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Charm Farm: Village Games. Magic Forest Adventure.

Charm Farm: Village Games. Magic Forest Adventure. for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Nevosoft Inc located at Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, 191002, Rubinshteina str. 20, office 4.. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Use of Tobacco) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I thought I ll keep playing... It's nvr tiring or frustrated lyk othrs...it always give a way out to upgrade to d next level.... Mostly I love my farm... I feel so realistic ☺.
I have only recently started playing this game and have just passed Level 7. This game is absolutely charming and very playable! I was not expecting much. I have found these types of games to make unreasonable demands either in the quantities they want you to produce or having quests that require products you cannot make without spending money to level up faster. Charm Farm Forest Village takes things at a very nice pace. The characters are adorable too!
This game is the bomb i love it am very adicted to it, i would give more than 5 starz but sadly only 5 can be done.
It takes too long to make some of the stuff. There is no friends list so you can ask for help. Takes too long to play this game. It shouldn't take this long to advance in the game. Should be able to buy stuff if you don't have it with the money not the diamonds. Not going to play anymore I don't have time for this.
I originally gave this game 5 stars. Loved the game. My toddler likes to watch me play he thinks it is a tv program. However I am now going to have to delete the game. When I chose to watch a video it was x-rated people having sex. When I complained I was basically told to bad nothing they can do. Well there is something I can do.
Totes adorbs! i love this game! rarely do i find a game that i will never delete...so far this is it. graphics are great, game play smooth and everything needed is easily obtained. not to mention the schmoos are the cutest.
EDIT: I SENT YOU AN EMAIL DAYS AGO EXPLAINING THE PROBLEM. STILL CAN'T CAT SPELLS. Poor I got a new spell, phosphorus mushrooms, and since then i have not been able to cat any spells, which has brought my production to a stop. Fix it please.
problems loading. to progress in this game you need to buy gems. This could get very exspenvive very quickly. With an answer like that I wish I could go into negitives
Cute Graphics, adorable storyline, but my only isshue is that it takes a little while more to level up.
I love this game and can play the whole day....but if would bave been nice if you could spin or look at videos for a diamond or so once in a while ... I do t mind spending money and buying but to buy everything is a bit to much so at one point i will delete this game i quess.
Good graphics. The game starts out fun but after you reach level 11, it becomes very boring and repetetive. You aren't able to fix one of the buildings until level 18. It would take me weeks at this point. Activities take forever to complete as well. I bought a diamond pack and after spending all of them to level up faster and finish upgrades, I still feel stuck...and bored.
This app totally rocks and so do the makers. You have to work a bit for the outcome you want but it wouldn't be any fun if everything came easy. Its good to make your brain work a bit. After recently having a glitch in the app, I was responded to and helped right away. Not something you find much in other games and apps. Try this one out folks. Its very enjoyable.
A help section with archived tutorial information would be helpful. Invasive pop up ads at random times. Maybe, when the game opens, have ads but let us alone unless we take an offer to watch something in exchange for something after that. More rotation options for objects would be nice for placement of objects and buildings. A lesser animation option in addition to the high quality would be good for people with less memory or battery intensive gameplay.
Purchased gems and never received them. I contacted their support several business days ago and never heard back from them. I think I'm done here. The game, aside from their technical issues when purchasing and their nonexistent support team, is genuinely really cute and fun. Would've liked to get my gems and play it the way I wanted to, though.
It's okay for this type of game. I'm already bored with it however. There not much action for me. I enjoy games that has more activity then this game has. Looking for something like "Merge Dragon" or "Zombie Castaways".
luv the game.. wish it didnt cost much to bulid things.. and i wish it didnt take long for things to make.. other then that great game
Wow. I was looking for a village/farm sim with storyline that didn't use the "energy" mechanic. So happy to find this one. I am not usually very girly, but I literally told my kids this was the cutest game. Great work! Even when my shmoos were all working the game didn't let me get bored.
Gardening,feeding animals and producing supplies for a wooded farm. If you like farming, you'll enjoy this app.
Fun game. Good graphic. Not a money grabber app because you can still make decent progress without spending. Unfortunately it often refuses to open saying I have no internet connection (even when other apps connects just perfectly). And somehow it also quickly drains my phone's power. Otherwise its a great game
Dont install this un less you have all day to play it is very sweet cute animals good concept could do with market you could sell surplus items but takes forever to expand land but fairer than payday and township best of bunch but airship gives you 10 hrs to fill but expected to make items that take more than that and soo many very unfair
Two stars because its a cute game that was really fun at first. But like the thousands of other games exactly like this with a different skin, its just a micro transaction farm...with the amount ads I watch just to progress, it should really be much easier, it takes days to complete a task now. You have to make a ton of money on ads alone, you're just another greedy corporation!
It's a fun game and it's slow paced for those moments when you want something slow enough to destress
You start out with a simple village in the Magic Forest. There are the people who live there as well as a person that goes to the village. They have a conversation that covers the basics of what's going on. You place buildings, buy animals, farm plots, and more. When you collect things from certain buildings, you can sell those items in the market. There are many adventures to go on and things to discover. Recommend this game to people ages 8+? Love this game, shout out to to the developers!!!
I am enjoying the game, however it crashes a ridiculous amount, it seems like every minute it crashes. I've never had any problems with crashing with any other apps. I hope it is optimised in a new update.
Loving this game..total fantasy with incredible graphics..cute lovable animals..loads to do and never boring..only gripe is the availability of wood,after the trees have been felled,if you need more you have to buy the trees also the iron ore and pink crystals..you need a lot of these items to complete tasks..and when can we visit other peoples farms?? also will there be a club we can join in the game...love the schmooos!!
so slow, cannot earn money very fast . cannot get anywhere, cute game, but you really need a lot of patience, can get boring
This game has awful formating. Going through the tutorials you arent allowed to skip or do anything when it wants you to complete them. My storage was full it starts a quest to milk the cow thing, i cant without upgrading the storage! Well guess what i cant upgrade because im stuck in thw tutorials with no way out. I contacted support, i had to restate the same issue 3 times before they understood. I dont think english is their first language. NEEDS BETTER SUPPORT!
I just started and it's great...hopefully more drops of rubies to build ssmoochh or whatsoever the blue cutie-patootie villagers πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ€© but overall it's great and i love the graphics 2thumbs up!
Fantastic game. The best farming game I came across ever. Magical creatures, nice storyline, best time management. It's an amazing experience playing this game. I am litterly addicted to this game. The good point is its support team, that replies instantly and helps with issues that bother us. Thank you Nevosoft!
This game keeps you on the move, lot's to do, very entertaining, I have had no problems with the game.I am really enjoying the game.
I love this game veey much...( but ) it takes to long to make stuff I think the time for making stuff should be shorter.
I love this game, but I am currently having a issue completing a quest for the old Schmoo, he wants 2 planks ,I've made 4, it's not registering the 2nd plank. Fix it plz
I really like this farm game. The characters are different than other farm games. It's a challenge and takes patience but there's so much to do. I like being busy to finish quests. I recommend this game if you have the patience.
I love this game but you have to spend money on rubies to get anywhere!! I never got any of the items I needed to open the chest block of land... Had to buy them. Hence I couldn't move forward without paying money 😒
Not very far into the game and it wants me to build houses. To build both of them you have to spend premium curency. Not cool.
was a great game then all of a sudden it said it couldnt save cos I am not signed into Google. I have never signed out and this the only game that come up with that
This is so much fun, 1st do the daily quests so you can advance in the game, then sell products in the market to make money. You will definitely enjoy playing this game!
why the proudet change so big very hard to see last time the size better now too big.. Not nice an so hard to play..😩😩 an the no use item block at there cannot be move away not enough pl ace to buite..
Well , I Loved it ! until today when upon opening the game, it froze several times and now It seems to be back at square 1 , and I was 22 or something. Don't really know what else there is to say. πŸ˜‘ The game is really nice, vibrant colors, great character design both artistic and with a well made plot.Easy to go through levels and improves my memory and management skills. πŸ˜πŸŒ΄πŸ–– Anyone ? Any help with this situation ? Regards, RAβ˜€
More houses r required to increase shmoos...without gems,can make this adventure more attractive. plz do something. thanx.
Very nice game, super addictive and very well designed, I would be 100% happy if we could have two quests a day instead of one.
good game but it keeps closing out whenever i zoom in or out so unfortunately I won't be playing this anymore.
enjoying game good graphics no ads plays beautifully however I purchased red gems 1000 but not received them and the report an issue button doesn't work plz can you rectify my purchase
Absolutely love this game. Only thing I would like more of is more smooches in the village even if we can buy with coins not rubies and be able to buy territory easily. Other wise an awesome game.
This app is utterly brilliant infact it is more than that but there are no words to describe how fabulous this is!!!! I love it so much and the comtrol are really good there are no glitches at all. I recommend this for all ages it os so fun to play and has a very cool storyline which of course adds to the interest if I could give this 6β˜† I would without hesitation I LOVE IT! !!!!!!!!!!!!β€β€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
i dont usually rate games... at all. and honestly i usually just think that the people who make these games just hire a bunch of people to make good comments for them. but anyways, i had decided to rate this game because it is great!!! its cute. and fun. i love fairy tale creatures. and it makes senseee. i love how you can purchase your own tress and rocks and etc. and get little helpers.
I really loved this game! Until I got to the higher levels! Now I'm on level 35 & the game "freezes" CONSTANTLY! It takes away the joy of playing it & is VERY frustrating! So I'm going to probably going to uninstall it. Very disappointed because I really wanted to play this!
I am on level 9 and so far this is the best game ever... It is so cute. I love it! Awsome brite colors. Every thing in this game is adorable.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I think it's great :) some times i have some issue like disconnecting :| but Generally it's perfect ;)) i like it so much.
The game started out good but the farther you get the longer it takes to advance..now things I need take 4 hours for one thing..you can't complete balloon quest for this reason... uninstalling...to much wait time not enough play time.. dropped my rating from 4 to 2... disappointed 😞
I like the game it is relaxing but requires patience. Would have given 5 stars but diamonds are too scarce therefore upgrading buildings takes a very long time. 90 items is unreasonable to send airship
I gave this one five stars like this one a lot it is different and a lot of farm games and I just like if you like farm games then you might like
This is a fun game and quite adorable😁😁😍😍..It has a lot of work and it's a lot more fun than any other game..😍😍😍😍
I really enjoy this game. The characters are adorable. Smooth game play, very addicting. Keep up the good work!
Would give you 5 star if you will return my stolen rubies, I have not received yet to any developers, anyway it's a great way fun playing time, I hope you will add more improvements
This is the best farming game I have ever played the shmoos are adorable and the animals are sooo cute it needs it's time that's why I come back again and again by watching adds you always get what you need. An incredible fun game that's not only calming but addicted too bright colors awesome game I highly recommend it for all to play 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ give it a try awesome job Bravoooo
Why is no update available? Still on valentines mode.... no way to get a snow fox as no hearts available anymore. Is there another way to get it? When will an update be available? I enjoy the game. It's good.
Love the game. Not boring and let you play anytime you can without stressing on the game too. Love it, the fireflies are fascinating.
this game how to go support to leave message.. don have to go friend to buy good.. very hard to earn $$!
I enjoy the game BUT I'm left handed and it's difficult to see past my finger at the needed items. Any thoughts on placing the information to the RIGHT as an option?
I like the game it is relaxing but requires patience. Would have given 5 stars but diamonds and building supplies needed to upgrade buildings or open new areas take to long to acquire
This is actually one game I really enjoy. It's easy to earn gems unlike other games like this. The little details when you click on random things is creative and it's fun. So you are probably wondering why I chose two stars. You spend more coins on things then you make doing tasks. So you end up having to use your gems more which means you run out of gems faster then you earn them. So you end having to use actual money to buy more gems that is needed for you to get to the higher levels.
I have full internet access, but still can't get logged on. it is not the service provider I've contacted them.
Items disappear. For intance I had at least five logs for repairing the camp. Then did 3 more. I go to look and I only have 3. So wrong. Plus looking through the shop you can buy things without meaning to. Used my rubies on an item I wasn't even looking at. Waste of my time. Uninstalling now.
Awesome game. Can be addictive. I love all the characters, especially the schmoos & the animals. Great storyline to go along with the gameplay. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.
Its good very nice feel and solud controls etc just wish some of the colours not soo muted. Gameplay for me anyway is quite slow compared to some others but enjoyable Overall a very nice game
great I just got the game but why don't we have a delete button on the game for items we don't want and when can we have friend's to visit
I am so excited to see this game come to the mobile platform. I aways loved playing this game on Facebook. Thank you so much for taking it to the next step. It plays just as smoothly on mobile as it did on Facebook.
hi, I really like this game, but have one problem I purchased a gem pack but did not receive my gems. it was the one for 1000 gems the special that I bought. How can I get my gems
This game is realllllly fantasticccccc but one problem.in type of wi fi off dont work.please help and correct this miss.tnx a lot .😘😘😘😘 In new update i can not open it.why? Help me lpz.
I love this game it's so easy to build and it has a wonderful πŸ’“ setting very comfortable and relaxing 😊 thanks
Magical πŸ₯° The graphics are amazing... the characters are SUPER cute, VERY relaxing & enjoyable to play.
top notch gaming the way its meant to be play everyday at least 5 hours to get the tasks done lots of adventures going down to the caves and time portals recommend to everyone my favorite game playing this game makes you feel like your part of the shmoos family
I'm happy with the game so far- how do I add it to my home screen without having to go in to play store to play the game
i changed it from a 4 to a 5, it's a good game,. only parts i hope would change is they put a garden hut to store the plants and seeds! and other huts for particular things that should be grouped in accordance! and the time for growth of plants should be shorter. the time for the craft work is ok atm, just hoping it won't get any longer in time to complete a craft! and crafts could be still being worked on after you log off, so when you log in the next day it's complicated and you can carry on!
The game is entertaining, however I don't like it when the game freezes and you can't select items unless you restart.
Pros- Great graphics, unique elements,nice storyline, quests are easily accomplished, Daily free boosters and items.Cons- not enough quests, difficult to earn coins for decorations, the gameplay has no flow meaning lots of small wait times before getting anything accomplished, free time boosts dont match crafting times. You basically need to spend real money to have an enjoyable experience. Only into it for a few weeks and progression has come to a snails pace. Will probably uninstall.
loving this game ty. today when i logged in it wouldn't let me and says i have no active Google account, which i do, so i cant open the game. please help
Definitely fun, classic grow things wait a while grow some more game. But its entertaining enough so far. I liked it enough to rate it and write this, so..
Just started playing. Adds stopped loading after some time. Now no adds load to reduce time consumption. It's a fun and kinda challenging game, with many areas to explore.
Addicted to the game! just wish the rubies gained for the work put in to gaining them were a little more.. but apart from that Its great!.. πŸ™‚
what a fantastic update!! i can see it! lol! such an amazing game just got even better! i give it thousands of starsβ™₯️
I have played so many of these village simulation type games and this one has to be the best one I have played. It's very well balanced. Gameplay is smooth. Graphics are good. Nice storyline with very cute characters. Thank you developers for this great game! You guys are awesome. :D
Cute game, fun storyline. A few suggestions: 1) Some required materials come from completing the Caretaker's daily tasks. But it's hard to complete all of these before they reset and I have to start over. Maybe reset them at midnight instead of in the evening? 2) I think it would be easier to feed the animals if the feed mill made 3 animal feed at a time instead of 1. Just saying. 3) More Schmoos would be a good thing, so players could get more done. Great game otherwise.
simply lovely..music, sound effects...I just would prefer the nasty man not to look so nasty but he don't show up much anyway...really relaxing thanks
This is one of the cutest freaking games ever. I laugh out loud all the time reading the conversations between the shmoos, and between them and the animals. The graphics are awesome; I love watching the animals play and bounce around. I seriously wish this was the version available on laptops also; it's way more fun than the other one! The only change I would make is to make the portals moveable like the other buildings (or flush against the backdrop).
Great village/farm sim with FANTASTIC art style! There's even spelunking! Reasonably priced micro transactions helpful but not necessary. Building paths is kind of a pain, but all around great, highly enjoyable mobile title!
i never really rate games, but this one has been majorly entertaining! ive been bored and couldnt find a good game for a few years now acraully and this is the best one ive found in months!
love the game but it tends to stop working for me and exits out to the main screen. I get tired of resetting the game just to play a few minutes of it.
Totally fantastic interesting game, haven't enjoyed a game so much in a very long time. Always something to do, Characters are adorable Story amazing Totally highly recommend Thank you to the makers of this superb game 😊
cute game, good graphics and fun but rating two because cant build more houses if u don't have enough gems. Not fair though. i play and like playing crafting, farming and building games but this part disappointed me. May uninstall. Can the developer not allow more houses at a coin cost instead of gem cost!πŸ˜”β˜ΉοΈ
Love, πŸ’˜, love, this game! Bright, with lots of colors & super cute characters. No pop up adds that I have seen so far. You can watch adds to earn extra things or speed things up, stuff like that & the adds have all been really quick. I had run into a small glitch I guess I would call it, it happened only one day. I contacted their customer support, they got back to me within 24hrs! They were super friendly too! I can't stop playing this game, but hope I never have to reach an end to it either
It's a wonderful funny game, you will love it! The images are beautiful full of small cute people and all the tasks in game are perfectly added so you can make everything in the right time and have a lot of fun! Thanks.
I play the game on Facebook as well as this one. I love it! Keeps me entertained and never boring. Thank you for bringing it to the mobile devices too! πŸ’–
Updated comment: Still a great game. However any chance to move or store those huge rocks and decorations from newly released territories? Is this part of a future update of the game?
So far so good been playig for 2 days. So far it's free, I am loving it, graphics r too cute. Entertaining.
A real fun game to play don't have to worry about energy to play easy to level up building buildings are easy an fast
I've Experienced to build many different structure and always taking care of many different creatures in this village. Good Game.
I love this game. I'm hooked! Edit: I have discovered as I play this game that some items take longer to make, the longest so far is 2 hours 10 minutes long. I'm okay with this but I worry that some items in the future will take more than 3 hours. I'm not sure that I would like that. I do love the Schmoos!! The missions are fun but as you progress through the levels, it takes longer to pass. This makes for fewer missions until you complete a level. I'm on level 23 right now. Still hooked!!
So far this game is adorable and has good game play. Allows for fast progress that doesn't require money right away to play. Hoping it continues that way and doesn't bog down with no progress.
I previously gave 3 stars. I have discovered instructions and hints under the report a problem icon. The instructions very helpful. Rotating gifts in markey helpful even got a key to open chests.
I found this game on my computer i used to play this game online and i thought about installing this game on my mobile and to be honest i like the story line of the computer more cuz its uh idk more magical? I guess ... But the point is the story line isn't as magical as when i last played online on my desktop. And another thing i don't like is that u can't fully rotate the buildings and i want the buildings facing other directions than just two. I like it but not enough to give it 5 stars.
I played this game in PC mode and it was great but this version is better. This game is perfect because the maker doesn't force to buy gems although it would make it easier. For harvesting items it doesn't take long, for buildings that takes time to build there is an option to watch ads and reduces to 10 minutes of waiting time which is satisfying in my opinion, the animation is cute, the graphics are perfect, the game play is fun like no other farm game you'll find out there.
Storage is full cannot sell anything game is useless if i cannot play. I have limited storage in my brain. It didn't occur to me until after I had made my review that i could remove stuff from the shop that i could not make. So my rating for Charm Farm has gone up to 5 stars.
I've been playing for only a short time so far I'm really enjoying the game. My 1 1/2 year old thinks it's a TV program and likes to sit on my lap while I play. With that being said some of the items take entirely to much time to manufacture. 4hours for one item. That's a bit excessive. Other than that no complaints.
This is one of the best time management games I've found. Graphics are great, timing isn't excessive like other games, fun. I would give it 5 stars except for a couple of things I think detract from the playing experience. A lot of people seem to agree there's not enough storage space -- how about adding a barn for crops, wood, raw ore, etc.? Leave the storage house for processed and bonus items. Also, when the camping trip starts you lose workers, maybe make it start later in the game?
A few levels into this game and the first problem I notice is the storage. I suggest for the first couple of storage upgrade, not necessary to have a specific item. Other than that, the game is great so far
I love this game, Your not waiting forever for thing to finish or build, lots of quests to do while you wait.
Great gameplay, fun and entertaining graphics, exuberant colours and exciting adventures. I'm hooked on playing this game! The downside is, the game takes forever to give you supplies for buildings and upgrades. Like days on end and if you want to excel in a timely manner, you need to spend gems (real money). Its a shame because this game has great potential, however I understand completely that coders and game artists need to be paid their worth. Overall, this game is worth downloading!
Wow! That amazing, it was really good games and excellent quest also i can keep busy to this best games.
Very relaxed game, no pressure to complete things. Would just maybe like to have more fields to grow things.
i love the game so far...it is fun and easy but not so easy as to be boring....and i love the shmoos...they are wonderful characters...thank you for making the game
Game restaurants itself and takes me back to main farm every time I go into the Mountain Trail. Having to make 10 toolkit backpacks in addition to the extra needed is a waste when the game keep restarting itself taking me back to the main farm. I shouldn't have to keep making 10 toolkit backpacks plus to get back to Mountain Trail. I've already lost 150 backpacks because game is restarting itself
cute but I have used all my trees and dont know if I will get any more. Making materials or growing items doesnt take long. just started
why the proudet change so big very hard to see last time the size better now too big.. Not nice an so hard to play..😩😩 an the no use item block at there cannot be move away not enough pl ace to buite.. update what? still the same no change..πŸ€”πŸ€”
this is a really great game I enjoy playing haven't had one of these in a long time keep up the great work I love it
If you are not in a hurry its a fun game to play, and you can go on playing without spending money, not like other games where you cant go on unless you prepared to use real money thank you
Day 2 post-tutorial, already had to reset and restart because there were unexpected errors that wouldn't allow me to open and continue my gameplay. Connected to my accounts so hopefully I can restore my progress if i have to delete the stored data and restart AGAIN.
I have only recently started playing this game and have just passed Level 10. This game is absolutely charming and very playable! I was not expecting much. I have found these types of games to make unreasonable demands either in the quantities they want you to produce or having quests that require products you cannot make without spending money to level up faster. Charm Farm Forest Village takes things at a very nice pace. The characters are adorable too!
I love love this game already!! I started playing tonight and I can't enough of the little blue guys and I love the sound effects..
Such a cute game with a great story. I love the fantasy part of it, a cat with wings, just so cute. The game part of it is enjoyable. Art style is great as well. Great game overall!
Cute game, decor is pricey and you get Tasks that are levels away. I support games that are more Gamer friendly with purchases, I don't see this one being an investment for me. Shame that Developers go for Greedy and making it hard to Decorate your land and building's. I will delete Game!
Great game. Graphic are good. Always something to do and you don't have to wait forever to get it done. Before I realize it, I've spent hours playing. Improvements are great. Great job. Thank you.