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Chess - Analyze This for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by MyChessApps.com located at 201. Kadugodi. Bangalore. 560067 Karnataka India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very annoying: Black's colours are the same as White's! Need fix asap please.Problem still persists. Need quick fix pls. For POCO X3 NFC.
Good game for analysis of chess games. You can also save the analysis of games on this application only. This app also allows you to share your analysis.
Extra lines and auto analysis crash solved with new update! Thank you so much for that! My question is that should we change hash(mb)or somethibg else for better performance of NNUE? Also should we download neural network for it or that is placed by you?
The engine is inferior to a level 5 on the chess free app. I pitted their moves and everytime the chess free app came out on top. Wasn't even close. I wanted to use this app to increase my accuracy but it just doesn't stand up to the test. Edit: I played AI vs AI to see why I was getting blown out in just the openings. I can't afford to spend a single penny on any resources currently so that's the method I came up with to learn a little more about where I was making mistakes.
Good app for studying, I particularly appreciate the design , clean and clear. I miss the possibility to load from google drive, where my database is stored ; I will surely consider buying the pro version when this feature is added.
Hello ..i had problem with the paid version and I deleted to install again ...but after i realize that I have to pay again to install the paid version ..how can I get my app again ?? Without paying ??? There is a redeem code or something???
I love this application. So I bought the pro version. I really miss a feature to conduct engine tournaments and also adding network engines to run engines remotely from my computer.
Amazing and intuitive real time analysis! As a beginner, i find this very helpful! For example, to quickly check opening lines and how they are evaluated by a good engine - lovely UI, lots of detail for a mobile screen without clutter. Enjoying it!
Back in December I wrote a very angry review when the app started crashing and some of my larger files were corrupted and rendered useless. I will leave that in quotes below. However, after splitting my larger files into smaller sub files, the crashes more or less stopped (though at its peak it was odd that even medium sized files would crash it). I have experienced very few crashes since doing this, and no more corrupted files. And when it is not crashing, this is an extremely useful app, the best of its type I have come across so far. With the work around, the crashes are an irritation rather than a deal breaker, so I'm now giving it 4 stars (and were the option available it would be 4.5). Devs: I apologise for my tardiness in updating my review. Angry December review below: "What has happened to this app? Until recently it was very good - a little fiddly as the text was a little small but otherwise good. Recently both the pro and free versions have started crashing when dealing with anything larger than very small files. The lower half of the screen (with the text) stops becoming touch sensitive and if you have two main variations, one as a sub variation of the other (eg after 1 e4 c6 2d4 d5 3 e5, 3...B5 and 3...c5 are 2 main variations), you often cant promote the sub variations and you get all sorts of weird bugs if you try."
This app is good and enables us to analyze and rectify our mistakes and also help in solving problems. If uploading games limit is extended then there's no one gonna beat it
Hi, this is best among all chess GUI i have installed from playstore, i have a request, if possible in next release also don't forget to add more colors and two or rather three arrows to the option of (board-highlights) example,thick arrow single arrow thin arrow, something like this..... thanks in advance...
I love this app and just updated to pro. Had some initial problems downloading pgns. Asim was extremely helpful and patient in helping me resolve the issue. This app is brilliant and I cannot imagine chess life without it.
GREAT!! One of the best chess analyze ever made.I am happy to see that most of the functions are available without upgrading to pro version. Nice work (the developer of this app).
Great app. But the pro version doesn't allow you to castle. Even though I click for a new board and move some pieces by the time I'm about to castle it doesn't move. Sad.
Can't distinguish white and black pueces in Poco F2 dark mode. The app doesn't show in the individual override list. Tried to contact the developers and no response.
The app is great but the recent version has a bug due to which the pieces all appear pure white. Please fix this ASAP. Ps- I've tried the Huawei feature it doesn't work
Really good, decent board options but kinda sad that colors can't be custom. Interesting thing though, I couldn't click the ad. It was a book avaliable on kindle and I wanted to check it out but the app crashed. Weird. Would suggest more piece style options but eh. It's still great the way it is. 5 stars.
Dear Developer's, It's crashing after sf12 update. Please fix it & upgrade the engine to sf13. Thanks!
Dear Asim, I just got the new update and I have to say a big and sincere thank you for bringing back the move controls with the volume keys! Have an extra star for your fast response to my previous feedback: ☆ I really like the app ☺
Xiaomi Redmi 8T. In the System UI dark mode all pieces are white color. Even when using light theme. Have to uninstall.
I have heard a lot about this app. But now I am experiencing this. Very good app. And we can analyse and improve our chess games. Thank you ....Create more....
On xiaomi Redmi 7, the black pieces doesn't appear in the black color, appears on White color, the hawei option is enabled, I would like to buy the pro version, but with this bug it's not possible to get.
App no longer works at all. Used to be great but now won't stay open for longer than 10 seconds. Way to ruin a good thing. Do not bother downloading this app.
I LOVE THIS APP for creating PGN boards to go along with the annotations in my various chess books. Question: Is there a way to start the annotations at a specific number, as some of the positions start mid-game?
Wow!!!!!!! Amazing. This app is great. Must download it. It should be mandatory for all the chess players. I am playing chess since 6 years and my Game improved a lot after downloading this app. I want this app to have the most number of users. Mecca of chess-lichess. PUBG of chess-lichess.......... I'm loving it!!!!!!! Don't create a mess, Just play lichess
The engine is not working properly on my device. I was using it from 4-5 months. Now it is not analyzing the games and stopping. Otherwise the app is great. Please tell a solution for it as soon as possible.
Ads with audio and inrerstitials which don't follow the android back button are both poor choices made by the developer.
I got this purely for setting up positions to analyze and save. Oddly I could not find these features easily available on every other chess app out there. Seems pretty basic to be able to set up the board to a particular position to analize and see what the computer would do and be able to save it. But sadly this was absent from all the popular choices out there. Glad I found this one. Thank you for making doing this so easy!
Excellent software which allows analysis of games and positions , sharing of games or positions in various formats ( PGN/ FEN/ Text / diagrams etc). We can annotate games and save it. We can also store games in named folders and retrieve it. My small suggestion is to include an option to play with the engines on various strengths.( I know it is an analysis software but this functionality could be very useful for chess players.
It seems to be working but sometimes won't move the pieces. I think I've just installed a large pgn of caro Kann advanced pawn games yeahyyy way to go !
Downgraded this was such a good app 2 years ago but somehow the games that i download are not being analyzed passed the 12th move. I dont know wut happened, but this new ver. just isnt as good
Why the colour of the pieces are all white...I can't figure out which is white pieces and black pieces Pls fix that
Please put a way to disable the long-press option on the forward/backward buttons because it's too sensitive. I'm specifically annoyed by the forward button because the long-press action always activates even though I'm just mildly pressing the button. It always brings me to the end of the game and then I have to find my way back to where I was. This happens all the time. Extremely annoying!
Ops! after upgrading to NNUE apps doesn't work. Just hanging even though l am using Google pixel 3 XL... it was perfect before...cannot choose the highest hash memory ....please fix the issues..
I would give it 5 start but the chess pieces is very hard to differentiate from each other. Both looks white. And also is there any way i can check my accuracy rarting for my chess matches?
Peices r not showing.. Just pppppp on the board.. Reedit :- It is working now thank you from the help 👍
FANTASTIC app! been looking for something like this for a while. even the free version (which I'm currently using) is a great tool for analysis. i feel like my game has already improved in just a short time using this app. massive thank you to the devs for creating such a wonderful tool. honestly, this free version has everything you need, but im planning on purchasing the full version simply to support the devs for doing such fantastic work.
Is this app only for pc? In phone in analysis mode whole screen is Covered with written variations moves and board is not visible when phone is rotated horizontally the board is visible on one side but option for forward or backward move is hidden. badly designed
Doesn't save your games properly. I have to constantly re position my board when I'm trying to play multiple games. Saves and then when I come back the board is reset.
It has problem with SF14 when NNUE is activated.on pro version as well. Problem is not SF file because I tried on droidfish and other apps and worked well but here only works when NNUE is off and when turn NNUE on it doesn't work. This problem wasn't on SF13
In the last 2 weeks, I got 2 notations corrupted by this app. I did analysis and save. Then when it loads the game, it will result in error. I checked PGN file in-text editor, the notation is completely messed up. The move or piece can wrong. Update: I think the issue is the variation can be duplicated. Use auto analysis. Then when you make an alternative move suggested, it will duplicate that variation. Then I have to delete the first one. This might lead to corrupted notation
Not able to open it just installed and when I open it closes before opening, it was working fine last year not able to open anymore Huawei p smart
I have one of those late 1980s classic Saitek Kasparov endorsed electronic chess boards. After a game, I never know where I went wrong and this sorts out the issue. Otherwise also very good for checking and testing opening ideas, plus other functions....and its free