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Charms of the Witch: Magic Mystery Match 3 Games

Charms of the Witch: Magic Mystery Match 3 Games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Nevosoft Inc located at Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, 191002, Rubinshteina str. 20, office 4.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Completely addicting game, I do think game is kind of sporatic with charms but overall I really like it and spend so much time playing this game and not sleeping haha!
Very appealing graphics and definitely an excellent app but I can't give the top rating because I just can't play games where it's not possible to stop the jiggling pieces suggesting the next move...maybe it will be possible in a future update but for now I have to uninstall ( I do realize that it's not an important issue to most people, so enjoy)
developers you need to know that nothing respond in sitting can't get support through the game because it doesn't respond and can't join are follow either social networking because nothing respond you need to check your game i will email you developers why did a video add jumps in cute me out of my game to show a add that's very ugly cute in just to show a long ass add while I'm playing stupid people i Will uninstall this trash if this happens again and will not recommend this garbage to anyone
Someone else complained of the same problem at level 120 about not even getting the required amount of rainbow circles. The problem still isn't fixed. 18 moves would be enough, IF rainbow circles fell every move. They do not. There are times one makes three or four moves before even one falls to use, making passing the level impossible.
Five star because the game doesn't not have an aim on getting lucky diamonds late it atlist be like garden escapes
I enjoy the game... but I'm a little disappointed that when I upgraded my phone I lost some of my progress
Would have given 4 stars but it cheats, on some of the levels it won't give you the color you need. It's not the only game to do this but is still frustrating.
It was a really good game. Now it freezes all the time. I have restart my phone. I hate invest money in a game. Then have to stop playing it.
Great game. You do have a number of moves to solve each puzzle in but i love that you have unlimited lives so you can play for as long as you want. The ads are quick and also optional. If you choose to watch an ad, you get a reward, so its very fair. Well done! I also like that you get to decorate your living quarters, that's fun and there are little side games to also play. I'm addicted.....and i installed and uninstalled many before i found this one. Thanks.
Game is a rip off, all they want is for you to spend. Puzzles are difficult to solve, and when you do they don't recognize you won. Been on one for two days and finally won it, then the next puzzles even more of a headache. Spend this, spend that, I want to play the game, not get taken to the cleaners. This could be good, but the devs. need to make the object easier, not harder. They have to make money, but not at our expense. Will delete after this.
Played this type of game before never been involved in like this one this one is very entertaining and attention-getting
Love this, doesn't force ads on you. You can choose to watch for extra goodies. You don't run-out of lives and have to wait hours to play again. Its awesome.
i like this game i already play this starting a 2 or 3 weeks but i am in level 193 plus the 28 level I've pass on the big christal now I'm in a green forest.. 😊 so exciting this game is so challenging cause some level are so hard πŸ˜… and i like challenging games.. so congrats to all developer of this gameπŸ‘ nice one..
One of my favorite games can't stop playing sometimes only one thing had the problem on my other phone after a certain level not often the game Freeze's where you have to restart your phone just to play that level over again
This game is sooo goood please ,please ,please downlod this .you are going to have some fun .love this. You are welcome..
GREAT GRAPHICS! I love everything about this game. It's levels are very beautiful, and the jewels are pretty cool too. Please keep producing games like this one.
I love this game I don't have any problems as yet I like how you have to choose your ad it doesn't just appear in the middle of your game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―
Thrilling, fun to play with endless lives but I suggest you add the moves because just as you start having the real fun, the moves finishes.
It's fun but if I'm winning diamonds they should go in my account not a bank that I have to buy them after I have already earned them . And to many ads in gameas well that are the same ads over and over again hats annoying. But I do like the game concept ,graphics and characters! I don't understand the deal with the seahorse/dragon,leaves,fruit no idea what they're for /do or about! Wish that was explained.
Having fun so far. Great graphics and I can always mute the music when it gets too annoying. Only problem so far is one level I can not pass. One I am helping my friend get to her pyramid. It keeps giving bubbles faster than I can get rid of chest and I don't know how to get rid of the green triangles. Can you please give me a hint how to get through this level?
Could be a bit more challenging but really just getting started. It's pretty fair, and very cute! I like it
I don't like this kind of game! You have to do about 3 time the same level before you can finish the level and you don't have any boster to help!πŸ˜₯😠 I quit!!
Extremely inaccurate. The diamonds you get from the jack-o-lanterns are not added to your total, ever. Game freezes at the end, so you can't collect the jack-o-lanterns, because they won't open. Contacted support days ago and still no response from them. Fun game, but it has alot of technical issues that need to be fix.
Love this new game, I like the choice to watch ads or not for a bonus . I hope the game doesn't get too hard as you level up but so far challenging but not too hard. Lovely graphics too well done.xx
I love the game really I was looking for funny games and I was served excellently but think that it would be better if there were lives so we can have a limited number of lives like that it would more exiting and we can take pause but for me it's good and exiting just that i am spending all my time on playing 😊
I really really enjoy this game! As I've said it's the ONLY game I've found that it always GUARANTEED to play. Just curious though...can you do something about the fact that after only 5ish minutes of game play my phone is hot and the battery is almost half dead?
I love thos game!! I just started playing it, but i am have a great time playing. I love the challenges you have to beat. Keeps you wanting to keep playing. We need.morenlives tomplay.
I played this for few days, and so far I can tell - it's fun , has sweet creatures . The whole game is well made and it is so joyful! Thanks for a amazing game! Love it!
Just installed and it froze in less than 2 minutes!!!! Every game I've installed lately, has frozen, so just to check, I installed another new game, and after 20 levels, (played all together), it has NOT frozen even once!!! Please fix this game, because I really think I'll enjoy this game!!!
I used to love this game because it didn't force ads, but I've started getting ads after almost every level and it's become unplayable. If the ads went back to being optional I'd absolutely be rating higher.
Really fun and challenging but i dont understand why after watching a video even upto 3 times i still dont get my reward
Want to give it 5 stars and will amend it if i get my building back.... I completed all the lunar puzzles and got tge building and the 3 moon pieces. I had collected the stuff once or twice and i gobin to collect it today and its gone!!!! If i click on the bubble it shows i have to start all over. I also spent some diamonds to complete some puzzles and a few lille guys as well those are still gone so i would like my building and things back before i rate it 5 stars
I LOVE match 3 games but more often than not after only a few levels it basically turns into pay-to-play. NOT this game! There are still ads but only if you choose to watch them. I love that there are no lives to have to worry about using. The gameplay and story line is great too! Do not change a thing!
Update failed. Now it freezes or kicks me out of the game after almost every level I play. Please fix this and I'll up the star rating on your game.
Deducted 2 stars because app continues to freeze (forced to break process and restart) everytime I try to play a video/ad. Very frustrating. New phone and latest android os.
I really enjoy this game but it's getting tiring that the ads are freezing up and sometimes the game does to then you have to close out and then go back in.
Not a bad, match 3 game. Problem is, that some of the levels freeze, you then have to come out of the game and then back into it. ANNOYING !!!!
Totally addicted to this game i didn't give 5 stars bc I have 350k points and it won't let me decorate anything
Game is fun and funny. Like that you have extra help if you want to take it. You watch ads to get the help. Some rounds are very hard, but you have endless lives to use to pass them. Will keep playing.
Hands down THE best match 3 game on the internet and I've tried many. No ads unless you want some boosters. Music is lovely and the graphics are A+++. I've just finished level 1100 and love it.
While I was playing another game, Charms of the Witches appeared. I downloaded it and love love love this game. No interuptions of adds while I am playing and the unlimited livesπŸ˜„ excellent game.
Enjoyed the game and its graphics... It seems to keep making you buy things that you've already done.. That pointing arrow drivea me crazy... Why do I want to keep buying the same sections over..
Back awhile ago i had a different phone when i played this game but for some reason my phone used to get hot now I have got another phone this game doesn't run my phone hot its very interesting and also challenging I hope that I can be just as challenging as your game its worth the download nice game developers πŸ€™πŸ˜ update developers you must not understand I'm not upset i said the game is good ok I'm not upset πŸ˜„
Great game. I really love playing this it really helps me When I'm having anxiety panic attack it hopes call me down.
Brilliant game but spoiled cause keeps cutting out.I have to keep starting it most of the time shame.Dont want to uninstall bit will if dosent get sorted .
This game has a lot of potential but the videos almost never work, you win a level and it freezes so you can collect your prizes, and it is overall really glitchy. Sometimes the levels are so hard you lose over and over until you just give up for a few days. I wanna like this game but I may unistall because it's too much hassle to keep playing a level over even though you won but the game froze up.