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Choices of the Oregon Trail

Choices of the Oregon Trail for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Delight Games located at 16015 179th Ave SE Monroe, WA 98272. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
WHAT FUN IS THIS!!!! β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ Of course as a 90s baby, I was looking for the Original Oregon Trail, which is somehow nowhere to be FOUND 2021, but this is a very fun& sufficient fill. We focus on our sole characters' story and her friends & family surrounding her, all the while watching her grow & transform into a firestorm of a woman! Beautifully done!
i really love this game!! i love the adventure and the romantics and the rude brother in laws ;) the ads are not bad at all in my opinion, they are well placed and quite short. my only complaint is that sometimes videos are not available to watch for coins which is very frustrating when i need money to get to the next story. other than that, great app!
Not bad. I enjoyed it. You can go back to the beginning of the chapter to change your responses. I kinda wish you didn't have to start over to change them, but that didn't stop me from playing thru to the finish. At least your choices could be altered. However, I wouldn't pay to play this as it wasn't very long. The ads were annoying, so I did pay .99 to stop them.
I really enjoyed this story! It was well written and I found myself smiling a lot. I cant wait to try more interactive stories! I saw some people commenting that u couldn't change what happens no matter what u chose and yeah of course there is gonna be a main story line they stick to, but I did go back and change some choices in the last chapter and got two totally different endings.
I liked the story and the way my choices influence it. It' s really fun to play and I would really like some more of this. Unfortunately it seems that all other stories are more of the horror genre which is not really for me. Maybe you could develop some nice detective or adventure stories like this one, without any supernatural creatures in there.
So far i love this game. It really reminds me of playing the original Oregon Trail game, but in the form of a story. I wish there was a way to take a break from the storyline and go virual hunting like in the original game! I enjoy the choose your own adventure aspect of it. My only other suggestion would be to maybe have the ability to pick which character you would like to be or include your real name in place of the girl characters name :) this game is awesome! Great job
Great story! I liked how the main character wasn't a complete idiot or ditz, nor did it require money or coins to choose a realistic answer. It's hard to find that in a choice game nowadays.
Gotta purchase coins to keep reading. Or watch ads for coins. But you get cut off before you can gain enough to proceed, forcing you to either wait another day to watch more ads or purchase.
Fun for people that love reading! It's like an old choose your own adventure book. Hope you make more games like this! Highly recommend for teens and adults! Right in
Great game, I love how it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I also like the separate endings so you can go through and replay. However I saw that if you do replay, some choices are already chosen for you.
The best, most reasonable reading app I've tried so far. Sad to be done, even having read through several times, I loved it. Amazing work.
This game is the best! Choices actually matter and if you die it takes max 5 minutes to get back because you know what to do.
If you love reading, this is awesome! When I downloaded it, I wasn't expecting it to be an interactive novel, but I am loving this format so far (completed prologue and chapter 1)
Amazing game! I absolutely loved the story of a girls fight for independence on the trail! It's also nice to have a game that while it requires coins (gotta make money to make more amazing games) the option to watch adds instead of doing daily coins is so convenient! I was able to play through the whole game twice in one day! Keep up the amazing work!
I've always enjoyed books like this that give you an option rather that watch helplessly as you read a book where the main characters make wrong decisions and you want to tell at them, "You don't want to be doing anything like that." Thanks for your book.
Needs some editing but is otherwise excellent. The worst faux pas is the usage of "on accident" rather the correct "by accident". Very addictive and enjoyable.
Made it through the first chapter it's quite a interactive novel ... Sometimes is seems like you read forever between interactive choices. My only gripe is I have 17 coins of the required 18 and have to wait till tomorrow. But otherwise it's fairly ad free.
I love this game. The only problem is that my coin value is negative 5, so I cannot proceed to chapter 4. It won't let me watch a video to get more coins, I click on it and it goes into the video, then goes out again without giving me any coins.
It's like the choose your own adventure books that I loved as a child! So fun! I only wish that the coins were quicker to get.
This was a wonderful little story! Kept me entertained all the way through, and I was happy with the ending (Simon for me). Definitely would read more from this company.
The game has a lot of reading but I enjoy the story so that's no big deal. What I do dislike about the game is the need for coins to unlock the Chapters. You have the option to pay .99 to get only 5 coins and no ads, but i still have ads at the bottom of my screen. I think that should unlock all of the chapters. I enjoy the game and coins are keeping me from playing the remaining chapters. I tried to watch videos for more coins but they were unavailable and used up my tries anyway for the day.
entertaining perhaps, other than the fact that every choice leads to same scenario, still the story is interesting than wattpad author
there could be more choice options but it's a refreshing change of pace from the usual game options interesting enough for adults and good reading motivation for children.
I enjoy this prequel...a backstory of sorts! Reminds me of the original "Oregon Trail" (from the 1980s computer early years!) and "Choose Your Own Adventure" book series from, yes, the 1980s. If you remember those books, you might be able to find them in an attic, at a yard sale, or at your public library!!
Very fun game, equal parts "Oregon Trail" and "Choose Your Own Adventures". Makes you think carefully before making important decisions, too.
SPOILERS AHEAD. DO NOT KEEP READING. Thats seems like fair warning. The story has great potential but needs SERIOUS editing. Theres so many discrepancies. Like it takes 2days for Pa to die but later he died in 30mins. Simon saves Lucy from the Platte but later it says Caleb saved her. Your choices have no effect on these parts of the story. You cant get to the Beth/Caleb end w/out being brazen & Simons backstory is meant to guilt you into choosing him even w/no signs of romance between you.
So far, the game is good. I chose this one because most these days are either in medieval times or far future. This seemed like a nice period game. Moreover, this one just have enough balance by not being boring with long texts nor meaningless with too many options. I would like to say that some additions such as imagery and more stats. Because this one is different from the ones Hosted games or Choice of Games offer. All in all, good game. I think of you making some game in current times.
Utter rubbish and nonsense. Long story, few choices, and all told from the POV of a little girl. I couldn't care less about her fight with a boy who dipped her hair in ink! Where's the Oregon Trail? Where are the choices that lead to success or death by dysentery? This game is a shame, and it has nothing to do with the original game.
Great story, but the options don't really change the overall plot. Just character reactions, stats and dialog. I also disagree with the ending, but I won't spoil it
Engaging storyline, the best decisions aren't always obvious which is a plus, fans of the original game should enjoy the added drama from the storyline. If you just like a good historically set fiction then this should be good for you too. I gave a five star rating because of the creative nature and the good story. I would offer it sometimes was a bit of a challenge to put myself in the shoes of a female protaganist. The story could be a different adventure altogether to play a male character.
Compelling, well-written story. Ads are very short and not too annoying. A wonderfully entertaining tribute to the original Oregon Trail and a great burst of nostalgia for someone like me who's old enough to remember it.
The story is amazing, and I must admit that i wished there was a movie for this, or something like that🀣. It's really decent and I recommend this to players of all ages. And also the fact that I get unlimited 'coins' and 'luck' through ads and daily rewards, it makes me so happy.... and also really sad the story came to an endπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚..... It has five books, but it was so interesting that it felt so quick. One of the best choose-your-story games I've played; stay blessed team Delight, keep it up!πŸ’–
This is very reminiscent of the original Oregon Trail computer game, only in text rather than animation. The milestones, issues, tragedies, and choices are pretty much the same as the old game. I happened to really enjoy that game, so this one was very hard to put down. The only suggestion I have is that it would be cool to be able to go back, make a different choice, and see what the outcome would be.
Honestly, the book was so good I was sad it ended. I wanted to see how Beth and Simon start their new life in the wild west. But sadly, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Though I would love if the saying was tossed to the wind and we got more stories branching off this one.
Such a wonderful, addicting read! It's a "choose your own" story with a great plot. I wish I could see a movie like this. I started "playing" after starting a book on The Oregon Trail that I couldn't get into. I was hungry for the adventure and to learn about the hardships (beyond the old PC game we played in school). This was wonderful. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm going to start replaying later today.
This is a beautiful, well written interactive game. I LOVED it! It was also a learning experience... reinforcing in my mind that every choice we make has consequences. I can't wait to play other Delight Games, in fact I've started playing Wizard's Choice. They have an extensive library... something for everyone... and I highly suggest you just check it out. Way to go... to all at Delight Games!!!!
Wife and I play together on separate devices we talk of what we would do and pick our decisions separately... Great game & written well & does not become predictable.
After years of playing and reading similar "choose your own adventure"-type books, I stumbled upon this little gem. This was a truly spectacular story that I poured countless weeks of reading into. This story became part of my night time ritual, reading pieces of chapters as I went to sleep. This book will forever have fond memories for me. A truly amazing story with limitless endings and heart wrenching drama. Pure genius! Thank you for this book and the joy its brought me.
Great story need to make it a lil easyer to get coins 18 coins for the 2nd chapter after prequel is a lil steep don't you think considering the first chapter cost 5 but you earn like 5 per chapter so hopefully you guys can do somthin about that developers I understand the need for money that's what ads are for don't make it a pay to play that's wrong
It was too short but written well and i wish there were more free books just like it. If there are any more free books plaease tell me where to find them.
Good storyline. Not what i thought it would be (why cant someone just give us an oregon trail as it WAS!?), however seems 2 be a nice, simple, relaxing game. Sort of an amped up choose-your-own-adventure book. Just finished the prelude where coins were not needed. If i get 2 a point where i can't go on unless i pay 2 play i guess ill just be stuck there.
This is a wonderful "choose your own adventure" read. I was trying to find an organ trail game to play and I came across this. I like it a lot and an sure I'll even read it again to see a different outcome.
Hello! I enjoyed this frontier adventure game SO much! Ty! I'm browsing your other book/game sections, but cant find anything similar. I would LOVE to read a continuation of this story or one historically like it. Really good job! One minus... Unlocking the next chapter with coins was annoying. I just wanted to go directly to the next chapter.
Real pushy about ads and no choices at all on how to start and what are coins good for? I would rather play the original in 8 bit
I'd never read a book where a young woman grows up to maturity from a young age before, but the writing here is so good! The characters are engaging, the trials of the Oregon Trail are realistically depicted, and to see life from this point of view has never been so interesting to me. This is a great interactive story!
Had a lot of potential but ultimately turned out to be only an illusion of choice throughout the game. The lack of choice and total loss of the relationship development at the ending made me I hadn't wasted my time on it. Ending is basically HIMYM all over again, it negates all the character development and choices you've made so far to force you into choosing a guy who barely has character development. Do not recommed.
The illusion of choice...this game provides no real consequence to your actions and very often forces you into a choice you didnt want with something like "you go to do [choice you made] but then decide otherwise and do [choice you didnt pick]" Awful game design, but flowery prose. I'm sure this is nice and enjoyable for some people but not a very good game.
I completed the game and all the chapters and Aw man i love it i loved everything about it and all the chapters this is MY FAVORITE GAME EVER CREATED in this choices games series and *SPOILERS* it was super sad that ma and pa both died :c and i chose to marry Simon and stay together in Oregon :D but yeah im gonna hunt for the achievements now and im gonna say it again, i LOVE IT!! Thank you for creating this and now that i completed it im gonna miss it sooo much! But "Thats The Way Of The Trail"
this is honestly an amazing game. the story lines are brutally honest and well thought out, almost like you're back on the trail yourself.
I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter of this and determining which choices I would make, for the very well written story. I definitely recommend this.
Love it! I love to read and I rarely find a game that can hold my interest for very long. This is the best of both worlds!
This game is amazing ... i adore Beth and i took a chance by reading this i dont usually enjoy old timey books but this one is amazing...the conflict btwn Beth and Jack is nail biting...the kin ship btwn Beth and Lucy is sweet...but the hardest decesion is btw Simon or Caleb so choose wisely...i highly recommend this game...im awaiting new chapters eagerly...β™₯β™₯β™₯
Fun read but needs updating. There are several typos and even wrong names in places that are distracting. Also, would prefer more options re: who Beth ends up with. I feel Caleb was well suited for her and the options force her to end up with Simon. Disappointing. However, overall, the read was fun, engaging and creative. Thank you for the read!
Wow! A real life interactive fiction which is perfectly written. I could hardly stop reading it. Keep up the good work!
Its very nice and decent . One of the best games on Delight Games !! . It has a great storyline and good characters . i would recommend this game for anyone who loves reading !!
Unexpectedly absorbing, not sure what I thought it would be but it certainly kept me reading through the chapter. If you love reading, I absolutely recommend this. Exactly like reading some fiction except you get to steer the storyline with choices. I would have given it 5 stars, but I felt like there could have been one or two more chances to make a decision. Overall an awesome experience πŸ‘
It's literally a story where you decide what happens! You read a "chapter" and at the end your character has to decide on what to say or do, and you get to choose! Wasn't expecting this when I got the app but I freaking love this.
Exciting story line! Fun to decide which direction the story takes. Some poor grammar at times. Overall, worth going on the adventure with these characters!
I started off skeptical but I must admit I am totally addicted now!! I love the option of redoing a messy decision and the story lines are so engaging. I wasn't able to put my phone down until I completed the entire story! Well done! Your continued stories make reading fun again!!! Fixes: Maybe to be able to choose the character you wish to play to allow for even more endings. The ability to do side adventures from the story, such as hunting, fishing or scavenging? More choices = more fun!! Ty!
This is the best game I ever played I really felt connection with each character. I have to admit Caleb stole my heart and I ended up getting married to him on the end. It was hard to get Beth to do it tho. She is so stubborn I thought that she would never give in to marriage.
Amazing game. Wish it want on longer and that we find out what happens after they get there and make lives for themselves. I choose to marry Simon and stay in oregon with him.
I love this game, but disappointed that I was unable to get the amount of coins I need to continue playing because there were no more videos available until tomorrow! The only other choices involve paying money. There should always be a choice for continuing free.
I loved this, this was the second time I've read this and I lived it both times.I would love to see more historical choice books.
What a story! I have always wondered what it was like traveling The Oregon Trail and I have my chance! Great app!!!
Excellent story line. Hard choices to make lots of fun. Very much reminds me of original game, but seldom got to oregon
This game tells a nearly addicting story that's hard to stop once you get going. Despite the fact that occasionally some details are stated backwards from how they originally were, they are hard to notice and not at all enough to effect the gameplay. Some options end up having you do something different, but narratively, this only has the effect of giving other characters a will. This is one of my favorite games, and it doesn't take up much storage space, especially compared to other games.
Love this so much. 😍 I wish there were more choices/paths though. The storyline kind of forces you down a specific linear plot. I love it so much though. 😍
Amazing game I love how you don't have to spend coins to make the good choices unlike some games similar.
I liked the writing, the story line, even the characters, but can it really be called "choice" when there are limitations on what can be achieved? I have played many text only RPG games, but this is the most disappointing one. Because when you care so much about the MC and their outcomes and then to be totally let down is pretty hard, especially when you are invested in the story. Spoiler alert, but the romantic interests for MC are limited and disappointing.
This game was so much fun! I managed to finish it in about 5 days! I love the fact that you can watch ads for coins, instead of having to actually pay for game! This game definitely gets 5 stars for creativity, I love all the choices they give you!
I love this game! If you like to read and choice games this one is definitely a good for you. I loved the plot and storyline. I did find a small bit of errors; they weren't big enough to be confusing or annoying for me though. It's addicting and it creates good visualization in the mind. I let honestly left me wanting more even though I didn't have enough coins for the next chapter Lol. I really loved it and you guys did such a good job on it!
A very nice story, it got a bit boring and hard to get through at the end, and I feel like the most intense part of the book when the bandits attacked came way too quickly and should have been placed near the end of the book instead of the middle. Other then that, the story is nice.
I just finished the first chapter and so far i like it but don't have enough coins to start the second chapter which is frustrating. It's a good read so far but if it's gonna cost to continue I will delete the game and move on to another that doesn't.
i love to read and findimg a game of this type was a stroke of pure luck. The story was so engaging it was difficult to put down and I enjoyed it to no end. I would of loved to follow the story further to see how everyone settled in and what paths they took to get started. This is a 5 star game in my book. Well worth the price but being on disabled fixed income not possible for me. I will miss the enjoymemt and well written story. Thank you for keeping this old gal happy!!!!
Amazing!! I NEVER leave reviews when it comes to apps and/games. However, this app is incredibly well written, adventurous, and an all around great read and I found myself unable to put the story down! It's interactive and engaging! I loved the memories it brought back of playing the Oregon trail on my PC so many years ago with such an incredible storyline that even caused me to tear up a few times! I cannot praise it enough!
It is my favorite game/app i have ever had!!! I absolutly love this story and have read it over and over again with the story diffrent every time!!
I love reading and exploring this time of history. This game allows me to be an interactive part of the story. I get to know the characters and make choices based on what i know about them. Totally recommend. Come join us on the Oregon Trail!
I like reading and making decisions throughout the story. Just wish you had more choice more periodically throughout the story.
I came into this app looking for a retro game of the Oregon trail, but the story I found was ten times better. Character development is amazing and the choices are quite cool. And even though the choices are quite exagerated, something I feared to ruin the story, ended up making it better. Every time I went to read it was an excitement and when I finished the story I was sad there was no other story available for free. Honesty from the creator about wifi setting is one more point. Amazing app.