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Chicago Train - Idle Transport Tycoon

Chicago Train - Idle Transport Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by KIKO CAT Ltd. located at 590 Kingston Road London SW20 8DN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Chicago Train has been such a challenging game, which becoming addictive to meπŸ˜„. The question I do have, is this game also going to be fine with Android? I am so much enjoying this game, thank you to the producers and the directors to this game. It is a game that may not be everyone elses cup of tea 🍡, but the work to this game has improve immensely. Looking forward to seeing the newer stuff on Chicago Train - Idle Transport. Thank youπŸ˜„
It's a good game, but I don't know if it's me or my phone. I want to do the eagle train thing at level 17 but there are no location markers. And I want to sign in but don't know how. Creator please reply ASAP
Am in love with this game. Starting few days I was spending more than 8hours per day, almost for 8-10 days. I grew up in level fast and then slowed down. Every level you have something new, something exciting, something easy for us. This game game has ingame chat option too, where you can chat with other players of the game. More and more Challenging and interesting levels There goes another update. One after another, constantly developer update the game to make the game more smooth and flawless
Not going to lie its sooo cool one problem when i invite a train to my yard i keep pressing the RAILROADERS DEN and the train turns into a ghost FIX THIS AND DELETE IT add PRR trains 😁
Theres lots of features in this game that unlock at certain levels, would be great to no these exist when you first play the game. Really addictive and would recommend. I would happily pay for this game but the prices for packs and items are well overpriced. Still has a few issues, sometimes the touchscreen capability stops working and I have to reset the game. Better tutorial, less features on the screen, theres too many, trains listed on order off when there due back.
It has a few glitches you have to restart the game every now and then. other than that it works wonderfully good graphics very smooth game pretty accurate in terms of Chicago's transportation system
Trying to play online but keeps telling me I need to be signed into google play games services but I already am signed in
Very enjoyable so far, still with my first GP locomotive unit & coal hopper. But wish the starter was actually a steam locomotive, would've made more story type sense. But still a fun game thus far.
I enjoy the game . I like how it is realistic and fun. I think it is neat how the game map uses Google maps which makes it a more realistic game. I am not currently able to play the game will give stars back once I can play again 😐
Great game. Wish I could turn off the music. I sometimes play when I'm at the gym and I really don't like the game music blasting in my ears while my other music is playing. I would give 5 stars if I could do this Update: giving 4 stars. I think that a mute button should be added to the game instead of a console command.
Game play is really slow. Somethings are to reputishes. Worst part is to advance your game play, they made it where you have to spend cash. Stopped at lvl 5.
Good game!!! I just built the pit stop but doesn't explain what extra engines I can get please advise thank you.
Fun take a while to level up but there a good amount of locomtives for the levels once you get the hang of setting up your lines for the supples that is like. plus there is more then just trains in this game there is ship and planes.
Very enjoyable additive game I have playing non stop there so much to do in the game. It is very buggy sone issues the trains disappear I had to restart to fix the error. I would give the 5 stars until the faults are fixed it gets 3 stars
I love this game y'all just have to play it. Its a great way to run your own trains the way you want to. You also get to make lots of new friends.
Very good, but the one thing I think would make it more realistic is that the rails broke and there would be this train that fix it and it takes a few minutes to fix
I get my first engine and cars It tells me to select the coal icon on the map The map shows up but no coal location or symbol show up at all So I can't even start the first level No error message or nothing I've tried to do this multiple times and still the same thing no matter what I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the issue is still there
This game was really fun until it didn't save my progress even though I pressed save game multiple times and now I am pissed. I will never play this game again!
Pretty good game slow to start but not to hard, not to easy. Over all, its a pleasant game. People there is nice and friendly, support is awesome if you have questions or concerns they are there on top of things. Id recommend this game. Mini game controls are to small the joy stick and fire button. Over all great game.
1. Expanded area first time with track+signal+engine, reopen the app and 8th engine disappear. 2. Why only one track to receive the material? 3. Metra engine travel time is not in proportion with peoples generate from buildings. 4. Metra engine energy+people+return rewards are not properly set. 5. Bottom ads hides the buttons also from popups. 6. Make railcar size smaller. Its hard to remember how many wagons i have before setup. 7. Rail arriving at station with very slow speed. Please fix asap.
Highly addictive game. Great fun with real maps. Fantastic support network from the creator and everyone very helpful on the game chat.
Well, looks like I might be deleting this game. It's tons of fun, but there is no way to get more yard space. There in no way to get the wood,coal, and energy to advance to the next level unless I buy what I need to advance. So Sorry. It is a great game tho, just needs more yard space.
"" Super"" Greatest Train Game Available...So Much To Do To Keep The Mind Busy...So Much To Do Many Challenges By Far This Is The Best Train Game Available....This Is The Best One Out...
It is very cool but its funny when at lvl 12, when the gamer unlocks GCS, it doesnt start using the electrics right away, it doesnt want to allow train cars because the asemble train button was not there but I like it very much its addicting
Seriously?! We just downloaded this game for my son to play and it keeps crashing right off the bat. What a joke.
This game is horrible just kidding it's AWESOME you can collect a bunch of different trains but for union Pacific and BNSF they Are missing there logos can you try to add them please I will still love it if you can't!!! 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩
nice game to play while waiting to do extra curricular work or while sitting in a hotel waiting for return trip call but it get's frustrating not being able to do much, maxed out on yard space and for main line with no expansion possible for buildings/city............. and on a iphone screen the view is quite small. shame this couldn't be put out for a home computer system as it might be a bigger hit with more options and larger view.
I really like this app, realistic locations and routes. also the game developer is very responsive and quick to check out reported issues.
Looks and plays very well and serves my inner nerd BUT, its also getting boring, there's no challenges and there are far too many ads and the new banner ad gets in the way. I know you need to make some money but too many ads now.
Ok. I originally gave the game 4 stars but after this update not only did it lose a star but it lost me as a player. I used to be able to collect from my yards w/o a single ad popping up and after the update I got 1 ad per 2 yards. It was bad enough this was a pay to play type game but I was ok with that cus it was fun. But now..just ridiculous.
This is a really good game for it to be on mobile,but the reasons why I gave the game a 4-star rating because it has bugs here and there its a little hard to level up and get money
Yards have to do some attention, Like Switching every yard in easy way. Clan modification is also need improvement. Overall gaming experince is best. Loved it
This is the most addicting tycoon class game I've played in a long time. It's perfect for the casual gamer yet satisfying enough for the hardcore player! Tons of objectives to meet and your only limitation is yourself. Own a multitude of different styles and types of engines. Buy dozens and dozens of yards to expand your railroad empire. Do you have what it takes to be Lord of the Rails?
I would Recommend Any one To Download the Game.The Developer\s are constantly Improving the game and User Experience,and Applying GENUINE Fixes and Updates. The Game iItself is Amazing And Fair with in game Resource and Equipment purchases(Not real money,In App purchase,BUT THERE IS NO PAYWALL) *Game is Realistic *Fun and Addictive *Open Strategy based "Has the Best PLAYER Comunity Ever *You may trade(any resources) with other players!! *@Tag Function in chat *GREAT GRAPHICS THANK YOU DEVSπŸ“ˆ2020
Very enjoyable so far. Easy to work out and advances enough so you don't get bored. I like the jobs are on a real map. I will be playing it for some time yet I hope. Kinda addicted!
Fantastic..best train game since Sid Meyers came out with his games. Cant put it down. A must play for the train lover. 2 days of play and have gotten very far. No money spent on it yet either.
Although this game has only basic graphics and controls (and some minor inaccuracies from prototypical train operations), I found that the gameplay is something unique and not offered anywhere else, especially in terms of train games. 10/10 would recommend.
The game is good & fun. Just don't know why the game can't loaded the latest & newest stage that we saved before, everything we save-quit-reopen the game. Tired to do the re-setting of the trains over & over again, wasting time & energy.
Well, looks like I might be deleting this game. It's tons of fun, but there is no way to get more yard space. There in no way to get the wood,coal, and energy to advance to the next level unless I buy what I need to advance. So Sorry. It is a great game tho, just needs more yard space. A little closer to deleting today. It is impossible to reach the goals needed to advance. Think I'll try your other game.
Just purchased for 5,000,000 coins and never got them. Even restarted my phone. Now I'm out $16.99... within 15min of this post it was fixed immediately. Thanks for the speedy help. This game is pretty good. Definitely keeps me occupied
Fairly good game overall. Problem I ran into is what appears to be a cap with the amount of railcars you can have, which hinders the progress of the game as you unlock destination which need more cars
In terms of gameplay, CT is objectively 4 stars because it is still a work in progress. But I give it 5 because I have already spent many hours enjoying it. So relaxing to run your train empire, and fine tune one's strategy. No one is sacking your base, the developer isn't trying to pick your pocket with a pay to win agenda. Just playing with trains, great.
great game lots to do just a shame when the map doesn't show location of yards and port had to restart using purge mode in console and even that didn't fix it so I have trains that I can't send due to being at other sideings and ships that I can't send out due to I can't see any ports hope you can fix this Please thanks navi
Dear Creator, I like the selection of locomotives in this game. I want three locomotives added: a Alco PA, Alco Century, and the Metroliner. If you can, I would like at least 1 locomotive added. Thank you.
Took a while to get used to the game. Limited instructions on how to play. Paid to remove ads but they are still coming up. Not able to work out how to unlock grand Central Station tracks or to get metra trains to run.
Was enjoying playing the game but I can't build a pit stop.i select it. My resources are taken then I need to choose where to place it. No matter what I select nothing happens. I can now only use 1 train as all the rest need repairs and it won't let you sell them. I have just managed to try again, Took awhile to get the resources, and it appears to be working. I think the update just after I posted this fixed it. Thanks for the quick response and support πŸ™‚
This is the new THE train game to have!! Game is easy to start with easily attainable goals for the new players. As you level up you will get to purchase and operate addition yards that give you 10 engine slots in addition to the 18 slots on your main yard. 25 extra yards to purchase! In addition you will be able to build metra stations, electric trains stations grand central stations, west chicago steam train station plus ships and planes. Game is still beta so all ideas will be entertained.