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Charm King

Charm King for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by PlayQ Inc located at 3110 Main St Suite 400 Santa Monica, CA 90405. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy playing this game and it is addicting. I am going to be deleting it the beginning of the year, because as stated by other players, the games are becoming hard to win, and I find myself buying to many plays. Also, I have changed phones a couple of times and had to start over. It is a great pass time game, especially during this pandemic, but too expensive! Otherwise, I would have rated it a 5 star game! I hope this helps someone not to get attached to it!
Even since I started in the 1300, it will not allow me to recieve any of the extra bonus move, also will not allow the free bonuses when you win the game
i was enjoying but now its frozen and i cant play. i refreshed and done all the normal procedures necessary that would battle issues. data ok cache cleared but still frozen. havent linked to facebook because i don't own or like facebook so oh well i have no choice but to uninstall. besides that very addictive and challenging
I have played this game for years. I got a new tablet and first thing I did was download it. Now I can't get ads for the gold bars. It is too hard to win now. No longer enjoy it, like I used to. I will play other games that I can at least win sometimes
great game to play very challeing i love to play hard to put it down some times it can get to be hard but challeing.
it is a fun game and not too hard. you just have to match the charms and use the free boosters you get in the beginning of the game. once you pass the level on the first try, you earn free boosters and more scrolls and cherries. i love that stories are considered treasures in this game. i recommend this game to play!
it was a very good game to play up until the last update. i have wrote tech support twice got no response. most likely will have to uninstall game and lose everything that I have
I love this game or at least I used to. i have been playing it for a few years so I have accumulated over 400 gold nuggets and well over 4000 cherries. this morning when I went to play all my gold nuggets and all my cherries have disappeared. I now have 2 gold nuggets and 5 cherries. I would very much like all my other nuggets and cherries back. up to now I would have given you a good rating but now it is down to 1. please give back my rewards
Man i am done with this. When first started playing this gsme ot was fun and intriging. I am now on levelv74 i think and it is ompossible to win. Unless you spend money to buy their 'deals'. The lasy two levels i have tried over 20 times. Rediculous. Bye bye.
Game is too expensive for very little advancement. New version did not load for me, so I lost ALL the money I spent on credits before trying to do the upgrade. I can't play now because it just stalls at "Loading" It is a fun game, but too expensive to enjoy.
This game is great but would be better if I got to play it more than once. The first time I installed it I got to play it and it was fun , but then the next day I go on the app to play the game gets stuck! I try again and it gets stuck again! I keep trying but it keeps getting stuck! I want to actually want to play the game more than once! Please fix and I will install it again!
Poor reliability, Keeps locking up so any cherrys or gold symbols are lost as the only way to recover is to delete app and re install. I have had to do this 5 times inthe past 5 weeks.This is frustrating when you get close to the end of a level
too much hoo ha and not enough playing, boring, dull. too worried about charms challenges and dressing up the stupid cloud..as i said you get to play very little between their other activities which to me bring the game down and as i said, boring as u are waiting to get to the actual game and play some more
While I would say I was really enjoying this game I also must say I'm terribly disappointed. At level 1400+ all of a sudden all I have is a black screen with icons around it. I have e-mailed the address in the game info twice and no response. Seems there is no fix available or the developers and support team just don't give a [email protected]!t.
It has been a great game but within the last month, it will open but won't laod. I'm on something like level 1750. I've done everything I can think of to fix it but nothing. I LOVE this game, so I'm hoping that you guys can fix this glitch. Otherwise, so much better than candy crush!
Lots of fun, easy to get started, winnable challenges that make you think, vibrant graphics, totally addictive!
Losing out on rewards or additional turns because "we ran out of ads, check back later". How do I get those additional awards back? Very frustrating!
I enjoy this game but do not like the new screen. I cannot see my friends & family amd where they are in the game anymore thay was part of the fun watching how far everyone is in the game. The new screen has taken a lot of the fun out of the game now we are having to call each other to see where everyone is.
Not liking the change. It takes forever to pass the levels. You should not have to play for days and still not win. Nothing to look forward to when you play, no rewards. Change it back please.
They give a lot of free time but it takes sooo many games just to clear to move to the next level. Charms are given 1 at a time and any helpful items aren't available. It became irritating and I uninstalled it.
I love this game. The only bad thing is you dont win enufe gold and you realy have to have it to play and winn. Also im in leval 3000 and something to. But all in all its a wonderfull game
I only gave 3 stars even though I love this game!! Everytime I get a large collection of gold and cherries ive earnt MYSELF without paying (over 100 gold and over 2000 cherries) , the game spazes out and I lose EVERYTHING ;( and it takes me back to level 1. after a few levels it takes me back to my current level, Just under level 1500, so you can see who it frustrates me. please fix this and I will happily change my rating to 5 stars
App not working. Lost 8 free hours of luves due to this. If you dont fix soon, you will be losing a lot of players!!!!!
Game is just closing at random times or hanging up on the loading screen - which takes away lives and progress!
I have played this game for a while but I keep losing all of my gold and cherries and have to start over on an extended level. It would be nice to have all of my commodities restored.
fun game but its rigged! I enjoy this game and would more if it were fair and not purposely drop charms you need. Example: say you need to collect Drops, feathers and mushrooms. it will allow you to collect 2 of the charms by dropping down more than enough of those to match three but say you got all of the 2 charms but if you needed like 20 more of mushrooms and only 10 moves left you can match charms and use up your moves but no more mushrooms will fall to match. whatever you need it wont fall.
Hello why do i have to start from 1 when i was in the 300 an up. i cant start from the start again. put back the level i was on. What happen. Disturbed
It's been almost a week since I lost all my levels and apparently the keepers of this game don't care. I have sent sent emails and did get a reply that their Zen desk received it 3 days ago and have added to it and no response since then I went from level 4700 plus to level 1 so basically restarted the game and it has not been fixed. Friday will be a week. I was loayal and even bought things from this game when I could. I loved this he but I'm not going to restart.it again untily levels are fix
I lost everything! Over 30 grand in coins, over 200 in lives and don't get me started on the extra stuff! I have been playing this game for a long time and it completely reset everything all the way back to level one, when I was waiting on new levels because I had beat all the others.
I'm all for a challenging game but they make this game impossible. not enough moves or you dont get the gems you need to make a match. why make a game that starts off quite good into a frustrating experience. one day these developers will make a game you can actually play.... one day !
I love charm king. Lately been having some problems. With it freezing and some of the game being blacked out. Also it will blankout and then I lose everything.
I enjoy this game but am now in the cloud/royal level. The games in the stages tournament do not count for any of the bonus games or the item that was selected for the day to get a bonus cherry. I have emailed support SEVERAL times, but never got a response. 3-26-19 I am VERY disappointed with this company. I have contacted the maker SEVERAL times about problems and NEVER heard from them. what is up with the latest update? After this last update I'm done....too many increases!
cute game, cute story. levels are hard enough to not be to easy yet not to hard to be frustrating or stressful. great way to pass the time.
Just recently the "watching a movie for extra moves" is not always working. The movie shows and then the moves page comes back. Please check it out. Very frustrating. I am on level 1042.
love this game but not at the moment as it keeps telling me charm king has stopped working so i have not been able to play it for the last two days Not happy
Edited: I deleted the app after playing the same level over 90 times and still not able to pass. I have been playing this game for about a year and it was really fun until recently. Now I have to play each level 40 to 50 times to pass and the superstorm no help. It seems like the developer just wants you to spend money to pass levels
Was a fun game until I had to change the device I play on. My phone (Samsung note 9) pooped out on me, I got a new phone loaded all my stuff and went to play the game. Well guess what when you load on a new device you DO NOT GET YOUR GOLD AND CHERRIES. THEY ALL DONT TRANSFER! WTH! So if you purchase or earn gold it doesnt stay with your account! I wrote to customer service got a reply that it would be looked at in I believe 24hrs, well that was over a month ago! Wont play when they steal!
I'm addicted to this game but in recent weeks have not been able to claim prizes for tournament as it can never connect to server. Also, I really don't like the latest update. Problems there as well. Please fix it! Today, for the first time, I made an in_ap purchase. The money has gone from my account but I have not received my purchase. Please fix!!
Lost all my golds, please how do I get all my golds and my cherries back. Please help me get them back. I'm on level 1, 9 something otherwise I'm enjoying this so far so is a five stars ✨
I've emailed you guys twice about the technical issues that I'm having with this game. and to no avail no one has corrected the problem! why?
I have been playing this game for a few years And I love this game. I recently had issues With the game not loading. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and lost everything. I am still on my level Because I was connected through Facebook But all of my Scrolls and cherries and coins and bonuses are gone. I made contact Through email to explain my issues, but no one ever got back with me. I have tried twice through email and still no reply. Updates suck constantly crashes
This is a game you can play all night and all day it is fun to play challenge yourself to see how far you can go and see how many matches you can match come and play
This is my favorite game! I do wish however that the developers would go back to showing which of your friends are ahead of you in the game, and to easily send lives to playing friends. I sent two emails asking about this (whether it was just me or game wide) but never received a response. I would give it 5 stars but for these issues. What once made one part of a community has now become a solitary game, and not as much fun.
loaded on my phone in 2 minutes. NOTHING ELSE LOADS THAT SLOW. need to keep purchasing to progress. had this on my old phone and LOVED it. seems developers got greedy. deleting. won't try it again.
It used to be fun but you can't pass a level on game skill, you have to play the same level over and over again and watch as the colors you need disappear as they fall into place so you can't win.
I have been playing this game for a few years I'm getting a bit fed up now cause the prizes are so predictable and the tales have been the same for ages. Come on charm King time to update .
I have enjoyed the game with the exception that you rarely get gold without purchasing it. Some of the levels are challenging enough that you have to use almost all up your boosters to a complete them. Games are supposed to be fun with challenge I get that but not so difficult that you're frustrated and want to delete the game which is what I'm going to do. I refuse to purchase all the gold that you need for extra plays.
I love this game but as from 2 day's ago my game has frozen and u only have the top and bottom of the screen the rest is totally black . cannot play anymore. iam up to 1134 or there about's . i don't want to lose everything. what can I do . Please help me Charm King Addict
So far the game is fun. I'm only on level 21, but I haven't experienced any problems, and I haven't had to spend real money to advance. Hopefully it stays this way.
why has it frozen? I can't get on it any more. my other games still work. yesterday it froze again. I lost over 200 cherries n 8 bars of gold. WTH
Was great for a few years but today suddenly turned into a black screen and can't play. Re-installed and it restored the level but lost all the extras I'd paid for. See that others are having the same problem but support is AWOL. Rethinking. May delete altogether.
This game was fun... until it wasn't. I'm on level 60 and so far have played it 45 times. I even had a "super storm", that really isn't, and that didn't help me get past the lvl. Of course they want you to spend money to buy more items to waste on trying to get passed the lvl. If I don't move on to a new lvl soon I'm deleting the game. Not fun, nor relaxing, if you can't move along in the game.
latest update has caused game to open but not fully load. no cherries can be collected, etc. I have played all levels and play the dragon contest each week. normally on Friday a new level is added. when I opened the app this morning it showed it was updated but locked. is there a fix???
This game is fun and also a time passer. The story line is incredible. It's what makes the game so interesting. I enjoy playing it very much.
The upgrade has ruined this app for me. Too many confusingly items to wade through to start playing. Programmers trying to show off by seeing how much junk they can put on screens. Very buggy, crashes too many times. After return from policy ad, program freezes.
I have been stuck on level 268 for almost a week! I know the games are programmed to only let you win when it lets you but this is ridiculous! I don't expect to win every level so fast but I have been trying with free lives for 12 hours or more! It is so frustrating! Please fix this soon or I might get so aggravated that I might get on Facebook and vent all my frustrations!! TIA
Why does it always kick me out of the game u all need to see why this happens all the time and they need to change the setup.....
I just upgraded this game 2 days ago and now after playing one part of the game it freezes and won't play anything else. It doesn't matter what you play it will freeze . I play this game everyday and enjoy it. I'm not going to play if I have to reload the game after each step I do. Please fix the problem.
This game has made it more difficult to play for free. it has eliminated the ability to collect boosts by playing levels that you've passed and increased the cost of boost purchases with cherries by 150%! I'm uninstalling it.
Got a relative playing the game and it's really different. She gets chances for extra cherries, magic, gold, bells, moves, etc all by watching a video ad. I've never gotten any of that. I've updated but that didn't work. She can buy outfits and have extra bonus items that I dont even get a chance to get. Do I have to uninstall and get a new Facebook profile just to play the same game? That's about the only thing I can think of I haven't done yet. It's getting discouraging. What's the deal?
Simple, fun gameplay with a story element. The rewards systems are kind of kooky, but I always feel pleasantly surprised by how much more I'm getting than expected.
this game has great graphics, an interesting story, it's extremely fun to play where you can put you're phone down and eye catching I wish I could give it more 🌟!
Not loading even after updating. Yes I'm hooked up to enter net, all my other games work. If it doesn't work by this afternoon, I'll uninstall.
it's fun to a point, then takes FOREVER to get bonuses to help!!! Use to get gold bars when completing levels.....no more....only things you cant buy.....boooo... it also for the last week wont load I give up, uninstalling this stupid game sent messages for help with no avail
I absolutely love this game. It gets more challenging as the levels go on. I love this aspect because it keeps me interested unlike similar games. The graphics are phenomenal and I haven't had to spend any money on this game. I also really like that the ads are optional, as in, if you want to get a few extra moves you can watch a 30 second ad. Otherwise you can continue to play ad free and free of charge! Great job creators!
I've played for years. The daily game has NOT worked for 7 days . I am in the Sandstone Forr. Cleared the cache, didn't help. Sent info under help in game, and still no response.
Really enjoy the game, but constantly shuts down & freezes. Playing today on free time & shut down 3 times & didn't get to dig for my treasure. Very frustrating!!
The game started out to be fun, but soon turned into a other typical pay to win type game. after a certain point in the game, it's no longer about skill or figuring out a pattern to pass a level. you just play it over and over again until things just fall into place...or you can use gold to get more moves... The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1, is the game does give you plenty of opportunity to play on infinite lives for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 8 hours.
Takes forever to load and keep foreclosing, how can I use scrolls when everytime I go into the tales it keeps foreclosing!! I am starting to dislike this game alot! I also lost over 400 apples!! I use to love this game but now it takes forever to play 1 level.
PLEASE FIX GAME. I really enjoy this game. Im on 1500 all of a sudden the game is frozen. When i open it i wont play. Ive forced closed the game and still wont open to play. Please fix im not trying to loose all my coins and extra stuff.
Ever since i got to level 1,000 everything is really slow. Loading time much slower than before, I'm waiting at times for a full minute for a level to load and also waiting at times up to over a minute after closing all the windows that pop up and getting cherries. it's really annoying! i will give 5 stars after they fix ALL these issues!
I dropped stars because when I purchased with my cherries a box which gave me two gifts (one was arrows the other infinity life for 1hr) I didn't get my gift...my infinity life for one hour, if this glitch was a one off it would have bugged me less but it has happened several times. Also I would give it far more stars if one could read the adventures one has done already...there should be an option to read the story ONCE you've done it, not being forced to replay it instead.
I've enjoyed the game thus far. The last 3 days I haven't been able to play because the game has stalled at loading. Is there a fix on the way?.
The colors are so beautiful 😍❤️❤️😍 love it i was playing this game a long time ago i play it on my tablet on my laptop then i got locked out of my laptop so i did not play for some years so i got me a new phone and it came to me to look for it cause i did not like the games they had so i look and here it is after all these years and i love everything ❤️ about the game 🙂 thank you ❤️❤️
I have been playing Charm King off & on for several years now. In the last year i have been stedily playing, not everyday but like every other day. Sometimes i get so caught up in it that i play for a few days straight. I am on level 1184 and im gonna keep playing it. I love tge game, the new graphics are awesome everything about it is Great and i recommend it to everybody. Adults, teenagers, and children of all ages.
Love the rewards. It makes the game more interesting and friendly. Though I can't play it anymore. It may have a glitch or something. I really can't open the game. Developer, kindly fix the problem. Thanks.
Takes too long to load between levels. I don't like the "story " part. If I want to read a story, I'll get a book. Uninstalling.
I have this game downloaded on two devices, one for me and one for the kids. The app has been freezing constantly. When I open it, I can go do something else for 10 minutes while I wait for it to load. It's been like this on BOTH devices. It's the same when using wi-fi, data, or anything. Very frustrating. Hopefully this new update works to fix these problems.
I really was enjoying this game I paid serial times for coins after it freezes from my purchase what a rip off.
The first 40 levels -- you do great; however, after that, this game shows its true colors. You're not given enough moves, which means...YOU HAVE TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY. For an additional 5 moves, 25 coins; for another 5 additional moves, it goes up to 50. Higher and higher the amount of coins get, for the SAME amount of moves!! Before you know it, you're spending real money to get past levels. I think I'll go back to BigFish games, because for $7.99, I think, get one free game each month.
Enjoyed the game until I purchased coins and didn't receive them,email them twice so far and still not even a response. will be contacting my bank and let them deal with it.
i have had this game for years and loved it. Then you "updated"its format and it is awful. The other version was fun and a great way to pass time. This new version truly sucks and from what i have read,a lot of customers feel the same. It would be nice if any one in the customer service department bothered to read a review. Its all about customers having to pay for extra items now
Good game. I am almost to level 500,and i still enjoy the game. It may take awhile to pass something, but i still have fun with it. Thanks loads for games like this
This game keeps freezing I spend more time in and out losing all my freebies. COME ON PEOPLE FIX THIS GAME. There is a lot of complaints listed below. It is now October and ever since the game was updated, it has gone back to freezing and booting me out of the game, sometimes I lose bonuses. This is very frustrating and I'm getting very annoyed. Please fix this mess , I know I'm not the only one this is happening to.
I woke up this morning all of my cherries, and Scrolls were gone. They gave me 12 hours of free life for some reason but they took all of my cherries and Scrolls. Sometimes, my challenges disappear when they say they have hours left. This is unacceptable.
what rating you deserve is a zero you dont respond to emails! having issues with the game but you don't want respond what a joke! check your emails or are you just about the money we spend on your games! its been about a month! how long does it take to get back to someone? ive received two generated emails saying the staff is looking at the email try actually doing it and your customers might stay loyal to yo and the rest of your games!
very challenging fun but since this morning I can't play, just get a black screen and don't want to delete and start from scratch again as I've had to do in the past when changing devices, I was on level 1599 and I had to get a new phone, sadly had to start from level 1
Level 323 and many others have x2 that don't work! I'm absolutely sick of failing levels bc this doesn't work and you can't win if it doesn't!!! AND I don't feel like they are going to fix this or make up for it.
I have been playing this game for 2 years now and am very close to quitting it. I really enjoy playing but like everyone else I'm tired of the app freezing and being in the middle of a level and it shutting down after using some bonuses. Now there are no bonuses and the game is not as good as it use to be. This needs to be fixed!!
I like others have enjoyed Charm King until recently. Now,when I try to claim extra lives or game bullets by using gold bars which I pay for they do not come through. This is the equivalent of buying a product and not having it delivered. Those players affected should look for compensation either with gold bar credits or money. I have waste approximately 100 gold bars in this way .Come on App developer pay up or ship out
This game is challenging. Keeps the mind thinking , which is good .i m hoping the game will help me earn some cash . i can really use it now . of course the higher the level the more challenging which is to be aspected .all in all a good game .
I have had to delete this app simly because i had gotten so far then , it started freezing up on me !!!! I really enjoy this game , it is so much fun to play and is very challenging !! so i am re installing ,hoping and praying that it doesn't freeze up !!!! So for now i will give it one star , if problem is fixed i will gladly give it 5 + stars !!!!!!!
I really enjoy this game it's a little different from the rest. First it's not a point system, as far I as I've been playing ( is only a 19 levels). I love that. you just have to make the quota of items that need to be collected. Second I get to use my pick and use my boosters during the game not before like every other game which is exactly what I always wanted. Finally it's a game that bright and really fun and has a story line which is awesome to help kids read more.
Full of commercials that you can't skip past. I played this game for years without the annoying commercials. It used to be fun but you can't pass a level on game skill, you have to play the same level over and over again and watch as the colors you need disappear as they fall into place so you can't win.
What is going on with the game lately it won't load or anything haven't been able to play in the last couple of weeks anyone else having this issue
Love the game until I made a small purchase of gold and never recieved and have contacted support 4 times and developer another. And what gold pieces I had just disapeared every time I close the game!! Now I have Zero (0)!! Had twelve 6 gone one day, three the next, and three the next! It would be a GREAT fun game but not getting my purchase and now fear even if they ever give me my purchase of gold, they will disapear everytime I close the game!!! Disappointing!!! 😕
I find Charm King very fun. You have various things to find and to use if you run out of things to get what you need to get you out of troubles. I am enjoying the game so much that it takes me hours of playing before I want to go to another game.
I just downloaded the game and haven't made it past the third level. This is because it keeps shutting down and sending me to my home screen. So far in the first 30 minutes of playing I have spent 25 of those 30 minutes looking at a loading screen. Worst game EVER. Please fix
Cute game, but it becomes another pay-to-win game after awhile. You have to use power-ups just to get through levels. It's getting to the point in society where you can't have fun without paying money. It's depressing because there's no escape.
the game keeps hanging continuesly. you have to keep deleting and downloading again and again...by then all your boosts are lost i was on level 516 and now i have to start from scratch
I had given charm king 5 stars but, now i can't get my coins until every 2 weeks , when i was getting coins every day, now my game app doesn't work anymore, and very good game.
The story with the scrolls is childish and time consuming with no reward for making progress in the story. I've made it to level 243 and realised that they are already recycling older levels. Did you think nobody would notice?
Just uploaded Charm King. Why does it start at level 15? What happened to levels one through 14? Also the scan bar that goes across to finish uploading stops in the middle why. Please correct or I'm not going to play I'm going to uninstall it.
I have played for years - on level 681 - and has been my favorite game to play. Now with the recent updates wins are more difficult to attain and today, for the first time, it cost 50 cherries to get 2 lousy "helps" (plus always a free life). Even using the boost was useless. I expect a challenge but after the changes the fun is waning.
I use to love this game now Everytime I play the game it keeps shutting down. I thought it was my old tablet so I bought a new one and it still does the same thing
I loved this game! I was actually able to pass levels, even if some took me a few tries. But it was still fun! I got to level 152 and now can't pass it AT ALL! Lost the fun for me. I even didn't mind watching videos to get stuff. But I'm done playing. This is advertised as relaxing...not relaxing at all when you have been on 1 level for a whole day. I can't keep doing the same level over and over and I am getting nowhere. Only 14 tries for that level is impossible. Great game until that level
I enjoy playing this game. Also reading the stories and different adventures. I got stuck on Level 16. 4 times. I kept playing the games until l won the games to go to the next level. It was a hard level to play. But l didn't give up. It is excited and fun. P.S. You can get hook on this game. It worth playing and l really like it. It GREAT!!!.😀😊☺
Really liked the game. Had overtaken Candy Crush games as my favorite until ads started popping up. Willing to pay for ad free version. Will be uninstalling if ads persist without ad free version.
Too much "hand holding"...instead, you should allow player to turn off instructions/instruction popups as an option...options are always better than something being forced on you in a game...uninstalled...
This game is fun, love graphics and yet its not so hard you cant enjoy it. its not money gouching and quite refreshingvin the fact your rewarded to meeting goals in useful ways. You can also rack up alot of free time playing without using all yours lives in first 15 minutes and have to go play another game waiting to get more! Give it a try. Well worth your time to play!
Frozen again. I LOVE this app however this is the second time the game has frozen. The last time I had to Uninstall and reinstall losing Everything I earned or paid for. Not willing to lose everything again. Very frustrating.
Very good game! The levels are designed to be challenging yet beatable. Unlike other puzzle games that make levels impossible to pass unless you pay $$$, this game does not sink to that level. It provides steady, challenging but fair levels that require some skill and thinking but it never has you dwelling on it for very long. Great game for anyone that likes puzzle games!
Level 1496 and sadly feel duped! I used to spend lots of $ on this game. Yet once I realized that King must think we're blind & stypid I quit spending $. You won't win until King is ready & has given up on getting paid. I'll work pieces into place & watch them disappear when it would help me win etc...If the game is ever allowed to actualy let skill win a level I'll happily be a paying player again. Great game now add some integrity to maintain loyal players profits coming in! Thanks!
Do not listen to the other reviews. To win at this game you have to spend money, a lot of money. This is the most expensive game I've played on top of that. Don't get me wrong it can be challenging and fun. Just be prepared to pay.
it says playing progress with friends, but you can't see where your friends are in this new format. No longer fun! And now in November 2020, the game randomly dumps me out of the game in the middle of playing a screen. This now happens often and is more frustrating than fun!
I enjoy playing this game...but I feel like there are too many things going on! Kinda makes me feel overwhelmed and I don't know what more than half of it all means. My Special needs son plays the older version of this game and it's perfect! I do like the story line so far, so that's a plus. I gave a 4 stars...since anything & everything could be improved...on all games & developers! (Not just Charm King!) Keep up the great work!
Please stop taking my cherries and pieces of gold!!! i swear id have like 50 each by now lol. Other than that, this game is GREAT.
great game play, fun story line, and constant incentive to move further have put this in my top 3 go to games.
Im pissed👿 Dont be fooled by the stupid graphics and the fact that you get lives, gold and cherries really quickly. After I ran the gauntlet, They took away all of my boosters; cherries and unlimited lives TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I start on my next level without everything that I earned!
Have had crash issues and stuck with advice by the developers. No ADS unless you click for various items. This is how all games and apps should be. You guys keep the updates coming. You listen to the players and do everything to fix issues. Two things i really wish you could do. Friends from amyone that plays not just FB. More Fairy Tales. Add new ones. And you people that give bad reviews. Why? Unless not As the app says dont hate becuz you cant just rate based on what was created. Thank You
It's an addicting game just needs to give more lives on the difficult levels take forever to get off some levels just be stuck!!
Use to love this game. Now it steals my gold , won't pay out on free games after watch the never ending ads etc therefore you can't win any tournaments. Thumbs down sadly .
I had given this a 5 star BUT I had right at 500 apples I'd saved then I logged in today and they were all gone! plus, I'd downloaded a new chapter and it's, now, making me download it again! this is so not good! i will change my rating back if my problem is reconciled.
i love this game. it is never boring. interestung and cute. "Charming". i will reccommend it to my friends. Very easy to play which releaves my stress level. GREAT GAME
I've been playing this game for years. It was a 5 star game. However, recently I found the game wont open. Halfway loads then all goes black. I emailed the developer. Hope they are listening....if so, I can rate them 5 if they fix it. Update 9/3/18: I took the chance and uninstalled-reinstalled. Still on level I left off of. Got lots of ectra power ups etc. Thank you!!
Have been playing level 2573 FOREVER!!! Just today, have spent about 6 hours & still can't pass this level!! What is going on? Have enjoyed this game for many years but am about to uninstall it! So frustrating!!!!
I hardly ever leave reviews, but this game has potential. Shorten the dialogs or have a skip feature those parts are the most tedious.
I was very happy with this game until I got to level 550. My 72 gold bars and nearly 800 cherries, as well as over 1000 scrolls just disappeared. Now, I have to start all over collecting them for when I need them. VERY discouraging!
I used to really enjoy this game but since the last update I am not even able to play it. I have lost all my cherries and gold several times. I have emailed support several times but like every one else I have never received a response .it appears no one cares.
The game will not load most of the time and if it does it doesn't load correctly. none of the ads will load. It freezes and I have to exit the game and reload it if I want to continue to play that's if it will reload. Constantly getting send feed back. Why bother sending feed back nothing gets resolved and you don't ever hear from anyone about the problem. This game is getting worse instead of better.
I love this game, I've been playing for some time and I am at a good level... But yesterday it suddenly crashed while I was trying to collect my charms... No way to make it work. I wouldn't like to loose all my efforts. It's stuck. Can you help me out? F...! It's crashed again for the second time in less than 20 days. Besides being stuck for over a fortnight 9thNov20
I love the game,however the last two days I can't get anyads.It say we are out of ads i can't play the game.any idea why? My connections are fine
Very cool game, enjoy all the extra ways to boost my rewards. I've only played 20 levels so far but looking forward to seeing what's to come. Thank you for an enjoyable gaming experience.
Thank you for all the fixes! It is back again as my favourite! MISS the free moves that are gone again. Definately need those extra moves more than once a day! If you have tried the same level 5 or 6 times a little help would be nice!
I have been stuck on level 87 for about 4 days! I don't have any boosts or anything. I've had unlimited lives a couple of times and I still can't get past it! Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with the game? I'm getting really aggravated with it and I'm about ready to uninstall it! I really liked it until level 87. Please HELP!! TIA
Don't know what going on with this game. Will not download completely. An freezes up. the new update sucks. that's why it will not download completely to play
love the game but I'm on level 320 and it stopped working recently... I read some of the most recent reviews hopefully it's just a bug...please fix soon
love this game because you dont need friends to help you unlock a level. bonus is great. theme games are amazing.. cons: when you get free hours of play you have to play them right then..tech support is not helpful or doesnt exist.
Have had crash issues and stuck with no advice by the developers. Click on ADS unless you click for various items. You need to address your issues of crashing. Its so frustrating Two things i really wish you could do. Friends from anyone that plays not just FB. More Fairy Tales. Add new ones. Im so disappointed no answers so im deleting. I cant take being ignored your newest update ruined it for me. Ive held on long enuf. Listen to your players without us what do you do?
So far very fun, cute, funny, challenges are optional; I prefer not to play on Facebook (pushes this a bit), & though in app purchases..so far seems very likely that don't have to use if you don't want to spend $!!! So far I really like it! 4 stars to start...need to play more to know how to rate better.
enjoying the game alot. Only problem im running into is every 20--30 minutes the game crashes and exits by itself and then I have to reload it. and the book where you use the scrolls wont load.
Just like every other game, certain levels won't let you pass unless you use most of your stuff. Not only that but it freezes horribly and don't say it's my device cause it isn't. Yesterday I had 11 gold pieces, I log on today and they're gone. This game is one of the worst that I have played
love playing this game! right now i have not been able to play this game in almost 3 weeks. every time I open the game iy freezes. i dont want to uninstall the app because i dont want to loose all of my hard work. please update the app so i can play again.
used to be a good game before updates. Does not give you your rewards you earn have emailed developer of this game to no avail. They dont answer.I may uninstall. Very dissappointed. Liked the layout of map better. Graphics were better.
I'll admit I was skeptical on downloading this at first as many matching games tend to be a little.....untruthful with their ads and when I saw this had stories involved it made me of course skeptical but I was surprised to find it is like the ads say! I love it!
Very Cute! It's a fun challenging not challenging in a *i wanna throw my phone against the wall* challenging. It has a little story to go along with it for those that are into that type of thing. I'm enjoying it very much!
i was real happy with this game till the update. the region you dont see whats all in. all the contest are standing everywhere. how do i go back to a played region to get more stars?
I love this game. It's one of my faves. Unfortunately it freezes and/or shuts down regularly. There are times when it shuts down when I've actually won a game but it crashes before the win has registered. Then when I reopen it it's as if I didn't win. Or the win counts but it crashes before I can collect the reward. I have searched for and found temporary "solutions" for this. Don't get why it can't just be FIXED so this doesn't keep happening! But love the game.
I would have given 5 stars had I been able to play on multiple devices. I use a phone and tablet, and connect to fb for all games. The only thing that was the same was level and story line. Lost all extras. i.e. the apples, gold, restarted events, any extra time, or things I had won was lost. I have latest version of fb, In the end I deleted the game. It's a very fun and cute game, but I need to be able to play on both devices
Just downloaded the latest updates. Now none of the ads will load. It freezes and I have to exit the game and reload it if I want to continue to play. This game is getting worse instead of better.
Since the update nothing works right! You can't watch any ads to further yourself with cherries or gold! Also it would be nice if there was new fairytale lands to go through, Play them all and it just restarted all over again with the old ones! Boring... And I refuse to use real money to play any of these games!👎
I was enjoying the game until it froze. I've emailed support twice to ask how to fix this problem, without losing my gold bars and cherries, but not even a response. I'll have to uninstall.
I used to love this game until update and changes. Now can't pass levels and no rewards. I've uninstalled a nd reinstalled several times and it seems to continue to go downhill. Please fix it or go back to previous formats.
I have enjoyed this game for a long time. with the updates I am finding lots of problems. have made 2 in app purchases that were charged to my credit card and never showed up in my game and transferred my game to a new phone and lost all of my cherries, gold bars, and scrolls. probably time to move on to one of the other many options.
game updated and first time i went to play I completed level 882 game froze up! i exited game by using the home key on my tablet. opened game again and lost my 9 hours of free lives, all my gold and all 250 something cheeries!!!!!!!! this us the third and last time in the last 6 months this has happened! I an now deleting for good.
Good graphics above average play. But higher levels i have to play 25 times to beat. Not fun anymore, reached level 564.
4 stars for the first version 3 stars for the April 2019 update this latest version is nonsense The game has changed so much it is unrecognizable...it is no longer fun or interesting.....every update causes you to lose your boosters...and the watch a video for rewards...the video never plays And now it takes too long for the levels to load. I am fed up....I've stopped playing at level 446
I like the game but the 8 hr lives prize is all Iever get on the treasure map no matter where I dig it's what I get I rather have a charm or a cherry or gold or a power up please consider these options
I'm addicted to this game but in recent weeks have not been able to claim prizes for tournament as it can never connect to server. Also, I really don't like the latest update. Problems there as well. Please fix it! Today, for the first time, I made an in_ap purchase. The money has gone from my account but I have not received my purchase. Please fix!! UPDATE......THE GAME IS NOW FROZEN UP ALL TOGETHER. CAN'T PLAY IT ON MY TABLET AT ALL. GET IT FIXED!!!!
used to be a good game before updates. Does not give you your rewards you earn have emailed developer of this game to no avail. They dont answer.I may uninstall. Very dissappointed. Liked the layout of map better. Graphics were better. Since game updates lost everything gold coins cherries etc.
My biggest issue with this game is the ridiculous pop ups constantly asking you to link to Facebook. They strategically placed it so it's where you would generally click "play", so I was constantly clicking it by mistake. I play matchy games to relax, and this one just made me anxious. All of the symbols on the homescreen are constantly flashing at you like you have new achievments, when it's actually just trying to get you to spend money.
Had made it fairly far in this game. They did an update, everything gone. Ridiculous. Don't spend time on this game. It will just be wasted time.
I have been playing for a long time now and really enjoy it, but as of a week ago it will not load ad's and freezes up. I hope they will fix this.
This was a good game until you gave it a update now you have no gold you have screwed up the apples you don't get NO more extra turns to help I am on game 1172 and now with the update it is hard to get any where
Loved this game but it constantly freezes and turns itself off. Frustrating. Moving on to better games as these issues are never resolved.
Great game, but it stopped working when Galaxy did an update about (4) days ago...it doesn't load anymore, just a black screen☹
I have been a Charm King fan for some time now but since the new edition can't out, I can't even open the app unless I have five minutes to wait for it to load. Once in, the game moves at a snail's pace. I'll miss you Charm King.
this is a good game. Sure, there are half million match 3 games (i thought, and you're thinking as well), but this one is pretty fast-paced. There are a lot of extra little things that you win as you go along too, and you don't have to be on level 546 to start getting fhem, so it keeps your interest. Well, it's kept my interest so far, which is near impossible, so it's an incredibly good chance that it will keep yours! Of course, it would be great if you could win money, but... try it anyway!
this game just doesn't do it for me. It's almost impossible to do some of these levels because they all go off of some sort of algorithm versus going for strategy. I passed level 89 and I'm still not hooked. I feel like they're just too thirsty for money. Just my personal opinion.
I'm addicted to this game but in recent weeks have not been able to claim prizes for tournament as it can never connect to server. Also, I really don't like the latest update. Problems there as well. Please fix it! Today, for the first time, I made an in_ap purchase. The money has gone from my account but I have not received my purchase. Please fix!! UPDATE......THE GAME IS NOW FROZEN UP ALL TOGETHER. CAN'T PLAY IT ON MY TABLET AT ALL. GET IT FIXED!!!! I give up. I've uninstalled.