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Chop Shop

Chop Shop for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Code Fanatics located at Code Fanatics 6 Kings Buildings Chester CH1 2AJ United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
chop Shop would like to create, edit and delete your Google games activity- ERR - NO !!! - why the hell would that be necessary to delete my Google games details ? uninstalling !
Absolutely brilliant for the car nut and the racing update that's coming will make it a fully fledged and indescribably amazing game you NEED to download if you like cars
There is about 12 car dealerships within 2 miles of my house took the time as it was nice weather to cycle around get a few cars as im a car guy and only to have 90 percent of them rejected, pointless playing after that so just be warned not to waste your time and effort playing this legit.
Absolutely amazing, few things I wish was in the game like an auction house, but the help options great too normally get a reply within an hour, good job on this game
Perfect UI and easy to navigate. I love the idea and feel of the game all I could ask for is a larger player base as the more people that play the faster the turn around on vehicles will be making for a more indulgent experience. All in all I am extremely pleased I found this game and after playing everyday for a week I have only grown more in love with it. Thank you Code!
this game is really addictive and amazing for car enthusiasts. the only problem with it is that it takes a long time for other dealerships to recognise and sell the car and often cars have to be checked by the game staff.
I just found this game by accident but really do want to learn about car's and engines as I want to get a car, (need me license first tho hey?) Lol, anyway, this game is so educational for me who wants to learn. I love it and I give you 5 stars. Wicked idea for a game!!!
Absolutely love the game but I seem to be blocked from uploading cars that I have taken.. I'm training to be a automotive photographer and have had to send from my computer to my phone to upload but now I can't please unblock me
Good concept for a car loving person, can't seem to access the option for a dealership which is a shame, but other than that I'm impressed.
Amazing game. Prices are accurate and daily challenges are always fun. Owning a dealship is great, although I would like more cars to come to dealships. But I do understand that this game hasn't got as many players as top apps. Great game overall. Cheers.
Fun game with a good base engine. The dealership idea to help with identification is a good idea, especially if the player-base grows and the experienced staff do a fantastic job and usually take a couple hours at most. Can't wait for the race update come new years, it'll really flesh out this game. Only downside I see is the relatively small player-base, but that's not a developer problem!
Its a nice game but it would be nice to be able to keep as many cars as I want .I can barely store any cars and that just ruins the game
It is a great game but needs to have more options when buying a car from your dealership like being able to offer more for a certain car
I'm sure the game is illegal as you have to take unauthorized pictures of peoples car including mode and registration. There is no logic to the game apart from take pictures get them valued and sell them to grow on a leader board.....
love the idea of the the game. very addictive. sometimes selling cars can take a while but dtill enjoyable
I give this game 4 stars because it is realy enjoyable. I like finding cars that I think will sell for more money and I enjoy searching for the cars on the wanted list. The suppprt is great too, they answered my question with a good response in the same day that I sent it. I give it 4 stars at the moment but when the next update gets released and you can race the cars you find I'm sure I will rate it 5 stars.
Good app. Would be even better if you could have rectangular images, to be able to capture more of the car
Overall its simple and addictive and it will get you outside and the best part is the dealerships which makes the game from pokemon go with cars to a strategic simulation with buying/selling elements implemented through-out the game
Brilliant game, lots of fun, however people really need to start leaving thief notes when the picture isnt clear... Help me to help you kinda style
It's a good game but I hate the fact that even if I take the photo my self it says this photo has been sourced off the Internet. Why? Are the photos too good or is there a problem in the algorithm. Would be 5* but this problem is annoying me and I've been banned a few times now.
After looking at the reviews of this app. Theres 1 risk of taking photos of cars. You are catching number plates and those can be rarely tracked and theft. Will be good if there was a blur option to blur out the number plates to prevent tracking and theft
it won't let me past the example keeps say g please select example as the middle from the picker/spinner when there is no example option help me fix this u get 4 5 stars
Hey guys I just got banned from using gallery pictures for 2 weeks for having 3 pictures i took at the coventry Transport museum rejected. Pls unban me as I took the pictures. They didn't even have a reason for being rejected it just said failed to be identified. I get it if it was pictures from the internet and maybe upwards of five but c'mon man it was only 3 and I took them. Pls unban as I love this game but wont play now for 2 weeks.
the game is great I feel like there could be a faster way to sell the cars as I have been waiting over 3hrs for a lot of car to be valued be a dealership and then for them to be valued by a GM. then the time it takes for a for pricing at a dealer isn't fast at all. this game isn't a game were u play and grind all the car you see but just play in the the back ground of your daily life. so for that it's a great game as a nice pricing accuracy.
so Its a good game but when it's says it's been off Internet there should be a option to protest it becuase it says that when it isn't and some cars I've taken pics are from showrooms or events that aren't off the internet
Great game which can get you outside. I've been playing for over a year now with almost NO issues apart from a couple of wrongly identified cars. I have asked the support a couple of questions and gotten a quick and clear response. To clear up skeptical thoughts, I am almost 100% sure that there is no dodgey buissness going on here, just a fun game to see what cars you can find. Looking forward to the update and I'm sure I will continue playing.
It's good but cars are being identified wrongly all the time, I had a brand new DB11 get called a 10 year old V8 vantage, and I had a vauxhall MOKKA get called an antara. Theres been more too, also some cars I've been waiting to be identified for like 3 days now. It's a good game but definitely needs improvement
absolutely love the game. my only criticism is that once you have played for a while and have accumulated a lot of money and got all the dealerships that you want, there is no use for money. Maybe a system could be added so that players could trade/buy cars from each other for cash and/or other cars. eg. person one has alot of money and has found every MClaren in the game apart from the F1, he really wants to complete his roster so asks for a trade. player two has an F1 and sells it to player one
great idea with solid execution but the app could really use more tooltips to help understand things. I'm still not sure if there's incentive to keep the cars I picture or always sell them, I don't know what certain icons mean and there's no way to find out etc. the whole app could be a lot more user friendly. BUT a lot of fun, I'm loving it
Amazing concept, terrible result. Almost every picture is disqualified, utterly infuriating. As a test, i took a picture of my neighbours bog standard 1 series, and it was disqualified for "being from Facebook" - 3 days of that rubbish and deleted the app. A friend uploads pictures from a dealership website, and they're accepted...No response from devs when messaging through app help option. Your photos are scrutinised and accepted or rejected by other players, so obviously always rejected 🙄
Good game but bit weird you walk round takeing pictures of random peoples cars in the street then gotto exsplain ur playin a game so u dont get ur head kicked in
Good game, good design, very very bad running. I'm a car fanatic always been, this could of been my dream game but alas not. I have a couple of hundred pictures I've taken of cars that have caught my eye over the years all legit and taken by me, each one dismissed by the game as fake and from the internet, even had pictures taken with there own in game camera disqualified, I mean seriously the game must be for vips only. Make this fair
Fantastic, but very often- unfortunately- cars are priced as the wrong car. These problems, however, are easy to fix, as the support team- who is very helpful- reply to support tickets within an hour, along with a simple solution. Overall, this game is deserved of the 5 stars.
Decided to play again after few months offline. Enjoyable game. Huuuuge issues are 1> bad players who cant recognise a car to which then brings me to number 2> slow identification of cars by the authentication team. Even with me posting names and brands. Over 24 hours to identify and price a car means i cant competitivly keep up with the other players. In a whole a good game just let down recently by bad players and a teams that appear to not understand cars or the games function.
Really good game, takes a while for each car to be confirmed but that's to be expected. Sometimes get incorrectly named but there's an option for rechecking so that is ok. Really great idea and good fun.
Great game kind of like pokemon go for cars you take pictures of cars you find and then sell them in game for money which is the value used for levelling up. Just one request it would be good if there was a way to reset accounts because I messed mine up at the start. Also a note on the "trim level" slider it doesn't make much sense it would be better to be a list like the model is
perfect game. would of given a 5 but i think an update is required urgently so you could drive the cars, trade and buy other peoples car.
Such a bad app, you take pictures of cars and put them up and you get banned. You try to do well on a game and you get screwed for it. Dont download this.
Absolutely brilliant app, genuine car enthusiasts will find it totally addictive. Such a simple idea turned into a brilliant application. Was a little sceptical at first, but I do not regret my decision to play.
Mostly fantastic. Just one note... your "experienced game staff" aren't all that great sometimes. I snapped an expensive Bentley and the staff identified it as a cheap Chrysler. Thanks.
had to wait ages for my photos to be priced by "experienced game staff" and then when they did my photos were taken down because they were apparently " taken off of the internet" when they were clearly my own photos that I've taken. also you don't make barely any money from pricing cars so there is not really any point in buying dealerships.
floored I has brought a tesla dealership and accidentally sold it while looking at the value of the dealership however now I have only 280k and can't buy a dealership because cheapest is 500k I can't start again even after deleting the Google play data for game force closing the game deleting all game data and waiting 24hrs to guarantee play data has gone it still loads old save please place a button in settings menu to restart to avoid this problem also ppl should be able to identify cars 2
could be better if moderators actually replyed to questions so far ive played for half a week. had photos blocked even with evedence to proove genuine photos they ignored me and closed my question with no answer. ive asked about future posts so as not to get banned or blocked as i have enjoyed the game its fun addictive but takes waay to long to authenticate your posts usually a hour but lately its taken three or more meaning you cant progress at the game due to the garage being full.
Great idea and concept, just very inconsistent. I had a BMW M4 heritage edition marked as a standard and several other car being marked incorrectly and when I go to challenge it to see if it can be changed its denied. Also had multiple pictures from a car show denied as they weren't "taken by me" even though they where taken not even hours before. Really unfortunate as it's an amazing game but not very well caried out.
Alot of my pictures are being rejected even when they are in my drive way as I am a car detailer of high end cars and I also visit alot of car shows so why are they being disqualified and I get a ban??? Highly unfair in my eyes
Quality game might be nice to brush up the UI design but it's layout is fine, excellent concept although dealerships don't make much money so other than wanting to look at cars there isn't much drive to have them. Overall the only real problem is a smallish player base hope that changes the devs have done a great job it deserves to be played.
The game is good but i've posted some photos from a carmeet and it says i've got them from internet... even my moms car got the same result. You need to fix that:)
Terrible app, bases itself on the better the car the more money you make however any car you take a picture of that is worth more that 30k will only be taken from you because they'll assume it was taken off the internet and then you'll be banned for 3 days because you saw 3 nice cars on a motorway trip to see family. Don't download.
good game just needs a tutorial and it gets you out side I would recommend it and I'm going to just make tutorial for beginners to help them
Terrible game, I was at car meets and a few car shows and apparently the pictures I took with my phone were from the internet.