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Chessify: Scan & Analyze chess

Chessify: Scan & Analyze chess for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Chessify located at PO Box 192750 PMB 13436 San Francisco, CA 94119. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great Chess Board Scanner, works great. I scan screen shots from the phone and TV, the app works flawlessly every time. It saves all scanned positions automatically (discovered that by chance) Suggestions: Analysis modes to show beat moves as arrows on the board. Analysis button does not work sometimes especially after switching engines. Ability to make engine play against itself Thanks for the good work
The analysis board is great. The cloud-based superfast analysis works 95% of the time. I assume the couple times it did not work had to do with a server being down. But there is always the local analysis you can do, it's just slower to get to 20 depth. Sometimes, when using the scan mode, the app will not let me press "done" and move on to the analysis board. Great app but has a couple quirks.
The concept of scanning chess positions is very good. But this app gets crashed all the time when we use engine. Pls fix this crashing thing and bugs and improve your app.
Respected sir... A brilliant app honestly.. Analysation is upto the mark.. But it fails to scan the board or puzzles by screen shot etc. It mix the coins of Bishop and pawn. Also it cannot scan ROOK. Confuses between rook & queen. Sometime it confuses the colors between black and white coins... Plz fix the issue sir...Or else it's a brilliant app... Thanks sir. Hope you fixing this issue.
Was working fine, but suddenly started giving "Failed to capture an image" while scanning. Scan no longer works. Please fix.
I like the app. I've been using it to follow the world championship. I did find it sometimes lagged the relay a little, but that could have been my connection... I logged back in this morning to look at game 12 and see the live game section isn't available. I don't see any way to go back and view old games. Is this available in the full version? I appreciate the scan feature. It works most of the time.
This is exactly the app I need. Chessify captures several useful features in one bundle. Scan, Play and Analysis. However, till now I had no luck with scan. Every time I try to scan an image from a book or mobile, I get the same error => "Failed to capture an image". I so badly need the scan feature that I had tried several phones with different android versions. But I keep getting the same error message in all of them. Moreover, the registration does not work either. After I provide a nickname it displays a message "registration successful". After that nothing happens, the app continues to display the same screen. Please fix this. I want to use this app!
Very good program, especially with the position camera capture. but misses very important features such as adding branches (lines) and evaluations to the analysis. i also failed to locate the saved analysis pgn file!!
Great app!... But I'd like to suggest arrows, circles and other annotating tools to be added in the next update. Thank you.
I complained that image capture didn't work. The next day my complaint was responded to and the issue was fixed. Great team.
Pretty good! This is what i needed to solve workbook problems in 100 endgames you must know. 3 things will make it 5 stars. I want to be able to jot a note or two on the puzzle. And i want to be able to sort the saved puzzles by title PLUS name them when i save them. Right now i have to save as another puzzle to rename, or edit the saved puzzle by select and backing out the title. Ty! Maybe it could auto name puzzles using the figure number that is usually by the puzzle? 3.1 3.2 etc.
Excellent chess app. I use it for solving puzzles which are in my newspaper . It can take a photo of the puzzle and then 'import' it into the app. Then I can cheat and let the game engine give me the best move. But I rarely do that. I can now move the pieces myself and figure out the solution. The app has loads more features. I'm just telling you what I do with it
Have been looking for a reliable chess scanner that could handle both books and, especially, screen shots for online sources. Works great, with only an occasional (very infrequent) scanning error that is easily corrected in the program itself. Being able to export to my preferred chess program is also exceptionally easy. Just what I've been looking for.
I just installed this app and I thought it was very handy for analyzing chess diagrams as well as playing a game with the computer. You can either start the game from the very beginning or start at the middle of a game, eg, to analyze a classic opening. I have two suggestions for improvement: 1) Provide a variety of display styles for the chessmen symbols. 2) As I understand it, this app is designed to scan diagrams rather than photographs. Is it possible to scan a photograph of an _actual_ chessboard, looking straight down at it? I do realize that this may be difficult.
The scan is freezing not returning the board. This is driving me mad. Not able to use basic feature of scan. Why should I be a gold member if I can't use basic feature. The apps credibility is questionable.
Scanning is working good but I cannot share PGN FEN or image in whatsapp or insta or any ... When I click on share the options doesnt work ... so I don't need it for now ..
Gr8 app to scan diagrams, is there any option to generate FEN for all diagrams in a pdf book automatically?
Great app! You can take a photo of any position anywhere (book or screen) and instantly analyse it with the engine. Genius!! You can also look up the position on YouTube and watch videos on the position. Very clever.
I paid a subscription a year ago for using unlimited scannings. Now they changed the product and want me to pay more. It's a unilateral change in the terms of subscription for an already bought product. This is a scam... I ain't using this app anymore and won't recommend to anyone...
It was working before but now every time I try to scan a chess diagram, it says something went wrong. Unfortunate.
It is more and more often the case that the scan doesn't work whereas there's no network problem on my side. It last for an hour. Simply the scan part never ends. For sure because there's a problem on you server. You should definitely plan on a local (i.e. user's phone) scanning option because the more user your app will have, the less your server will absorb the request etc. This probleme happens one or two times per days nowadays. It really spoils an app that was great before.
Excellent app. I put five stars. My favorite features are scanning a position and YouTube search. I recommend to improve the analysis view to include arrows of engine moves like Analyze This App.
App was super cool before but the last two updates have been bad; whenever I try to import a chess image from my gallery, the app freezes. Looking forward to the next update.
The scanning capability which can generate PGN is great. I would pay for that alone, but its free here. Actually, I would prefer to pay, if that meant that I never see another ad.
Nvm the error was not on the app's end. The app is very good overall, but lags sometime. That's why 4*.
just add arrow in analyse mod. in the analysis you can't back your move. for back your move you must stop analyse. this is somewhat annoying. otherwise all the things are mind blowing.
Great app,it has many options like searching moves played by strong players but app doesn't allow user to get games played bystrong players.
I like its scaning feature most, its amazing, while reading a chess book it become very helpful for me thanks for this
The app is good, but some problems....when click on quick play- looking for an opponent looking for an opponent looking for an opponing looking for an opponent.... (2 hours later)- looking for an opponent looking for an opponent , sorry not at the time.... There is one anathor plz add sound when a move is played otherwise its not much fun...thank you
Good features but when sharing the game as a link is a mess - always from White perspective. Also I would buy the premium version(s) as a one time fee but subscriptions - no thank you!! Not sure how to respond to Dev comment so just editing the review. I pasted a position with Black to move and flipped the board so black is down White is up. When I share the image it flips the board automatically to show White down and Black up. My only option is to screenshot the game...
I re-downloaded the app and it works fine.. Really good app ...just a few problems and suggestions... Some times the scanner does not place the pieces correctly.. Black theme I prefered by many including me... Would be good if 3d scanning is also available...(ok thanks a lot)
The best app to instantly analyse a position. Just scan or take a photo or screenshot it and analyse it . Instead of arranging pieces either with real board or virtual board in website. Saves time.
This app rules!!! I've been searching for a convenient digital chess board to mess around with positions for months and this is the one. No obtrusive ads, analysis being available yet not automatically on, simple to set up a custom board AND the awesome camera recognition feature make this app so great that I actually *chose* to leave this review without it even bugging me to, which is rare for me to do. It's not often I find an app that simply does what it says on the tin, so I appreciate it!!
The ideas on this app are really good, mainly the scanner and you tube search of the positions . However, there is a lot of room for improvement: 1. It does not work on iOS. 2. There is no native resolution in iPad. 3. The you tube search does not work ( at least in android, since I could not try the app in iOS). If you focus on improving that this will be a great app for training chess and a must for every chess player . You could improve slightly the scanner, but in general it works fine.
it's great but the stockfish 13 engine in this app is weak compared to stockfish 12 of droidfish .. droidfish stockfish beat stockfish 13 on this app . I'm disappointed a little
From your last update scanning of position from image file isn't working which usually use to work perfectly in previous version .
I am a gold subscriber and should be top level. All of a sudden my google account wont scan, but my facebook one works...I emailed developer 3 times with no response for a week. Guess its tine to find a different learning app. Too bad cause I liked it. Update. Issue resolved.
I can tell like you can also add a free online coach like zoom.It can be a tool like learning openings middlegames,endgame,tactics, principles,strategy etc
Great app! Amazing options of either inviting your friends to play online or playing random players. And the best feature is the ability to find your current chessboard position on web and analyze your games. Great learning feature that's not out there in most other chess game apps.
I liked the speed of cloud Stockfish analysis, and saw that it was possible to share game with other apps and also save them. So I subscribed. However, in fact it doesn't save games with Stockfish results nor share game with results...only original positions. Support is marginal to non-existent, there are no FAQs or documentation and they won't refund subscription. No point in having cloud analysis speed if results cannot be saved as game nor shared with another app that will do so. If and when they get the details right, it might be worth the subscription cost.
Whenever I want to scan it works but when I want to take a scan of the screenshot it sometimes doesn't work. So pls. Fix the problem.
I scan a board, there is an error in the scan, but I cannot edit the board. The only buttons that work are white/black for castling and Done. For the rest whatever I touch nothing happens. A small scanned board keeps flashing in the lower right corner. I want to analyse the position (ignore the fact that the position is not correct), I choose an engine. Cannot see any button to analyse. VERDICT: DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.
Overall a clever app. Sometimes the scans do not get a piece or two right; it depends on the clarity of the original and the pieces style of the original one is scanning. I love that one can scan a screenshot or photo in my gallery. Very convenient. My only big gripe and why I took off a star is that when one names a saved scan it cuts off the file name in the scans gallery to the width of the board thumbnail (the file names displays underneath the thumbnail). The full file name should display.
Amazing application, it saves me so much time and inconvenience when analyzing positions from videos on the internet! If it had a single purchase option instead of the subscription model, I'd even consider paying for it. Also, it even gives you a helpful notification if you leave the analyzis running in the background!
Nice app but one option should be there that both moves should be made by computer or one side only automatically
Easy scan of diagrams and easy sharing of FEN. There is nothing better in the Android world. I upgraded this rating after discovering they no longer push very annoying ads. I downgraded my rating after discovering they put low limits on free monthly scans, and are outrageously high priced for limited time. Especially, since all I need is simple scan and sharing of FEN. Sadly, no life-time pricing. What is desperately needed is some competition in this niche market.
Fantastic tool! I use it to scan chess problems from PDF files. Then I set up the problems on my wooden chess board and use this app to check my solutions. Two requests: please 1) add a green-and-white board option; and 2) ability to export multiple FEN files at once, using the names I've given the positions in the app (e.g., problem1.fen, problem2.fen, etc.).
As others have noted, the push to monthly subscription is outrageous. I dont mind paying a reasonable one-time pro version fee. But monthly plan for an amateur chess enthusiast is an overkill. Uninstalled the app for good 😕
The engines are not as powerful as droid chess. In the test I ran both Stockfish and Leela got defeated by Droid Chess's Stockfish. But this is seriously a great app for capturing chess position from anywhere and analysing.
Like it, keep it up devs! Edit Is it only during Legends of Chess? Or does the server analysis loads forever?
I don't rate a lot of apps, but I think what you have here is incredible. I wish I had this when I was a child. The ability to take pictures of positions and play them out is amazing, I think people are going to get better at chess faster just from this app.
Splendid . I feel the strengths should also increase to a level of 4000, the highest level is 2850. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
This app is an excellent idea with sketchy execution. Scans are iffy at best, even directly from the camera roll, always missing or misplacing anywhere from 1 to 4 pieces on the board. My Battery history shows that the app made up 48% of my battery consumption after only 1 minute of direct usage, even with background restrictions on. (This may be atypical, but such a power drain should be noted.) The inclusion of Stockfish is appreciated, but the app has too many problems that ruin it for me.
It is very helpful. For analysing it is one of the best app in store. It also has a chess clock in it.
it was good, and now limit 5 scans per month, basically not usable anymore, I would write my own scanner app to take picture and convert it to FEN, that's all I need
Been analyzing chess since 80`s on scid, used arena rybka, Lichess (my favorite live platform), chessbase, droidfish, tried them all. THIS one I would pay for! Incredible features. MISSING features: Arrows in analysis, local mini endgame DB, Local Opening book options to train specific Openings, repertoire analysis for your games, graphs dashboard, Play like famous player options. No app currently exists that has all these I am aware of. EDIT: more: Tablet mode does not 'flip board'. need tactics train based on 'My Games' DB.