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Chimera Recollect

Chimera Recollect for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by InitiaSnow located at 3-6-26-303,kashimada,Saiwai-ku,KawasakiCity,Kanagawa, Japan. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Gameplay is, well, different than other games I've played before. Storyline is pretty interesting So far, but the grind is pretty tedious. You need money for basically everything, and money's not that easy to come by. There's no sellable/farmable loot to speak of, so the only way to get money is to grind, grind, grind. If you can handle the grind, however, this is a pretty interesting game.
The problem is the HP recovery is very slow. Unlike the MP recovery it's Normal Speed. Plus Can't Save My Progress like backing up via Google Play
Nice music, simple but enjoyable gameplay and good storyline. The characters are likeable and the visuals are not bad. Good game.
Wow... All I can say is wow. Probably one of the more unique games out on the market right now. It looks to be pretty long as well. The whole gist of the game is you are a person who is transformed into a beast, and wants to protect this girl. The gameplay consists of swiping to send your character ricocheting across the screen to destroy monsters. You can level up & swap body parts, some of which have special powers. This is a real gem, how the hell is this free?
This game has surprised me and I am thoroughly enjoying the every aspect it has to offer. I only wish the certain functions like items and skill use were clearly instructed but the pacing of difficulty allows plenty of learning time. Congrats Developers!!!
Look, I played Brave Frontier for like two and a half years, so this is a little hard to say, but this and Soul Armor are my favorite app games. You really went in on these games. They are such a full package experience, it has the feel of a snes game with modern optimization and features and junk. These games really are something special. Thank you for making them. Also, anyone complaining about translation is an absolute nob. If you can't read broken English that means you're not very good at E
To whoever was asking about the NE corner of the map, you can teleport there, but have to take 400+ steps through the dream world first. That aside, the game is really simple and has an impressive storyline, though confusing at times. The gameplay is fitting both for casual players and strategists, and it is quite beautiful in music and graphics alike. The only complaint is that sometimes (as above) it can be unclear what to do next, but for an indie and translated game it's satisfactory.
Surprisingly fun game with some decent gameplay. So far ads are quite fair, with rewards. Can't say whether the story is good yet, but the fact it has one at all is a nice inclusion. Definitely worth giving it a shot if you're on the fence. [EDIT: The plot is good, but a lot of the nuances get lost in translation. Still scratching my head about who the subjects of half the conversations are)
Amazing story, unique concept, great art. Everything is really well done and great, especially compared to most of the trash on the store (cough cough ketchapp and voodoo cough cough)
It was so fun to play, it was unique in gameplay and the story was ok but the battle and gameplay make up for it
Fun and satisfying. The game revolves around dodging attacks and following up with a huge attack that takes a chunk off the enemy. I recommend upgrading your attack above all else as this makes the "one punch man" kind of feel of the game a lot more fun.
Unique and oddly captivating. Story isnt strong yet but the mechanics are easy to understand and the body part equipment system adds a lot of depth. Definitely worth checking out
Ive seen this game for a while, as an add. But like all ads, ignored it... I was wrong, great game. I wish i played sooner! Ill join beta after i beat it, look for me!! XD
Interesting concept for a game and at first, it was annoying me that i get an encounter every step but after realising the mechanics (u get to lvl every piece of item to mix and match your playstyle). storyline is quite mysterious and gets me to want to play more. another good thing is, it loads pretty fast and allows like a fast game here and there so i dont feel that i have to stay on the game just to keep up. Free to play but you can pay to reduce ads which so far has only appeared once. I'm very surprised its free to play.
its really gud man. I recently got back to this game just last week. Its great to play it again. Its simple, easy to learn, and fun to play.
Very delightful game, the music is good, the storyline is great, the gameplay mechanics are fun, and you dont have to watch a single ad to gain an advantage Very good game,well deserving for 5 stars!!
For an indie game, Damn! This gives me inspiration! I wish i can create a game this cute and well thought of. The story is heartwarming in a way but the mechanics is the greatest charm point. The art is appealing and the music too. I really love the music, it fits well. The only hard part is the cost of evolution especially when you get bigger. It gets real slow when you grow stronger so I think it would be better if it gets a harder phase rather than repetitive enemies. Might review more later.
Honestly I didn't think I would have so much fun playing a random game i found on the play store but this game is shockingly fun it has a good story and amazing characters
Very fun and short game that has an intriguing story and nice art!! Its really simple to play and its great for passing the time.
Great game. Interesting plot, interesting characters, and really straightforward mechanics. I found combos I liked but still cared enough to mix it up. Gold grind gets a little tedious and the dream world was kind of annoying since it's really difficult to get the parts there. My inner collector knew I'd waste way too much time for it to be viable. The ads are unintrusive and optional for the most part. I didn't even mind looking at them since it was my choice anyway.
This game is a strange one. I had fun with it, but it's a little tedious and a little simplistic. Considering it was free and only had the little banner ads, it's worth a download if you need something to be able to play a couple minutes here and there. You're a chimera who gets to keep the body parts of the enemies you defeat to make yourself stronger, and you attack by lunging through enemies that are made up of tiny blocks and are defeated when you've destroyed every block.
Such a beautiful game. Beautiful music, great, heartwarming story, easy gameplay. Only problem is that it's short and once you done with the story, you just get a new game+. I mean, I'm not making the game bad, but more areas, more body parts and continuous story wouldbe nice
I love this game. It's bite sized fun and the ads are never in your face. I think mobile devs should take a cue rim these guys. I would be happy to pay for an ad free version and look forward to seeing what else this team comes up with
This game is unexpectedly addicting. The gameplay is very unique and I enjoy wasting time playing this game. I do believe the "manual" could use a bit more info though. I have figured most of it out (i think) but I cant seem to figure out HOW to get a damage bonus. I have gotten miss, time, and skill but never once got damage. What am I missing? And no info about it ever. That, however, really is my only complaint.
This game is very good, is a refreshing idea and is not a greedy machine. Try it and read the whole story, it is worthy. Now after the new patch you can actually see the end of the game, but it has an issue, the got stuck and you cannot progress to the whole content cause you need 1 more heart to open a memory, and that is just at the second part. Please fix this issue.
Absolutely fantastic game. The story is vivid and poignant. Characters are loveable and well-defined. And the twists! Ah! I did gasp out loud a few times, and shed tears even more. I wish there was a summary of the whole plot, coz it does get confusing sometimes whose flashback we're seeing, but I couldn't find it online. I was okay with the repetitive gameplay coz every battle led you to a reward. Reached the end and not sure how to unlock the upper right corner of the map tho! Still brilliant.
To be honest, I had high expectation for this game, until recently I found error with the game, after certain hits against an enemy the game suddenly stopped running and it happened more often when I hit the enemy with skills, not only that... I saw some recycled backgrounds from another game while I was reading the story (although I'm not sure if they let you use it).
I purchased and I love the bought in experience: you get the popups that tell you to watch an ad for a reward, but when you click it just gives you the reward. Chill little bullet hell ish game
^¬^ The characters are adorable, the story is dark and captivating so far and the controls are fairly easy. The monsters are strange occasionally, and very pixelated compared to the rest of the graphics, but still cute in a way. It's not a game for everybody, but its a game for me. I will say that the whole food thing is confusing though, it took me awhile to realise I couldn't eat it, and even more to realise their stat benefit. Maybe that's something to fix in the instructions?
Definitely one of the best I've played! I would love to see a more advanced 3D version of this (maybe more controlled gameplay)! There should be more mythical or monstrous parts! This game has so much potential! I feel that you should be able to upgrade or level up your individual parts with use. The dialogue and story could use some improvement. You can tell there's some translation errors too. Still good!
This is a phenomenal game, a little rough around the edges in terms of naturalization and maybe some tiny issues relating to ads in countries where Google is blocked. But on this whole, this is a fantastically well crafted game.
Chimera recollect is an amazing game 5 out 0f 5 it has a well thought out story and characters you cant help but like the battle system is unique or at least is the first game I played that has this battle system I also love the old school graphics it just really fits this game and the plot, I hope to see more rpg games like this in the future
It's just great. Try it. You'll get hooked. The pinball style combined with rpg micro elements and a rather, childish but also, a general narrative to the story, makes it a great choice for probably every kind of human out there. Keep it up!
I'm really addicted. Can be played offline, have only ads that you decide to see, and a cute story. The grinding for having all items and having them at top lvl is well balanced with the envy to collect and the fun of the fast paced fights. No need to spend money at all to enjoy the game completely. You can really play at your own pace, without being stopped by waiting times or pushed to log on at precise times. I've played maybe 14h or so and I really love how devs made it for us to appreciate playing, without feeling "obligated" to the game. I can too easily play until 2 am, because it's fun. The only thing I would like to be added is a way to pause the fights.
THE GAME IS AWESOME! It doesnt overwelm you with ads, most ads are skipable and the game is actually very enjoyable. I love grinding to level up so the dream world is a big help with that.
This is a great rpg not just on mobile but in general it's a good game. This game doesn't bug you to pay, watch ads, or even bring up pop ups which makes me want to gladly pay for it. The animations look a bit awkward on the map but in battles is where they shine, and the designs are creative within the limitations of 8-16bit graphics. The story is interesting and the character designs are pretty nice. I love this game and can't wait to see more from the developer of this game!
I Really like this game. It's simple enough to just pick up and play, but with enough depth to avoid becoming tedious. So far the story (while minimalistic.) is charming and interesting. The ads at the bottom of the screen annoyed me at first. But I realized it's Far better to have a small window at the bottom showing ads while I can still play uninterrupted, then those obnoxious games where it stops me during my gameplay to show an ad wen I just want to play. And the ads you can watch to get bonus stuff allow you to skip after 5 seconds and only start when I initiate them. Over all it's a fun a charming game if you aren't expecting a Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, or some kind of AAA big budget game. Just a fun way to spend an hour or two of relaxing at a time.
Very unique, and kind of hard to describe, but I'll try. A rogue-like, marble-like, bullet hell, brick breaker RPG. I think that about sums it up. The story is good, but the game continues long past that as you attempt to collect and master every body part. I have uncovered the whole map, collected all the collectibles, and finished the story, but I still get immense satisfaction from blowing monsters to pieces with my increasingly powerful and diverse array of skills. One of my favorites.
It might be repetitive but it sure is fun. Wish info about the effects of your skills and passives are easily available instead of scattering them across the field. Story seems good but it is also difficult to follow through due to the same reason with the tips being scattered. Having a bestiary would be nice too. I like how the parts look a bit different whenever evolved.
Cute and simple. The system of collecting parts to upgrade your character is simple to grasp but varied enough to keep things interesting, and the art and story keep me coming back. Battles are short so the game is a good pick up and play experience. I've almost completed the story (based on how much it the map I've uncovered) and am looking forward to completing my collection of parts.
Fun gameplay, simple concept, leveling the varied skill staves off the repetitive gameplay for a while, but not knowing what enemy you will be facing removes much of the cool potential to customize your character for specific fights, and the game is overall a little too easy in my opinion. Still definitely worth a play, despite it's flaws, the core of flinging your character around reminds me of the good parts of Monster Strike.
One of the best game I've played ~ You're not going to regret playing this game. Simple game with a good story.
This game is really fun! It has an engaging and interesting story, and the game play is pretty unique! There are some translation issues, however with what this game has it isnt a big deal
I didn't expect to see innovation in a mobile game, yet here it is. The graphics are a bit rough around the edges and the mix between soft sprites and super pixely art is not amazing but the combat is just great! I've never seen something quite like it. The rest of the gameplay is pretty standard rpg stuff but thats fine and it's well done. Just try it. It's free anyway.
This is the most simple yet so enjoyable game I've played. The controls are simple and easy to understand, an unusual way to do battle that's fun, great storyline, etc. If you like simplistic style yet time consuming game, this is one for you
A really fun game with a decent storyline and an entertaining brick breaking mechanic. The translation to English is a little rough at places, but nothing that makes if confusing. 8 bit style graphics give it a classic feel.
This is truly a hidden Gem. I finally beat the game and I am delighted that a newgame+ option is available. Absolutely 100% recommend this game. Totally worth buying the no ads option
Pretty good game to pass the time. Satisfying and requires some strategy and mastery. Only complaint is after the great tree area I don't see a way to get to the next unexplored area. After the last part of the great tree there was nothing to do. So I used the map and saw another island. The island has no entrance. Thanks in advance devs.
A story driven game that drew me in and I have a difficult time putting it down. I want to find out how the story unfolded. Battle mechanics leverages swipe and touch. An enjoyable game. I gave a four star because every move into an unknown tile triggered a battle. It became very tedious after a few hours into the game. I would pay for no-ads and to support the developer if where beasts will appear changes.
This is an amazing game if I could, I'd give it 6 stars. It started a little boring, but the end... the end made me happy, overjoyed, and a little sad. I'm not going to spoil the ending for people reading this review, but this game is a well crafted. It's very much loved by the dev, he/she put a lot of love, thought, and passion into this.
Gameplay is OK, it's a bit grindy but that's how some games are, grinding to collect and finish the parts list. Good thing it's playable offline.
Great, fun, and addictive until i think that I passed the game But I don't no if I did. There is unwalked area that i cant get to. Any ideas on how to get to the far NE corner of map? If you are north of the castle you can see where I'm trying to get to, over the river but I can't get there. Should I start again in plus mode or is there a cave entrance that I've been missing to get to it? Or do you get there though the dream world? Will change to 5 star review if someone tells me
Really cool game without needing to view ads everytime. I like the rpg feel to it and the simplicity. Choosing the parts to improve is somewhat tricky but it is not an unscalable wall. I wonder if you have items, consumables like potions? I thought it was the food but their effect is passive. More clarity with the stats, like how different one is from your current equip, could be an improvement.
A great game. The story is sweet and has good pacing, and the battles are fun and continue to be enjoyable as you are able to change your character's abilities whenever you choose(and are rewarded for doing so!). It's also got a very nice monitization method. Choose to support the creator and avoid ads for just a few bucks, watch ads to let you keep going every now and again, or don't and spend a few minutes taking a break when your health gets low(or just buy more health with gold :p). It doesn't feel forced. It was a little meta to have the girl ask you to give a review, that's probably my only complaint. xD
Fun game. Simple to play and story is interesting. Worth checking out if you like to collect items and level em up.
Very fun and artistic RPG with a unique action battle system. The story is open ended and interperetable. Enflish translation has a few errors but nothing debilitating by any means. Gameplay is simple and fun, overall this is a shining example of a phone game made right, with the developer putting love and care into the game instead of making it for the money. Very highly reccomended.
Words do no justice... An epic story, which makes me cry, a haunting Prototype feel, (between the memory loss, the ability to shape shift into those you kill, and the winding story which is revealed piece by piece... but don't be mistaken, this is in no way a ripoff. It just gives me a nice feel of Deja vu.) I can't even begin to praise this. Though there are quite a few spelling errors (To the developer(s), I would be glad to volunteer my help in fixing them for you. I will send you an email for more on this matter.), the game is well worth these five stars... more even. This game is a beacon of what any game should aspire to be like: Original, Unique, With a great story, and memorable characters. A far cry from the boring, one dimensional clickers, stupid match three "candy crush" types, and the retarded and stupidly weird types, among the many other retarded games which get repeated over and over and over again just because almost nobody has the creativity to make anything original, or even unique. That said, there is only one word that can say anything about how legendary this is. Encore!
Great game, nice story, and smooth gaming. Easy 5 stars from me. Recommended. It gives me isekai genre feel.
Everything is pretty good but the only problem i have is that in the dream world its kind of a slow crawl and thats really it other than that its all amazing
Absolutely phenomenal game right here. None of the traditional trappings of the mobile market, a unique combat system, charming "equipment" that turns your beast into all sorts of crazy things... What more could one want?
I like this game. Easy, nice music, nice story. But sometimes I don't understand about things. Not much information in the game. I'm just guessing.
I've clocked about 2hrs into this game now. I really like the UI and how simple things are. The combat is pretty unique. Kinda like brick breaker. And I like the story so far. The story scenes are pretty short, so there's a lot more combat than story. Im also having fun mixing and leveling all the Chimeras parts.
It's a good game except for the ad at the bottom and marble like fighting style other than that its story line is interesting
Simple but engrossing little game. There's always something to keep leveling up, different part combinations to experiment with, and the concept of a chimera main character is cute. Most importantly, Chimera Recollect works well for both short or long play periods, which is vital for a mobile game. Ads are also all optional, which is a big plus.
One of the best mobile games I've played. I beat story mode, cleared the entire map, and have collected all the normal parts. I'm only missing three pieces of rare parts, the rare small animal to be specific. I've tried clearing all the spaces in the first area of the dream world, but haven't had any luck with drops. Do I have to master all the other parts in the game all the way to the rainbow star rank? I can't find any guides online, so a response from the developer would be appreciated. Thanks.
A really good game. You can "turtle" and make steady progress or try to race out ahead. Both strategies can get you to the end of the game. The story is interesting and engaging. My one criticism would be that it needs better localization. The English dialog is pretty awkward and confusing, and there are some obvious errors with variable placement in strings (Kill some9 enemies, etc.). If ythe devs wanted help, I'd even gladly volunteer. The story is good enough that it deserves a better translation!
I like this game. Easy, nice music, nice story. But sometimes I don't understand about things. Not much information in the game. I'm just guessing. Addition : I have finished the story, but cannot reach the map on the top. And I don't know what to do now, why the two worlds are now twisted? Which was real becomes a dream, and vice versa. How to go on? Can you enlighten me?
Likes : Cool concept with interchangeable equipment parts. I like how items are passive Ads are so short Dislikes: Compulsory battles to move on new map squares get annoying after a while. Game progression too slow Items get expensive fast Some of the equipment parts are useless, I never touch them Can't regenerate health in dreamworld.
I've always been a fan of retro pixel games, and and this game was probably the best I've played of its type. I wasn't expecting anything quite like it. The game mechanics were a little hard to get over at first but once you got the hang of it, it was incredibly fun. The storyline wasn't extremely interesting but I was never really into it for the story anyway. The soundtrack was on point. I really liked a lot of the music in the game. Overall, I would still recommend it.
Thank you so much for making this great game. Always enjoy, and I will purchase something to support, please always do more update and improvement especially graphic. This game has a lot of potential.
Absolutely love everything about this game. Minor English mistakes aside, this is such a beautifully crafted game, I just had to keep it around a bit longer. Lucky I did, otherwise I would've missed that update. No interruptive ads at all, fun and exciting combinations to make the strongest possible Chimera, and one innocent-looking story that I swear made someone cry. What more could one want?
This game is absolutely amazing. I have utmost respect for a dev who chooses not to make ads totally obnoxious and intrusive, and I also love the level of customization that is b possible in this game. I am normally not a big fan of long grinds, but this hits that sweet spot where the grinding isn't too bad and still feels like work towards an end goal.
Chimera Recollect was one of the best games that I had played until now. This is the kind of game that I would spend a lot of time to complete it. The English translation of the story wasn't really perfect so it would be better if some of the grammars were fixed and improved. I still get emotional sometimes because of the story though. I'm glad I was able to play a game like this. To the person who made this game, keep up the good work! ♡
Such a simple game that you can tell the creator put love in to it. Its very satisfying game play and the creator does not put many ads at all in the game. I spent $0.99 to remove ads. Best thing I love about this is that they don't even suggest you to pay any god aweful amount like the rest of these phone games. Thank you creators for developing such a good game!!!