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Checkers | Draughts Online

Checkers | Draughts Online for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Align It Games located at Regleware Technologies, Jaipur India- 302012. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Huge variety with different colture styles never even new about I enjoy all of them raise on American and mandatory capture like how the games offer that as a choice make this one far exceed all the other ones iv played on this phone ..so Thank you
Awful awful awful application. I tried to play 3 games online with a friend and for 3 times it gave a random win/loss before even starting the match. Why is this such an awful application on the market? πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Checkers online will be your next favorite one board game because no any checker free gives you both offline and online multiplayer board games experience in free.
EDIT ON INTERNATIONAL, I HAVE 2 POSSIBLE JUMPS, IT FORCESMETO1!, i really want international checkers as an online mode, two, make a mode where its normal american draught rules except two variations, one as a king you can jump your own pieces to then jump your enemy, two, you dont have to take your jump, instead you lose that piece if you dont, unless its an option of 2 different jumps then u take one of the jumps or if u dont you lose one of the two possible pieces of your two jumps at random.
I like this game cause i can play it with my friends around the world, but so many expert playing this game so its hardπŸ˜…
This game is incredible l play it all the time you can chat on here play with friends or face random opponents it's easy and fun
I enjoyed this game 😁 and suddenly when i was playing i am forcing to jump that why i give it a 3 star✌️
It is a worst game i have ever seen. It doesn't allows us to move whichever pawn we wanted, instead it shows only one option pawn to move, other than that we xan't move any pawn even the pawns can be moved
I'm enjoying the multiplayer mode. As a chess player draughts offers a different challenge and its many years since I played it. I'm still learning, which is good! Thanks.
This game is really fun. I love to playing it with family and friends 😍 it's so addictive and fun.
I love the fact that there is the option to play different variations of draughts. Also finding someone to play against online is done automatically. Great app. Keep up the good work
This is an amazing game!!!!!! With so much variety, it can beat any other checkers game me being Indian, I am so proud to play this game πŸ˜πŸ˜βœŒβœŒπŸ™πŸ™
I have played online draught using your app and I must say it's nice but you need to work on the below 1. Make a provision for players who have played a game to be able to rematch a game. There are players who would like to play with same players more than once 2. When it is obvious that a game would be a draw by players one of the players should be able to request for draw which would be accepted by opponent leading to the end of the game.
It works well, although I hate the fact it locks me into one move. It real life I would be able to make other moves but I don't really have anyone to play with in real life. That forced jump feature makes it impossible to set up traps or maneuver in such a way that is strategic and I can't really get into playing. I want to be able to play and make the moves I want to so I'd at least have a fighting chance. I want to feel challenged, not hampered and this app just doesn't do it for me.
Well ,I'm changing my review for the simple reason, game interface is alright not the best but ok, I think if you guys ( developers) could modify some things like , if a oponente left the game , the game should finish immediately, because is annoying waiting for a couple of seconds to play with a robot ,is useless, and also needs an viable option to finish the game or to draw it because this app doesn't know when is a draw game ,to avoid idiot people who don't know the rules
Good app. But could be better with the option to resign the game, because a lot of times is better to close de app when the game is lost. In this case, the winner is forced to wait and play with a bot.
Very good game But the way points are gained should be improved I'm still stuck in low-point despite beating players on leaderboard meanwhile my point is still very low compared to them
Really like this game... Not only this one, most of your games are really good. But in this game the level intermediate is really easy to win where as the expert level is equally hard to win i think you guys should make the intermediate AI a little complex coz it keeps making silly moves.
That is the game which i searched for more than a year... Really thanx the app developer... May God bless uuuuuuu.....
Good game, balanced amount of ads. AI that is actually challenging. I'l give 5 stars if we get option to offer draw. With russian rules, I have 1 king and opponent has 3. But as long as I am in long path it is draw...atm I am stuck moving around
Love this game .... would have given it 5 stars if it was much easier to play this game with other players around the globe (multiplayer). At the moment we can only play with another player by inviting them through fb and then add them to the group room and then play it rather than making it easier for us to play with another player by just one click. work on that and make the multiplayer feature be available at its earliest please. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE IT WORKS NOW WITHOUT FB. MULTIPLAYER.
Its really a good app but there is a probleam when we enter the game the start playing option is not there
In draughts, developers should sort people by "wins/(wins+fails)" parameter (with high precision!) and choose opponent with the nearest parameter. It will allow stong players play with strong opponents, weak with weak, average with average... Is it possible? I hope you will did it, it would be great! (5 stars for sure!)
Great game but few things I hate are that it makes a DRAW automatically when it should be up to me and the other player to draw by clicking some option. Secondly, when I'm done playing with a player after the add comes on, it chooses a new player and doesn't ask me to PLAY AGAIN everytime. Even I click PLAY AGAIN, it still chooses another player automatically sometimes. What I like is that I can chat and play across the world so you know it's not a robot but a real person
I am not a good player. I have not played since I was a child and I am 70 years old now. I enjoy being shown the possible moves.
Great game it's not to easy and I love the board pieces,way it plays ,movements ,all vary tidy ,thaks
It's a good and interesting game,too much advertisement. I hope that there will be an easy way to challenge the opponent without having their number.
its a good apps but sometimes a boring game. Too many player quitting without violation. i suggest to improve this game like having a bet of there score or have a ranking type because some players using another account to let their score rise so please fix this.
I think this is best app till date from Align It Games, User Interface is so nice and smooth and lots of variations included in first version itself. I don't think any other company can launch this much good and stable first version of the game. Most important feature for me is I can play with my friend with different different rules no other Checkers or Draughts game provide this feature and the connecting with friend is so easy, no need to share room code, My friend gets instant notification when I invites him. So overall most beautiful game from Align It Games, Thank you very much
It's much better with the last update, the chat shortcut are good, the block chat options is good as not all know to loose gracefully. Required: 1) An option to play it on the laptop or desktop would have been better 2) whenever a player leaves the game for any reason the game has to end and the opponent has to be given the win. Big thumbs up to the team for the app. Keep making it better.
i love this app and how you can play with REAL people and not robots!! but the only thing that i dont like, is when you go on quick game you cant turn off manditory jumps. but after all it is real people NOT ROBOTS, so its the best game i could find.
It would be nice to have online levels so you can play against same skill level players. I do really like the game
They take your email, use it as your username without telling you, and then really on an email-based account-deletion system. The game portion of this app works well. Account support is very responsive. They place ads where your phone's back button is.
Your game is very good. Your game brings us childhood memories.The graphics of the game are also very good.
This is very good and lmpotant best aap.Play Checkers - Draughts Strategy Board Game in 14 Variants Online for free!
Very good app The only thing is that they must at least punish players who quit the game without finishing it
A great game, working well, able to compete with good players, excellent customer service. I paid for no ads, it didn't work immediately. I sent an email and they responded quickly and got rid of the ads. One suggestion, maybe an option to choose players I can play with according to scores. I personally don't like playing with players with below 100000 score, too easy to defeat. I give you 5 stars
Love this game .... would have given it 5 stars if it was much easier to play this game with other players around the globe (multiplayer). At the moment we can only play with another player by inviting them through fb and then add them to the group room and then play it rather than making it easier for us to play with another player by just one click. Plesse work on that and make the multiplayer feature be available at its earlies please. I love this take so much.
Me and my friend have been trying to have an online match but at some point the bot unnecessarily takes over... Ruining the whole thing... !!!!! Look into it... Maybe your servers are down or something... I'm sure you wouldn't want to disappoint us!!!!