Horrible. This game sucks! I barley can get the dogs (that are WOLF'S) The dogs are wolf's.. Wolf's aren't in city's I think that this is the most annoying, disappointing game. I wasted my time on downloading this and I'm very disappointed about it. There's no food around. BTW aren't the Wolf's supposed to be attacking the people...? Put like other animals cause I barley even played this. I played it for 5 mintues. This game is disappointing again. 1 star rating HORRIBLE GAME πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
The game is really good but i can not figure out how to defeat the pigeon zilla. I would love for u to be able to make ur own flock. Overall really good game.
I like it but can you please put parrots in it because I love parrots and can there be no levels in it please
the controls are very hard, like using your finger to look around would be easier. and you should be able to control your bird when flying better. like when i was flying it glitched and i couldnt stop flying. i ended up in a void somewhere else in the universe. this game also has really bad graphics. sorry to say this, but it sucks and it is not recommended. (also, WAY TO MANY ADS!)
cant believe I wasted any amount of time on the game. No missions, no fighting, and nothing exciting. Oh the if you think peoplw are joking about the advertisements hahhaaa!!!!! Go check for yourself. You will add to the reviews....
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The game seems like it would be good if the graphics were a little better, the glitches need fixed, and there is no way to get past the pigeonzilla. Other then that the game actually has potential to be a great game.
Bruh why are the designs blurry? Also when I was playing I saw a human glitching and the controls are wacky asf.
I liked the concept but the game needs better tutorial. It needed to tell me to look behind to find the checkpoint. And i couldnt find the food!
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It's fun but I can never find any food. Also flying controls are weird. Keep getting attacked by random dogs... Pretty annoying.
No wonder everybody giving bad reviews. Download and experience the garbage yourself. 1) 15-30 seconds into EVERY flights, you'll get interrupted with ads. Please download and experience it. This alone is enough to stop playing the game. 2) Awful quality, poor gameplay, poor controls 3) Terrible overall Don't get fooled by the 4-5 stars. It's probably the developers paying people to comment.
What to do with big pigeon? Pigeonzilla Please fix this! keep updating! This game was better in 2016/2017/2018
I'm sorry to say but there is no map, to many dogs, no were that I can find for a good home, I can't seem to make a nest, and I'm sorry but it's far far far from my fave game.πŸ˜”
The dog always spawn in my position but that's not my problem also the human is at the other side I also found a home like a small tree house why does the Pigeonzilla do not attack
Bravo BravoπŸ˜πŸ‘ good game for starters but I give it a four star because you need to add some physics in this game like when you fly into a building you just drop down and add more cars and people and also when when you fly into a car you crash.Also maybe if you go near a person they run away from also add some homes and also add some a poop button so you can poop on a person thanks these are just things you might want to add Thanks
i love birds and i thought it would be great and i was right it was enjoyable. but i do have some questions. how do you mate with other pigeons and how do you fight back against dogs and other pigeons. ohand i thought you could improve by actually having a control where you can fight other animals i just cant figure it out. otherwise great game and i love the graphics. thxπŸ˜„
Dear PlayMechanics, this game is actually pretty cool, but there are problems (as with all games). I can't list all of them but ill list one. I used to play this a lot in 2017 but deleted in 2018. Back then, the game was EPIC. But now, theres a problem. HOW DO YOU DO MISSIONS?! The awesome poop-thing is not there anymore. The attacking was removed too. PlayMech, please fix this issue. It will make this game a lot more interesting. But other than that, this game ROCKS! Keep updating!