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Charlie Charlie challenge 3d

Charlie Charlie challenge 3d for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Rzerogames located at Carrera 17 # 67 33 apt 302 la victoria Bucaramanga. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very very very bad game , me and my sister was playing this suddenly a jumpscare comes and scare both of us i was about to throw my tablet away i was almost got a heart attack if there was a old man /woman he/she will got a heart attack why you add this creepy creepy creepy jumpscare !!!😱😱😱😨😨😨
I broke the game and its so funny a little scary I found out if you keep clicking talk again and again the pencil will fall out and when I got jumpscared the pencil went flying
Please do not get this it's to scary even for adults I almost cried when the pencil falls off get ready to scream
It's a really scary game it jumpscares when it did that i was like AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my brother ran and opend my door and he played it but i fanted for one hour he was trying to wake me up after i wake up he told me what happend and i had a nightmare so i sleped with my cat *the next day* that's what happend....... and i olmost got a heart attack I COULD HAVE DIED DON'T INSTALL IT than my dad came home and we told him all what happend so i unstall the app
I really like this game I play with my friends and the jump scares was so scary I was only 6 or 5 years old so scary I had to back up
This game is very baddd .... But it's ok cause i play on evening and when i was asking charlie charlie and the pencil was running smoothly and went i ask many questions and then the pencil was running so speed and i ask another question and then a JUMPSCARE just come to my face and I'm shouting and guyss don't install it
Please don't install this appp this is very khatarnak and khaufnak app i was playing this game and my little brother the time was 8:30 the cloud was so dark suddenly a few tecnical issue / or something like that in this game very very creepy voice start coming like ( iiiiiii kill { unrecognized voices) the sound was very creepy my little brother start crying the horror sound was coming in the background or the game hmmmmmmmmmm hahahaha hihihiiiii uuuuuuuuuu it was very creepy and I install game
Idk how it scary it pretty normal to.me:/ but a lily boring but the only thing that disturb me is the music and I have a angel in meh room ;)
It's kinda scary when I asked it a question I heard a knock on the wall but I think it was something else btw this game is kinda stupid
I love horror game but this game is very very scary and there is also jumpscare please don't install this app
This game is kinda scary but when I install ita kumpscare scared me and I just dropped my phone down this game is extra super scary dont install it if u install it u will be got an jump scare so don't
The first time I play this game I jump in my seat,but then when I repeat, I didn't ask anything to Charlie but the pencil is still moving so I thought this game is just fake.Im sorry to tell this but it's true even you don't ask questions to Charlie the pencil will move...
The app is awesome and i asked him to much stuff he will jumpscare i was playing this at night and he jumpscare and i was like AHHHHHHHHHHH!#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I was little I played this game and got the jumpscare I had a real heart attack and I was sent to the hospital for a couple months I could have died playing this game I do not recommend this to anyone that is under age 18 I am Olivia doing this now because when I was little I had no idea how to review
Well its actually a good game it isn't that scary also be aware! If 1 pencil fall out of another pencil and doesn't answer your question then..the ghost is gonna come :)
I will give this game just two stars cause this is not that much scary game and it has no fun when you ask questions it move yes or no and then a face came that just look like my cousin sister when she's angry at all this game is hella boring but I will try it as a prank on my cousin sister I want to see how she reacts on her own face and am 13 years old at all and this is hella boring and yeah it can't even reset.
It's great but really funny it's just a meme on youtube but a different color β™‹β™‰β™ˆβ™Šβ™Œβ™β™Žβ™β™β™’β™‘β™“
it was scary when the jump scare came on i was in the car and i askd him if he was in the car with me and he said yes then i was like are you a ghost and he said no this is sooooo scary if you are scared ez do not get this game! im 10 sooo yeahπŸ˜‚πŸ€£
It's so cool,my only problem is that every question I asked him,he said "no" but when I asked him if he is going to kill us he said "yes"!
I am a 11 years old child, Whenever my parents go to office then my teacher stays with me. my teacher and I played this game, this is a veryyy verrry scary game!!!!!! When we were asking many questions, suddenly a scary ghost came in the screen, we almost thought that the ghost has come by breaking the screen of mobile. Then my teacher told me to delete this worst game. Then we deleted this scary bad game. Please read my comment kindly and never ever install this worst game. It's my request.
don't download I love horror stuff but this is another level I was out in public and dropped my phone and it smashed don't download or play late at night especially when you're home alone where you can here things come from your kitchen
I like the game but I am just a child and I have jumpscare 😫😱and after I look the jumpscare the face like a slendrinaπŸ€”.and I don't like it really.
This is very boring and the ghost which pops out is not at all scary enough . .. it was supposed to have really good jumpscare but it really didn't work out not even for my little sister .... this was not at all that scary πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
I Like This Game But the Jumpscare Made me heart Attack Im so nervous Attention dont install this game cuz its so scary only 18+ can install this game cuz it so challenging!
Jesus, i open the game and started asking questions then the pencil started rolling then i closed my eye suddenly something pop out of the game like a ghost but please after that what happen next cause the ghost is not leaving after asking questions i tried asking questions like 10 time but it not leaving is that supposed to happen
This Charlie Charlie game is weird because I asked it to show a presence that if your there and it said yes and nothing happened also there's no jump-scare when I played it and the pencils glitched off of each other so that's why 2 Stars
It's very bad game 😑😑😑 In first it may be so fun at last it will horrible😱😱😱 me and my brother were playing this then it came a scary face I think you must anderstand
It's not good at all I just kept one second and I also but pictures of fake app how you can it's a wasting of time and wasting of data please don't waste your time and date thank you
I really hate this game.. i will tell you why.. because i was having fun playing this game and then jumpscare came from me and yeah.. i almost have an heart attack my heart is really beating so fast! So pls don't install this you might have an heart attack!😒 i hope i helped ^_^
Ppl here are saying it's scary , soo scary but tbh it was nothing .. waste of my time , it was not scary I really laughed when that stupid something like mask come out me nd my brother was like ohh scary hahahaha
The jump scare almost made me throw the phone!Please do not install if you get scared easily or you will get a nightmare DO NOT INSTALL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lame!it took so long to get to the jumscare part.Btway fix your damn pencil.Why does it rolls away from the paper?
Hope this game would be join full but no want I read the comments of others I thought this game would scary but I game was funny went the jumpscar comeout I feel funny seeing the face of the ghost I will rate this game for funnyπŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Oh god when you get the pencil off you waited a second and then a jump scares going to come at you I just throw my tablet at the wall IT IS FUNNY AND IT GOT ME LMAO
This game isn't scary it's so boring when he jump scared me it looked like he was messed up please make it more scary
If ur under 9 do not install it just like me like (Charlie Charlie are u behind me?) and Charlie Charlie says no but pretty good game but I don't think somehow to stop the glitch it's very creepy and like bro the jumpscare was so freaking creepy I was about to jump off the couch but at list my volume was down guys please don't do install this game it's so freaking creepy please listen to me it's super scary.....
This is a very bad game it jumpscared me my heart was RIP out of my body my brother also got jumpscared When i taped the middle of the screen when trying to tell what happned😨😨😨
I asked the app if it was watching me, it said yes and the pencil moved to the side. i felt like it was going to jumpscare me so i left and uninstalled the app. I dont recemend this to anyone.
the highest I will ever rate something is a 3 I download the app then I asked a question then my phone just powered off it's like 'yeah I'm not dead but I'm going to say that I'm dead so you don't actually go dead' (it does that often) then I went to go get the charger and when I reached down for the charger my heart just started beating heavily it was so heavy that it was throbbing through my ears (I wasn't scared wen it powered off or when I entered the room)
when I tried the app it seems creepy at first but then it was really fun but I didn't know a lot about Charlie Charlie so I asked a few questions and it seemed like it was just an app answering but I might be wrong anyway it wasn't creepy and it was a very good up so it earns five Stars
Earlier, I was shocked that the ghost came because there was no no, I didn't continue to get angry ghosts :( while I was just sad to see a ghost!
This game has scared me which was a very good scare i screamed so loud so my brothers said "what happened?!" and yeah. I like it but im still uninstalling this
Amazing game when you a while in this game with Charlie and one horror face pop up from the game it's really freaky
Please don't play this game ; this is a very bad game I think we must not download this game, I was playing this game first time and I told Charlie Charlie will you kill me and it answer yes I got so scared but I think this game doesn't matter anthing little people or a old age people please don't install under the age of 9 please it's a request please I think the sound of this game makes me scary because it's so horrible😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I installed this app at night and the sound at beginning.
It was so fun but extreamly scary i'm ten years old so it was pretty scary I looked at the ratings and knew I wanted to try it.
Man I just got the game a couple of minutes ago and it was like freaking me out do not get this game unless you want to be freaked out how about that 🀣
Soooo i try to play this at 3 am i was so scarde i was alone at my bedroom it was fun a little and when i told "Charlie Charlie are here?" The pencil move into yes i started to leave the game while i was recording when i said "Charlie Charlie does my pet dog loves me? And into no i was scarde and heart broken then a min. The jumpscarde apeard i was having a heart attack! I stop playing because it was 3 am! It was scary im only 9 years old!this game only had 16 years old! I think i wil nightmar
It was a very pretty scary game because it has a has a jumpscare and it is very bad ,you can get heart attack if your are brave person you play this game otherwise you are getting very scared
Well all the people are saying that this game is scary and could give you a heart attack but it isn't that scary i know that it has a jumpscare in it but don't overreact but it ain't that surprising for me but its up to you if you install it but check the comments before installing this cause you might regret it like the others did but this game is 5 stars for me cause its pretty scary and it has the jumpscare which is my favorite part of the game
This game is very bad. Anyone can get heart attack. When i was playing this game, it was my first time so the game was running smoothly like i was recording and the game was answering me by moving the pencil and i was having fun but suddenly a jump scare came and i droped my phone in the ground and i ran from my phone. My heart was pounding and my dad told uninstall this game immediately. So i deleted this game. I dont recommend this game to anyone. Dont install it. Hope this review helped you.
What the hell is this game .Oh my god I just got Heart attack . When I was playing nd asking questions nd waiting for Charlie's anwser.There is no answers I got from him .And I just got irritate and came to playstore and read reviews of the players .And they are telling that they are got scared of jumscare.and I thought what this are saying no jumpscare came.i played for a final attempt then it came oh my god .then It game nd gave a hearattack .oh my god .extreme risk for beginners.be carefull
Ihave rated this aap 5 because when i have started playing this game somebody tapped on my shoulder but when i had turnedback there was no on i was very very scared this game is very scary so guys when u are getting boiredand want to play extremly hirror game then u can downloed thus game and if u are under 8 years old plz i am requesting u that do not thik to install this game -Thank you
When I ask to leave the jumpecare happened I had to tell my brother to delete it for me he kept showing me that jump scare picture and u I was shaking for 3hours I know itz a little dramatic but if you are scared of this do you k and I delete it cause my brother didnt and five minutes later I get notification saying that Charlie Charlie was done downloading and I kept deleting it till my phone started to turn on an off till I played it again and STILL SHAKING AND IM 10 DO NOT GET THE APP πŸ˜­πŸ˜΅πŸ˜“
a very bad game l was so close to get a heart attack l was shivering with fear for half a hour pls don't play the game the jumpscare was so scary
I love this game it's not even scary but it's a little scary but one time I was in my room by myself with my lizard he was on my shoulder crawling on me and I said would you kill me and it said yes so I give this a three