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Is a Card game developed by GungHoOnlineEntertainment located at 東京都千代田区丸の内1丁目11番1号 パシフィックセンチュリープレイス丸の内 Pacific Century Place Marunouchi, 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm sure a lot of people like these type of games, but personally, it's not for me. I'm sure it's a great game. I just wasn't impressed very much..
PvP matching definitely needs fixing, free and ranked battles should match people based on BP and TP as best as possible. Putting new people against guys with over 1k BP is ridiculous. And gold could stand to be easier to get, maybe some kind of repeatable reward for story and challenges, or more solo content.
You get 5 stars for trying your best to make this game better. It would be nice to have the animations for the monsters be more realistic and more moving? The soundtracks in the game definitely need work. But overall nice game
Limited content. Only thing to do other than daily fights (which are boring and give little rewards for lots of grinding) are tournaments and you are limited to 3 fights a day (iirc). If you lose to rng or disconnect (counts as your loss), that's it. It's impossible to get more tournament entries.
I remember playing the game when it first came out and one of my favorite things about it was the unique battle system. While it is hard to get into at first, once you do learn it makes the game a lot more enjoyable.
Was fun while it lasted! Finally read the notification that the service was shooting down soon... Peace
The game mechanics are terrible and backwards from what they should be. Challenges are super imbalanced in favor of the AI and don't scale like they should. The AI has taken as long as 3 minutes to "think" on their turn. The AI has used cards more than 2x without pulling one back from the graveyard. So clearly the AI is not playing by the same rules we do. Terrible game play and I will be uninstalling it now.
its a really fun game when you get into it, it can be a little confusing when you first start but like all card games if your persistent yoy will eventually learn how to play the game and will really enjoy it
Wonderful little card game. Quite easy to get into but you do need to plan out your deck a bit. If you don't, you won't get far in pvp and you'll find yourself frustrated. I recommend doing the single player content before jumping into multi. player
Its Pretty good as the artwork for each characters surpasses some of the artwork in PaD. The mechanics in the game is similar to Hearthstone in some ways but has lore and stories which makes it better.One problem that is pretty much standing out is the way the game is how people are getting bored of it rather quickly. Other than that I thjnk its a great game that just needs more tweeks and fixes to make it more balanced and most of all enjoyable for all players to enjoy more than to get bored with it.
I think this game is great; the playstyle quickly draws you in. While it takes a little while to catch up to senior players, it is still easily possible. The only thing I dislike is that only a few characters have stories.
This game is a game I can play evry day and never get bored as long as there are people to challenge. My only problem is seeing repeat strategies that were clearly taken from the event page on the website. Just because the top player's decks get posted there doesn't mean EVEYONE can use them effectively. It has gotten to a point to where I build counters to the ones I see the absolute most. BE CREATIVE YOU COPYCATS!!! Anyway... I love this game!!! Keep it up Gung Ho
This game is great I really enjoy the mechanics and gameplay. But there is a bug I'm am experiencing often. Everytime I end my turn, the game's framerate begins to become unstable and the AI cannot determine a decision until a certain amount of time. This is very annoying since this game has an engaging fast paced gameplay. I will continue playing but will appreciate it if you fixed this problem in the next update.
This game getting lagging and it's really annoying. It took the AI in story mode longer than 2 minutes to think before cast the magic or attack the creatures. Can you do something with lagging? Why everyone getting negatives on this game?
Compared to Shadowverse, much faster and balanced card game with similar concept. Not much to story but then why do card games need story.
Love the game everything about it only thing I don't enjoy is I wish that it was longer more game play
This game is so horribly balanced I would never recommend that anyone play it. It has a nice aesthetic and is rather generous but that isn't enough to make it worth playing. Every card game ends up with a meta of a few dominant netdecks that everyone wants to run but this game doesn't even have that amount of choice. One character is so broken it's ridiculous.
pretty good gatchapon card game, i really lile the mechanics, its actually better than most moble games ive played
Its stupid how when you connect on live player battles other players from out of states have gifted leads that arent yet or wont be released to the global or other versions of the game so Japan is way ahead and were stuck in the past with the gifted they already got.
Limited content. Only thing to do other than daily fights (which are boring and give little rewards for lots of grinding) are tournaments and you are limited to 3 fights a day (iirc). If you get a disconnect (counts as your loss), that's it; it's impossible to get more tournament entries.
I really enjoy this game but recently its begun to lag bad. During both offline and online play and under different internet connections, the result is the same. Game animation slows to a crawl. Very weird.
so difficult to win starting out. it is the opposite of addicting when u rage quit on the first few stages
This card game is unique and plays out very differently than other card games I have played before. The games are quick but reward smart play and thinking outside of the box. The meta is diverse and the decks are very customizable. It's a shame this game isn't getting the attention it deserves because people always complain about other card games having a top deck that plays itself. This game, however delivers in a challenging experience where your efforts pay off.
Gungho, I love ya, but this game needs some polishing. The actual mechanics of the game are nice but the rate at which it runs during duels is abhorrent. Despite this, there's still a lot of potential here so keep on going.