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Chess Endgame Training

Chess Endgame Training for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by jlomo. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good app in general. Something is wrong in the king and 3 pawn vs king and 2 pawn section and some of the later sections. The app seems to mix up play and win problems with play and draw problems.
No restart button after completing a puzzle. You have to go to next puzzle and then come back to solve it again. What if I want to solve the same puzzle again. I think it's very basic feature and should be on puzzle screen itself. Add it and I will rate it 5 star.
I have been using this app for many months now. Overall it is a good app. Nevertheless in some positions even if the position is winning it shows " Unfeasible mate". This is specially true in case of KR + 2P vs KR. The section K +2P Vs K+2P is completely missing. Please rectify these things. Please add all the positions from Encyclopedia of chess endings to all the categories. Also add all the positions from Harold van der Heijden endgame study database to these categories. That will make it a very good app.
I was looking for endgame puzzles for me to practice or just to kill some time. This app is a perfect one. It has lot of endgame puzzles. Like all the possibilities of every combination of pieces and pawns. Its just great. Loved it!!
Slightly annoying that app keeps accusing me of "using assistance" when I solve a very easy puzzle by applying elementary endgame principles you can learn in any number of YouTube videos.
Dead slow chess engine, you have to wait for minutes for computer to response while solving puzzle, am using vivo 2018 phone, otherwise very good App, me wanted to give five stars. update: you could adjust preferance, as per developers direction, any way thanks developers for your efforts.
over all this a good app. there is one thing though, when you restart a position it doesn't actually set the initial position. i had to exit the puzzle and get back in to reset it.
Excellent app. This app is suppose to be supplemented with a book or theory as it is often not clear why mate is unfeasible in certain positions. The computer moves could certainly use some improvements as it doesn't put up a fight when it knows its position is a draw or losing. Alternative moves could be another great addition.
It's brilliant. A very good app to practice endgame. If you are a amature in this game, then to give this app a try is not a bad move. I really have enjoyed it. Some of the puzzles may seems easy to you, but there are lot of good puzzle also here.
Too many bugs. Tells me what the answer is, and then when I try to play the answer it says unfeasiable mate even though it's a checkmate puzzle
just from second part of pawn checkmate is very hard and i don't understand why this move is better than the other one...
Excellent mobile application for learning chess end games. It gives hint and also able to calculate no of moves for check mate. From beginner to advanced, all can benefit from this and great thing is its free. Stamping five stars!
Covers all possible end game combination. Usually I don't write reviews but for this app, I must rate it to appreciate the good work. Kudos to the team
Possibly one of the most useful apps to improving my chess skill, and I recommend it to all of my students. No written instruction, but repeated practice and study can be just as insightful! Note to developers: There seems to be an issue with 3 pawns vs 2. Syzygy is saying the won endgames are drawn (giving you unfeasible mate on winning moves even a move away from checkmate) meanwhile #6/59 is a drawn position - really great puzzle but the goal says checkmate despite being impossible.
***My second review*** initially i gave one star because board not showing up. Now after software update the board is showing up. Now some ideas that would be nice to add to the app is endgame puzzles from actual games. I like the practice that you have with all pieces but it would be nice if you make a mistake the app telling you why the mistake. For example R + K vs K if the person dont know the technique to mate this app is useless to them. Thanks.
Best endgame app I've seen. A couple suggestions: 1. Allow players to restart even if they mated, lost, or stalemated. Currently only allows seeing the moves. Have to leave and come back to restart. 2. Allow the user to see the number of moves for a perfect game the whole time. Ideally through a toggle. As it is now, you can only see the number of moves for a perfect game by making a perfect first move and then you only see the number for a perfect continuation. Hard to keep track of if wrong.
Great app. Lags a lot but the material is so good that I can live with it. THAT BEING SAID. Pawn page 4 #13 says "WHITE to checkmate." But after an hour of not being it I got 2 DRAWS against stockfish in the position with BLACK. So if you know the theory of how white is supposed to win that one, please I'd love to see it. 1 star rating is just for attention. I'll change it when I get an answer. No hate. Just curious.
Great app! This is exactly what I've been looking for, as a 1100 (ELO) player looking to improve. Tons and tons of endgame drills, completely free! Thank you so much. I'm very impressed.
I really love this app,its really good,but the reason for my los stars,is because of this reason:: That in all those endings,at a point when we reach like huge piece up or something,and its clear win(smthn like pawn promotion to queen),once we get the queen,the qn shud be solved,theres no pointing in again mating with queen vs king,so if we have huge material up or smthn,just show , puzzle solved,and procced to the next one,theres no point in this.
I like the idea, the problem is that some of the positions are drawn when they're supposed to be winning (at least I think so anyway). I had to use a separate app to check this to find that it evaluates the positions as drawn. It would be nice if there was a feature within the app to check why certain moves aren't played. For example, on one of the positions of N and P Vs N, one of the moves I have to play involves a move which just sacrifices the knight and I don't understand why. Overall,good
After a long time I've found the best app for learning endgame . I love this app I've gained many endgame knowledge from this app
Nice app but lacks theory. Also there is no "retry" button which is a pain as you have to go back to main menu and restart the puzzle. ALSO, I just found out, it doesn't save progress - or at least saves it when it feels like it!
As someone who hasn't played chess in ages, I really appreciated this and found it to be a very useful learning aid. Could still use some small UX tweaks (eg A, too easy to back out of a game in progress. B, opening settings while in a game then pressing back quits game as well. C, no ability to have a 'playable' undo after a move that results in draw or mate). Again though, I found it useful to become comfortable with how best to use pieces in endgame. Thanks!
The way you have created various categories of endgame is good. But I would like to point out that K + 2P Vs K + 2 P category is missing. Also please add all the positions from encyclopedia of chess endgame to this app. That will make it very useful. I can send you the Chess EWndgame encyclopedias in PGN format if you want.
Great set of endgame drills in a nicely designed app. One suggestion for next version would be option to randomise drills, rather than just playing through in order. Random selection could either be from all drills together, or to randomise a category, eg all Knight drills in all pawn combinations. Random selection would make this perfect. Thanks to the developer.
The categorization of endgames in this app is very helpful for mastering specific types of endgames. Please add all positions from Harold van der Heijden database into these categories. Also add all positions from Encyclopedia of chess endings to these categories. That will make it the best chess endgame learning app.
This app is great for practice. No BS or intrusive ads. I only wish the AI wouldn't always make the same move in every situation. Sometimes the King will have to moves with the same distance-to-mate, but it will always choose one of those moves in a position whereas real players are less predictable.
Such a diverse plethora of endings! Such a handy tool for anyone trying to improve their endgame. Easy to use. Well organized.
great app but .slipery pieces:i can"t make correct moves because my pieces drop into the next squarewith out intention .this need to have a option of click move click to drop it to avoid this mess...i am using a wireless keyboard to play this on a smart box android
The idea is good, but the execution buggy. Eg. the app announces "unfeasible mate" after the best move, which actually wins. (It's consistent with the app's own hint, I also double-checked the position against an external engine. The bug affects eg. the 1st and 2nd example in the 3P vs. 2P section, I didn't check further ones). Such an app makes no sense if you cannot trust its feedback.
Absolutely brilliant. No substitute for practicing the endgame in chess, and the examples have made me better able to understand the theory when I study it. Download this app, use it, I could see it adding anything from 100-500 Elo points on some people's rating.
Tried some of the later levels, like queen vs three pawns, and they're literally impossible. The game tells you that. After taking any starting move it says infeesible mate but the goal is to get checkmate. Try giving your players actually plausible goals.
Great app, has improved my endgame enormously. One improvement i would like to suggest is that some puzzles shouldnt finish at checkmate, but at promotion in a king pawn endgame for example. It gets repetitive mating with Q&K after promoting. Also it would be helpful to have a line of theory before a type of puzzle. Something like "gain the opposition by...", Then we could learn more about what we are trying ro achieve and why certain positions become unfeasible mates. Thanks for this great app!
This app doesn't have random puzzles. It has a course of clubbed puzzled. Like all the king vs king and pawn, king bishop vs king bishop pawn. My lichess rating was 1300 before this app. Because I did not know anything about endgames. After watching few tutorials and following this app simultaneously helped me get 1600 rating now. The only thing lacks is, the app never says why you should move to the certain square. So for that, I recommend going to some YouTube endgame course. Awesome app. TQ.
Lacks analysis features, no tutorial, engine will make unsound moves, sometimes trappy, no pattern arrows, leaves alot of themes out like umbrella, phillidor,.. lomonosov highlights squareplay this lacks.
I like the app in general. But there are two things to fix: 1. No retry button. 2. the progress is not saved when you play the current puzzle unless you navigate to home then the puzzle and select it, otherwards your progress is forgotten. The app is very nice, I highly recommend it.
Amazing! It helps me a lot because although I am good at openings and middle games I have problems in end games. Endless times I got winning positions but when I reached end games I get defeated. This App is what I needed!
Practice, Practice...keep practicing. Kudos to the developer for taking initiative to enforce why endgame training is so important in Chess improvement and understanding. Note : Found a few repetitive ones (KBN vs K) ( 27-34). Hoping the developer to fix it.
The collection of endgame variations in this app is incredible. It does not have any theories (which you can get everywhere on the internet, so not a big deal) but for practicing endgames, this is the best. Thank you developers. And please continue adding more variations to this incredible app.
The app is great, but some exercises already start with the statement "unfeasible mate". I believe this statement points out that the checkmate can't be achieved unless the AI blunder a move. The first exercise of the rook vs 2 pawns list is an example. It's kind of awful to know that I can't solve the exercise unless I have the luck of seeing the AI blunder a move.
Is there a way I make move for both sides to see what would happen if opponent played something different??
What an app! Best Chess endgame app and it's totally free! Are you kidding me? From elementary to complex endgame practice.. it has all. Very friendly UI, dark theme and much more. A delight for Chess lovers. Thanks and Kudos to developers!
Been playing chess on and off all my life, this app taught me something on the basic level in the first 15 minutes. It gives you a lot of variations on a given theme and really gets the idea across. Excellent for duffers like myself, I believe it will improve my game.
Very good for endgame drills. The best. Simple, clean, no ads. however it can be a little laggy and buggy. fix the bugs.at times especially when entering moves. when games are copied to clipboard it only copies (pastes) the final position and no moves. And please add move list. it should at least show the notation as the moves are played, thatway ill know how many moves i have played instead of just showing me how many moves left to checkmate. If you fix these the app will earn 5 stars.
Nice endgame trainer, it works well paired with a book so you can read the concept then apply it. On it's own it will likely frustrate you as it tells you when mate becomes unfeasible but not why.
Good training but puzzle completion is buggy. Often I'll complete a puzzle with no assistance and the number indicator will not turn green and I'll have to do it again.
Very good app. Please add all the 7 piece endgame positions from the Encyclopedia of Chess Endings by Chess Informant Magazine. That will make it the ultimate endgame learning tool.
This app is one of the most comprehensive chess apps I have ever downloaded. The engine is good. It has a quick mode to break down the methodology for obtaining checkmate, useful for new beginners. App loads quick, has a hint mode, reacts quickly. Haven't had any stability issues on an older droid (6.0 I believe). There are tons of topics such as single pawn, bishop, room, queen, mixed pieces etc endings. This could benefit players of ALL skill levels. USCF# 12909612. That's my .02c Thanks
This app has has potential but the touch interface is too buggy to enjoy it. About half of the times I touch the screen to make a move nothing happens, there is no reaction to my touch although the app clearle records the touch.
Full featured chess endgame practice. Great for beginner to intermediate players. And it's free with no ads! I enjoy figuring out why mate becomes unfeasible after I make a blunder on my own. Thank you for not telling me! (If I were desperate to know immediately, I'd look it up).
There's a bug that doesn't save progress, when you restart the app it keeps start from one particular place where you've probably long passed
Very good for all levels... Maybe add what rating should know which endgame so ppl can study accordingly some seem hard and I get fusterated maybe if I knew levels I can pick those and work up
One of the best chess training apps I've tried ..... it's simple and straightforward, and has a lot of different endgame scenarios to train with.