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Chess Free for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by AI Factory Limited located at 23 The Avenue, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4EN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The app was working great. It had ads which could be skipped after 5 seconds, which is fine for a free app. However, lately the ads have become unskippable and that really ruins the whole app.
Very good game for beginners. Explain what each piece moves are.also you can progress to higher levels. I really like this app
This app is a great one. One thing I will love to see added to this gaming app is the ability to chat with your opponent (multiplayer mode). I believe I am speaking for myself and for those who enjoy the multiplayer option
The free version is an excellent app, however there's one particular app that will completely hijack your phone. Not a video that you simply have to wait to timeout. THERE'S NO BACK BUTTON OR X ON THIS AD. You're stuck with it and can only close out the app entirely and log back. This singular ad makes the free version useless. Going to look for another chess app.
I like this chess game, but there is a really annoying bug that I hate: the game randomly closes for no reason, this happens so often when I'm in a match and it annoys me, you need to fix that. One other glitch is how the game flickers when in a match aswell, it doesn't annoy me much but you should fix that. I will change rating if these are soon fixed.
When playing multiplayer game with both players on the same device, why does it keep flipping the orientation after every move? Isn't there any option to disable this? On a tablet, both players will be sitting on opposite sides of the tablet, which acts as a board. This is so annoying!
The greatest app for playing against an engine and for portable play with friends. The Treebeard engine uses a really good "dumbing down" algorithm, which is great for sharpening your skills at any level, as far as engines can go. It feels quite human-like, unlike other dumbed down engines I've played, which just make some ridiculous blunders and then play at grandmaster level. The interface is beautiful and customizable and quality of life features are superb. Couldn't recommend more.
This is a great, basic way to play chess. I was impressed by the computer oppents' abilities to change difficulty levels. Great job programmers!
Good game. I'm learning how to play and it shows you the options you got to make the less mistakes and have a nice game. You can also undo your plays to see where the other options can take you.
This chess app is great.You can play a computer that has 12 levels from 1(easy) to 12(impossible).You can play Multyplayer with you friends or family or you can just play online with some random person.
Good chess app during the pandemic. The ads are annoying because they are not targeted appropriately. Chess players probably aren't interested in blackjack and candy crush and the strobe lights are triggering.
Dont waste your time with this one. Nothing but adds and developer excuses. This company needs to be put out of business. 4th review, I hope it helps people avoid wasting their time. You cannot even finish a match. Players get mad and leave the game unfinished. AI factory is dogs*it! Let me reiterate after the developer comment.... DOGS*IT!!!!!
Easy-to-see chess board and piece. The guidance and tutoring are very helpful for beginner players. Has a wide range of difficulty levels.
If you're finished with the beginner's course, this app is definitely NEXT! IT comes ready with many options to help build your confidence. So many game options available ie; a tutor, your choice of game level not to mention keeping your game/s private.
The app is great, but the full screen ads are annoying. Specially those you cannot skip or close until 22 seconds passed by. It would be a 5 star otherwise.
Computer is a formidable opponent...levels seem slightly more difficult than other chess apps. Great graphics. Gameboard is clear and easy to understand.
This os the best games of chess to develop your skills. I have this because my dad used to play this game. This is the aplication when I first play chess. I like this aplication. In youtube, there are many yputuber who recommend this aplication and use them. This is the best way to play chess in a eletronics
I like the design and the movement details! Fun to play, enjoyable for the eye. However one thing is very anoying , when you play multiplayer online, would be good if u could limit move time! Sometimes when you play against someone who is losing and its their turn, they simply dont do the move in order for you to give up the match.
Ads, ads and more effing ads. 30 second ads are the fast ones. I've seen 60 seconds on some ads. And while I'm ponderimg my next move there are more ads at the top. Jesus I just want to play chess! No, none of the ads are skippable and doing as you suggest to tap top left does nothing. Closing the app only stops the ad. Next run, same ad same problem. This USED to be my go-to chess proggie but I'm looking for alternatives now. Can not find where to get the paid version either!
Just downloaded it because I watched the Queen's Gambit. Also used to play when I was younger. Clearly I haven't forgotten much. I like the 3D looks good. So far no bugs It's been 20 minutes.
Best chess game I've ever seen. It has 12 DIFFERENT DIFFICUTIES ! Which means if you just want to win, you can do it. If you just want to entertain, here's your chance. If you want moderate or hard challenge, you can do it in this game. Never seen a chess game like this one, you can literally do whatever you want.Love it!
You have to create an account, which doesn't work, and also online just to play with another person, doesn't work either.
Okay I'm just commenting to talk about CPU level 3. It's not that it plays the best move every single time, no. But goddamn it if it just feels like it does NOT represent its level AT all. I don't know how the calibrations are made -- I've read your responses. I'm fed up that for some reason I can beat level 4 just fine, more times than I can beat CPU level 3. I'm spending MORE brainpower on 3 than on 4. Something just feels off. Edit: That response lost you two stars. Thanks!
Good game.. however need 4 features -Chat option with opponent -Timer -Way to find if opponent is online or not -Rating system (not like real chess that sucks) Adding these 4 features will definitely make the game more wonderful and better than any other chess game. Please DO NOT copy rating system from Real Chess that sucks and biased.
It has been fantastic so far. It is genuinely free and allows you to review and learn. I'm addicted to Chess again and can't stop playing.
In real life exchange of tools don't really happens that often, usually you threaten to kill a tool if your opponent's tool he's treating your tool and then an exchange don't really happen. BUT in this app my opponent kills my queen just for me killing his the very next move! The app is nice but this thing is too annoying....
Many different levels to always challenge you however the program will occasionally cheat and not allow you to make a legal move that will result in it being defeated so you are forced to make a less desirable move. It doesn't happen often but enough to be irritating. That's why I won't rate it 5 stars. LOL
Perfect app. Avoid those who say bad because they dont care.. Great graphics and drawings. Never glitches. You can choose practice mode. You can choose boards and then board pieces and you can decide if you want 2d or 3d. Different brain levels and multiplayer mode available too. You can choose casual or pro level. Tutor/helper available too. Well done...... VERY GOOD APP!! TOTALLY RECOMENDED!! Need to try this game....
Great game for beginners to advanced. Tutoring option for newbies. Enjoying it. Haven't played in years, so started at Level one and working my way up. Play the computer or play others.
Really good free features but am I missing multi-player mode? I.e how do I play with remote users? Update: the issue was the setting: "Hide Google Play Games features" was unchecked - that is not obvious....
Was a great app. Loved it. Great challenge levels and so on. Last update now means you can't skip ads. They were fine before now you have to sit through 30 seconds of some ad for an app/game that you will never download. I know developers need the money from ads but this is just too annoying. I've seen this developer come back and say the ads can be skipped after 5 seconds but they can't. Fix this and it's back to 5 star.
Very good offline chess, havent tried level 10 lol but 6 is a good challenge. Online I imagine I will be getting smoked but you have to play to see I guess =} hope to see you all out there
I love playing and the review game feature but i cant give it 5 stars do to the fact when a player dosent like to lose they pause the game and leave it not finished and it really bothers me how ever your loses are not recorded by the app when it comes to real players so i like do to the way they can pause the game but i would also like to see my over all wins and loses with real people and would like to see a chess rating for my games of the real people but i do love this app
To enjoy a chess game is good for me to think about the game is. I am not a great player at it. So what if i lost the game and I still feel relaxed and i do get upset a move i did - so what - i still like to play and I think that it is my own free time .
Good game with 10 levels of difficulty and plenty of piece and board options (though I find 2 dimensional Staunton preferable). Only comment is that at levels 4 and 5 it often replies with the Elephant gambit to e4 - e5 -Nf3 which is not the best reply.
This is a classic old game but the fact I have given 4 stars is that when I switch to 3d the background glitches when ads come the HUD or the menu,undo and some more buttons either change their colour or glitch hard ai factory please fix this ..and good job making games keep it upπŸ‘
It's a challenge im at level 4 and only win occasionally. I agree with some of the reviews on the paid app. You should have a manual option so the player can place the pieces on the board to set up puzzles and lost games to review moves and replay the game with corrected moves. Do you have a list of the various openings, traps, and strategies for mid level players.?
This has to be the ideal app for someone just learning the game . Easy to use and understand . Playback feature is great for replaying the moves to see where you went wrong . Top marks to this developer .
I love this app. I've been using it since I was fairly new with chess and have improved significantly. The only negative thing I can say about it is that the computer doesn't seem to follow any commonly known openings, making it difficult to practice for playing against people.
Fun and Challenging I truly enjoyed playing this, there's a reason I bothered to post my opinion on it. If you enjoy a very laid-back game of chess, give this a try.
This is my favorite chess app, except for the fact that my opponent can not play at all as there is no timer of any sort and I also can't send messages to ask him to speed up, if this issue is fixed it would be the best
Easily the best chess mobile game you can have on your phone. Also has many options to choose from, single player, multiplayer etc... And many customizations. Love it...
Good game when playing single with computer, but the multiplayer mode😀, not have timer. The other player takes a long time to their next move. They do it when they are loosing match. So their is no option left except quitting game. No one can wait upto 10 minutes or 15 for a single move . So, i suggest you put a timer of 5 minutes. It is enough, even a person can review full game in 5 minutes. I QUITED MANY MATCHES WHICH I WAS WINNIG. So unsatisfiedπŸ˜”. Searching another game.
I love the review feature that shows you each move throughout the game and how it not only documents it but shows the board how it was at a selected move. I wish there was also a play from here point when reviewing the game but so far this game is awesome!
For a free-to-play, it's really good. And it can help you improve your chess game. It progresses you through many levels and it can give you suggestions on where to move and it uses chess terminology.
Perhaps, the best chess app out in the store. The graphics and layout are nice to look at and there are almost no ads; the ads can be instantly closed - you don't have to wait. And the tutor is amazing! This is one of my favourite apps.
Newby player. I appreciate the tutor showing the possible moves. Also that I can undo a move so I can see what I missed the first time!
Good. Not easy to use. There is too many options you should select before start the game. Some movement from robot is very ridiculous.
Silly app-ia is inconsistent. Will get stuck in perpetual repetition. Will force a draw when you have it backed in a corner. And the ads... for the love of god
This is an amazing app! You can play single player and multiplayer and there are no ads. When you play the app also tells you what opening and what defense was used. You also have the option to review your game at the end. Very good app.
Finally a real chess experience a beginner can learn from free and become a better player! Great graphics options, very friendly UI, easy to understand, helpful in - game tutorials, useful undo and review options.. Its just awesome all the way. Only thing I would add to it is ability to spin the board around for different angle views, otherwise it's worth more than 5 stars ✨ already as is. Good work devs, thank you. Stay safe & God bless πŸ™πŸ½
I've enjoyed the interface. The AI's openings seem a bit limited, but as a free chess simulator I'm finding the game to be fun.
This used to be great but now there are far too many game interrupting full screen ads. Makes it really annoying to play. Every button press seems to launch a 30 second ad.
Very good app! I'm really chalenged! It's been a month and I'm stocked to level 8. I want to defeat it consistently! Excellent work of the developer
Im a bigginer and this was real easy to learn the game. I wish it explained how the game was lost or won, because i am still learning so still need more explanation on how I won or lost the game. Other than that, watching you tube and playing this does help in learning basic concept of chess. Im having fun learning so far!!! Also, app doesn't lag and is fully functional so far!
This game graphics isn't so good but it is really fun to play in offline because it has a option which will show what you should do in that situation !!! And by the way it's ads aren't disturb you because it show only small image ads on the top !!!
Been trying to get into the game and its got a nice verity of options from giving hints various AI levels and a (I haven't tried this last part out yet) a multi-player mode.
I love this application. I play chess all the time and its really good. I found a glitch though. If we do the same repetitive move several times, it draws the game. So I was playing with computer. The queen was attacking my king and I just moved one cell back and forth several times as the queen was giving me check. There were other plays for the computer but it decided to play same move several times. But it dwawed the game. I know it takes 50 moves but this wasnt 50 moves. Check into that pls!
Allows me to take back moves, thereby allowing me to increase my skill level by seeing alternative moves that were available. Just beat level 8 legitimately which is very unusual. Usually I have to take back moves.
You can play chess and you will find opponents but that's about it... No ranking system. Nothing obliging people to play so when you are in a winning position they just leave the game and never resign (7 games pending where I'm winning) No count system wins/loss No timed games or timeout if someone doesn't play for a day or 2 he looses nothing... You will end up with a list of pending games.. U can put assists (pieces in danger warning) no config possible 3 stars bcz u can actually play chess
"This app uses "Photos, media and files" permission to allow your game stats to be recoverable if reinstalling the app. Ads may also be cached outside of the app space too." Oh really, why?!? No thanks. Thanks for the response.
So far a great game. And has more games then just chess, so you cant really get to bored with it like some other apps. And the ads aren't bad, only get them in between games. Which who cares, its free.
Play the level 2 with the tutor and try to play the pieces it recommends, try to figure out what its seeing, more often than not it makes bold moves that provoke and disable your opponents, I can already see improvement in personal matches
So far, so good. Really enjoy the multiplayer mode. Especially because of lockdown. Resigning from a game is a problem, not sure if there is a glitch in the game or a piece of code that's missing perhaps.
Despite the copy-paste response from the developer, the CPU difficultly varies wildly when playing the same ELO level. Even the level 1 CPU will lose a queen to a lone pawn in a ridiculous move, and then in the next game set up impenetrable defence and win in 10 moves. Response received, was the same copy-paste again. If you're after CPU consistency for practise, this is not the app.
Very fun! The AI on it is way customizable. Better for beginners so they don't loose constantly against the computer and give up. Ads aren't intrusive. All around a good app!
Awesome game for beginners like myself. Just learnt the game 3 days ago and really enjoy it. The tutor aspect on this game really enchanes your knowledge. Highly recommend.
I just love the adrenaline rush, and the fact that I could choose whether to feed my ego by choosing a lower level or to challenge myself by playing a harder level. *I am not a pro nor an enthuist and playing just to kill time.
Beautiful app. Wonderful to play. It can be made better if the developers could add some system of analysing the games by computer so that the player can improve his play.
Decent chess app. My kids and i use it to play chess locally. We do not use the online gaming so i cant comment on that. I wish i could pay to remove the ads. Skippable after 5 seconds does make it any better... its still an ad. Update: AI Factory Limited responded to my previous review within a day... Pretty impressive. For a free app this is the best on we've found bumping to 5 star since there is actually an ad free version. Thanks for the response to my first review.
Got very bad. Adds are very in-your-face and have started popping up even when this app is in the background. Opening this app brings on a "you have viruses" warning that is obviously false. At other times ads will start screen flickers. The app also forces you to wait through some ads for 30 or more seconds at starting, but are even difficult to get by after that time. This all changed very recently. It's a shame because the gameplay itself is good. Time to look for another chess game.
Excellet game. Nice to play chess and practice new tricks. Well, the CPU thinking in 9-12 difficulty lecel have a lot . please fix it.. And can you make up for a tutor to learn new tricks for us....
This is by far one if the best chess apps on the market with simple controlls and the option to customize your in game experience. The reason why i didn't give it 5 stars is becuase of the adds... It gets really annoying from time to time but it isn't as frequent as the other apps I've encountered. Thank you for your time.
Used to be good because the ads were very unintrusive. Not so good now, with 30 second full-screen ads including some that force clicks and still make you wait.
So far, good to excellent. But the graphics need work in my opinion. Will keep playing. Interesting variations in playing style compared to other app.
Amazing! Truly! Get better graphics and your killing it! **UPDATED REVIEW: I might be wrong here, but please fix the tutor to making win only moves. It's unclear to amateurs as to how you learn moves with nondescript playing options. I'm not learning as fast as I could. I want it to give top 3 options for this current situation in my turn or something equivalent eliminating "suicidal" moves. Best of luck
I downloaded it by suggestion of Google assistant and this is really best game for pro chess lovers but the sad thing is that its if you want to play this game online with world wide players you just have to buy paid version but you still can play this game with computer and a person sitting in front of you offline version is free of cost and also very good
I just love this, long ads after each game but small price to pay for no interruptions during play, chance to progress levels and learn from mistakes too, simply the best app I have downloaded for some time, thank you
I like this game, first, i want like a tournaments to make the game more fun just like ball pool and there is coins, second, I want time for each match there is time estimated maybe 5 minutes or something like that, if you put all that I will addict this game, me and many others who like chess
I like the game and it doesn"t lag in my experience. Big negative is when, for example, playing my brother online neither of us can resign as it is not in the menu. 5 stars if that was sorted. UPDATE: I have increased the stars to 5 now.
I'm new to chess and this has been great to gain experience and get better. My only dislike is it doesn't list the squares (A-H, 1-8). Otherwise no complaints!
Lit. For real though you can change the board and background and pieces (the color and if you want 2d or 3d) tutorial if you not a good player, even on level 1 the CPU is kinda tough. Undo feature if you messed up. Its lit this exactly what i was looking for. Highly recommend.
Playing online is terrible. There is no time limit, so players can leave whenever they please, without resigning and there is no way of messaging them. On top of that, the ELO is not accurate
Worst chess application. How can editors put this in their choice list. No time selection option for online player sometimes a person can quit the match and you will not understand whether he is about to move or not. There has to be a time watch for each move. POOR APPLICATION. GARBAGE FOR ONLINE PLAYING ITS LIKE PLAYING A 80's CHESS.
Great play and graphics, the tutorials are good but don't always show the best move. Found the option to pay for the version without ads. Definitely a small price to pay, and worth it! Love it!
It is the most relaxing intelligent game you can play. It's like life to me. A must play. I've conquered the computer up to the 3rd level so far by making them resign. I love it. It teaches you how to play accordingly but at the same time leaving it open to make your own mistakes which you will learn even more about. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ€©
Really good chess game. I haven't played in years, so it's tutorial and easy stages are just what I need to get me back right. Highly recommended.
I'm appreciative of the graphics, the various levels of play, and the coaching options while I'm relearning how to play chess!
I've played several games at different levels. I like the interface very much. I will continue to play and report any further thoughts. So far so (very) good. Thank you for your app.
I fluctuate between level 2 and level 5 as I become more comfortable learning to play and best manuaver my way around the chess board the and tutorial has been really helpful and my confidence is growing as in my knowledge for the game.
Please make a Pc version of this game as well , on windows there are no good chess games that are free and even some paid ones have less features than your free version on android , I have a touch screen laptop and would like to play this game with a friend on it face to face but sadly I cannot . I do not want to use emulators for this . I hope you guys will consider about this . Thank you .
Basically when you play a move you select the piece you want to move and then the destination square. The big problem is that selecting the destination square also commits the move. I have now lost several games that were certain wins because my finger wobbled on the destruction square and the piece moved to the wrong square. The simple solution would just be to have a prompt to confirm your move. Over the board I would land my piece on the final square but not remove my hand until a brief chek
AI engine is challenging and adaptive at higher levels which helps you sharpen your skills and evolve your strategies and styles of playing!
It's probably the best chess app you can get. There are 12 different difficulties you can choose and optional 3D boards with different styles. You can play against others online and offline and you can choose what direction the pieces on the 2 dimensional board are pointing. There is an option to teach you how to play Chess, and you learn more good moves that help you to win from the CPU especially with the useful practice mode. I would also recommend other games from the AI Factory like Reversi.
Used to play many years ago as a child and this brings it all back, love using the 3d style. The ads are what makes this game free. Not to many tho .... Thanks.
Pretty fun for a freebie. You know it's underpowered because it will play strong, even at lower levels, for the opening. Then in the middle game it goes beserk and drops pieces. I'm moving up to level 5 to see how that plays.
I always enjoy the games against AI. However, now that there is online, I am rating it based off of that. Their should be an optional timer in quick matches. They arent exactly quick and I dont enjoy playing someone using a program, disguised as someone using their own chess knowledge.
Brilliant. Had this totally free app now installed across two devices for almost 4 years.The features are too many to list.I use it daily and it also makes an enjoyable pastime whilst on a boring car journey,as a passenger of course. Many thanks to the developers for a free but totally professional app.Keep up the great work.
I'm new to chess and this app seems easy for beginners learning the game. Still playing against cpu in easy mode but slowly getting a better understanding of how the pieces work and starting to use some strategy in my games. Great little app for a great game, I just wish I'd started playing years ago. 5 stars
It's a pretty good app. But why on earth do I have to go through 5 or 6 pages to continue a game after I receive a notification that my opponent has made his move??
Excellent chess app honestly, probably the best one, but that being said I haven't tried many others. This one is just too good to look for others.
Hi I upgraded to paid version, but still the free version appears in my mobile. If I tried to download the paid version it is asking to pay again. Thanks for reverting to my query. Will fix it as suggested.
The best kind of chess app ever played everything is best. But with gratitude, I wanna suggest that this app should Also have some tournaments of chess with online players. And the tournaments should be token wise. If the system developers are seeing my suggestions kindly apply this on this game.
The best chess game there is! I've been using the app for nearly 10 years now (on and off) and I've gotten really good at chess because of it. Great for pratice, refining skills or just playing a game for fun. I definitely recommend it.
Actually, the placement of king and queen is wrong. The king must be on e1(white) and e8( black) while queen must be on D1(white) and d8(black). Please check this as per standard placements. Hope this bug will be resolved soon that I encountered while playing 2 players game..
Great game. Perfect for any level of chess player. There is no need to whip out a chess board and set up, just take out your phone and start!
After a couple hours' use, I'm satisfied. This app has a competent hotseat mode. I may just be high, but the only thing we had a hard time figuring out at the end of our game, was how to resign, which we eventually found. Good app otherwise, and pretty easy to get the hang of.
This game is good but i faced a problem , when the queen checked me by placing itself in front of the king without any type of cover or so..i could kill the queen with the king .. why ?
This app is good if you want to play against the AI but the multiplayer part needs to be regulated. There are no measures against stalling. I have no problem abandoning matches whenever my opponent stalls but its been so longs since my last decent chess game. Some people stall for weeks on end without resigning or ending the match themselves. Ideas: Force players to end match they're in before starting a new one, Disable the pause match button, Add the option of a timed match, Report players
I've played chess for 20 years and have never seen such inaccurate ELO settings. Beginner levels blundering a queen for a pawn followed by 6 move combinations to win? This may mathematically average to a moderate game, but the steps along the way are silly. Also silly are developers' publishing professionally crafted pre-scripted statements that bear no relation to the truth or reality of their software and administration. Their response here is a verbatim cut & paste posted 3 X elsewhere.
Very interesting game, would recommend to anyone. I very much like playing keeps one mind occupied, thank you Google.
Simple and well-programmed. The levels become progressively more challenging without the initial levels feeling like they're handing the game to you. A good way to learn chess or refine your game.
The CPU difficultly varies wildly when playing the same ELO level. Even the level 1 CPU will lose a queen to a lone pawn in a ridiculous move, and then in the next game set up impenetrable defence and win in 10 moves. Tested the app against Komodo and found high variation between games at the same level throughout the first 3 levels. If you're after CPU consistency for practise, this is not the app.
Love the User experience of the game, just one complain the opposite color pieces are not facing the same direction. For example if you are playing as white pawns, knights etc face forward but if you look at from black perspective they are facing the player and not towards the other player.
Great game. Good 3D graphics, nice board and pieces, simple menu and not many ads in the free version. It's my favorite chess app for sure.
absolutely fantastic,, i recommend this as the perfect chess sparring partner on the store for anyone serious about the game,, even if u wanna play for fun there's the casual mode,, real quick_____ how about u guys give names and rating to the different levels so that i can create an offline tournament in the app just sayin i dont know if its even possible
I have always wanted to learn to play. Ive played on and off over the years. Was looking for a game that gave a good tutorial, but this one doesnt really teach you why youre moving the peices where they are. Slightly disappointing.
Great App... Fix the ability for players to indefinitely leave a game they are losing and not only will i give it 5 stars but I'll download the paid version for sure. Also perhaps add a rematch feature?
It's interesting and fun playing with online multiplayer but one suggestion please make sure to work with low internet connection
So many great features and such a wonderful way to stretch your brain a bit. Sure needed this during the Texas snow storm - no power no heat for 3d. Had to run my car for a phone charge. Played a bunch of chess! It's a great game.
This is the best chess app that I could find. My only frustration is the rating system. I can go on a 15-game winning streak in Pro mode, nothing happens on my ELO. I lose ONCE then my ELO decreases by 800 points. No incentive to win but extremely punishing to lose. In real chess matches, players only lose a couple of points. There's a long explanation of the rating system in the Rules section, which makes it seem like the rating system is fair, but I don't understand how it works in the game.
The computer level is actually compatible to the level stated. The graphics are beautiful and no stupid ads jumping on your face. Best chess game I've seen out there so far.
This is realy someing else this chess game has littile bit to be desired. if you win a lot of games then the computer' starts catching big like. if you shut them out 5 or 6 games and then see what happen if nobody believes. me and they say they play by the rules B........s they're full of it I like to see that done real table - push your move wear it can be taken?read your own rules befor you play the game becase it would help? check youtube for shut out games? The recent games
Its a cool chess app, only thing I don't like is. It disables me at times, giving the CPU or player an advantage. However, I'll take that as a compliment, for that is just what it takes to beat me, a combination of CPU, cheating and disabling.
Ads feel very short and computer difficulty doesn't feel to different like level 8 or 12, but not a very skilled chess player so great app overall. Don't know about the tutor feature as it only tells you what piece is suggested for you to move but not know where or why.
There could be a notification during the game (or green/red light icon) that shows connection online/offline status. Maybe in next version developer could consider that.
CPU must be updated as it is not that tough to win against it. I had tried with all levels from 1 to 12. Even though it seems to be a bit easier. So please update it so that it can ensure better level of difficulty. Other than that everything is going well and as everyone said, graphics are really looking
Really fun. Been practicing against the ai while learning from another app. Slowly getting better. Sometimes it crashes when I start it up but other than that there's nothing to complain about.
Plays quite well. Free version is controlled by ads. Doesn't have classical games. I was about to analyze the game by setting the pieces on the board manually from a blank board and it doesn't have that important feature, add that feature and I'll purchase it.
AI is unreliable. I'm 1100 ELO, trying to improve. App is a beautiful design and gives names of opening, but play is horrible. First few games are about right, then gets harder at a break neck pace. Lost 10 games in a row, but then game started to give away pieces. Seems to over compensates by 500 ELO swings. I can't even seem to win more the 10 or 12 games in a row on level 1. What 750 ELO sets traps and knows advanced tactics. I'm sticking with lichess. Not as pretty, but better game play.
It's good for now The free version only gives me one ads (if i am unlucky 2 ads in a row) overall a good game
This app has the most features and best AI. The only problem is the board length is about 2.5in. Which makes each square less than 2/3in^2. Makes the game incredibly annoying to play for more than 10 minutes at a time. I have to hold my phone up to my nose to really see the game but i constantly click on the wrong square. My phone is a 6.2in 1080p and the board barely takes up 1/3 of my screen. Also please stop the ad spam
Really nice computer competition as well as the online experience is on point , well the 4 stars is because I think it would be alot better if u would add a voice transmission to this chess app. I understand that chess is supposed to be a quiet game but it would be fun to be able to talk shyt to one another at a drop of the dime... Just think about it I luv playing Chess , and also I sometime luv talking shyt at the same time...but for an over all I would and have recommended this app..
Typical chess game, but with poorly thought out features. This is your typical online chess game that has everything that... well, every chess game has. Play online against players or against the cpu. The game struggles due to the default settings for quick match where each player has INFINITE amount of time. My last 4 out of 5 victories robbed from me, because after I had my opponent cornered, they just minimized the app or set the phone down >< forcing ME to concede if i want to finish..
It is the best game for all the chess-lovers and professionals. There's multiplayer mode, single player mode with several levels and there's also tutor mode for beginners. It's an all in one package of graphics, playing modes and fun.
It is an amazing way to play an amazing game. Everything is smooth it is free and they even have other downloadable brain teasers.
I initially wanted to rate this 4 star, but ever since they have introduced 3D mode. The gameplay is good, but sometimes I feel the AI lets you win( in casual mode)
One of the worst out there, weak AI, no puzzles, slow and clunky and has more ads than any game I've ever seen, best ad simulator. Fix this clungy mess, getting worse and worse, uninstalling it, you can't force me to pay just so I won't watch ads. Paid version should include more than just removing the ads, puzzles would be good.
One star because Ads are agressive more then in any other app! Why they do it! Yes, that's the problem ... won't close anyway , because there is no "x" sighn or "back" button, even long time after 5 seconds ... Thank's for response!
Instructions or Help. I cannot find how castle. I have tried numerous times and ways to do this without success. There are no instructions within the drop down menu that address this move and how to do a castle within a game and thus I am at a disadvantage. Would you assist me with this issue?
Brilliant learning app to reinforce the basics(having vaguely memorised the moves beforehand). Ive yet to discover how one can develop a basic skill set with it, but def am hopeful! Chess, I've discovered, is kinda cool πŸ˜†πŸ˜–
I like it. At first I thought it was too easy because the bot doesn't play exactly conventional openings, so I thought I had an advantage by knowing them. However, the weird way it moves its pawns is confusing as hell!
Love the Game . I played Chess competivily as a child in a youth class and I like the tutorial mode to "refresh" my memory . This is by FAR the best free chess game . If you want to learn strategy and play the "cpu" while you get your "feet wet" to play online if you so choose and test your skills against players from All over the World . I do have one (1) nitpick , your opponent can just not "move" anything and it basically ends the game . There should be "punishment" for that player...!
Great chess app, I am still learning how to play. The casual with tutor is quite interesting, the game playing as single player does not play as defensive as if it does when changed to 1 or 2 levels. I also love that you can connect with a friend and play with then in real time. My sister is in Brazil and I am LA, California and we play for hours. Thanks guys awesome app. πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ˜˜
As free to download Chess Apps go it's probably one of the best. Only played against the computer so far. Great for a complete beginner and the mid to higher levels are a nice coffee house game. You can win just don't make a silly mistake.
I hope this rate doesn't cause you to start charging to play; if it does, please keep price low for poor people. The pieces freeze often, during the play. En Passant seems to only be effective when it's my turn. One time I thought that I should have benefited from en passant but I did not. The Ads are too distracting and very annoying. Most of the Ads scroll, rotate, or turn at a very fast pace (too fast to read). Upon ending/exiting a game it seems as though I have to also exit browsers.
This app is a great way to play and learn how to play chess. I love how I can play with my friends on this app. My only complaint is that there is a bunch of adds. Overall awesome app!!!
I am just a fan. This is definitely the best chess option available for Android. Great graphics on the 3D mode and depending on your skill-set, the application allows you to determine your own challenge level. Great for learning if you are new to the game and it provides a great platform to hone your gameplay. Without a doubt, five stars from me.
I love the options in how you can save and record your games. It's also a great style of playing classical chess and having time to think about your moves. The only annoyance I have is not so much with the game. But with a lot of players who don't make a move or resign or abandon the match when they're losing. For all you know they could have disconnected from the game. When I know I've lost I resign or get checkmate.
Great way to practice. Challenging, makes you think. I like the multiplayer, some good players out there. Occasional ads on free version between matches, very short, company has to make money somehow. Can't wait till I'm able to get past level 4 computer.
After latest update game sceen flickers like a strobe light every time the ad changes at the top of the screen. Very annoying and distracting. Wish I could revert to the version I was using before the last update. The game itself great, the graphics are great. The A.I. does occasionally decide it's a grandmaster even on the level 1, but over all I enjoy this game alot 9/10. Please fix the buggy ads and flickering screen!
Everything is well programed and smooth. Multi-player works well and is fast. The ai is pretty smart too and has 5 levels. Blows the other chess apps out of the water easily.
This has given me a stress free way to brush up on my chest with out people quitting in the middle of a game. Important for establishing strong beginnings, middle and end games.
Very bad app. When the app repeating move it is not saying repeated move. But when I repeat a move 3 or 5 times it says repeated move and cancel the game. But computer repeating any move many times and it is showing draw. Ony for player it shows. The same rule should be adhered for both player and computer. Earlier i like this app very much. After the partiality it shows to computer I started to dislike it.
Pretty decent and not so many ads. I would have put 5 stars if there was an extra option where the tutor shows you the exact square as well and not only which piece to move. I am still very novice and I think that would be of great help for me to learn by experience.
Game play is great. But the last 2 weeks everytime I play I get a pop-up that I am - "about to subscribe to STOS Entertainment FREE for 1 day thereafter R7.00 per day. Reply "1" to accept or "2" to decline" And even if you clear it, it keeps popping up repeatedly. It is completely ruining the experience. Will update my rating again when this is sorted out.
this is the best app for practice chess, i play with this in level 12 regularly. Today international chess day and also great memorable day to me as i won a game in 58 steps...for the first time in this level 12...
It does exactly what it should, but there needs to be a better way to track players who quit games. There needs to be some kind of time constraint implemented where if a player doesn't move on their turn within a day or two, it counts as a forfeit.
My only complaint is that the levels of difficulty seem off. I destroy the computer every time on level 1. But have yet to win a game on level 2. Now I know I'm no pro but damn what's level 10? Do you play Magnus Carlsen?
(UPDATE OCT 12) HEY EVERYONE! TO SKIP ADS, HIT " >> " BUTTON ON TOP LEFTHAND SIDE OF THE AD, THEN HIT THE "X" BUTTON ON TOP RIGHTHAND SIDE OF THE NEXT SCREEN! //β™Ÿ love that you can save the game's PGN, as I enjoy studying my games so I can find my blunders as I study more & more tactics & work on my strategy. πŸ’― Dev is friendly, quick to respond to questions. I played this app yrs ago & it beat me every time! This is a great chess app for practicing & tracking progress! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I used to like this app quite a bit. But now with the full-size ads that are displayed whenever you close the app it ruins the experience. They make it very difficult to close these horrible full screen ads, so I have simply deleted these apps and now am looking for others less intrusive.
Perfect chess game. Exactly what I was looking for! An acceptable amount of ads, a challenging singleplayer AI, and a whole host of strategic, competitive minds ready to play against you online, or locally!
Opponents get mad and leave the match unfinished. What's the point of playing then? You say you're working on it but you still havent made any adjustments or attempts at preventing this.... you're just sitting back collecting for ad free option and doing nothing! I reccomend everyone uninstalled this version? There are 3 way better ones for free. Also ranked versions.
By far the best chess game.. i never really liked playing chess on a screen, i like to play chess with the board..but this is a good chess game
I had to try a few other chess apps which didn't meet my expectations before I finally found this one. You can play online, the chess board is 2D, but very clear and you can tell a bishop from a pawn at least (and at last), there are lessons, info, different modes depending on your skill, you can tune settings to your liking. I'm thoroughly satisfied, thank you!
How could be this is a editor choise game. While playing online you don't know if you're opponent is available or already left just have to wait for a move update and there is no time limit .
I have played a lot of games but in most of them the result comes as a stalemate. Accepted that a few moves may lead to stalemate but the same move played by another player in the same circumstances in the very next game is declared as a checkmate. This I and my mates purposely did to check whether it is true or not and it turns out to be true. Many many moves are Baselessly termed as stalemate in the game and I am greatly disappointed by this. I hope the makers shall look into the matter.
Quite a few adds, but overall what it says it is: a game of chess. I like the trainer feature and the different levels of cpu opponents.
Not a bad chess app, but missing a lot of features. No timers, no ability to force resign when people rage quit (which happens A LOT!). Needs to track record and rank and be able to force loss/resign after some time. EDIT: The interface makes it WAY too easy for the board to register an accidental move. This happens so often that it's basically unplayable. Should add touch and hold (or something) to confirm move placement. I've updated my review to 1* until interface is fixed, uninstalling.
This is a very good app for those who want to learn chess. Thank you to the developers for the high playability. In the meantime, there are very few advertisements and the game is never interrupted. THANKS!
Wonderful for a free app, with minimally disruptive ads, a silkly smooth interface with no glitches and an ai that is progressively aggressive that doesn't leave me in the mud too early as I learn. I will install more games from this developer. Note to dvlpr- I wish you'd put the hint/analyzer next to menu button in the learning mode, as it's awkward to keep hitting menu/analyze before each move. It would be nice if there were optional popups showing the traditional starting moves. Thank you!
Chess Free game reminds myself of that old song by the Band "Chest Fever" . It's oldie but goodie sounds and looks good, no matter what group was performing it . Yeah , free chests & chess can give you a bit of a fever or ferver , but it's not a Covid 19 syptom , it's more like a adultesence fun and enjoyment . As Parker Bros. would say " It's fun for girls & boys , from ages 6 to 18 , men & women from ages 18 to 98 " . Jus tat simple pimple on the face of humanity !
Meh... At least it plays without glitches. Fairly aggressive and throws in unconventional moves you have to counter, but has no mid game to speak of. My first chess app. Rated almost 2000 40 years ago... Jaz
So far i like it, very few ads and the levels seem fair. Have played over 50 games and have enjoyed them all. Very good free app.. Hope it stays free.
I like it very much. 12 level in Pro is very challenging. I enjoys challenge. How much I like it, I cannot describe in words. If in future if it possible to increase the level then it will be fabulous. Anyway it is still warmed welcomed. Thanku very much.
Seriously the best chess game I play it all the time. If you win a couple times in a row I feel like the computer learns and will recognize your moves and makes it harder even though you didnt change levels. I'm just a beginner but I love this. I've learned a lot. The only thing is the tutor doesnt explain why you should move a certain piece. I cant see what they are trying to accomplish by moving some pieces. That's the only reason I'd give it 4 stars because I would like to strategize better
Freezes randomly using new Note 10+. Previously worked great, no problems with S7. All options disabled, rebooted, uninstalled / reinstalled...same problem. FYI, no problems whatsoever with any other app. Very sad...this is my favorite game, and favorite chess app. This is now unusable. One move and it freezes. Any helpful suggestions pleas