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Citizen Jackpot Casino - Free Slot Machines

Citizen Jackpot Casino - Free Slot Machines for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Seven Slots Technology Limited located at RM 702, 7/F SPA CTR NO 53-55 LOCKHART RD WAN CHAI. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Graphics The graphics are great. I always enjoy playing. I would like to see a variety of games for the daily challenges though. Thanks
Citizen Jackpot Slots are fun to play Enjoy all of the Citizen Jackpot Slots games. The games have a variety of Free Spins and good Scatters. I always try to play in the MAX BET area. Happy Nrw YeR to the Developers of this game.
Slots A lot of fun. I start every morning trying to get through the 3 tasks. When I hit the MAX button accidentally and LOSE — Soooo depressing. But I’m able to build my money back up.
5 Star Great game. Love the platform. Lots of different ways to win or lose. Thanks. Lotsa great challenges
Pay 9.99, play for 10 minutes and miraculously get your coins ripped off by lousy bonuses that never get a win above Mini. Play somewhere else, but definitely not here on this slot. Lousy!
The only reason I give it 2 is some of the games are fun other than that just like any other one you win at first and you can't win it all I'll take a hundred million dollars one hand after another and then want you to pull a credit card out of your pocket and buy some more coin what idiot would do that
Citizen slots this is by far the best games I have downloaded in a long time.excellent work, imagination and bonuses are not bad either.Molly
I was really enjoying your games n thought finally I've found a great app which was giving plenty of spins with good payouts but like all the other games it doesn't last. All too soon it stops n gives you nothing taking all your points you have accumulated. Very disappointing, Because of this I have rated you low n am now uninstalling
Challenging Fun slot game, good visual effects. Seems that I will never see the very high slots without spending a lot of money but makes it challenging. I wish there a few more freebies here and there but overall one of my favs.
A while back would recommend this site to everyone... but after been playing for a while features become so rare that I am starting to think to uninstall the site. Dont download this site if you want frequent free spins. As a result I would never spend money here as after a while its not worth the time or effort even trying anymore
Wheel always lands on mini,i suggest that the developers remove the minor,major and grand.its only for decoration.
You might get hooked Love this game. It's the only one I play now. Maybe you should give it a try you might like it as much as I do.
Great slots. It’s a great game. Just relax and have fun. Only thing I did like is that the prices go up as you level. That just is not right.
The in game msg about Vip points resetting on the first of January has a learn more button so I pressed it and it says & I quote........”Vip point will reset Jan 1 2021. So don’t forget to earn more vip points this month and get ahead of others in 2020!”..... end quote. Now you guys meant 2021 obviously but my question to you is don’t you gius proofread your msgs b4 putting them up , well you should think of doing so if you don’t!!!! Have a nice day
I love this game When I start playing this game it’s impossible to put it down, there are many different fun slots and they do a great job keeping the new games refreshed and interesting. But be awarded this game is very addictive! I love it.
Legion Lady Have been playing for about 3 years. Love ❤️ it. Love the special packages re: st Patrick’s day plays, etc. Keep them coming!!!Still LOVE this game. Love the specials!!!Love the new opening page.When is new slot opening? Have 23 puzzle pieces but no where to play them! See there are several “coming soon “, when is “soon”? Been playing for a few years and love the daily and special challenges. HELP!!!Starting to lose interest, “coming soon” has been on a long time. Getting tired of th
This would be a great game to play,but it blacks out and keeps rolling no matter how many times you clean caches or restart phone, so you lose alot of money but at least they don't keep trying to get you to buy not no ads,Other than that it's a great game
A complete swindle. Just played Vegas Nights, all the way through, and EVERY ONE of the 4 'special' areas payed at minimum - 2/3/5 to 100 times possible win, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 40 spins payed at the lowest multiplier. Every one. Just an occasional increase on the MINIMUM would have been fair. But no, not one. Absolutely no incentive to keep this app so cheerio, uninstalling. Avoid.
The credit has gone down... now u can only play for 5 minutes.. there is never any new games in the past 6 months
I have just downloaded the game , it's reality casino slots great graphics , I will upgrade or downgrade see how it all goes , so far it's better than most slots I have downloaded and deleted . Well done guys
Still loving this Game Downloaded the game quite some time ago, and each time logged onto the games, I feel as though I’m in a casino playing for real. I play for hours and I really enjoy playing. Only if this was real, I could be President of the US
Terrible, you decrease the mini and minor jackpots on games for no reason. Will be deleting. What a waste.
One issue after another ....they fix it and give you a few tokens as an apology and then yet another issue comes up. Otherwise this would have easily gotten a 5 star from me as it is a great game!!
Molly Wow! Fantastic adrenalin! So much fun tonight! Ditto my previous comment. Consistently providing me lots of fun????????I should be busy doing other things but having too much fun to stop!Always happy to recommend this game to others. Sharing the fun!Here I am back again to enjoy all the fabulous traffics while at the same time wondering what is coming next. Exciting!oh I meant Graffics!Relaxing again playing this entertaining game.here I am praising this game again. For all of you looking
Sweet Slots! I’ve got to a couple billion before and that’s sweet then I usually fall down to nothing but hey at least it’s not real money I’m losing haha! Love this game!
I love this casino app compared to all others because it's fair.!!!! And the graphics are awesome!! 😊
Hard to get a win anymore. Was a great game but the new upgrade has made it impossible to accumulate any coins. The bonuses don't pay anymore and are few and far between. Just another game that wants you to buy. Never will i recommended this game to anyone!!!!!!!
Game freezes during Mega Vault Billionaire bonus game. Not the only time (or game) this has happened...seems to always happen just prior to a large payout.
Mansion quest There are no real challenges any more.You are not getting good reviews but do not seem to want to do anything about it!why do you ask for ratings when you do respond? Does anyone ever get the x 5 free games? WWhy not! I never get a reply. I am beginning to think these games are rigged. Hundreds of free games x 5 but never comes up. Neither do you get the courtesy of a reply.
I have enjoyed playing this game for the last couple weeks. I have lost & have won many Epic Wins & other bonuses. I love the quest part of this slot game. I believe they are very generous with specials , awarding double 2x turbo. I definitely recommend this game for the challenges of the quests. This is my favorite part of this game.
FIX YOUR APP! KEEPS CLOSING IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME AND ITS VERY ANNOYING! The app has been closing out alot I don't know if I'm losing bonus coins but it's still frustratingI have been getting ok wins but the bonus wins are still far and in between! You need to do better with winning big after so many spins
HOF ALWAYS 5* from me Some games are better then others,but if you play the M games, the payback it’s very profitable if you have little patience The best casino on the FB
Exciting It’s not like most of the slot games. They are generous with the wins. The ones I’ve played you spin and spin and you end up having to buy tokens to keep playing. So this one is refreshing! Lately it’s been tough to get any tokens. I feel like I spin over and over but I don’t get anything and when I do it’s like I get 40,000 to my bet of 400,000. I am getting discouraged. I feel like you win and they take it all back.
It is impossible to get the bonus. I spun over 200 times without a bonus just to see. If you do get the bonus zap never any needed items. So frustrating!!!
Hours of entertainment! We enjoy Fortune Drums the most. I will say both my husband and I have opened the app/game to free spins in progress when it wasnt our play, very strange. Sometimes theres issues with the game updating correct points after free spins. Never ever never able to get more than 3 symbols in a row, not ever.... did I say never? Otherwise lots of games to choose from that are great, that one is our Favorite! Work out those kinks on the symbols, it's not unrealistic to get 4 or 5
I have over 64B, have logged in 43 days in a row and I’m about to delete it due to constant drop outs. Always when I win. Yes, my wins are there but it is severely annoying to have to go through all the adds again to get back to my game. Please fix the drop out, and I will edit my review because I love this game!!
Stiizy Great game! Fun to play! Seems like there are glitches though and it costs a lot to make the missions, but recent updates help
Fun Seriously addictive. Love all the missions. Keeps the games interesting reaching the next goal. I have been playing this game for almost a year and a half and am looking forward to the next year. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves casino games.
Sorry rating lower. As stated unless buy you don't have enough credits to even play. Stingy freebies. Not worth buying anyway. NOT HAPPY PLAYER, SHAME LOTS OF GAMES
Fun games I enjoy playing the games!! The variety is good!! The only complaint I have is the placement of the Max bet key near the spin button!!! On 3 different occasions I inadvertently hit Max bet & lost several billions of my balance!!! Very frustrating when it happens!!!
Best slots I love all Murka slots, but this is my favorite. The graphics are great, fun missions — and like all Murka games, they listen to their players.
Game started off great but once you buy credits and bet say 100,000 your credit will go down in random amounts always more than what you bet and huge amounts taken after a win. Wins also very hard to come by.
Citizen Jackpot Slots is a Blast I love playing Infinty Slots I have so much fun in there different games and there prizes are very good and can be Huge .
Very addictive 😆 Loving this game, very addictive, the different games keeps the game very fresh, top marks to the devs. 👍
This game is so fun that it quickly becomes addicting! But seriously, the app is a ton of fun and a great way to pass the time. The various games are very similar to the penny slot games in Vegas. The app/game are not glitchy compared to of the other slot game apps! I highly recommend this app!!
Fun I like the mini games and missions to keep you goal oriented. It’s not just a spin to see how much you can win. It is kinda hard to get stamps though...
Season Game Feature U game sucks!!!!I just $150 of coins and it was gone in 30 mins because your minimum bets on regular mode r two high. U payouts and jackpots r a JOKE! I’ll never recommend u guys to anyone
Great game! I do like your game. I keep running into glitches when I hit big payouts and usually get no coins. ET
Awesome! Many ways to collect points. Big wins. I often watch ads to get cash when low . Lately the ads and pops have gotten way too frequent. At this point I am still playing but considering not. Fun if you don’t mind ads even during a game after a big win.Still playing!
Well This game is fun but the thing that annoys me is that the level up party won’t let you get the prizes it started when my level was about 82 and it said I needed to level up to 86 and I did but then said I needed to do it again and I had 0% progress and it’s all lame
I almost liked this game. Almost. And then as usual when the bets are high, you lose everything. Nothing to do with luck at all. Play small or lose. I don't like the concept. Bye bye game.
Where other game site constantly keep raiseing the skill level till it's impossible to keep any ground,this site allows you to continue to win no matter how many levels you go through.Also allows players to win major jackpots all through games. You would have to be a cool not to play this game. I've played all the other sites but this one is a keeper.
Great graphics and choices in games. Very few ads. Good winnings. Best slot I have found in a long time. Thank you
disappointing as some of the games you will have to rotate the screen and on a laptop device mine doesnt have this tool.
Screen freezes often Can’t get the games going due to multiple screen freezes. Have lots of coins and can’t use them . I go out of the app and start over but to no avail. Problem fixed now. Much better
I started out winning and once I build my chips up I started losing and have hardly won since this game is no different to other games take but dont give just another rip off game just to get you to keep buying
Keeps me entertained for hours. This game has survived in my collection longer than a whole bunch of others. Mini games are challenging but achievableThis game is great and I just won almost 2 billion coins on a bonus gameNever need to pay for stuff and just win 10 billion in a bonusGame is great and the daily challenges are perfect in that they are a challenge but still reachable.
Frustrated I love this game! The problem is that it crashes all the time. You could be in the middle of a game and then “BAM”, CRASH!!! This is an on going issue and developer needs to fix!!!!!!
Big coins. Love it when all slots open 10 out of 10! Love these games. I’ve abandoned all othersI never play my other casino games. This is the best!Big money wins. Love itLove this gameLove the new gamesPlay free makes this game a win winForgotten all other games.My go to game!It’s greatThief. Robbing me of my free fake coins! Augh Still an all time fav !Big WinBest app out there!Robbed me👍🏻. The bestLove the new games
New slot Great game! One of the best slot games ever. Enough rewards to keep you going and trying new things.
Just starting playing this game. So far it is fun. Great graphics and games. The longer you play the less it pays.
This has become a most enjoyable game that I love playing. It seems the prizes are larger and the daily bonus is rewarding. The cut down of the advertisements makes me want to bring the game up to collect my timely bonus which in turn leads me to play the game. Everyone should give it a try and I’m sure they’ll be happy.
Don't spend real money. Unfortunately this game could be great but it doesn't pay when it should. How can you ask for my real money if I don't win your fake money when I should? Multiple games have issues with wilds not working for all symbols that they should. It's like getting cheated. If the game worked 100% it could be 5 stars ☹️
An amazing slots experience This app is outstanding .beautiful graphics and highly addictive gameplay .the task provided will keep you coming back for more .an excellent way to keep the mind occupied at these lockdown times a++++ top notch hats off to the developers well done
Literally can't win, what's the point making a game that's not playable. Also crashes and makes my phone freeze for half an hour
Neat graphics, lots of bonuses This app has a lot of neat looking graphics and lots of chances for bonuses and some consistent wins. It keep it really interesting and keep you wanting to play. This is one of the more fun apps but I have downloaded
Not a bad game, been trying to loose my money getting max bet but keep on winning. Think I'll stick with this game for a while.
Addictive Play every day - great mission. Fun side games. Meet some great people. Save coins when you win big- coins go fast.
Lots of fun.and no blocking games.and making you reach levels to play them.alot of the casino apps do that.because Adults need to graduate to gamble?the games are real casino slots.
Great customer service I have been playing this game religiously for sometime now and so many times I have been so upset that I contacted customer service a lot and said not very nice things. That was wrong, all I had to do was calmly explain why I was upset and ask if they could help me out. And they did, I get a response every time. Within a day or two. Not only do they really listen, they explain a game if needed and if there is a problem with a game not only do they acknowledge they have a p
Fun Having a great winning streak!!!I’m having such a good time! You don’t know what you’re missing!Very pleased with my gaming experience!!!Having a grand old time!!!!!!I was just about to run out of money and holding my breath with every spin. All of a sudden I won $47 billion!!! I’m still winning! I’m so happy and excited! This is good therapy for my depression and anxiety! Thanks Citizen Jackpot!!!Having a grand time playing and winning! Customer Service is Fantastic!You know I was going to
I liked this game but had a lot of trouble with it it kept going black on me and i could not see the board
“Citizen Jackpot” This game is really awesome!! I’m retired now and it really works your mind. The best part of it is that it’s really enjoyable and very player friendly when it comes to scoring!! It challenges you but rewards you even better!! It took me a day or two to really get into it but it’ll hook you into many enjoyable hours of pleasurable fun!! It also gives you bonus points every 15 minutes so you’ll always have points to play with regardless of how reckless you may play!! Take it fro
Nice game but !!! Fun is floating away they turned down the winning rate again because I didn’t buy this week. And I hit a lot off stamps not a single one for the new words game!!!! The game spirit is sinking away. Also you have to bet with a minimum of 2 biljoen???? To hit a mini or minor JP?? For hit a major or more you have to bet much more???? So game makers do something about it it’s not funny anymore
Pop ups pop ups pop ups Pop ups, pop ups, pop ups. Maddening. I only play this game if I don’t mind being annoyed.
Much better than some of the other money-grabbing slots out there... You actually win something now and again. I just wish there was more variety.
Great graphics, like being in the casino, but with generous payouts. Best slot machine app I've used. Update, go figure,as soon as I give such a great review, payouts completely dry up, I mean dry up. Reducing the rating now, still fun games and great graphics. Absolutely no fun when you never it bonus play. Deleting and going on to the next slot game
Karen Tuttle I like it but I downloaded it without being logged in to Facebook. I had bought some coins when I was just on the game. So I linked through Facebook. I lost my coins.How do you keep your coins from day to day. I quit last night at around 10 and had over 400 mills I opened it up and was down to 96 mills. I plan the games all day because I have a neuro. Disorder I just need it to be expected to me.
It starts off good but like all these slot machines games you get to a certain level and it sucks you dry so like I do run out of money and uninstall cause I don't spend money on line
This game is good, for a while. Payouts are good, and initially frequent. Gameplay is also good, but repetitive... all of the games are similar so there isn't a lot of variety. In the first several days it was impossible to lose, resulting in over 20 billion coins. The next several days was a steady plummet, rarely gaining what was lost. Also, very few ads. Rare for this type of game. If this game had more variety and fairer play after the initial hook, it would be close to perfect.
Please add more high roller games. I am getting bored playing the same games.I enjoy playing these games, especially the surprise jackpot winnings. I highly recommend this App.Like the games but it gets boring playing at long period of time with little to no wins.
I like the game but the bonus games are getting ridiculous. You wait forever to get them then when you do it pays out the minimum everytime. Free spins are nonexistent. Use to be much more fun to play. I'm getting bored of it.
Good graphics with a cheating on users The graphics and music are great but they really get if you don’t pay attention. When playing a challenge you set you bet at what you want then when the challenge takes you to the next slot it makes your bet to the max and in one spin you loose all your money. They start all slots at max bet which is WRONG it should not have any bet and force the player to place it 100 percent of the time. I am done with this game.
Can’t win actual money but the game is addicting Don’t play this game and expect to win actual money. The ads make it seem like you’re going to win money that goes straight to your bank account. That’s false. However, this game is fun to play
It’s oké I love CFC... only the missions are hard sometimes but I love to see more free games in freegames and bonusgames
You will have an amazing day playing the 30 slots. Won big jackpots and built a pot of 39 billion. Sadly, as each day went by that pot began to melt! Coins disappeared and the big wins were few and far between. The lock and spins, free spins, and bonus rounds were few and far between. I played all 30 slots! By the fourth day, uninstalled!
Awesome Great fun....except they need to have a mute button or a way that you can stop the jackpot winners from being shown. They are constantly popping up during the games and it's getting very annoying
Fun and good slots and action I have enjoyed this game so far. Haven’t played very long, but most fun I have in a while playing slots.
This game is nothing but a scam. I bought 10 million coins or whatever and went through them all without 1 bonus on a 150,000 coin bet. The games are fun until you realize it's harder to hit free coins than it is to hit real money at a casino.
this slots game has definitely been fun. others you win a bunch right away, or after awhile you can detect patterns to wins and losses. thus far this is ALMOST a fun an the casino, and that is saying something.
Good game, but so sick of the stupid pop ups everytime you go to the menu, even starting up that game takes 20 minutes for your first poke. Surely if you reject the first offer people aren't going to buy one of the next 50.
Awesome game Lots of fun!! But when am o going to win a jackpot????? I have been playing this game for awhile now.
The upgrade was actually a down grade, free spins are rare as so lots of boring nothingness between free games, always going backwards, this app is a fail. Don't bother. Spent 20 billion and not 1 free game. Minus 50 stars
Game has been good but I've noticed while playing piggy bankin that those bonus coins we get add up to open vaults, but It has now began to reset after I close the app, so I have to keep playing and it's very annoying
Except for sitting through a 30 second ad and not receiving the 100 000 bonus points promised for doing so I enjoy using this app. Good selection of games good graphics fast play and good features. I do recommend this game as long as you don't have high expectations.
Love this game. Been playing maybe a month, I'm already up $585 Billion. Spent $0 dollars. Download it and have fun. Very few ads which pop up at the start up and any time you switch between games. Nothing to watch so just close them and continue playing.
Don't like the new version, never win, when l collect they disappear I don't know where. Do something or am deleting the game. I keep saving the whole day. It's really annoying and am not going to buy.
Not fair This game is not good at all. I continue to see if it is fair but it’s not. I have screen recorded my game play just so people can see how bad it is. I even contacted Support to ask them about why it does not work when betting more. When it clearly says the more you bet the more chances of winning. On my screen recording I have game play of 500 spins with a very high bet. Then I have recorded 500 spins on low bet. The games only give out features on low bet. If you bet high you will nev
Great game.......!!!! Have been playing it more than any other game for months ! Presents reasonable credit returns regularly. Don’t try it if you don’t want to get ‘hooked’ on it !!!!!VanVan, again !!!!!! I’m still hooked !!!!!For the third time: it’s great !!! Try it and you’ll be hooked, too !!!!For the FOURTH time: this is the best game on the internet !!!!!For the FIFTH TIME: by far my favorite game on the internet !!!!!!D-Y-N-O-M-I-T-E !!!!!!!!!!!!!Can’t get enough of this game !!!!!!I kee
At first I was unsure about this game as you get lots of coin ads but the game co gave me good chances of building up my coin chest without fast losses. I’ve had many hours of play without needing to buy coins which is amazing nowadays with casino app games which seem to run you out early so you have to constantly buy to replenish. I love the extra coins they give and I’ve had good big wins. Loads of side games and mini tasks. There is a high roller part which has a few good games. I think there
Citizen Jackpot removed app. I lost 15 billion coins. Since adding it back, I emailed and received my 15 billion coins. I had built up to 40 billion. I did the update, it was harder to get a hit and payout was extremely small. I emailed to see why after update I could't hit, was advised a new verison was coming out next day. After new verison I lost 40 billion coins in 2 days. No response to my emails. This goes to show they can fix these games to not hit or if it does payout is small! RIP OFF!
This app is like a slow painful torture. I've been playing for an hour and can honestly say I didn't win. I just kept going back. I was betting 20,000 points a hit and continually got if I was lucky 2 to 8 thousand points. I only hit over 75,000 a couple of times. I'm leaving now. Please do something to i.prove the customer experience before everyone leaves.
The game is pathetic. Starts you off with very little. You lose quickly and i gives 3 bonuses that says up to 80+million but when i tried i only recieved 400k all combined. Then you have to wait up to 24 hrs to try the wheel again... How can you possibly say you could win 15M or 45M or 80M but recieve less than 1M combined? (Pathetic) and deleted..
Citizen Jackpot Slots Unfortunately you like everything else have to pay it here on the App Store, where at Google it’s free to sign up for Murka Slots. Our whole family plays and loves this game! Two of my nieces discovered it first, and told the rest of us about it. Now we all play and compete against one another cross country even!! I love this game and find it very relaxing. As do a lot of my friends! We all play! But also if someone steals your phone, or if you upgrade your phone you must s
Great free games! I love the variety of games. Even though I have purchased coin packages on many occasions, you don’t have to always purchase to win big with the free coins that are offered in several different ways. They’re always adding new games to keep it fun and interesting. I would highly recommend this app for a lot of entertainment and good fun!