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Checkers Online Elite

Checkers Online Elite for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Elvista Media Solutions Corp. located at Russia, 127204, Moscow, Dmitrovskoe shosse, 169 k 2 - 267. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
l've made many attempts to play online all of which have proven futile. They are levels and tournaments posted to which you are not privy to. They are too much convoluted areas to navigate
Literally EVERY time I play someone online on my second turn it never lets me move and then the times goes off and it counts as a loss. Fix this!!!!
Most restarted app on the planet y does every checkers game force u to jump the other opponent that's not how u play checkers and it pisses me off, y can't I play online with the right rules.
Awesome game graphics are stunning but it really needs a much harder difficulty level, I played the computer on seasoned difficulty and I wasn't even trying to win and I still pissed all over it lol
Good game. Ui a bit unintuitive. Would be cool if it were easier to play against friends in my contacts, but it's doable. Graphics are good. Ai is weak. Customization options are good. Undo button in single player is good.
I like the board and playing online but 30 seconds is not enough and the game doesnt keep a record of your games pdn
This is THE best online checkers app! I love their rules for a "draw". THIS app actually let's you play out a long strategy to turn what would be a "draw" with other checker apps, into a victory! I also love the 30 second rule. If your opponent doesn't move in 30 seconds you win the game. The ONE thing I DO NOT like is when you win by forfeit, it is NOT counted as a loss for your opponent! This leads to many simply quitting to avoid hurting their stats! 😒
More than 15 minutes trying to look my friends by ID and it don't work. There is not any guide in the settings explaining how to search for my friends online.
I have played this before excellent game but unnecessary hurdles, talent wise. You see I'm at level 10, but I can beat 20s,30s,40s,50s on up my dosen't reflex properly.
the rules are flawed. regular pieces shouldn't be able to jump backwards, only a king can do that. also saw a king skip an empty spot and jump my piece. uninstalled
This is an excellent game. I have 4 questions: 1. Why is searching by ID not working? 2. Is the guy who always consistently comes first every season human or a machine? 3. Why are payers on elo rating 3000 and above are NEVER available to play with? 4. When exactly will the international checkers version be brought online?
Even on semi pro it is remedial at best! Very sad game play for single player! The makers of this game should be ashamed for this!
This is a nice app but it is extremely unfair that it frequently has "network failures" that cause you to lose games and rating points. Developers, this is a major glitch in the game's programming so I'm pleading with you all to fix it so thousands of players around the world can enjoy fair competitive games. If the network fails, the algorithm should just cancel the match with no adjustments to either player's statistics or rating. Thanks in advance for your consideration Nikolas TalEl
I appreciate Elite Checkers for it's online play, offline play, tournaments, and Elo rating system. Very nicely done!
Needs to have a built-in friends list so you can easily play games together. You currently have to type in each other's usernames and hope to connect. Extremely annoying.
Forced to watch ads as long as 30 seconds, VERY ANNOYING. Also, this app consumes significant battery power even when you are not playing.
This game does not play by the rules you can move your kingas many times as you like and you can move your draughts backwards when you're not supposed to be able to
After ten minutes i still can't figure out how to find a friend online. Also the profile picture won't change. Also, online games always get interrupted
It's really easy to understand. Like the fact that it reminds me of the draught that I use to play when I was younger. Good game
I like this game very much. I'm old school so I pretty much know the game to be called pool from the style of play. So I was a bit surprised to know that I can play it here online. I would say that if you are a true checking player you can find your style of play here. Very challenging to meet your match indeed. Thumbs up to whoever developed this game!
LOve that the game have the ability to find other players really fast, and is able to connect with higher level players, Love that there are really very little to no internet drop off once the game is connected to an opponent. Two things to work on is the precentage, if i lose a game at a certain point my % drop by one but no matter how much game i win in a row it never jumps back up to the previous %. finally let us be able to see the names of the players level so we know ie: Legend, champion.
i dont understand why all of a sudden it doesn't connect me with other players pls fix that problem..cause i cant play with other players anymore..and it's definitely not from my phone cause am not the only one having that problem..tanks
Good game with easy gameplay and good graphics. They would get a easy 5 but the admin need to remove players who pray on newbies and won't play anyone over level 3. Otherwise a fantastic game. Ps if your a newbie and you beat them 😁 big well done from me.
This is a great game. The letters are a little small but the graphics are awesome and I love the fact that it's online
I love it because you're playing different people from different places what I don't like is the cheating or the cheat codes that defeats the purpose of playing the game that's why I don't have it because you can't play Fair with it because it shows the person that you can't play without cheating period
Too much of ads online opponents are fake and you keep loading users that are not online in online matches, you need to improve on that and besides that it's a cool checkers.
i like the graphics and the fact that you can customize you pieces. i like the online feature but it's not often you find another player
1) No sound notification if you're connect to someone online. Coz sometimes you wait long. 2) You cannot save previous beaten played games according to there types of openings to there respective folders 3) weak Al
It is good, but my successfulness (in percentage) keeps dropping without any increase at all despite the fact that I win more games than I lose. My level has increased to 24 (master) without an increase in my successfulness which has so far dropped from 95% to 71%. This should be looked into and corrected, please.
Good but with few problems. Biggest problem is why you force to watch 30 seconds adds every time. 10 M downloads but verry less peoples online for play. Many other problems.
This game has to many glitches it constantly freezes, network issues and worst of all it froze in the middle of game and added chips on the opponent's board which was real fowl overall I get frustrated when playing this game most of the time....
The game is really laggy. It got stuck on every press, I expect better but this is disappointing. Also it take so long just to find an opponent online. Not recommended