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CHRONIRIC: Time Traveler - Interactive story

CHRONIRIC: Time Traveler - Interactive story for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by We Are Chroniric located at 99A Boulevard Descat 59200 TOURCOING FRANCE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I never in my life played before such Story type game, but let me tell you it was excellent, awesome, superb intensed story game i ever played. Was so much involved in the story playing while in normal mode that i almost forgot my daily routine & played the game till end to know the truth. Waiting definitely for their sequel. Keep it up guys πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ.
I'm a very impatient person so I'm a big fan of the fast mode and after the last update where you can adjust the reading speed I feel blessed. I'm very satisfied with your customer service and with all those updates. The game is superb. Makes you think. Sometimes even overthink your own choices πŸ˜ƒ The quality of content is so great I bought the premium version. I do NOT regret it whatsoever. I wish there were more games like this. >o< Looking forward to the sequel!πŸ’œ
Amazing graphics and story, thank you for this game!! I really like how brave and positive Echo 19 (Elisabeth) is, and the exciting plot twists. It was fun looking up answers on wikipedia, and seeing an alternate history. Plus it has my favourite inventor Tesla! I love how you can get different endings and replay to get a different ending. Keep up the great work!!😊
As another reviewer noted, the story jumps in so fast, it's jarring. It doesn't create any empathy for the characters due to the lack of back story; thus, it's hard to stay engaged. On the other hand, the game has so much potential, and you can tell there has been much time put into the gameplay and rest of the storyline. If this one thing were improved upon, I think this would be much more engaging and easier to care for the characters. Otherwise, I'll update to say the game is 9/10.
Game has awesome plot and it keeps me interested... But all the reading has made my head hurt. Maybe add voice and words? Energy thingy is different, haven't seen it done that way b4. Neat. Just started and I really enjoyed it except for the reading. Recommend!
Like the idea and how the gameplay pasing is planned out. It subconsciously gives the player more intuitive to come back to the game from time to time. Doesn't cause information overload in one's mind so the game doesn't become bland quickly. The developer's response to the reviews here are also quite active! Keep up the good work and happy developing. P/S: I really liked the old icon of the game. I think it attracts the eyes of people more than the current one. ;P
Fun game, though the ending left a bag of mixed feelings. Just finished the first run. The characters are well written, in love with Liz XD. But the story can get confusing, especially who that masked follower guy is, just left unexplained. It may be explained in the epilogue? But anyway, like how this game encourage fact checks. Could include more quiet conversation time with Liz in my opinion, but hey, good game. Also I'm now thinking whenever a new game starts the player can acknowledge that they've hopped to a new timeline, may be interesting. 8.5/10
I rarely write reviews for anything, but I needed to make an exception for this game because it resonated with me profoundly... I am truly in love with it and I wish there was more of just... Everything. The story is exquisite and well-planned, the art is INCREDIBLE, the visual effects had me on the edge of my seat while playing and everything is just so beautiful and creative... Not to mention I fell completely in love with Elisabeth. When I have some money, I would love to purchase this because it's worth it, an incredible immersive experience.
So far, I'm loving it. The UI and visual effects are solid and beyond what I'd expect from a text-driven game. The story is intriguing and the time breaks contribute to the immersion. Premium allows constant play for those with no patience, but if you have patience you don't even need to consider it before playing long enough to know if you want to support the devs. The cost is reasonable and one-time, so I'll probably end up buying premium because I'm enjoying it so much. :)
Seems like a potentially fun game. Not worth playing the free version at all. It gives you 5 seconds of gameplay and 5-10 minutes of wait in-between, a waste of time. Unfortunate.
From what I've seen so far it's a great game/story app. The only had thing is the ads not loading properly when trying to refill the battery, perhaps you could add a feature so that the battery refills itself while you're away. Other than that I would definitely recommend it. Thanks Edit: Thanks for adding that feature, it is very appreciated! I will hopefully start the Tim Reapers soon, so will look forward to having it the story.
Very interesting and engaging text-based story. It makes you feel a part of the story, rather than just reading it as you go and research and provide information back to the character. I'm enjoying it.
Excellent story with great pacing; one of the best "choose your own" games I've played to date. I'm on my third playthrough, and if I don't get a measurably different ending, I'll move on to Reapers. However, the second and third (so far) runs have still had surprises to offer. Overall, Chroniric is a great game that was well worth the low price for the ad-free experience.
Very fun, and a good interactional text based RPG game. I just wish that battery automatically recharged when you're off the app, so you don't have to constantly watch adds to increase you're battery. Very good overall game and really enjoy the story line ☺️
It has potential but i lost interest not long after the beginning because the game frequently requires you to come back later. You read a little bit then have to wait 30mins to 24hrs for something to happen. Read a little bit, then wait again. Answer a question, then wait again.
Fun story, but unless you pay your battery runs out often and you have to watch ads to refill.. and that only refills a small amount.
A great experience! Actually surprised that so many persons are having a bad experience with ads. Playing the game real-time doesn't require any ad. Moreover, you can use this time to search for information. I ended up playing the game several times to get as many endings as possible. I can't say that a lot of games are as interesting as this one. One thing missing in the story is separated endings where you end up in another place (another storyline) depending on your choices.
Interesting and original. But the battery system is very annoying. It would be better if in addition to watching an ad, the battery would recharge while you are offline. Anyway, so annoying I'm uninstalling it after 3 days of "trying to enjoy it".
This game is not your typical braindead mobile game. The is a story driven game with lovely UI design and actually makes you want to fact check certain things that are meantioned in the dialogues, background music is soothing and focusing for the mind. This game is unique with how it presents itself, and you can learn quite a few interesting things about the history of the scientific community. Interesting plot, this could be well made into a book for sure!A clap and a bow to the devs for this:)
Eh... It could be a good game but the breaks in story due to trying to create a sense of realism hurts it. It is hard to stay in the narrative if you have to stop every few seconds and wait 5 to 15 mins to continue. Sure paying for it or watching an ad fixes it kinda... But then the illusion of the real time situation is removed. I just feel that what you are trying to accomplish just isn't exciting or enjoyable to play. The real time effect hurts your game more than you think.
As a fast reader, I found this eloquent, elegant, booklike adventure rich and imaginative. Part Steampunk, part Victorian Mystery, part Historical Fantasy, it pulls you by the arm through a "what if," story that has TONS of twists and turns. I enjoyed how it was filled with opportunities to dive into neat technical, engineering, and historical details (who knew that a famous NYC mogul had groups of farm animals on the roof of his famous hotel???), and more!
Interesting story but still has the "premium membership" that "you don't have to buy to enjoy the game" but without it you're forced to wait hours or watch ads and even worse you can't change the speed of the text. Sure it's awesome, but as soon as the "battery meter" shows up you know it's one of *those* games And no offline ? Lame
Thoroughly enjoyed it, it's difficult to create such an immersive experience in an interactive story, but one can tell it's been crafted with love and attention. I've genuinely felt a human connection to the character at times, and the context and method of interaction is well thought out and made. A few flaws, nothing major, from a technical standpoint the ads would not load at times, limiting your "energy" refill, perfect nonetheless. I'm looking forward to the next projects of chroniric!
Great app!! Interactive and gripping story! I feel like playing it again and again! A great work by the creates!!!
3 stars because I've only started. I find the inital hook interesting, but I'm a really slow reader, and things were blazing by me, even on normal mode. This would normally be fine, but it makes it confusing when special effects show up and I'm a screen behind. It looks like I was supposed to see some posts that get deleted, but I can't tell because it's just a bit too fast. Demoted to 2 stars & uninstalled. I don't want to explore Occult themes. Shame, I was actually thinking of buying. Sorry.
I grew up reading the choose your own adventure books and this one is the first that actually has me looking forward to when I get a message. I love the pace without the adds cause I leisurely like to do things and I love the dialogue and choices and interaction. very good!!
I know this is supposed to be the kind of game you play slowly, but each chunk should be satisfactory on its own. I find that some of those are too short and lack content and should really just be a part of bigger chunks. The puzzles are supposed to be tense, but the fact you can just wind back time two moves back kills that tension, you just know all mistakes are temporary. The game makes too much use of vibration and it's kinda annoying. The art is beautifully stunning, the gameplay is okay. Overall, not bad.
I really like it, the story is intriguing, the traveling on time thing. But, It's hard to continue having to recharge the battery by seeing an ad, and no all the battery, just a little bit, unless you pay for the premium version. Maybe that's fair, but at least give me all the battery for each ad
This was a very enjoyable and unexpected game. The way the story played out and waiting for responses from Liz and everything worked quite well in regards to the plot and the flow of it. Looking forward to future installments in this series. One issue I did have was with pictures and items not loading on occasion, but overall a welldone app and story.
this game has a really great visual design that drivea what i feel like is a fantastic story. I played my first play through with ads and was only frustrated when they were run because I shut off my screen. I was intrigued enough to spend the $3 to remove the ads and play the epilogue because I knew I was going to play through again. I contacted support with a question and they responded promptly and were very friendly and understanding!
The concept is interesting and at some points bikin deg-degan banget. But I was disappointed because the battery won't refill itself when I'm away from the game
This game fits into the same genre as Lifeline. I love the mystery of the story and the historical fiction aspect. What makes me drop a 4-5 star app down to two is the battery mechanic. You have a battery that drains as the story progresses. In order to refill it, you can watch an ad to get 20% back. Alternatively you can pay $3.50 to upgrade to premium. Its a pretty steep price and barely I to the story I've had to watch 8 ads to keep going. Its really too bad because the story is intriguing.
Truly epic! Please make more games like this! This is beyond innovative and creative, a true masterpiece.
The game is intriguing and the graphics are stunning, but I can't connect my google account to it, doesn't matter how many times I try. Also, it always turn off the sound when I open the game, so I have to go to the settings before playing everytime. Still, I'm enjoying the story! Edit (again): It's working just fine now, thank you guys for fixing it. β™‘
the game itself is amazing! unfortunately the ads pop up so frequently that it really detracts from the game. I understand the need for ads, and I don't mind them as a rule, however these ads pop up randomly and spontaneously, instead of at pivotal moments where you don't mind pausing. there's also no set time between them, sometimes I'll get 3 ads back-to-back even. that being said, the game is so good I keep playing even though the ads are so incredibly obnoxious.
This game has potential but it focuses on the wrong story elements. It glosses over the interesting parts. The player is never told the basics of this world. The abrupt start is jarring. The lack of backstory gives the player no reason to care about any of the other characters and no sense of urgency. I kept waiting for the game to explain things but it never did.
Game doesn't have a lot of variety. There are some bugs as well, devs don't respond to support tickets as well.
Sometimes it forgets my audio settings. I really liked the story and the protagonist! I wish there was a log feature so I could reread the story I've played though since time loops remove all text from the screen :-( The art is amazing! And the splash screen & UI are such gorgeous colours! I found the epilogue kinda unclear in having to retry the time loop to find new options. I almost picked "restart the story" the 2ND time because I thought it might be the solution.
The ads might be abit annoying but hey people need to make money. there's a premium option to get rid of it and access to an Epilogue! THE science fiction Time Travel insteractive story I didn't know I wanted! Reels you in with historical details and quick-witted quips from you or your partner-in-crime(or not; depends on you!)
The need to either google random information or mess up conversations was annoying. The game had a cool steampunk vibe, an interesting alternate reality and a charming companion but even fast-forwarding didn't make it any less possible to disconnect from the narrative while waiting for a reply.
Excellent storyline, really gets you thinking about the alternate reality with Tesla's brilliant innovations.
This game is super well - written, and just fun to play, if you love text based adventures then you'll love this. it has a few spelling errors that's about it
guys, can y'all please make more? I wouldn't mind a Steampunk kind of game either. Also, my credits: Thanks for making such an awesome game. I know you're independent but you guys need to go mainstream. Graphics: 10/10 sound none but I wished there was but I'll allow none, history: mostly hard from all I played. I don't know if anyone has told you this but I give my props to you. You guys really deserve more attention because this game is BOSS for an independent. I just see the ending for free
Holy cow this game is amazing. The real time breaks make echo xix feel real. Only thing I'd change is I'd like to know how long a break will be, but other than that great game, not riddled with ads
Can't play the game. Stuck at the loading screen. Please help. Does it need internet connection? I was not sure as there was no indication whatsoever what was the loading for. :(
The way the game works on real time is slighty annoying. The battery system is bad and laggy and awful. The story is quite confusing
I am in love with this game. The steampunk theme really fit well with the images and story. The random ads do kind of take away the immersion a little bit but its completely understandable. I heard you guys were making a sequel and i'm hella excited for it, i hope you will expand this universe even more. I'm looking forward for the next ones
The story is okay, I love the idea but the writing is off sometimes. I like the 'real-time' feel, but the breaks are very inconsistent and often weird. Sometimes you return to two new sentences, sometimes you return to an half-an-hour wall of text. It was okay for the first run but during my second run I realized 9/10 times my choices don't matter. I can't really be bothered to find the other endings as it's too much of a hassle to go through it all again just for more clarity and achievements.
Think about spy movies where the hero gets radio assistance from a person sitting in a chair in front of computers, that's what the game feels like. In this game, you're in a "live chat" with the heroine, giving her clues what to do. It's implied that you're meant to use Google ocassionally to find answers to help her out, which is brilliant. I don't mind the ads, I play this in the background while I'm doing something else in real life, it just feels like you're in a chat room with someone else.
What a compelling storyline! The book you can't put down. Great job, can't decide if i will replay or try the next one. Thank you for the escape in such dark times..
very confusing. I thought I missed something at first and restarted the game. Also there is no explanation for the inventory or how to use it. The premium fishing pole dangles in front of you instantly. I don't think it's appropriate when I've only just started the game. I enjoy the visuals though. Playing for the interesting concept.
The story might have promise, but being told as essentially an SMS conversation, and one that pauses like it does, just didn't engage me. I also felt the dialog choices are not all that significant
The game is fine, story seems good enough, but getting an ad everytime the protagonist does ANYTHING, and everytime you open/resume the app (literally, if you tab out and come back, you get a brand new ad) is pushing it way too far. Keeping the app installed for now, see if something changes in the next update, but until it does, I'm not opening it
A lot of thought went into this. I appreciate the mass effort and imagination it takes to come up with an original concept and then put it into form. I understand about the complaints given in regards to the excessive ads. For me, I was able to rationalize why which made it bearable. I'm receiving a free product. There are compromises. Although this wasn't up my alley, I have respect for the work, thought and time put into this book.
too many glitches Edit: The developers of this game were incredibly helpful and cared a lot to help solve the issues I experienced which are now solved. I love the story as well as the gameplay and choices you make. I highly recommend this game for anyone who is searching for a phenomenal game experience in which those who developed it put a lot of work and effort into. Its incredible
Just started, but really digging it so far! After 3 minutes of gameplay I paid the $3 for premium b/c just the mechanics & graphics alone are worth that. I trust this will have lots of replay value & I love that. A bit confusing @ 1st, but you get the hang of it quickly! Intriguing story plus Nikola Tesla & time travel sounds like a great game to me! ~Will update once I've played more of it!
Too much "down time" for no reason,like why it took almost an hour between comms to open a door, move to other room or other small stuff that could be done almost instantly? The graphics and animations are pretty but the waiting time is poorly implemented, it took way too long for the story to pique your interest to keep playing.
Before I begin let me simply start off with I have not finished it I'm still at the beginning relatively. So these are my first impressions. So far I'm enjoying this game a great deal 4/5!! Premium mode is more like a donation button rather than a micro transaction, due to it being used for certain things. The devs of this game did a damn good job and deserve a treat!
This story is confusing and sometimes it automatically scrolls much to fast for me to read and understand what's being said. I like that it's different and unique from anything I've personally ever played.
First, I love the idea of this game: the graphics, the characters and the story. I learned a lot of history. I appreciate that you can fast forward with ads because I can't afford premium. But,on my 2th time playing it, I chose all the opposite options & still got practically the same ending. Your choices don't matter most of the time and that sucks. Also, I lot of items are useless and I wish you can choose your time loops points after you beat it the first time 'cause replaying it's so tedious
I love it, love it and a thousand times more. I don't play games like these much even though I love them, because some others don't have engaging stories. This, however? This is Q U A L I T Y! This is great. The story is wonderful and engaging. So engaging that I've developed an attachment to Liz early in the game. This is the second of its kind I fell in love with. If there is anyway I can send fanmail, it'll be great :) Google Play Review is too short for me to write what I wanted to say :)
This app is so cool. I love the sci fi genre and also the time travel stuff. This game is really awesome and I hope this leads to a creation to conspiracy theories! It would be super cool.
This is an awesome game. The storyline and everything it is...just outsanding! The ads required to watch in order to recharge the battery are totally worth the time. Love the game!