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Choices That Matter - text based game

Choices That Matter - text based game for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Tin Man Games located at 164 Kings Way, South Melbourne, VIC 3205. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The branching paths are just staggering and the tone of each story is compelling and suspenseful. It really feels like you're getting a custom made but professionally written story. It's actually terrifying how unsure I get on each choice because the narrative goes in such twisty directions on the smallest of decisions that it can make my heart race. They're SO well written too, it's shocking. Stars is good if you like Hitchcockian suspense set in the future,but Souls is Steampunk Dark Fantasy β™‘
Honestly one of the best mobie games I've been able to play in a while! I was afraid that the stories would be lacking in character, or be too bland, but they are truly interesting! I've never wanted to put it down once I've played it- and even when stepping away from it for a while, I was able to pick it right back up and be just as intruged! Most mobile games are flooded with ads, but this game makes it easy to make choices, and I even binged some ads I enjoyed the stories so much!
I never get tired of the stories provided. Also, I love that the only thing you need to do to progress in the stories is use tickets that can be earned for free or just spending 0.99 for 100 tickets. Overall, each story fascinates me and keeps me hooked.
This is too good. The story, ATSWM is really beyond excellent. The are so many choices, because when the chapter end, i see only 2% people that get into this route. Truly, this is the best story that I've ever read. Very highly recommended to play this.
Absolutely amazing!!! I'm loving the characters, especially the companion Moti. Great story. You watch ads when you want to get more choice tickets, and simple as that. You can buy 100 tickets pretty cheap. The transitioning between pages is smooth. Highly recommend this choice game!
An engaging story. I found that sometimes a wayward click skips thru a paragraph, but that might be my impatience
I just finished 1 of the 3 stories. It was an excellent experience. just like a "choose your own adventure" book from when I was a kid. I would suggest this game/app to anyone. Can't wait to start the next story.
The game is getting better in nice story in why there is only two decision you can make...but hey is great love it☝
awesome! i love how there isnt a clear "right" choice to make and it isn't one where you have to pay to choose the obvious or best choice. Each choice costs a ticket but you get free ones everday and can watch adds for a few unlimited. awesome and great stories and good flow! the choices really make a difference!! I just finished "And The Sun Went Out" and I legitimately cried at the end (of the path i chose)... soo good.
Excellent experience!! The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is there are no pictures (reading so much in black and white is boring). But apart from it, the app is awesome and the stories are amazing!!
Well written, coherent narrative. I don't know how long it is but I played the first story for at least 5 hrs so far and have not reached the end yet. Good sound and characters, a choose your own adventure for the digital age. You have to watch an ad every 3 choices which does not feel excessive while playing.
The story 'And the sun went out' is excellent! And what a relief to read something where women have the important roles! Reason enough to contemplate buying it!
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Only on the first story so far, but I'm hooked. The music and perfectly-timed sound effects create an atmosphere that completely suck you in. the writing and story are excellent. The ticket system isn't so bad, you can just watch a bunch of ads at once and stock up. Side note, i love the little sound effect when you tap the screen to continue the dialogue. I find it so satisfying. Wonderful game, I'm so excited to keep playing.
Spoiler Alert for 'And The Sun Went Out' Literally the best game on Play Store...I would be willing to pay much more than it asks for...so beautifully structured and created. I read "And the sun went out"... the most beautiful combination of sci fi and romancs and suspense and adventure...Letting Moti go was so hard...I really wished (though it is selfish) that Umi sacrificed instead. Anyhow, it is truly a beautiful story. Worth every second....Great Job guys
This would be a good text rpg game. If you didn't need tickets to play the game. I mean really one ticket per decision come on! The story i played was good, interesting, and it felt like my decisions mattered. But it is ruined by the tickets
I loved this and was reading/playing this while on bed rest when I could get a decent amount of choice tickets for watching ads. I really loved that I could play this every day and not feel so restricted by the need for money that I'd lose interest. now it's impossible to enjoy this if you don't have money to just throw at things :(
went through the first 2 stories so far. I'm enjoying all of it! I will go back again to see the outcome of different choices. I find the stories well written, to my taste, and there is enough stress/tension/challenge when making choices. Often you are torn between 2 choices. Often you fear for your life. you get options to flirt to find a love interest, you can choose male or female partner (or none at all even maybe?). UI and controls are easy to use. Loving it!!! 3rd story different but good!
I do recommend "Choices That Matter." Interesting enough story line. I removed 1 Star because despite having all Volumes off the adverts still blare sound. I often listen to audio books whole playing so get very annoyed when the adverts turn off my audio book. 2 Stars lost for that. 1 Star back cause when I mute some adverts my audio book resumes.
I'm really enjoying the first story with the sun, there are many moments where I try and feel like I'm in the story trying to figure out what would I do in each scenario as if it were me, and I love how the Ad system for tickets works. It's reasonable I'm glad to watch these ads and support the development, there are times where I watch the ads and sit there spending my time trying to figure out what choice should I pick as I gain more choice tickets, overall worth to play on your own 10/10
Absolutely loved this game, mind you I'm reviewing after having only completed the first ('And the Sun Went Out') arc. Story progresses based upon your choice of one of two scenarios, extensive, credible thriller-type storylines. Didn't opt to pay for access passes/tickets, chose instead to watch ads, and no limit to how many so you can get quite a cache of tickets to help you progress thru the stories, would suggest for people who like CYOA games
Been a long time since I've had stories this engaging and entertaining to not only read but be apart of and shape! Fantastic Game!!!
'And The Sun Went Out' is an intriguing story, with virtually no graphics, by design. I had my doubts at the beginning, even almost stopped reading, but by the end I had to revise my rating from 4/5 stars to 5/5 (more like 15/5!) The next story I read was the superheroes one, which is not yet complete. Now that I have finished 'And Their Souls Were Eaten' - I can't wait for more 'Heroes Taken' as well as whatever stories come out next!
Absolutely amazing I loved it "And the sun went out" was very emotional and kept me intrigued to the storyline for a week. It was so well written by far the best I've seen or played so far in this genre. I've already taken a screenshot of the final face of MOTI and I'm considering having a small tattoo of him. I was genuinely gutted it was over at the end. To everyone involved in this game thank you so much.
-And the sun went out- This story was fantastic, and well designed! I'm excited to see the other two parts to this app! by far I will say the few dollars I've spent was better than any book I've bought in years past. you are better just buying the story from the start so you don't waste so much time watching ads to get choices to make. trust... it is well worth it.
And the sun went out: There are so many different directions the story can go and the story is long.Outstanding story! *** And their souls were eaten is very well written. This game has amazing replayability. The game has many distinct likable characters. And just like the sun went out the ending ties up all the loose ends. Excellent writing.*** And their heroes were lost: Superheroes with amnesia essentially. Unfortunately this book is unfinished but the plot was unpredictable and drew you in.
a lot of choose your own adventure apps either leave you unable to make the choices you really want, uninvolved, or both. Choices that matter has good stories, options that feel like they actually impact the story, and getting more passes is easy. I also really like the stats at the end of each arc :)
Finally finished one ending for all storys extremely good story's make either more story's or more games like this one i prefer adding more story's to this game but you guys choose More games , Add story's to game Or, Ignore conversation
This app is a compelling read and the storylines are haunting. This is one of the first free to play apps where I actually feel that my choices matter and the sophisticated branching employed in the stories is commendable. Hats off to all the writers. I'm hooked. Note that this review is coming from a person who is very hard to please.
I love this app the story is coherent and they build the world so fluently that it's hard not to get lost in it. I have used other CYOA apps and this one is by far one of my top 3. I fully recommend anyone to try this out it is worth every bit of your time I promise you.
I absolutely love this game this is the best game I've ever played and I want more if you can make more I want more this is the best game of ever played and I am never going to say anything else! This is to the creators ofif you are listening I absolutely love this game if I could subscribe to you I would do that but I don't know how so this is the best I can do please take this as a huge thank you for making!
OK, I reinstalled the app and my purchase was restored. 4 stars for the story. There's a lot of content to read and its very engaging.
Very very cool. I am playing when the sun went out arc 3 currently and it's great. This is the first game in a long time that has kept me addicted and hooked. The gameplay and storyline is just awesome. I recommend this game to whoever looking for a nice, well-built and adventurous game. You can watch ads and get 3 tickets at a time. Just 10 secs adds if you run out of tickets. Respect and admiration to all the people who made this game. It's a absolute MASTERPIECE.
The last story dosnt properly track the choices you make. I didn't turn on a lantern but the game say I got spotted and turned off my lantern.
Simply put..a choose your own adventure. So far, the story is clean and very engaging. Glad I got the app...debating paying for the ad free version.
Its amazing but the only problem I have is that you haven't made any more games like this. If you could make more games like this it would be great.
This game is amazinggg!!!!! The stories are compelling, the choices really impact your story, and they characters are so good!!! My only negative would be the ticket stuff, where you habe to watch an ad to continue, but IT IS SO WORTH IT!!! DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!😁
Ah, an absolutely wonderful set of stories. While to my taste, the first story was best, all are wirth your time. All3 appear to now be complete(at least for the arcs i played)as of acouple of days ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH, TIN MAN GAMES!
It's nice but sometimes I feel like the result I got from a choice could also fit the alternative one. Which makes me feel like the choices don't always "matter" much.
Very cool game, it reminds me if the old text adventures. I really enjoy the ambient music and sound effects. The only issue I have is that it seems like many of the decisions don't affect the outcome, other than a handful of them. Overall, though, I would definitely recommend it!
Love it!! I like that we have the option to watch adds for tickets. Because id been looking for a choose your path book/s for a long time. This is the best app iv had !! Great story lines. Im hooked πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Really interesting storyline, if you love text adventures it's perfect Best text adventure game I've found in the playstore
The game is great, really reccomend but the tickets really slow down the pace of your reading and to split them between 3 stories. But that can be solved by buying them so its not to bad i guess.
This game is very fun and exciting. You only have to watch ads to make decisions and you get 3 tickets an ad. This is very adventurous and so hard to put down. This game lives up to what it said it was. I love it so much!
I really love this game, haha. I did not regret installing this app. Even though sometimes it's annoying cus i have to wait hours just to get one ticket, but that's just the one flaw that is in the game (for me though). Over all, it's good. I got really obsessed with the story 'The sun went out' and 'And their souls were eaten. Even though i already finished the stories, i keep on replaying it because i wanted to and the story really is good. Keep up the good work!
Fun so far.. hoping they are not out for an early review. Confused but excited to take the tour of each chapter. Love that you get to see the percent of others that choose the same options.. seems I'm as weird as I thought! Lol thanks gamers x
It's a good game everything was good not just the story's but how accurate it is but it could use some pictures or illustrations so you can imagine it properly but aside from that every thing was perfect good game you should make more games bet they'll love it.
Absolutly Amazing Story Lines, This is one of the best games I've ever played. Edit: Still one of the best games ive ever played. The micro-transactions are very justifiable and arent't expensive at all. And their souls were eaten was definetly my favorite.
awsome game the storys are really good and iblove how your really imusered in the story and the decisions u make really seem to shape the story without it being to black and white u dont kno how yo decisions will shape the story and alot is context clues u most chose games give u the illusion of chose but dont dilever this app has keep me on my toes for sure hope to see more from these developers deffently worth supportimg
simply love it. If you'll end up watching a lot of ads, it's totally worth it. I'm only in arc 2 of the first story, ( no spoilers here) and I'm totally absorbed. Looking forward to completing the other two stories and I hope that the devs will add more.
I am in LOVE with this game and every character in it!! I don't think a story has ever made me cry more than ATSWO, and I've never wanted to romance a character more than Etti! There's tons of replay value and really great little moments. I'm not one for steampunk, but ATSWE is so compelling, I can't help but love it. The UI is sleek, and the stories are super well written with a very real chance of your character failing. Everything here's free, so just get it!!!!!!
So I've only been playing the first story so far, but genuinely "And Then The Sun Went Out" is one of the most interesting things I've read in a long while, lots of layers to the plot. Definitely THE best choose your own path story I've read. Keep this up, I want more already and I'm not even finished yet.
The stories are very interesting and entertaining. To add up, I love that the are statistics at the end of the arc but it would be MUCH cooler if they showed all of the endings that are available. Here's an example: 22% didn't make it to the plane and got captured 47% managed to take the plane in time 31% stayed in the basement with Bella
Once you start, you can't stop, you will keep continuing until it is the end, it is full of suspense, and its fun imagining the scenarios and trying to have a little bit of comedy or fun in the story, and it so hard to resist to just restart the choices that you made, thinking what would happen if i just choose the other one.
one of the best text choice games i have ever downloaded, hard to put down. i purchased the ticket pack and do not regret it, only wish there was more to the story lines whats there is great. but i need more!!!
I am halfway through my first story & so far, so good. It is kinda gross they hide the story behind pay walls, but the writing is good.
Best text story game by far on the google play store. Amazing stories that are well crafted and characters we feel for and lose ourselves in the world. Wish more games were as well done as this. I hope to see more stories eventually make a release on this. Really love it how when I don't have enough to purchase a cheap story pass to help the creators that I can choose to watch ads to keep playing and supporting. Highly recommend this game.
This is one of the rare, select few apps on this play store that I always keep installed. The story is interesting and fluent, the impact of youe choices are clear, and the engangement is there. Five stars alone doesn't do this justice.
Spectacular game...Lovely storyline...true piece of art. Especially 1st and 3rd stories are my favorite.
I really enjoy this and I'm only in my first story, the soul eating one. I very much enjoy the detail and the story line. Once you start you can't stop, its so addictive. I probably spend 2 hrs a day on this and I really enjoy it. I just wish you got a couple more tickets for watching videos but I'm glad there's no limits on how often you can use them.
So let me be realistic. This is an awesome choice game and it really does help me when i am bored. The storylines r soo fun and excitingg! I cannot wait to see what happens after. But the reason I did not give a 5 star is because of 2 things. One is that waiting for tickets for an hour and so to get only one is so annoying and time taking. I hope we would not need to wait or purchase tickets. Second the storyline finished really quickly and there are only 3. But it is really good tho. :)
Amazing story with well written characters. Tickets are easily available. Amazing game. 10/10 I would recommend.
what a great and compelling text based adventure gamebook. The eeriness music combined with the thrilling pace of each path of the story is just smart and brilliant. I greatly enjoyed it and would thank all the creators behind the making of this gamebook! πŸ˜ƒ
I just finished "And their heroes were gone". The story started of very strong but it quickly faded into obscurity. What bothered me most about this game is that it had no way of telling how far the story has progressed (like some progress bar in the menu or something), so I was left in the dark about that. Would have been of much help to estimate the time. Since I haven't found any information about it yet: It has 9 arcs with around 30-60 choice (rough estimation). Took me 6h (with ads)
Phenomenal i'm currently playing through their souls were eaten, and it has been beyond amazing. You are informed you wont die within the book, but you feel the dread as if you might during cerain events. i'm not too far through, but I'm fairly certain there is both a male and a female love interest, which is increadibly thoughtful to add. if you haven't downloaded it, do it. youre able to read for free with a bit of waiting, and its definitely worth it.
This text based game is the best! Im already playing the third book of the heroes arc 3 And I succeeded at taking the collar of but I wish I got number 49 back lol. Anyways this game is VERY amazing and fun! So if u like text based interactive games then this is for you!
It's nerve-wracking. That's why it's good. But seriously, the only thing I don't like is the amount of ads I have to do in order to get through an arc. I know everyone's got to make a living, but constantly mining for tickets is a bit time consuming when you don't want to pay for the pass or 100 tickets. But then again, it might be exactly the way it was intended.
Great game with a ton of CHOICES, 3 books to play thru, and adds get you tickets to move forward. I suggest playing Moti first!
I like this game this is the BEST choice game i ever play the story were really good 1 wrong choice can flip the table I like it must play
Really underrated. The story is captivating I couldn't stop reading. Not all of the choices matter, but a fair amount of them do. The ticket system is tolerable on my part, giving you three tickets per ad.
This is literally the best game I have ever played on my phone. So far I have only completed the story about the Sun, but it actually made me cry, and I feel like I truly made a friend in Moti. I couldn't stop playing, and when my finances are better, I will have no issue paying for these stories outright. The stories, and the experience, are worth the cost.
The best version of an e-story ive read so far. It is long (unlike the million others on playstore that end in 2 days of binge-playing), exciting, realistic (some decisions really simulated real life quite well),free and themed in my opinion as a dangerous/pre-apocalyptic story with a superb human touch. Kudos! Add some descriptors, some more humor and it will be a good seller!
Honestly the best text based game on mobile right now, but there's an easier way to monetize your game, when certain events happen or important moments in the story happen make it so that the player gets tickets and put a spot somewhere on the ui, and then for symmetry put an ad on the other side, trust me it'll work just ease up a bit on the tickets
Amazing stories that make even the ad watching for tickets bearable. 10/10 would recommend! I'm always thinking of and anticipating the next choice to make, definitely worth a download.
I like this game a lot, the adds are a bit of a pain but expected and I'm glad it has different stories to offer. The stories are really hooking and intense, I just can't stop reading.
This review is based on my first complete playthrough. I played 'and the heroes were lost' I really liked the game, definitely one of the good CYOA. However I feel like many parts of the story are missing, maybe I could see them in next playthrough. Also the story gets different sometimes (like worm holes). But overall really good game.
Great game, and you dont have to pay...just watch a few ads here and there and you can play everything. Fun and innovative stories. 2 thumbs up for gameplay. So the game is great. The upload rate for new chapters is abysmal however. Been waiting months for another chapter. For those who haven't downloaded yet I still recommend getting it as 2 whole stories are already finished, so it's worth picking up.
I've only done the first story so far. Purchased it because the tickets go so fast. Kind of wish I hadn't for 2 reasons. The story isn't that great in that the choices I'm given are often both undesirable or out of character. The other reason is that there have been multiple occasions where my choice didn't matter -either it seemed like it didn't honor my choice or the result could have been the same regardless of my choice. Interface is nice but maybe too sensitive.
I played the their heroes lost and I after playing non stop for its said it ended.so is there more updates coming or do I have to buy the story for further updates.
This game is wholesome. Three stories are great and the best of all, the choices you make affects the story I really love these kinds of game.
Some of the best story writing I've ever seen. as someone who only ready when I'm interested in the story, I got hooked immediately. and I love the romantic choices... specially the more "happy" ones.
The story is enthralling. Unlike a lot of games similar to this there isn't any crappy puzzle game to get access to more of the story, just the tickets. The choices actually feel like they have a purpose. Very good job on this game!
I love this, I have recommended this to my family. I am currently reading and the heros were lost.I can't wait to read the other stories! One problem is ads, to choose a choice you have to have tickets, you get them by watching an add, it gets pretty annoying but I've come to not mind it. The amazing plot and stories are so good, I don't mind having to watch an ad, no matter how boring. I WISH I COULD RATE IT MORE THAN 5!
Great game and story, it annoys me that I have to watch ads each time I've done three choices, but there's enough story in between and the devs need money.
The stories are very interesting and entertaining. To add up, I love that the are statistics at the end of the arc but it would be cooler if they showed all of the endings that are available. Here's an example: 22% didn't make it to the plane and got captured 47% managed to take the plane in time 31% stayed in the basement with Bella
The stories ate very interesting. im addicted. Since you only have to watch ads to unlock more tickets, it goes a lot faster than other games. You also have access to all the choices, all the time.
!! SPOILERS FOR "Sun was our" ARC 8!! This is the only kind of fictional book that i liked, and i highly recommend at least trying it. However, there are some improvements to be made. 1) I would like a "story overview" window, where you could see the choices you made, and descriptions of characters you have met. 2) at times, its unclear if the character will act out the choice as you think they will. In arc 8, choice to decide to send mafia to save Sharon is written as if Moti can't hack yet
Playing the 1st story. Fun so far. I'm enjoying the story and the __% of players feature. Not a fan of the tickets, but at least they are fairly priced if you don't want to wait or watch ads (100 tickets for $1).
I've just finished "And Their Heroes Were Lost" which is [email protected]#&ing-tastic. Worth every penny. A four because I haven't yet read the other stories, and the ending of "And Their Heroes Were Lost" was not the greatest. (Update: just replayed with different choices. 5 stars, hands down) Still very good story(ies) and highly recommended.
The game is awesome. It has a great storyline. And it is worth the money, or the time used in watching ads. Only problem, the third book is not yet completed. And this game was made more than three years ago. Which means they either gave up or something, or they haven't completed the book, which is highly unlikely. Man, I wish the second book was made longer. I completed it in two days, although I am a fast reader, but two days? I hope they haven't given up.
I played this game a couple years ago, I played Heroes Were Lost. I think I made it to arc4? It was an incredible experience, and ridiculously engrossing and fun. I am redownloading on my new phone and am going to play it over again just because I liked it so much. Looking forward to it!
This is so awesome!!! I love the stories sto far and the outcomes for all of the choices is amazing!! Great work!!!!
Some good storytelling with interesting choices that influence what happens. The soul story seems really interesting. 4 stars because the soul stories ending got a bit chaotic and farsical after such a tightly woven build up and not every choice seems to play out correctly but that would be tricky given the amount of them!
Possibly the best game of this style of these games. Played through all three currently available stories and really enjoyed "And the sun went out". Very intricate story and amazing writing and characters. "And their souls were eaten" was also good, with an amazing story. "And their heroes were lost" is definitely not the best. The concept is interesting, but the plot changes suddenly and without explanation, and the ending was very abrupt and obscure, at least for me.
Please make more games like this. I will literally play it. I really loved the first story and I cried at the ending with Moti😭 Etienne was definitely my favorite character. Moti developed alot over the story. This is my favorite game for sure.
You know a story is well written when you actually become emotionally attached to the characters which is easily done in all three of the stories. Each story is original and completely different from the one before it. I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation, fear and excitement on several occasions and at times caught myself yelling out loud at the characters. Please tell me you're going to add another story to the app. I can't get enough! Thank you for creating thisπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
The Story is really good so far but the choices I make seem to have not much of an impact. Edit: I just finished one of the three stories and I am really intrigued. It was a very interesting journey.
This is such an incredible game, but I just wanna say, the history is the one that just blows your mind. I could literally read this as a novel and the fact that I was able to be an active part of it. OMG. Amazing, just... Wow.
I bought the season pass specifically to get the heroes game released. And boy, what they wrote. I was very happy/excited with this series. Has a standard superhero path, but the best parts were in the shady/outright evil routes. All good things must "end". For that, 2 stars off. Your choices don't matter. An evil person but didn't kill anyone? Yay. A saint but kill people? Boo. Good journey ruined by lazy ending that doesn't work for all the paths. Evil ones were shafted without context.
Fantastic writing. I front load all the ads so I can read uninterrupted. Very inspiring for amateur writers. Edit: just finished And their souls were eaten. Built up 300 tickets and ready to explore other story trees! :D
So far I've only played through one story and I can say it's really good. The writing keeps you drawn in and makes you connect great with the characters and situations almost like real life. I have faith that the next two stories I play are gonna be great as well, and I can't wait. Thank you for making such an amazing creation.
It is a choice game like it says. Minor adds each choice uses a ticket you start with 15 and get 3 per add the adds are 15 seconds long I just grind a whole bunch and don't worry about them. Great story. Small grammar errors sometimes but you can tell what they mean. Oh yeah and for a dollar or 2 you get unlimited tickets! The stories are pretty long because I still haven't beat the heroes are lost story... Great job developers recommend if you like books! (Its like a chose your own adventure)
I remember playing this game when I was in middle school and I got so far into all of the stories (moslty the sun one) 5 stars all the way. Really recommend if you like choice story games
I have barely went past the first chapter, and I have to say, the story is a complete master piece. Piecing every sentence one by one gives you an excellent pace of comprehension, and the choices actually made the story goes differently. I understand that you can never truly stray away from the mainline, but having the readers delve into what seems to be side stories is a really good way to build up on the story. The stories are long, but entertaining and exciting, and that's a big plus for me.
I'm only part of the way through the first book, but what I've read so far is incredible. The reader choices aren't as impactful as I was expecting, but that doesn't detract from it's amazingly gripping and emotional story telling that'll leave you hungry for more!
Broken game. I absolutely loved your game but I was forced to stop playing because I can no longer get choice tickets, I have 0 tickets no matter if I claim 6 free or watch an ad, I simply do not gain more choice tickets which is really dissapointing since I just adored the experience up to that point.
Wait this game is not at all worth 5 stars so google can you make um like a million star rating . Even a billion stars is less for this awsome masterpiece . You need to see sds for continuing story but its worth it totally a must for ppl who like text based choice stories.
If you are looking for a game with an interesting storyline that is directed by your decisions, look elsewhere. Choices that matter is a game where you get to decide whether to pay money or spend more time watching ads than playing in order to wade through tedious binary decisions, such as how to say goodnight to your smartwatch.
I played ATSWO and loved it whole-heartedly. The idea of having an AI assistant that becomes human-like and eventually your best friend is so sweet. Moti and the reader are such a dynamic duo, I loved every single interaction they had together. Also, I'm pretty sure the MC is supposed to not be addressed by any pronouns, but in the chapter where you need to save the town with Etienne, a woman says something about "Two men" (referring to Etienne and the player).
Having to wait 2 hours to get free choice cards ruins the flow of the story. Watching an ad to get 3 choice cards means that this game is online.
I really enjoy the mechanics of the game, and how you get to choose out of three stories. My personal preference is 'and their heroes were lost', the story is super interesting and I totally reccomend the game.
I've read/played through a bit of the first story. I paid for the pass because the story is exciting and I really want to know what happens. I'm really enjoying making decisions that affect how the story progresses. The only thing I would change is being able to see at least how many other branches are there that make up the percentage that it gives you at the end of each arc.
I have enjoyed a few text adventures over the years. Some good, some bad. This one kinda falls into the later category. Its not terrible, I suppose, but I got bored pretty quick. Story is unoriginal and characters are uninteresting. I gave it three stars only because its free and ads aren't too annoying.
Really enjoying the Sun story. The premise is interesting and the choices - for the most part - feel meaningful. Arc 5 has some spelling and grammatical errors, which is strange considering the story until then was well edited, but other than that it's great so far. (Edit - playing further into Arc 5 it seems that a few choices are simply not registering at all in the story and it continues as if I chose an alternate option. EDIT - This continues further into Arc 6 and is much worse. Wow.)
I loved the storyline and how it looks so so much.. But as I got further into the story it started doing the opposite decision to what I clicked on and ruined it for me :( not sure if that's a glitch or something.. But maybe have a look at fixing whatever it is?
Honestly, I got bored with the first story and stopped playing. The story made really no progress, it just changed locations and characters frequently. The writing is Tumblr level, the science is very superficial and hand wavy, the dialog is littered with one liners, the AI is an anime trope, I could go on. Sorry if this is harsh, but I wasted 6 EUR on this, and it just isn't worth even half that.
I'm so in love with these stories I can't begin to express my love to the creators, I love the way your brains work. My Favorite story so far is "And Their Souls Were Eaten" I love how intricate the stories are and the world building makes me feel like I'm truly there. I've highly recommended it to family and would recommend it to anyone considering. I've refrained from buying story passes ($5-6) because I probably wouldn't enjoy the stories as much if I didn't have to wait for passes
Very good story. The characters feel so real, the choices are heavy, consequences are touching. Amazing job guys! Thank you very much!
If you like choose your own adventures, this is a must. I've only gone through the first story, but excited to try the other two!
I must say that the MC being gender neutral (in the first two stories I've read so far) is really commendable. I also enjoyed the first story quite a bit.
Without that ticket thing this would be worth of 5stars, but it's free game and developers need support from adds. Just completed arc 3 of " the sun is gone" and this totally gets you sucked into it.
Very gripping story, and i'm glad of the choices that I made throughout. This may sound cliche but for some reason I also had so many actors in my head to play different roles, it was so crazy, and i loved it!
The best CYOA I've ever played so far. Very challenging, and engaging. I'm always at the edge of my seat while reading, and finding out what will happen next. I like this game very much, I hope that there will be new stories in the future. I'll certainly come back to this game, and gladly play it.
So far so good! I spent a dollar on the 100 tickets immediately and I don't regret it. I'm so invested in the story! I'm currently reading the Sun went out and it's such a good story. I like the fact that choices really do matter and affect the outcome greatly, and I can't wait to play through and make "better decisions." Great game, please keep working on it!
Hi, I really liked your stories and have already bought the story pass for all three stories that are currently available. I was hoping to ask wether or not you're going make romance centric stories in the future. The occasional fluff is cute but I really can't help wanting more. Though from the looks of it, future stories will just continue to be plot-centric with a romance afterthought. I guess that's nice too.
Still on the first story but love it so far. I really appreciate that I can watch ads to get more story tickets. I get to read a lot everytime I open the app. I dont feel so restricted like in other choice/story apps. The first story is quite exciting! I am looking forward to reading the other two. I hope more stories like this will be added! A+!
Beautiful storytelling, and every choice ACTUALLY adds up. You can kill off characters so easily and they all feel so realistic. If you love stories, this is a must have experience. And you can watch short ads for choices. It's 100% free if you choose and it's stackable so you can watch ads until you have 80 choices or so and be set for a long time. I adore Etienne from the story about the sun.
overall the app works great...each choice costs one ticket, and the tickets are easily obtainable. no having to purchase a small amount of tickets just to blow most of them on one choice like many other choose your own adventure apps!
If you hit the choice button more than once before the screen changes it will keep using tickets. I lost about 100 in like 5 to 10 minutes before realising.
I love this game, definitely the best choose your own adventure game because it really feels like your choices make a difference. Really cool concepts of the stories and the characters are awesome. Plus, Moti is adorable.
At first i was sceptic but this "game" is amazing. I love to read a great story and this is perfect. So much fun to gelp make the stroy and be so involved. Keep making more !!
I started out just watching videos to get the 3 free tickets but there were so many choices and each Choice used one ticket. If you buy the 100 tickets for 99 cents it would take you about $24 to finish the story since it says there is 2400 choices in the book. I paid $5.49 for the "and the sun went out" story and it was the best money I ever spent. I can't wait to restart the story to see how different choices affect the ending.
Awesome stories, and very well written. Reason I gave 2 stars is because of having to wait so long to finish a story. when I pay money to play a game, or read a book, I expect to be able to complete it in a timely manner. I understand life gets busy, but I have been waiting 5 MONTHS to finish it! when you offer a customer to pay for a service, it needs to be provided. If it was all free, I could understand taking 5 months to finish the story. It isn't worth it to support this company with money.
I played "And the sun went out," I liked the choices players had to make, but i found a few grammar errors and the story lacking replayability which is a possible deal breaker. Overall i loved the story it was great, character deveploment was a bit weird but not unimpactful. The story did seem a bit weird on pacing but overall i thought it was fine. The game overall was entertaining to say the least. great work.
I was finding a game like this and this game finished my search. A game that make me feel like I am that character. A great story buildup. I thank everyone who work on this game but it need some more stories
Interesting story (I've only done 1 so far) and choices that are actually choices (not 1 non- choice and pay to take the better options). Solid choose your own story. Really enjoying it.
Awesome app, well designed and the stories are well written. My biggest praise lies within the Ad reward system. The most fair and balanced ad system I've seen yet. Incredible app, can't wait for new stories.
Played through 'Sun' twice. The sheer amount of content created for this game is impressive. YMMV over whether the sections with descriptions of locations/food are enjoyable or filler, but given current lockdown they had a side benefit of reminding me of holidays past! Deliberately went for a 'darker' ending (seen by 1% of players) 2nd time round. Felt I was fighting the authors' intent a bit but definitely a less predictable ending and seemed fitting. On to 'Souls' now, very intruiging so far!
good game good story but I see in the comments of people that they tired to see ads again and again but I have a small tip for you all guy before playing the game take the three tickets after that go in setting skip time again get ticket. only work if you off your mobile data is off and please reply me why dont you complete the third story
I really like the chose your adventure idea. This is the first game like this I've tried and it's really engrossing. Looking forward to the other adventures in this game. I've just finished all three games in this app. All were excellent. When are the next stories coming out?
One of the best text based games I've played! The story is great and at first I just expect it to be just plainly texts and some arts here and there but then I was wrong. I recommend playing :3
It would get a perfect 5/5 if not for the fact you constantly get taken out of the experience to watch ads in order to earn choice tickets. Paying the $0.99 for 100 tickets is borderline a requirement. It is quite great otherwise though. 4/5 - *
love this! recently found it again. played it as a kid and was broken heartes for days when i originally didn't find it. such a good game. i love that it's not restricted by a paywall (im ok with the choice tickets for watching ads deal) like many other great games are. im on the sun one still bc i only installed it yesterday. love it :)
Great story! I enjoy how it tells you what percentage of people who pick the same decisions as you. 100% worth it to just buy the story so you don't have to stop and wait to keep reading. Besides buying the story is cheaper than I've experienced in other apps.
Overall, I really enjoyed the first storyline--"And the Sun Went Out"--and I'm curious to see what the others are like. There were a few moments in playing where I was confused by information that I wasn't sure I'd learned before, but that could be because of the length of the story! I also felt some of the choices were a bit arbitrary in light of how many tickets I had to use, but that didn't bug me much since I usually farmed tickets while doing something else. Worth a download for sure!
Well done! Well written. Tough choices. Storyline carries along nicely, but very abrupt end. Keep it going guys!
This is one of the most exceptional games I have played! The music set the ambience perfectly and the stories and plot were just perfect! I easily got invested in the story and attached to the characters. It was to the point where I got disappointed when the story ended and it made me wanting more. I love how each decision you make can influence the plot. And one of the best parts is that you can read the three stories for free! I highly recommend this game!
Cynical fake. The choices you make are two different ways of asking the same thing, and in no way meaningful impact the overall story. Example: early in the game you are asked to meet someone at 5pm. At 4:50 your character starts eyeballing an old man and you can't stop them from doing until 5:20. You do get the choice between saying "he looks suspicious" and "let's wait and see what he does"....
This app is probably my absolute favorite game app that I have ever come across. The stories are developed, intriguing, and cater to one's imagination in a way that not only lets you grow attached to the plot but also makes you feel like you're actually there in the scene. Definitely an app to download if you're looking for a long-term immersive story with all types of twists and turns. I'm really hoping there are more stories/plotlines in the future!
I really like the chose your adventure idea. This is the first game like this I've tried and it's really engrossing. Looking forward to the other adventures in this game.
For anyone who keeps running out of tickets, install an autoclicker and set it up to automatically watch ads and collect tickets. Then just leave it for a couple hours and you'll be rolling in tickets.
First story is amazing, second is extremely stunning(in a good way),last story...not so much i was on a repeated amneasia escape scenario and i didnt like the almost completely reset plot but i guess its because of my choices. Overall the game is BRILLIANT, i was slapped in the face by its amazing storyline,the characs are unique as well and i never would have thought this game is open to homosexual romance(choiceable). The game ads doesnt give me the ticket sometimes and thats the only.
I immediately found myself lost in the stories this game has to offer. It's a really good interactive experience with each decision feeling like it impacts the game in a meaningful way. My only complaint is the amount of ads I had to watch to progress at a faster rate through the stories. I love that the ads didn't really disturb the gameplay though and I'd highly recommend this for anyone looking for a choose your own adventure type thing.
Lots of fun, the music really fits the moods but it also isn't necessary so you can play silently, the stories are super intriguing + ominous + mysterious, also I love the fact it tells you how many players end up in the same place as you after each arc. The stories are really long, too, so you can play for awhile.
Definitely 1 of my FAVORTIE CHOICE GAMES!!! AND THE FACT THAT YALL MADE IT SO THAT WE CAN WATCH ADS TO CONTINUE THE STORIES IS THE GREATEST PLUS!!! I remember when we had to pay...THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE APP!!! THANK U GUYS frfr(Its hard for us men to find Choice games without spending alot of money for them), i will be Downloading as many of you guys apps as possible lol as long as its the same way
I've competed the sun went out, which was a great, original story. There were some plot holes with the path I took, but they weren't horrible. I do feel the free intro credits are too short to give a good litmus of whether the story has a good hook and recommend the first arc should be completely free. You have so many decision points (a good thing), that the 3 daily and watch video credits get you almost nowhere. I ended up buying the game outright, after initially buying an extra 100 credits.
RE "And the sun went out" - Once you get into it it's amazing! Only gripes are towards the end there were typos and some grammar errors. Also there were some bits where the story jumped/jarred towards the end. Otherwise beautifully written. Tickets system is a novel idea but I ended up buying it as got impatient! Probably the best text based choice game I have played. Debating playing it again! Played "And their heroes were lost" but found rewind feature if you die etc annoying. Only 1 ending?!
I'm pissed. The storyline and everything is great. Except the token scam. First, you watch an ad or claim the tokens for the 3 hours you waited just to get it. Let's say, that you have claimed 3 tokens and that you have only spent 1 token so far, and have confirmed it by checking the number of tokens you have left by clicking the token symbol at the top right corner of your screen. However, when you want to pick another choice, they say that you have ran out of tokens. Don't believe me? Try it.
Interesting Text based game ... Choices don't matter much untill the end . Also I am pissed that no matter what GHOST 1 had to die in the third story .
I do like the story but I don't feel like I have much agency with my choices outside of which place I go too. But I have only played one of the stories so we'll see.
This game is like a choose your own adventure book. It has a great story, and it's free. I don't mind the ads because they're not too frequent. I hope they make more games like this. And by the way there's 3 separate stories in this game. 3 different flavors of adventure. I recommend this game. I have never reviewed any games before but I enjoyed this game for what it is. A simple and enjoyable choose your own adventure style game.
it's amazing, beyond words. I've fallen in love with the characters and have played the stories over and over again to see the different options and endings, i didn't expect it to be so... GOOD. Despite already playing it once, it still felt fresh and new every time (especially since I was picking different options) it was amazing, i love it. I don't mind the limitation on the story tickets or watching the ads, it's WORTH IT. I love this concept, and i really hope that there will be more!