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Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Pixelberry located at Pixelberry Studios 1245 Terra Bella Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Sex/Eroticism, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game. Waiting 3 hours for 1 key is outrageous. Spending 25 diamonds on a dress that doesn't get you any special scenes is also outrageous. And, reusing images from characters in other books is just lazy. It really throws you out of the story line when the queen in one book shows up as the assistant in the the next. Also, every book I've played so far has had a female main character. Are there any male main characters?
I like the game and all the stories. I just wish it could be more accessible with the prices. Also everytime I buy a new dress, its only for one time occasion then I can't reuse it again. Everytime I try to get free diamonds watching adds the screen freezes and a message pop up saying there's an internal error!
I enjoy the game but there are so many choices that need diamonds and it takes many of them each time. 15-45. It adds up and the ones you earn by playing through a chapter and by watching ads is very little. I wish the costs were lower. I may not be playing for much longer because of this. I've spent nearly $20 real dollars in one day and still haven't finished one full story.
I'm a VIP member and have been playing Choices for years. My participation is dwindling due to increased diamond choices, even with the VIP membership and the way the storylines have been changing. They're becoming very soap opera-like. Also, I've completed over 20 stories and have several open now, however if if I choose to play the African American MC, one of the same 3-4 faces are available every time...for every story (not including young adult). New characters and hairstyles are needed.
Giving it 2 stars but only because of the diamond situation. There needs to be more ways to earn diamonds. 3 at the end of each chapter is low and ridiculous. I'm not going to spend money on clothes or situations - there's only 2 choices ... either the nice outfit, which you pay for ... or the not-so nice free one. If you're limiting the ways to earn diamonds, you need to lower the amount of diamonds you need to purchase.
Enjoying this app for the most part. biggest issues are with diamonds and keys. You only get 2 free keys at a time after waiting for 3 hrs for 1 (1 key=1 chapter). You only get free diamonds by accomplishing tasks or watching ads. I have been reassured that you can complete stories without needing diamonds, however you cant do anything much without them (extra outfits cost between 20-25, special events/moments/adventures cost between 15-30). So without spending money youre not getting much.
It has an amazing story line, but the costs?? It's ok if you agree to a VIP membership, but that's $16/month for an app. But if you wanna make your choices everytime, you have to buy the $4.99/60 💎 pack. Which doesn't sound that bad. Until you realize that most choices are usually 15-20+ diamonds. And sometimes you can't say no to certain choices or else you die. Forcing you to buy those diamonds. This app is seriously fun, but it doesn't give the user much of a choice other than going VIP pack
This app used to be so good, but the quality of stories has taken an enormous dive this year. I used to play every story when it came out; now the only reason I haven't deleted the app is because of a few stories that are supposed to get sequels sometime. The fall of Choices has been heartbreaking.
It's really too expensive, but it's like a complete drama. I am really not interested in romantic storylines but it's feels amazing when I play it, once I can't even think that romantic thing or storylines ever get me goosebumps of suspense. I really sick of romance, but when it's come to this I just want to touch those characters. The way I revealed myself to them, they just accept me that way. I can be myself in this game. But yeah, it's way too expensive...
Really great game! I've been playing for about a year now. The choices actually affect more than just what happens right then, they actually even affect future books. Almost all the books are worth finishing, not just a few popular ones like in other games. Unlike other people say, it's easy to get and save up diamonds too, if you're patient. And I absolutely love how that new book promotes environmental awareness! (Although I'm a bit frustrated the character you play isn't Charlie LOL)
Think I wouldn't notice the daily amount of diamonds you can earn from logins went from 5 to 4? Because I noticed. You can go through a story without premium choices, they just help certain stories along. I advise reading through a story you're not really invested in to earn diamonds and then save them for stories you're REALLY interested in getting all the good choices.
Storylines are entertaining and exciting. The downside is the diamond accumulation, like only 5 diamonds a day, I take ages just to finish 1 chapter or if I just pass the good juicy choices, it feels like a chapter not played well. Diamonds purchase is not cheap either. Please lower your diamond amount for each choice especially for long term players!
The game is nice, pretty intertaining, but advice save up while you still can better if you newly got the game cuz the more you use it the more you use your diamonds and when you run out the game is completely useless you can't do anything 😡 so just get as much diamonds and keys as possible while you still can 😤 But still a pretty nice game not bad stories are nice a good old 4/5 for me l guess... But take the advice!!!
Cost way to much for diamond. Cost way to much, any where from 12 to 30 diamond to get through the story.. Vip 14. 99 for the fist time then 19.99 after.. All you get is 10 diamond a day, 5 daily then 4 diamonds vip 1 that the game gives you.. I have a few stories going that I'm not even reading cause I just want to play the story I'm on. It sad cause I enjoy the stories
I am in love with the stories but it should say stories you pay to play. If you're not putting money into it you miss a lot of the options. They dont have many options on how to get diamonds to allow you to choose other paths in the stories. You can get about 1o diamonds a day but it cost 15-30 per choice or outfit so the stories get expensive fast. I might not keep it for long if it doesnt change.
I really like the game and i really enjoying playing this. But we don't get enough diamonds. I tried buying diamonds but it's way too expensive same goes for the VIP as well I heard they're giving out challenges to some players for extra diamonds. I have been playing this game for almost 2 years now but they didn't give me that. They're giving to the new players who are installing the game now. The challenges are gud they should be giving out to every players by now.
Really enjoy the app! However the number of gems required for a premium choice is very high. Also, the period of time to wait on a new key is very long. Maybe developers could give the user an option to watch video ads to unlock keys rather than having to wait a long period of time?
The graphics and the characters are well made but over all i dont lime that there is a VIP with a lot of fun books. And that you have to use REAL money to buy a VIP pass. It also takes a really really long time to refill your passes and that is also the things that i would appreciate if they change it. I do like the game but these are just SOME of the things the can change to make the game better. Good luck!!
If you don't pay for diamonds, you will spend the whole game in bad clothes and going to bed early. Don't bother starting if you're not willing to spend about $40 of $50 a month. If you dont spend money the game is really boring. Also confused as to why it has a review average of near 5 stars? All the reviews i can see are 1-3 stars. Did they use all our money to pay for a better review average 😂
I really like the app and the stories! However it is hard to continue as you need a lot of diamonds and it's hard to get them for free. I paid for the VIP however you still don't get enough diamonds to finish a chapter with premium choices per day. It'd be better if as VIP the number of daily diamonds you receive was a little higher so you can at least make a few premium choices a day instead of just one. This way the game takes way too long to play...
The stories are really good the chapters are good but I do feel like to experience certain situations it costs way to much. The diamonds run out so fast it's very expensive to play and membership just went from 14.99 to 19.99 I wish it wasn't so expensive to play because I really like this app but I just don't know how much more I can spend.
I love these stories and how interactive they are. The graphics are amazing. I am newly subscribing VIP, which seems to only get you unlimited keys. I wish there was a way to tier the VIP subscription to cater to reduced rates of in story diamond purchases or be able to unlock all purchases within a story by purchasing the story. It's rightfully expensive for all the work that goes into it, but really limits the experience to only people who can afford it.
The stories are mostly great (some characters can be one dimensional, but I've found them to be just a few) and there are many book options. Still, the game itself gets too expensive due to the diamond choices. Would appreciate more ways to earn diamonds, and better VIP perks (perhaps increase the number of diamonds a VIP can get a day through more ad watching?) Good luck to the team and stay safe!
The stories are quite ok, although it feels like your choices really don't matter that much to the story. If there were tiny changes to the end because of small CHOICES it would go a long way in making the stories more interactive. Although the keys and diamonds system is kinda annoying its been improved since last time I played(a year ago) and if you play enough you can unlock certain choices So yeah although it's currency system is a bit flawed the stories it self are enjoyable
Two stars for graphics and fun story lines, but other than that you they really want you to pay to play, because there is NO WAY to fully get the entire experience of this game for free. They offer you 1 diamond for finishing the chapter & 1 you can earn watching an ad. Then once a day you can earn 1 for free & 4 by ads. It's ridiculous that it takes you 4-5 days to earn enough to buy a dress or to go on a special date/outing. I don't pay to play games so I'll be uninstalling.
I enjoy playing the game but for the major choices you have to have diamonds. You get a small bonus for coming back everyday (used to be 7 but they have dropped it to 4 in last last few days) but most of you choices will cost you 15 to 20 diamonds. This is the only game I have ever bought a $20 package and the diamonds didn't last 3 days and I even skipped the changes of clothes. This game would be more fun if you could actually make choices that didn't cost so much sometimes.
I love this game! Its addicting and I've had a really good time except for how much the actual choices cost. I bought the VIP ($15.00) that allows me to read as much as I want and that is really great for the cost. As for the price of gems in the game is very skewed, it comes down to one American dollar for 10 gems and some choices cost 30. Please reevaluate your gems cost so I don't quit playing.
Would give a 3 but can't imagine how many Diamonds or money you need to really get your character to have a good story line, an having to wait two hours to play each chapter unless you pay is crappy. Game may be free, but to really enjoy it isn't. Disappointed in some other area's too some as simple as what you look like, depending on the story you're playing. Crazy thing is if you have a lot of money you can play a great game!
I really do love some of the books and how I truly get to personalize my character. Id say the only downside is that it can get expensive. FAST. Having to pick and choose which characters to go on adventures with bothers me most, just simply because I don't have enough diamonds. But all in all, a great story game where you really do get to be apart of it.
It is a very fun but I can't seem to get coins as soon as I would see fit, like it takes 3 hours just for one coin, and by then I forgot the story thing and it just seems really tedious. Its not like I can just buy more coins every time I run out, and I only seem to be intrested in certain stories, all and all though, its still a pretty good time waster and I love how much freedom it gives me, I mean to name my character "fat feed" or "Dr. Dr Doctor Doctor"
I love this game but have to give a 1 star because as some of the reviews it gets expensive to play, I have noticed in the stories that I so far have read that even when a dress or outfit is given to you you still have to pay for it. Also I feel like just 2 keys is not enough Because you have to wait at least 4 hrs to continue. I don't know but maybe more keys would help.
I love the stories and its fun. Problem is how little gems we get per day while some choices ranges to 20-39 while we only get to 5 gems (divided into different sets for more ad to be played) from the check in and ads per day plus a few finished chapters but thats only when your playing the story you like and how much you've got to wait because of the key resets- 1 key takes 2 hours and another key for another 2 hours and how the max of keys you'll have is just 2 (2 hours is so long)
There's hardly any choices without buying diamonds and not enough opportunity to earn free diamonds. The storylines are ok, but if you don't buy diamonds, you don't get to make the more interesting choices in the storyline and wardrobe. You'd be better off reading a free romance book on your tablet.
Honestly the Choices are ridiculously expensive, but there's way to earn diamonds overtime. This is a gradual game rather than a binge. However my one big problem with the game is the inability to have the character look like me. There's custom options, but not every girl has long hair. I certainly don't. Some books give the options for short hair while others don't. I'd love for them to bring more diversity to all books.
Disappointing and expensive!!! I actually paid for the VIP status thinking it would get me further in the story. However that was not the case at all! I couldn't even finish one book with the VIP status. I contacted them and informed them of this and was given the standard message they would pass along my feedback. I'll be deleting my VIP status and will uninstall the app. Don't waste your time and money on this one.
The game is really fun to play but in order to wear an appropriate outfit for an event or meet with another character you have to use 20 to 30 diamonds. You're only given two diamonds at the end of each chapter. So if you really want to meet that person or wear that outfit you have to purchase more diamonds. This game gets too expensive.. I would have loved to continue on with the 2nd book, but I didn't want to have to keep buying more diamonds In order to talk to the Prince, or get a new dress
It would be even better if there were more horror books, no hate to the other books, but there are more romantic books than anything else, I like the romantic books but I really miss seeing horror books come out and it makes me sad, please make more scary books because they are the best in this game in my opinion, more mystery books wouldn't hurt either.
I absolutely love the variety of stories especially the fantasy ones, though the choices are quite expensive. I always have to wait everyday to claim my rewards just to continue playing. Other than that it is fantastic and I would highly recommend it. I would also like to add that I would also like it to add more customisation options. It only gives you a few options and sometimes it just looks absolutely nothing like me, however, some books do give more of a variety while others don't.
It costs way too much to play this. Side quests and clothing needed in the stories need to be cheaper and you should get way more gems than they give you both purchased ($5 for only 60 gems?) or given to you after you complete a chapter. Hell, each side quest or outfit costs around 20 gems give or take and there's so many of them in each chapter. I know you don't have to do those, but then the story sucks when you can't purchase an outfit needed or do a side quest to expand your experience.
I've played this for nearly three years now, and I'll keep doing so. Can't wait for Most wanted 2! when it comes to diamonds, I honestly don't see what everyone's complaining about. The quests give a good amount of diamonds, and the prizes of the paid options seem reasonable. Still, It's sad to see that the pixelberry team makes less and less books where you can play as a male. Choices is seriously one of the two only role-play mobile apps I've found that let me do this. Please don't stop.
I actually really really enjoy these stories but I'm having the same issue as some others with it, there's no way to earn a way to play over time except for 1 diamond per add... 4 diamonds a day? You've got to be kidding me, I would pay if it was cheaper but I've got bills I need to take care of anyone in the right mind can't blow that much money on a game. I actually like the concept that it's paced slightly because it does remind me to out down my phone and create my own stories. Too much.
While I enjoy the stories very much, the chapters are very short and not really worth the wait for 1 ticket. I love the fact that they added some 17+ stories for us young adults, and the free gem system is nice (2 per chapter and 5 a day with ads). Will keep playing and give 5 stars if you guys can either make the chapters longer or make the ticket wait times shorter.
Great stories, only if you have gems. I love this app and the stories are great however you don't really get anywhere in the stories unless you have gems. You can only select the good parts of the stories if you have gems and you have no options of watching an ad or even a few ads in order to pick the option you want within the story. Really disappointing. I'm not gonna spend $100 or more on one story just to get the decent option. I'll go buy a few books with that money. Sadly had to uninstall
I love this game it is AMAZING but I would like more Male options in stories. I hate that I'm a dude playing this game but I cant be a dude IN the game majority of time. I WOULD like more Male options in futures stories. Also, it needs more ways to get diamonds. The only way to get them is finishing a chapter which you only get 2 and 5 a day if you watch ads. At least let people enjoy the game without having to waste money on diamonds. At least give 10 diamonds a chapter.
I actually like this because I can read and I love reading but I don't like the diamond exchange! You don't get enough diamonds to do anything without paying. I almost for the first time ever was about to buy the VIP until I realized you only get 185 diamonds. I get why you do it but I won't pay for a game, I dont have total control in. I mean for 14.99 I think you should get unlimited diamonds and keys. Thats far more than any games cost!
I've completed five books, spent a little money on keys and diamonds(premium currency), and been mildly entertained by the app. Its not terrible, and not even the worst I've seen as far as ads or premium goading. The language in the books leans hard toward premium content, but it ultimately has no effect on the outcome so thrifty players don't fret. Look, this app isnt going to win an American Book Award, but it can kill a few hours of your time well enough. TL;DR 3 OF 5 Stars. Nice try.
This is by far the best VN app I've seen on Android. It has a large collection of stories and there's something for pretty much everyone. The writing is engaging, the characters are endearing and there are plenty of actually funny jokes too! The only downside is that so many choices are locked behind a paywall that requires Diamonds - but that's basically every single app like this on the play store anyway.
Love the stories. Hate the diamonds. The older stories is more about the story and the interaction, while the newer stories are just there to spend diamonds. For instance in the older stories you might spend around 70 diamonds a chapter. But the older stories you have to spend between 10-15 for each option and not just a big choice such as clothes or romance scene. You thus spend over 140 diamonds in a chapter. Perfect example of that is Witness: Bodyguard Romance. Please go back to how it was.
I'm giving this game 4 stars just because I am addicted to it. The only problem for me is that I feel like you don't ALWAYS make the choice you want to, to steer the story in the direction you want to because you don't have enough diamonds. If only daily rewards could be increased. Either that or a daily login reward that increases for each day of the week. Otherwise, this game is awesome! I love it.
Not only is Choices one of the only chaptered dating games like this I'll play due to the wonderful system with gems and keys (and affordability)- they're dedicated to bettering themselves. Their graphics are constantly top of the line, their storylines are interesting, and they are always striving for diversity. Recently, they came out with the option to allow the player's character to be nonbinary. Although it may seem small, this is the first time I've felt represented in a game like this.
I wish it was more affordable. It's very expressive I've spent 20 on one book is there away I can collect diamonds they only give you few after you complete chapters there is a member ship of 14 a month but that includes a one time 185 diamond amount if you got that per month it would be better. Stores are good but you have to spend money for diamond if you want to get the full story and not feel your missing part of it.
The money spent on the gems use to feel worth it. Now it feels more like a money grab. I even played one of the old stories; Freshmen, just to make sure. I am now playing Queen B and in just one chapter I have been asked to spend gems at least 4 times totalling in 80 gems in ONE chapter! I paid for VIP and 200+ gems were gone in 2 1/2 chapters. Just feels like I can't enjoy the story the way I want to anymore. I mean I paid the money so I should be able to enjoy all the choices like before.
I love this game so far! First game I actually spent money on, which is BIG for me. That being said though, I'm unsure if I'm just bad with money, but I spent quite a lot to be able to enjoy some of the chapters. I feel like the amount of diamonds needed are typically a bit TOO much for one choice. While there are a few exceptions to what I mean, most games will cost 20-30 diamonds for one action. Plus if you wanted to do free to play some of other non-diamond choices are just awful.
Im a bit disappointed by how much the stuff cost and how little diamonds they give you. I even went as far and subscribing to the month to recieve 10 daily checkin diamonds, however I did not recieve my 10 but only 1. Such a rip off. I love the game besides the cost. Give more diamonds a day..or stop requiring us to use so many for a scene.
I love this game especially seeing as it seems to cater to a wide audience including the LGBT+ audience. all the stories have brilliant plots, its like playing in your own tv show. Only thing i can say is to no make so many where you can only play as a female character as there is a male audience to provide for as well.
I love the stories, but playing them is made less fun by not being able to play the way you want without buying. I would much rather pay for a one time deal to get all the premium choices and unlimited keys. Or just pay for the game and get unlimited actions and keys. This is the big problem with a lot of "free games". If the option that i suggested is made available, then it would be a 5/5.
Awesome game, great graphics and storylines. But I left out the last star because when my phone automatically updated the app I lost my progress and couldn't retrieve it. Frustrating. I had to restart. Please fix that please. I can't keep going back to scratch with each update.
I absolutely LOVE this app. It is so much fun. But as of 2 updates ago, it won't load up for me. It just crashes and closes. I reached out to developers and heard nothing back after the first one and then just decided to wait and see if another update fixed it but it didn't. Disappointing. Hopefully I can eventually play it again. Edit: Thank you to Naomi for helping to recover my old game file on my new device. I look forward to many more chapters and stories with you!
LOWER. YOUR. DIAMOND. COSTS If you're a rich teenage kid with lots of money to blow then this will be a great app. No, I do love the stories themselves, but the amount of diamonds that each chapter costs is RIDICULOUS!!! Buying is not worth it and using stories as throwaways to earn diamonds is absolutely impractical. Y'all better lower the spending amount in chapters by at least half. This is BS.
This is my favorite story app and I've been using it for a while. The stories are great. My problem with it is that there's frequently issues with 'server error' when trying to watch the free ad when finishing a chapter, it tells you to try again later when there is no way to retrieve that ad afterward. I don't mind buying diamonds but the amount needed to make choices is crazy. I would be interested in VIP but it seems that even paying $15/month still would require purchasing more diamonds.
I LOVE this game, it has really good stories and the things you have to buy are only extra stuff. BUT i hate that i have to wait SO LONG for keys and then only get 2! I would play the game for HOURS if i got more keys faster and id be more likely to buy diamonds because im playing more. Thats the only thing i dont like about this game tho! So i wish it was different
its really good, the stories are good, graphics interface, almost everything is great except the time for the keys to fill also the diamonds. i get it that the diamonds is a way for users to purchase, but maybe be a bit more generous like maybe 3 or 4 diamonds when you finish a chapter. also the keys maybe leesen it to an hour i guess or 1.5 hours???2 hours is too much that sometimes i get discouraged from opening the app cuz i need to wait a long time.
I'm in love with this game. The stories are fascinating, the scripts are brilliant and the artwork is simply stunning. I love how interactive this is! Just one thing --- getting the diamonds and keys is a quite difficult job, it has imporoved but the choices which seem like the best ones in the story require a lot of gems and stuff. That is a little pain but I guess that's what it makes such an enjoyable game.
Costly. The outfits you need cost so much. Im not spending more on gems and the money I've paid so far in gems far outweighs what a book is worth. I think if you made it cheaper then people would continue to read and then read more of what you offer and also recommend the app. I will be deleting once my gems are out and doubts I will be anywhere near the end. You guys want to get rich quick
It is a great, fun, & realistic app. The stories are interesting, you never know what to expect. The one thing is that the choices cost a lot of diamonds. There are hardly any ways to get the diamonds. For the people who can't just buy them, it's very frustrating that you'll skip a very good choice. Some choices don't need that amount of dimaonds spent on them either.
I love this game. I've been playing since it hit the app store four years ago. Unlike episode for a good bit of the stories you can choose your gender and the graphics and wide variety of stories and genres to choose from is just amazing. The only thing i wish for is that more of the stories had gender options, i understand that some of the stories have to be played by a female character, but some of them could go both ways.
I love the story line, BUT AS SOON AS YOU START LOVE THIS, you have to ge diamond/stars ,and some only give's you a number of times to watch ads for a reward, i am not going to buy anything, and not just because i cant afford it, but because its a game, they should give more rewards/diamonds, and/or make things a lot cheeper, atherwise i have no problems
It's a good game to past the time, BUT it's way too expensive!! Unless your happy to spend a fortune buying diamonds to buy clothes/unlock secret chapters etc then you're limited on what options you can pick. Yes, you don't NEED to 'buy' anything to play, but you miss out on a lot if you don't. The game designers need to add other ways for us to build up our diamonds, for eg a target to hit with friendships/romance (depending on the book you are playing) or lower the amount of diamonds needed.
The stories in this game are great. I love the quality and while i dont like all the stories there is plenty for everyone. The reason i can only give one star is because this is a sad example about how the company care more about money than its clients. I dont have to tell you its expensive. Everyone feels that way. But the response? "We tried to make it to where playing is just as good withought premium choices." How are yall charging more than Hulu and EA combined? Get it together Pixelberry.
Love these types of games so much and love my quiet time after my kids are in bed to play it. But the fact that you have to spend money to advance is ridiculous and disheartening. I don't have the money to spend on tons of diamonds when I have 3 small children (1 with special needs). Thank you for wasting my time.
I love this game! I just signed up for VIP about a month ago, and everything has been great. However, since I signed up, I've been getting more ads in order to get diamonds. Before, I only had to watch one ad. Now I have to watch two ads per diamond. I dont like that very much. I think one ad for a diamond is good enough. Please change that. I didn't pay $14.99 to watch extra ads. Thank you
In every step you need diamonds! The choices suck!! Without the diamonds you have no control or no fun! Even the dresses bought previously with diamonds need to be purchased again in another chapter. You can't reuse the dress in another chapter. Would have been better if there was a narration of the dialogues of the characters instead of some random background music and too much to read with too less to choose.
I love the stories. I just think it's ridiculous the amount of diamonds you need to do certain things. You should lower the amount on the choices. I am one of the ones that pay the monthly VIP package and even buy extra diamonds. It sucks that there's times I have to go a few days without playing just so I can collect more diamonds to continue with one chapter of a story. Or offer more diamonds every day. You don't give very many. You don't even give enough to get one premium choice in a day.
This game is wonderful ,I like it ,but I'm a girl without income, I can't do VIP thingy. The only thing i don't like about this app is the gems and keys I need to wait for a couple of hours just to earn gems and keys. Sometimes if gems are not enough to buy the right dress or right reply/answer you need to choose the opposite one which is bad for your reputation in the game. I just want keys and gems in order for me not to wait a hundred of hours just to earn them.I think everyone wants that to.
genuinely an amazing game and honestly i could spend forever playing and going through stories, I don't mind waiting for keys as it keeps/builds up the suspense. the only problem is the diamonds ofc. the highest amount of diamonds for a choice i've ever seen on this app is 40. it's not easy at all to get diamonds but i would appreciate if all outfits didn't have to cost 25/20 bc by the time you get to another choice, you have no diamonds left.
This app is interesting at the beginning. However, I agree with the other reviews that you need to get (buy) enough diamonds to keep the storyline interesting. Too bad, the story gets interesting and then you can't afford the next step. Maybe if there are other choices like with "medium" effect that costs less diamonds rather than just 20 diamonds or free. And the free option doesn't help with the story so much.
After months of being a VIP member, I was unable to make the payment to maintain the subscription last month. I finally updated my payment method, was charged for a month's subscription but I am unable to access VIP in the app. Nothing I have tried is working, when I load into the app, it keeps prompting me to fix my subscription/payment info :(
It's actually a very good app and you won't get bored with it. The story plot lines are good, the English is proper and so are the pictures, characters and the scenes. The only problem is that you need diamonds for every little thing. Be it solving an issue, buying clothes and accessories, special scenes, or even clues you need diamonds. And for getting diamonds you need to buy them. They do give free diamonds if you watch the ads but it's not enough, because there are too many diamond scenes.
Dear Developers of Choices, To be honest it was great game and I think it's graph is going down now! The stories are fine but not satisfactory as before! Also, please bring the updates of HERO: BOOK 2 (It's been years since the BOOK 1 got released!), MONACO HEIST: BOOK 2, MOST WANTED: BOOK 2, BLADES: BOOK 2, & DISTANT SHORES: BOOK 2! Also, try to make both MALE & Female PROTAGONIST, PLEASE!? It is getting too much expensive. Good Game, but Improvement is Always Better! Animations are preferred!
Extremely, EXTREMELY addictive. Pros: - some of the stories are pretty cute and have wholesome moments! - very fun to read, I like how the main character and love interests are customizable. -diverse ethnicities -finishing a book is so satisfying. -Extra bonuses with VIP mode! Cons: -definitely a cash grabbing game. -dialog can be cheesy and repetitive. A lot of characters talk EXACTLY the same ('A woman after my own heart') - so many typos/spots where the custom name isn't input.
Great game, but way to expensive. I love this interactive storytelling. The stories are good and the choices are fun. However each new chapter your character seems to need a new outfit that will cost you 20 diamonds. You can go with what they have, but a lot of the time it is not a very acceptable outfit. Then you will have a special chance to gain relationship or continue a scene, but only if you spend another 15+ diamonds. It costs $5.00 for 60. Makes it way less fun.
As many have mentioned- you cant play without spending a ton of money and even buying the largest pack of gems only last a few chapters. This game is very costly. Theres no way to earn additional gems like other games offer. The subscription is a waste. The outfits range from 15-35 gems and choices range from 12-36 gems. The game would be better if it weren't so expensive. Contacting developers to offer suggestions have lead nowhere. Every player says the same complaint & no changes occur.
Love the stories but it is so expensive it sucks the fun out of it. I wish the developer could make it more affordable - like a one-off payment. Even replaying the old stories utilises your keys which i find is ridiculous. Developer ought to be more generous with the keys and diamonds and access to old stories! At this rate, i will not be able to sustain for long...
I love these story's they really have a way of keeping you hooked. If you want to binge read its definitely costly but just space out and read a few chapters a day and save up your diamonds. I was buying alot of diamonds to keep reading and reading and doing the choices I wanted and it was costly but the app management reached out on my concerns and added more ways to earn diamonds without spending!
Man this is a tough one. The story is surprisingly good but the diamonds is definitely the worst part of the game and also the keys. This would have been cool game if this is a paid game and release on pc or console with higher budget. It really is a good visual novel game if it's gets rid of the diamonds and the keys. Edit: you can watch more ads for diamonds now. And you can complete challenges to get diamonds which is really useful albeit still need a lot to work on
Disappointing. This could've been very fun & addictive. The stories seemed entertaining. I was enjoying the progress... through the tutorial. After that, it's impossible to play... unless you invest a lot of money. They want you to spend $15/month to be a VIP. Otherwise, you're not going to get anywhere. Story options cost diamonds, typically 20-25. You can only earn about 5/day. I suppose I'll finish my chapter in about 3.5 days when I finally collect enough, or I'll completely forget about it.
I'm giving it a 5 star rating because there are very good and interesting stories to play, but I do have one issue I'd like to be solved. There is not enough books with the option to play as a Male or female, it would definitely be a great improvement to add more books where u can choose which gender to play with. Please improve this problem asap Thank You.
It's a great app! I loved all the stories I've read till now but something happened to my tablet and the game got deleted and I couldn't get back my old account with everything on it. If you could fix that problem it would be really helpful, And if you could please release Hero book 2 I would really appreciate it. Keep up the good work! Sincerely Jasmin
Great game! Very addictive although I dont use diamonds but i feel like its very worth it to spend our lives to play this. Reason why I give a 4 stars its actually because I have a suggestion. About the last part, when they ask you to restart or continue on. I feel like they should put some kind of warning on the restart chapter, like are you sure? and then we can click yes or no. Since I missclick a lot and i just wasted a key just to restart the same exact chapter.
I've noticed Pixelberry has been creating more books with female restricted main characters. Although I love the stories, please consider adding more male main characters as well. The thing I love about this app is that it doesn't only have female main characters but male as well. This app is the only one I've seen that actually lets you choose your gender in some books, which is why it breaks my heart that they haven't really released new books like that. This is a great app tho, so try it out
Love the game I just wish you made it easier to play for free instead of trying to get people to buy keys and jewls that cost more than what you can play them for. Maybe give more Jens with each completed chapter.. It would also be great if you could collect more than a few keys at a time and if they took less time to reload.
I'm enjoying the stories very much and the reactions and options are very realistic and covers various personalities. My biggest issue is the ability to get the gems for important scenes or outfits that can affect the story. You get 2 for every completed chapter, if you're VIP ($15 month subscription) you get 4, and 1 additional for watching a video. Some decisions cost anywhere from 15 to 35 gems. It's almost impossible to enjoy the full story unless you pay which really kills the fun.
Two years ago, my post said "it's a free game that is too expensive" but after recently downloading it again, the game has really improved! They've primarily addressed the key and diamond issue so those aren't as hard to obtain - but that could still use some improvement. The diversity of story options and characters are awesome, graphics are pretty good, and it's a pretty great game overall.
The new update looks cool. I like the different stories and plot twist. The problem that I see is the amount of gems that you get each day are not enough for choice that cost over 20 gems which is what would like to do. Besides that this game is pretty good. I suggest that you increase the daily bonus and daily ads.
Had to edit my review. I've loved this app and signed up for the membership. However for over a week now I keep getting "network error" and "unable to claim". I've easily missed out on over 100 gems. I've tired uninstalling and reinstalling the game and still get the same problem. It's really frustrating.
I like the game.. some of the stories are really good so I decided to be a vip member and the only problem I have with the whole thing is the fact you don't get enough diamonds and new stories are slow to come out. I feel that if you're at least a vip member you should get more diamonds for what you pay for it. It's hard to enjoy it fully when you hardly ever have enough diamonds for good choices. I'm not sure if I'll keep my subscription or not yet..
I have been a choices player for years now, and the writing and art in every story is amazing. There is such a big varaiety of stories, not just romance, but many topics are covered, from climate change to rights. However, I have a few issues, like the fact that I don't always get my diamonds after finishing a chapter, and that this year's stories had too many diamond choices, like Witness, where the story was poorly written as well, but overall, Choices is great!
It might be weird to say it, but this app makes me feel gender euphoria. In their latest addition, Foreign Affairs, I was given the option to choose they/them pronouns which are my correct pronouns! I was so happy and it made reading the story a whole lot more enjoyable that I'm currently waiting for more chapters. I would really appreciate it if you continued this trend instead of me having to choose my incorrect pronouns like I have been with the other books. Thank you so much!
The storylines are great dont get my wrong, which is why it got 2 stars, but the cost of the actions is ridiculous and the cost for the gems makes it worth. Not everyone can afford almost 20 bucks a month for a tapping phone app. Decide if you are gonna have a cheaper VIP, cheaper options in game, cheaper gem packs, something to make it more playable for everyone.
Love the playes, but the diamond and key to play ratio sucks! You have to wait 1 hr and 30min for second chapter, then 2 hr for the third. And the play i would like to do are to many diamonds... There should not be a limit on what choice to make. If limited how can the player actually make the choice they want? So its really not a choice.
Meh, I love the stories but it takes me weeks to just get through 1 chapter. waste of my time and life. The game is too costly. Designers need to either charge us a one off full payment then we have access to unlimited diamond choices and keys/ make it more affordable/ give us more diamonds on the ads/end of chapters. You've had many complaints on this- do something about it please you'll lose so many customers over this like you already have. VIP is more expensive than spotify...
Totally Go get this!!! Graphics?Check;Stories?double check.. The stories aren't entirely romantic,there is war,detective and sassiness and I sooo love it. Just no enough cash to make choices,maybe watch a video and get coins. And key takes forever,diamonds are the annoying part & the fact that ypu can't download stories offline-less apps do it,why not Choices that is editors choice?
I love the series I'm playing but its way too costly to play why do you have to use 20 + diamonds for each main character outfit for 1 event?! And then once you actually have diamonds every choice price gets higher. You can't have a decent story w/o having to pay for some of the simplest choices! Once my book end I will not be playing like that because I refuse to keep paying for the simplest things especially for the price its ridiculous. If I do play I will not be invested like now so I'll be fine w/ not paying for choices but then it may be boring all together so I probably won't play again lol
A few months ago I gave this app 5 stars, sad to say that I decided to drop it to a 3. The stories are getting boring. It's obviously only aiming for one type of fan base. The VIP isn't worth 15 dollars every month. I keep it just to diamond mind. As a male, I keep playing the same books over and over again until who knows when the next gender choice book comes out. I had this app for 2 years and I'm loyal to it but at this rate, it's becoming stale.
Really enjoying this app, although most of the time I can't make certain choices because of the cost ( amount of diamonds ) and feel like iv missed out - the name of the app should be make some choices. And nearly £15 for VIP if it was £5 a month I may subscribe. Also the out fits that u pay for in diamonds ( way too pricey ) if they are going to be that much you should be able to use them at all times ( outfit change ) and through out the chapters.
Love the different stories and their plots. However it'll be nice if the gap between getting keys is reduced. And if you can have like 4 keys instead of 2. Also if diamonds gained at the end of the chapter are increased to 3 or 4. The premium choices ask for many diamonds but ways to earn them are lesser. And if you have to earn 15 diamonds by completing a book, the keys shortage becomes an issue. If either the keys/ diamonds/ both can be increased it'll be great
Good story lines, but if u wanted to follow the storys, by spending diamonds then it would become ridiculously expensive for a game! Not many ways to earn free diamonds. Lots of Glitches for earning diamonds ( 3 free adds a day never work!) If they do they never actually credit to the diamonds! I feel that there should be more ways to earn free diamonds (ie downloading other apps and playing to a certain level to earn more diamonds etc) Also lower the amount you need to spend for good choices.
I love the story line and the graphics but you constantly need to spend money to get diamonds to play the game. Not worth it as you usually need to spend diamonds twice a chapter. If you decrease the cost of diamonds needing to play the storyline you could stretch it out without losing. I'd change my rating if the diamonds needed went down and to but then wasn't so expensive or you could earn more watching ads.
Unlike any other app similar, this one is by far the best :) the storyline is easy to understand and is in proper English (not missing words). The graphics are nice and clear, and realistic looking. It let's you choose how the story goes and doesn't take it in an overboard direction, making the story flow instead of getting mixed up and confusing. The only thing I could suggest to make the game an even better experience is to lower the amount of diamonds required for certain choices and clothes.
I love the stories but i became premium thinking it would unlock everything. The scale for the diamonds are bad. You need 25 for an outfit but can revamp your whole throne room wirh 15. Outfits should be 5. I have spent 100s of dollars in this game to be able to make my story what i wanted. Thats a little ridiculous. Even being premuim you get 4 diamonds per chapter but every chapter has 4 to 8 times you can or need to spend diamonds.
Psychologically clever.Morally questionable!The formula of the genre's very much stay the same just with a change of location, look of the characters etc. Nothing wrong with that...no different to the likes of Mills & Boon etc. The use of keys creates a pause like a cliffhanger would in a tv series.Increases the desire for the next instalment.However, in order to do so and for them to actually feel like they are influencing the outcome of the story they would have to spend an absolute fortune.
For a game called choices, you don't actually have many choices (even in character customisations). You have to spend a lot of diamonds to get anywhere useful and have to spend keys go play chapters. Most of the times you only get 2 choices to choose from and one requires (a lot of) diamonds, so if you don't have diamonds, you are left with no choice. Controls are ok, graphics are good, though the story gets boring fast.
This has really been my favorite interactive story. Aside from the unique storylines, I also love the choices you'll be choosing that may give an impact to the story. It's like you're really the main character. And, though it's hard to collect diamonds, I learn to be contented on what I have and use the diamonds on an important choice. Overall, I really enjoy this app especially because I get to improve my english vocabulary. ♡
I enjoy the stories, but I find lots of games that give you sufficient credits to play for free, even options to watch ads for credits. Thats not the case with this game. You get 2 credits after each chapter and only 1 for watching an ad. Then everything costs 15+ credits. Not sufficient enough to keep my attention for long.
I love it. So addictive😊. However, you need to really check on the diamond and key thingy. Maybe you could reduce the number of diamonds needed to purchase clothes and make some choices. 5 diamonds for choices would be good. Also, at the end of each chapter, you could add the number of diamonds a person receives. Keys should also be rewarded at the end of each chapter. It motivates one to play more rather than having to wait 2 hours for one key!. It's so disappointing!
The stories in this game are all pretty cool, and it's got a little something for everyone. I really do love this game... Sometimes. What happened to the days when apps similar to this one only made you pay to read more chapters than 1 every 3 hours or pay to read more than 2 books at a time? Now any choice that holds any actual merit costs diamonds, and some of them are insane on how many diamonds it costs. I just wish the game made me feel like it earned my money, not like it was begging.
Honestly the stories are really entertaining, however the choices are so expensive and you earn like 2-3 diamonds after a chapter (sometimes the ads don't play), but never enough to pay for another choice in another chapter so you'll end up having to spend money to buy diamonds if you want to get to experience cool scenes and so forth. Also, if you complete a book and would like to reread it, it will require using keys which is so frustrating since you only get 2 free keys every 3 hours each key
Too Expensive! I tried it for free for a bit & I really liked it so decided to go with the month subscription. On its own that is expensive compared to other subscriptions like Spotify or Netflix but I thought, well I do like it.......if you are charging a monthly rate, everything should be included, one shouldn't have to pay on top of that to actually really have fun with the stories. Diamonds should be part of the sub period you can't do much without them. I won't renew even though I like it.
This is my first time playing character game and fell in love instantly. Seriously, I've just finished two books and I can't wait to finished others. The downside of the game, well the keys. Only 2 and you need to wait for 3 hours.. that's just too long T.T And also the choices are expensive considering we don't get much, just 3 gems everytime we play... Maybe you can reconsider about this thing. The graphics are really good too. Overall, this game is really enjoyable and fun :)
This game is really cool but I think it needs more free keys at a time. We have to wait wayy too long to play chapters! Give us more keys or shorten the waiting time. It takes all the fun away the fact that you can't sit down and play this game for not even an hour without having to stop and wait for more keys. Disappointing.