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Cinderella Adventures

Cinderella Adventures for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by qmStudio. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Honestly really disappointed I was hoping for something remotely close to tiny thief's level but sadly this came nowhere close, I do have to understand that this is probably a small team but really have some originality... I'm just really hungry for a good tiny theif game, I'm sorry but this game doesn't come close
I was looking for tiny theif but instead I found this. I thought it's the same but it's not. It's clearly very different from tiny theif. This game is very confusing l. Even if I'm doing the right thing I still get caught.
The game is nice and cool but i rather play tiny theif cuz its fun, a bit of horror (for some reason for me) and can gove you a lot of clues from people in tiny theif, but cinderella adventure only let u see the book for clues and i do not like that for some reason, and i wish the screen direction is like tiny theif, anyways this is my feedback, great game anyways
Cinderella moves too slowly, and the camera doesn't track her. The overall design seems similar to Tiny Thief, which was a game I enjoyed, but the gameplay in this game is not well done.
Fun but on level 1 where u feed the cat u get a millisecond to feed it please give more time to feed the cat
Cinderella is so slow and then they get caught they should be faster!!!! So i hate the game i thought it was gonna be fun but nooooo its not!
It's pretty fun, but i'll rather play tiny thief than this, because timy thief have a lot of levels and tell you what you the to do, but this can look one time and then when you close the book (follow the instructions) you have to wait many hours and minutes, please come back tiny thief!!! Please!!!!
Meh. The game is okay. I actually came looking for tiny theif because that game is so fun but it looks like it was removed off the app store for some reason. This game in particular... it's not great. There are no instructions on how to do things they just expect you to know, and the character moves so freaking slowly like it takes sooo long to get places. Bring back Tiny Theif pls. Burn this game.
The game seemed like Tiny thief from the app store but when i installed it i was really disappointed. The only reason that i actually downloaded this was because i was desprate for something that isnt on the app store anymore. 1 star.
I was reading the ,,rates" and the comments. I didn't thought that the game would be that bad, but when I started it I immediately closed it and uninstalled the app. Before few years I remember playing that game. It was great and super fun. But ,,it was"...
I hate it because it keeps in slowing down Cinderella walking slowly I got in trouble it made me cry I said Cinderella walk up faster
I prefer tiny thief a thousand times, I don't like this version, I used to play tiny thief but I'mma uninstall this app cause it changed too much, and the old version was a way better :c please come back πŸ˜”
This game is not that bad considering its rating. There are a few things it could improve though, like the fact that the guide book can only be viewed once. I read about this before but I thought it had been fixed but it has not so you can view it thrice and then it opens only after 5 hours which is a bit irritating. And I also think that it would be nice if the developers could release a whole collection of short story based game as currently it has only eight levels. Overall it is quite good.
I love this game so much❀️!!! I played this game in my childhood, I can't believe I found itπŸ˜† but this one is different from that oneπŸ˜… but I'm happy that I found it!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜„β€οΈWhen I was a kid I have passed all the levels plus those levels also which we have to buyπŸ˜€I can't stop playing this game, it is so awesome game❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
Extremely disappointing. I was looking for something like tiny thief and at least the animation looks like that and the concept is the same, but she moves soooo slowly that I could do level 2 cause I was so annoyed
I remember whe this game was named Tiny Thief,I they changed the characters and the name.I'm actually angry about that because I've been trying to find this game for years.I had it then it deleted and I never found it again. And today I was downloading some games so I remembered this game and searched Tiny Thief and found this I recognized it because of it's graphics.I love this game and always have. Now I played it and the graphics are not the same as they were.And mostly all levels are lock.
This game is so bad that i hit start and i t kicks me out i I tried to do it a million times and did not work but the looks of it and horrible dont bother installing this piece of trash
You know what it's was a copy game when I was young I use to play the thief boy at the end we fight with πŸ™ and save the princess It's was happy ending πŸ˜ƒ look like this game must be copy from that game that game start in 2016 this is my though
This game is dreadful! The game that came before it (tiny thief) was outstanding. It had fun controlls, fun puzzles and visually pleasing levels, character animations and character designs. The only thing this game pulls from tiny thief is its controlls. The rest of the game is an extreme downgrade. the game controlls like garbage. Not giving much of a tutorial and only telling me that danger was there once i triggered it. The levels and characters are bland and boring. Dont bother installing.
I kinda like it but... Its like Tiny Thief but she moves way to slow the I was looking for tiny thief I know it's not for phone but I just want those memories when i played tiny thief :/
The memmories of this game when it was called " tiny thief " just shatered my heart into million pieces, back in 2014, i still remember the day it was called " tiny thief ". Still remember the good old days..........
I actually love this game, because first, I think this concept was like Tiny Thief game by Rovio Stars Ltd. which I found it cute, from the graphic to our agility, and this has them all. But unfortunately, the game always crashes, on my device, at level 2, to be exact when I already got the key from the castle. With that being said, hopefully you can fix it asap, and also not forget to appreciate your amazing work, and is free. Thanks! xx
This game is good but i liked tiny thief better than this its controls were great and it was fun but this one is ok
Really?? This game copy game Tiny Thief very suck because the cinderella move so slow and the game make me bored cuz to bad for me. Idk you a maker Tiny Thief or not but i'm hope tiny thief back again because i like game better that this shed game!!!! πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS SUCK GAME AND STUPID GRAPHICS OR YOU PLAY FAKE GAME
ten seconds in the game it's a bad game she moves way to slow and it doesn't tell you how to play I only know how to play because I've played little thief before so this game is horrible.
I wanted tiny thief but they gave this instead of that. it is a nice game but I would recommend they send back tiny thief to play store again
This game is like tiny thief (tiny theif game has removed from playstore because of less download)😭😭 I love tiny theif then I got this game this is like tiny theif but this game simple hard because you have to work fast
Havent even played it yet and the graphics are already unsettling with me.... please PLEASE being back tiny thief!!!!!😣😣😣
Three stars cuz the intro its so annoying it just zooms out on the map then zooms back in its very slow as well and welp i wanted tiny theif not this cinderella adventures thing I WANT TINY THEIF NOT CINDERELLA ADVENTURES
Its a pretty good game but i had good memories playing tiny thief rovio PLEASE BRING TINY THEIF BACK!!!😭😭😭
Tiny Thief is better than this game Tiny Thief has more Levels than this useless game Also i hate this game very much and idk why but its more harder than Tiny Thief sooooo yea, Tiny Thief is better
Everyone is saying this is a copy of game tiny thief see this game was made because that game was removed and that was my fav game and this is the reason I downloaded this game but still tiny thief was better.
Ew Ew Ew just a piece of trash! Install aptoide from Google and download the real tiny thief I made that and it worked! The graphics are extremely baaaaaad and very worse🀒🀒 also the controls are worse and the levels are the worst. Please don't download this piece of trash.
It's a pretty good game tbh but.. She moves WAY to slow and it doesn't look very good. I found this game searching for Tiny Thief, you probably found it that way too. It isn't THAT bad though, the levels are kind of fun. I just wish I could play Tiny Thief again, I miss it so much.
Everyone who is here for tiny thief they can get it now the game was replaced with 'love you to bits' because: there we're 3 free and 3 you need to pay level they replaced it mainly because they didn't have money or didn't want to then it was free for months but then they deleted it after 4 years (2013-2017) As isaid because not as many players payed. If somebody can play it's because they had an achievement and they can play it right now too but if you didn't have achievement
Honestly, this game is a pale stereotype of the original tiny thief. I remember playing tiny theif as a young kid and this, compared to the original, is just an outrage. The original tiny thief was so much better than this waste of space. Honestly qmStudios, you just ruined a perfectly good game!
Personally I was trying to find a game similar to tiny thief since I know it got removed but Tiny thief was the best for me personally.i wish I could play that pirate lvl again if you played tiny thief you know which level the one where you must give the drink. I enjoyed playing tiny thief but this game it's okay but I don't get instructions Cinderella walks damn slow. And it just tosses you into the game I just wish tiny thief is back. Thanks for reading my little rant.
Terrible we need tiny thief back tiny thief was the greatest app store game I have ever played we spent money on it even and I would pay 100 bucks to get it back they should pay you to play this if I could give it 0 I'd give it -10 if sucks don't download. RIP tiny thief!
it doesnt give enough time for the stepsister being distracted by the cat! it is 100% impossible to complete level 1. dont install this app, its junk! 😠😠😠😠😠😠
People should only install this game if they REALLY liked tiny thief and think it's worth it. If you haven't paid tiny thief, you might just think it's annoying. I agree, other than the graphics, and basic concept, it's nothing like tiny thief, why did they get rid of that anyway? The character moves slow, they are impossible to win, NOT in a fun way. Also the levels just aren't as fun as they were on tiny thief.
The player should be focusing more on solving puzzles rather than just hiding, and the margins are set in what, milliseconds? It's super annoying when you're caught again and again and there's no way to even skip the animations. Horrible game. Nothing like tiny thief.
It's a pretty game but it's sooo slow. Plus going back to start and going through all those slow movements got really on my nerves after the first level.
This game is rubbish. It's a copy of a game called tiny Thief. I'm not complaining that the character is a girl. It is because this is such a scam! I do not recommend this and it doesn't even tell you what to do! Bring Tiny Theif back please it's way better that this rip off.
I appreciate this game. It's an adventure game with puzzles which I find to be more fun and challenging than a hidden object game.
I liked the game it's so nice...but I felt tiny thief was more better...I used to play it a lot but this game is also kinda funπŸ‘
Ok so I spent a half hour doing the first level to not even complete it, the blue buttons don't work half the time, so I wouldn't waste my time downloading it and playing
I love this game so much! It's my childhood game and I cant believe it's still in the app store! You can download this If you want, but it's absolutely amazing!! I really want tiny thief back though, I prefer that way much fun :( it's still a good game though. If rovio brings back tiny thief, I'll be extremely happy and my life will be a mist again.
I love this game! The only complain i have is that shes really slow.. other then that its a really good app!
Well i like the old verison Tiny theif and not like this one because no action Too slow and Looks like a rip off of the game
This is the worst possible rip-off on tiny thief, it is so ugly and it just makes me angry. Because the game i played as I child had been replaced with this monstrosity.
I'm very upset that we are not able to get tiny thief on Android. Please do something about this that game was technically my childhood.
It's pretty fun, but i'll rather play tiny thief than this, because timy thief have a lot of levels and tell you what you need to do, but this can look one time and then when you close the book (follow the instructions) you have to wait many hours and minutes, please come back tiny thief!!! Please!!!!
This game is absolutely horrific, I was searching for "Tiny Thief" but instead I got the offbrand "Tiny Thief" Like what even is this? I'd rather play chess than this piece of trash.
Omg I cant believe that I found this game!!! I played this in my childhood and I searched tiny thief and, the tiny thief wasnt there, to those who want tiny thief back, just search it on google :)
I love this game. And its small android-friendly size. Love the concept. It reminds me of the original Neighbors From Hell game I used to play all the time in the late 90's/early 2000's. For me, the hardest is to quickly feed the sleeping watch dog cat and getting necessities where the step mother is. I hope you make more games like this