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Chibi Boy: Doll Maker Games

Chibi Boy: Doll Maker Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Anime Dress Up Games located at 25 Novaya street. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Omg! I love that game! Seriously I make K-Pop stars Exo, BTS, Monsta X,Etc Thanks for giving a WONDERFUL app!
i like it, the music is catchy, lots of options for custimizing. there is just one problem, you can choose one or the other, PANTS or SHOES. he cant wear both. he can wear socks, and pants, socks and shoes, but no shoes with his pants. as for the pose, it is a little anoying, but hes a man, hes got stuff down there, so it makes sence, the boys gotta be comfortable, even if he is wearing a suit. i like the game over all, but the fact he cant wear his shoes with his pants kinda sucks.
I love the game because there's a lot to choose from and I love the idea and music 😍 i play it every time and day and chibi girl to 🀩🀩 and keep on making more games 😁😁😁 for the state
Why are the faces so creepy and add my good outfits to the boys plus im a girl and the hats dont fit and what kind of boy will play this chibi girls are better make the poses not creepy!
I love the game but I don't like the address I do not like the ad I don't knowlights including to have ads but I don't like the ads thank you
its good but less quality than i expect and i will be honest this is so cool but i get bored after 10minutes i wish you can make a race with all the chibi doll it will make game more fun and not boring sometimes it glitch and i also hope you can put some pets
So fun. I love it because on chibi dolls you can't make boys very easy. Great app. I love it so much and you should download it right now!!!
I am a boy when i was a kid like 3 or 9 years old my pearents said son i will put you on a apartment well my grandpearents live in that apartment they say when i come in they say grandpa: son you want a pizza grandma: son don,t belilieve your grandpa he is lying i was comfused on what are they talking about so i like this app
Finally u made an app chibi boys but I dont like it it's really boring and boring and... BORING since I'm a girl I wouldn't play this often I rather chibi girls bc it's more gooder if thats even a word
Definetely wish there was more outfits. I would love if you didnt have a boy in a bath robe! This is supposed to be for kids! Its not right. Its just not right.
It is ok but the girl versions better I don't like the eyes I don't like the outfits Don't like the Wings You might As well say that I don't like it So I Give It 2 stars
.....What the frick did I download!? It brang me into a yellow and red place that said bad words while showing me disturbing images!! What the hell!?
I haven't really been able to find a boy dressup game and I kinda just stumbled across this and I really enjoy it. lots of choices.
Idk it's good but most of the options are pretty bad but it's still a good game but the eyes are way to far apart
This game dresses are very beautiful and its very cute and it's also good but it's game is not good followers means I do not like this game because when we get the faces the faces have we have to make only but the faces are not to meet their eyes nose and their hairs are not like that and whatever I want to say there it's not that much good
i hate is game every thing is so creepy and they stand odd also they do not fit in the hats and this is so boring and i am a girl and i like the Chibi girl game it is not boring so i will not ever use this game ever and i will tell ever one i know so this ame does not be use ever so if you do not like this game and if you like what i am saying you will not get the game then so do you want to get this game gone all of use will attak this game as hard as we can to this gam gone
the only prob is how the pose is i kinda wanna delete because there is a prob about how tall they are thank you
It is the best game ever in the chibi doll game I can hardly make a boy but in this game it makes a boy. For me it's the best so 5 starsπŸ˜€
I am only 2 star because this is boys game but I am download this game because I downloaded chibi dolls and chibi boys.
Whooah this is so awesome and Cool i like this game when creating character and changing backgrounds for scene you can message to! So i rate it 5 stars!
Very late for download Nice also not nice from chibi doll . I have dowload five or six game in one hour this game take one hour to download
Good game but you guys are in desprate need of more eyes and mouths and the position they stand in is very awkward and weird pls fix this! Thank you
Hate it it's the worst don't download it the boys legs are to far apart I dont think its kid friendly
Ok first off like there's no eyes that actually suit the character and there CREEPY like seriously this needs a update then I'll download it again
This was fun and all but when I was trying to make my friend a character there was no capricorn necklace (he's a capricorn) other then that it was fine.
All of the eyeballs are creepy it is really bad I hate it! :( I was hoping it would be better but I hate it
I dont like this game and this game was not intresting chibi doll s good but chibi boy is bad.but controls and grapics are good.
Fun, this game didnt have many instructions but after a frw minutes i figured it out and i know kt would be addictive for my 10 year old daughter
It's amazing but one thing why don't you add more details like to the clothes and it's so good well doneπŸ˜‡
I like it but why can he only stand in some stupid pose with is body all spead out if you give it more poses in the next update (and i hope the update is soon) then i'll give it 5 stars
Chibi Boy is great if you wanna spend more time watching ads then actually making a character! Almost EVERYTHING needs an ad to be unlocked! I prefere Chibi Dolls.
Great app but it needs some touches otherwise its great so that's why i am giving 4 stars but its fine
I give it 5 stars b'coz overall the game is fine, the music is great, the choices are awesome, and everything is good! . But maybe u can put animations and pets! It would be great!
So bad. First of all the eyes and mouth are so creapy. Second of all, some of the hats dont even fit the boys. Lastly, they are in weird possitions and all in all they just look weird and creapy im my opinion.
I would of gave it zero stars but I had to rate it. The game is letting me in then kicking me out. Chibi girls let's me in just not chibi boys.
I can't customize a right bts character and I give it a 1 star because I can't choose good things And it's very bad u don't have k pop and other things to do :(
Not as good....Okay so I downloaded Chibi girl - doll maker....Great game go try it but this one....is odd. I thought I would LOVE ❀️ it but I kinda hate it. THE CLOTHES are soo ugly and weird? There's weird scientist lab coat.....Couldnt you just put Ripped jeans and a rock band T-shirt...Like the girls...The girls Have way better clothes...So go try the Chibi Girls...☹
This app is amazing I want to give it 10 thousand Stars but I can't sadly it's amazing just like chibi girls amazing just like it download this app amazing I really recommended it's amazing download it now and I mean it
This is bad game for children they have bad faces bad clothes this game sucks they need to delete it right know it is so horrible i give it a one star rating delete this game imedility
My son have a game chibi doll and chibi boy but she wish that she can put name the chibi boy app. Not like chibi dolls at also can type a name of your doll. So one star only sorry my son is upset but she always play it she is not much having fun with chibi boy she like chibi doll,
Very ugly and disgusting looking app πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž most ugliest character creator ive ever reviewed or saw in my entire life
Yeah i know this is worst the hat is too big or small and the hair quality is not the best and the legs are weird and all of it is creppy