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Charlie's Angels: The Game

Charlie's Angels: The Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a really nice game but suddenly it completes the goals needed for upgrade without me actually achieving them. So there's no point playing! Please fix this so I can enjoy it. It's the 16th of Jan after the update it was fine now it's doing the same thing! Fix it please
This game was so much better before the update, I feel like the changes have been made to make the levels shorter so that the adverts appear more frequently. Put the game back the way it was before because otherwise I won't be watching any adverts because I will be uninstalling.
Trash, it's a lag monster. It's basically a tie in game w the movie. The Game is too easy to play when it doesn't jerk, you'll only die when you press the button and still watch yourself run face first into whatever you tried to jump over. Needs fixed and it'll still be worse than flash games you would have played over a decade ago.
Am giving it a two star 🌟 because it's fun... But there is only one problem if you unlock πŸ”“ a character there is nothing special about them although there outfits are great they have the same ability. So please if you could work on that it will be amazing.
Don't download.... I tried downlaoding this game twice when the download was over it then said the game has breakdown issues.. It takes data and still doesn't download into your phone .... Stupid game.... It doesn't even deserve a star.
I liked the game before the update. It was more challenging and interesting. Since the update, it's very redundant. It's kind of boring. The game play for each mission is too short. Go back to the old version, where there were multiple missions.
THIS GAME IS A MASTERPIECE! I've been playing this game since yesterday, and I'm just loving it. The graphics are good, the gameplay is Kickass! I couldn't find any game which is similar to this. Would be more better if you add daily login rewards and new weapon category, i.e., crossbow or bow, and active skills of the cute but agile characters, if possible. Keep it up devs!😍😍😍😍😍😍
every time i try to play it goes off and on , am i the only one with this problem , it needs to be improved
This game very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very interestingavengers game very much thankyou thankyou for show me thank you for showing me this game on my phone I like this so muchit's incredible game I like it like it I like it my favourite game is this Charlie's and the game
Great and challenging action packed running game with non repetive obstacles at most cases and the game concept of good making it less boring overtime and hope the developer and add new content and adventure modes and new maps and variety of newer things into the game while the prices of items are a bit overpriced so try to discount it up by half and give more events and character costumes in next update.
Great girl type game...like a girl shares coins and powerups making the game enjoyable. Four stars because where is bosley? He should be the male hero with a different games mode using his story line.
The game is great! Nice graphics, simple controls. But sometimes when I start a run, the bar signifying the mission is full, making the run finish. Example the mission is killing 20 enemies, when I play the bar says 20/20 instead of 0/20. When I encounter the enemies, after shooting 1 the helicopter takes me away.
Awesome game... Practically awesome... All the negative reviews are either fake or they are using a 16th century device πŸ˜‚
I loved the game and the anims they used.πŸ˜„πŸ˜† Love the challenges and the experience except for some glitches on it😭
The game is great, but there are many obstacles in this game that can make the agents fail or die easily. Also there should be other locations or countries to go on missions. If an obstacle hit the agents, they should lose coins not there lives.
This game is totally amazing... I've been playing it non stop My only problem is the fact there's no much of a challenge...at some point everything is totally repeating itself again and again and again
Great game I like how they give you the opportunity to move on by watching an ad. I don't mind taking 10 to 30 seconds to get to pick up where I left off.
It is a very addictive and challenging Game. But if it is possible to skip a very difficult part, I would enjoy it the most
Game play is addictive. However a few glitch's I've noticed. Like another user said the missions reset randomly. Close to achieving total coins collected and then resets. It is impossible to get over 30 or 40 coin streaks. Missions now are asking for 80+ coin streaks.. how do does one accomplish that when there's a 2second gap between coins. Even when flying with the helicopter. After up grading to a new gun and equipping. It seems to default back to the original gun upon app start up.
So I lost my life and I pressed the ad button and it came as a white screen moving up and down pls fix this it's really creepy
It is good and great game , the graphics are wonderful , having different characters , different types of shooters but it only two locations which always playing in that gives no fun , please provide different locations and tasks too
Fun, simple, easy and entertaining. Even when you die, its almost hysterical so you're okay with just starting over. It shouldnt be taken for granted for easy, joyful entertainment. Give it a try!
Cool game graphics are equip anyone can very nice I play it for hours but everything should be unlocked
It is a good game. However, I just wish there would be an option or settings for changing the controls. Like if the player is right or left-handed. Jumping is very used in the game and it is hard to control my left hand.
Good game. I would give it five stars if I didn't have an ad popping up everytime I complete a mission. Like seriously? UPDATE: Five stars. I purchased the starter pack that comes with coins, gems, and no ads.
I don't like the new run structure. You used to be able to run until you don't have anymore videos or choose to not pay to continue. Now, once you complete a mission you run ends. I don't like that you are forced to use helicopter, armor, and revive if you have any. There should be a confirmation asking if I want to use them. Also, the helicopter drops the character right in front of obstacles a lot and you end up crashing into them immediately. Thinking about uninstalling because of the changes
Dont spend every penny on its creation, spend some on its process because after i open the game after 1st install it requires much time for loading that's why i have no clue on its graphics, creativity,leaderboards kindly cover the issue or put your creation in shreddar
This is a good one but sometimes I have a problem with the gameplay. For example, when I try to jump, it doesn't so I have to play the level again. Kindly fix this problem.And anyways, where's Bosley? She's like a, huge character in the movie.
I only tried the game because of Ariana Grande. the game is more for kids i think and is boring but if you're bored then you can play it. the graphics are actually good but the game is unfortunately too boring.
A somewhat delicate balance between platform and endless runner, it makes good use of both mechanics, even if the sound gets a little grating and the graphics - besides the stylistic choice - are a bit below average unless you like those kind of porcelain dolls. It responds smoother than most runners, which is a distinct advantage, with a favourable use of the perspective - though I've seen better. No skin off anyone's nose - I've seen worse, too.
Amazing game. When I first got it, I was expecting to create create your own character. Not use Elena. Shes fine and all, but I think it would've been nice to be an angel yourself, and earn your wings.
I'm playing on BlueStacks because I can't do it on my phone. The game freezes and crashes right on the first mission, with Eliana (training), which makes it impossible to play.
Stupid Endless game like Temple Run. Lara Croft Relic Run game far better than this. Cos this game suppose to av different Location Worlds and Levels in the each world. And Story Line in the worlds. It suppose to be a mission game like Despicable me Minion, and when we accomplish a mission the Game will end, and we move to the next level. But we keep on running like hell till we get tired, nonsense
I'm so happy because of this cause it is so wonderful like Lara Croft game but Lara Croft is so wonderful than this but I like it though!!!
I love this game but i want something more interesting like killing enemies and finding an assasin because i found a little bit boring to just collect coins.
I love the game no ads nothing gust fun fun fun but their is 1 problem they all how the same moves and every thing pliz fix thatπŸ’ŸπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Its a really good game. Graphics, gameplay and all that but i really had liked it before when you just run and complete missions that way. It was more funner then.
I've been playing this game for a 2 weeks now. It is very fun and challenging at the same time. But the UPDATE makes the game a little bit BORING. Also, my ranking was reset into rank #3 because of the update. I am supposed to be in rank #7. Please bring back the OLD GAME. But if you really want to improve this game, I honestly suggest create BY EACH LEVEL OF IT & add those missions tho. Secondly, WE CAN EDIT THE COSTUMES OF THE CHARACTERS! + FREE SHOOTING TRAINING!! Thank u! Hope u can fix it
This gameis very entertaining and I definitely recomend this when you are looking for something entertaining for when you are bored
I don't like this game each time I want to play it, it starts gagging I have installed it up to two times please upgrade if you want five stars
I love it even though I have not watched the movie. Very addictive game though. The controls are not the best but you will get used to it when you play it more and love it.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰
The game is great. I love each character mostly Kristen Stewart character because she's both funny in the game just as in the movie. Great game πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
I just downloaded this game a few hours ago, and I loved it! I loved the running and double jumping in the air. I kept going and going until I won. It's challenging at times, which makes it even more fun to play.
This game is amazing but there is one problem about it,it is difficult to jump high and it's a little bit boring but it is a good game.
Its horrible the graphics are bad the controls are bad not even like Charlie's Angel's besides you just play the same level over and over 2 stars for effort and that's all
It's a very nice game. I like it a lot but I wish it was a little bit more realistic. Otherwise it's great.
Doesn't work, have a brand new tab a 10.5 2018, runs modern combat true skate etc etc, stupid amounts of games, the tap lags inconsistently with this junk, and it's impossible to go anywhere on skill, verynluck and ad based progression, mostly ads.. 10/10 would not touch
Best game I have ever played But why is always the missions we have either it is fundraising eliminate enemies calisto tablets bomb disposal and destroy omno crates which means after you have everything the game is practically just useless
Ok so I watched the movie and it was good (to see who is who in the game). But I'm a big fan of charlie's angels franchise. That's what cought my eye with this app. To my surprise it make since and fun. Challenging but no stress. I paid for no adds. Nice
I love this game but i think there might be a virus. Every time i would play the game, a popup virus (the kind you would find on a computer) would pop up. This has even happened when i'm not even using the app. Also i think it needs a total update because the app's logo is much different when its downloaded on to the phone instead of matching the google play logo within google play. Please update.
The game is REALLY cool i love action but, It is really hard too get other characters and you can bump into stuff and i always hit my head. There are loads of stuff too but... PLEASE I ONLY HAVE TWO HANDS!!!!
Please do not download this game at all πŸ™…πŸ™…its just a waist of data .Why does this game switch it's self off?πŸ€”πŸ€¨
The game is fun and quite addicting and the graphics are nice. One problem is that after playing the game will not responding everytime after an add pops up. I hope this will be fixed after the next update or in the future. Overall, I like this game 😁
Wow! Love this Action game! Angels πŸ”₯βš‘πŸŽ† Awesome! Running & shooting πŸ‘Œ Just tap at the precise time πŸ‘Œ Good graphics πŸ™Œ
I love the game,but the only defect is that u don't see agents to kill whenever that is not what the mission says,there is suppose to be agents regardless of the mission
I played the tutorial and it was great. Now, when I went back on the game, it either gets stuck on the loading screen, or while its loading I can hear the game running but cant do anything. Then it cut to the 'continue?' screen so I press play again and it freezes on a purple screen.
I love this game it's a very addictive and challenging game and it works really smoothly with multiple characters. For my final words I guess I could say this is one of the best fun action games I've ever played