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Charades! for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by FatChicken Studios located at 1645 Monte Vista St Pasadena, CA 91106. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a very informational, purposeful, amazing game to play with friends and family. There is no problem here in this game. And to the people who this game is RACIST AND TOO MANY ADS, well you can turn off you WiFi networks if there are too many advertisements. And for people who says it's RACIST, think twice before saying something which is extremely wrong.
Fun premade categories. Some reviews are wrong: you unlock other categories with coins you can get for free. Custom feature is awesome. Tip for those little ones who cannot read well: make a custom deck with emojis and words. Emojis will be silhouetted, but I've tested it with a food emoji category and the whole family loves it!
This game is amazing, And shout out to Sierra. The reason it might not be working for you, is because your unliminited data. It's probably that. Or you maybe need more wifi to acsess the game. If you dont know what is wrong with games like this. I suggest you to not speak or write a comment about it. Im sure if you made a game it might have some bugs but you might not notice, because you are the creator. The creators probably dont realise stuff like this because they maybe have a special pass.
It's definitely not the best game I've played you should absolutely lower the age limit (seriously what kind of game is the stupid thing in fact I am deleting it right now).It still has bugs.The only good thing about it is that you can make your own category.
Extremely fun to play with, also easy to understand the game. I love the fact that you have added a feature of in game earned currency, instead of spending money on poor selection of words in categories (looking at you Heads Up). 100% worth paying for removal of ads even though I have an ad blocker. Anything to support good devs.
They have a category called "accents/impressions". While some are cartoon characters or famous people, most are racist and push a single narrative of what people should sound like based on location. This should be removed. I actually can't believe this is a category at all.
First i played it it was fun but now i like it but not alot but it is for now. But the control's for my bother is not good and for me and i thing for my mom too. So i give it five stars
Fun but..I wish they had an option to turn everything into Spanish so that I could play with my family in Mexico.
Playing this app on my daughters Iphone. A stupid ad called "episodes" popped up after we finished a round. After waiting for this ad to finish, the screen stood there w/ an "x" in the upper left hand corner.. No matter how many times I attempted to close this screen, it would not close. There was no other x and anywhere you clicked this stupid (and I'd even say inappropriate) wouldn't close.. Maybe this app should consider what ads it uses
I love it! Me and my mom play it alot i just wish that they were all free im not hispanic but the "Act it out spanish" costs coins..
The game is a very fun game that I play with my friends and family but the only downfall it has is that u have to unlock the most interesting options that you can never do and the ads are overpowering the whole app which makes it a struggle to play smoothly
Its nice game .It brings people together.Its a myestry and i love myestries but one problem it takes a very long time to download might be my network.On the bright side its a nice game
This is a great game. Two things make it BAD. - Its ONLY for the American Audience. - Why must I pay 100 coins for categories AND have to watch ads too. - You need to update those old categories.
Its a very nice app. But just 1 problem that they have very less time in each round, so i think they should have the option to customize the timeπŸ˜…. The rest is awesome πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘
Its an excellent game the only prob is that the words keep repeating please put more options if words
This is a very good game you can play soo much games in 1 game! I like it soooo much cuz its so much fun 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌝 if you agree rate 5 stars too!!! 😎😁😊
The adds are so glitchy that often take you right out of the game or don't "x" out. It often makes us quit the game after just a couple rounds.
It's a really great app and it's super funny to see your friends and family try who or what the thing is
I love how you can create your own charades! It is so fun to play and there are not many ad's . A good app to just quickly play something when your on the go and with friends! There are many categories, so it never repeats.
Good kinda laggy, have to leave the game to control the volume but other than the lag it's pretty good
Not happy with either app or Google because I select one Google account for use when app opens and then a different one is selected for store purchases and no way to change it. Please fix.
its a fun game but the issue is when u put your phone on your head, whenevr i put my phone in top of my head the app would send me to the main menu/home (sorry for 3 stars but please improve it)
Far too many "false tilts" detected from the accelerometer, leading to unintentional "passes" and confusion while playing ruins the experience.
Would give zero stars if that was an option. Set up to use as a 'headbands' type game, not charades, and WAAAAY too many very specific categories.
The required rotation is annoying and ends up accidentally passing on everything. The lag on "pass" while it runs down the clock is also annoying.
The most perfect family gaming app, especially when we're stuck in quarantine. It's easy to play and has many features that are really fun to play with. Although, it's a little addictive but otherwise it's just perfectπŸ€—πŸ€—hope this helped.
Brilliant. There are so many categories to play and it gets played at every family occasion. It could do with more characters being added two categories like Disney, other than that it's great!
I got the game immediately purchased the pack for removing ads and 500 coins after 15 mins of playing it kicked me off then all my coins were gone and the ads we're back not happy at all!!
This game is really fun and it's basically challenging it's amazing you can play with all your family and friends enjoy
I have seen people play it on youtube and it seems really nice, time to try it with my friends and when it good i will add the last starπŸ˜€
Its fun, but one suggestion: need to set the order in custum deck. For the sake of surprise announcements not coming up first or second
Hello! can you add a possibility to add a list of words to custom decks, not just 1 by 1? Thanks anyway.
I paid for 500 coins and no ads it only gave me 100 coins, i got pokemon category, went to purchase another and said ive no coins and i have ads!!!! I want a refund!!!
You should be able to purchase each subject not have to keep buying g coins after 4 games. Also if u get a call or go to another screen my game should not be restarted with another game purchase of coins. Heads up is better then. I purchased coins w/o ads TWICE and it didn't add coins or take away the ads! You owe me $8! Worst game experience EVER! RUINED OUR GAME NIGHT! UNINSTALL!!!
This app is horrible! I paid money to unlock, my money got deducted... Nothing is unlocked till now... So disgusting and disappointing
This is a awesome game to play. My family doesn't really like to play these games but this one is my family's favorite game. There are different types of categories to choose from.my brothers like the "Game of Thrones" category. Me and my mom like the "Act it Out" and the "Fairy tale" categories. Its ofline so no data or even no good signal, it stays a amazing game. I definitely recommend it. β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘
This game is a really fun game to do family time, the only problem is just very small. The problem is, sometimes when you aren't still, it will say correct, or pass. But that's a really small problem, if you don't know what game to play with friends/family, this is a perfect game!
Fun app to play! Lots of categories (some cost coins but you receive coins after you finish a round so technically you can cheat the system lol) and you can make your own deck! Perfect for everyone of any age and can be played over ZOOM.
this game let me bond with my cousins..ignore bad reviews cause they haters..THIS GAME ROCKS😊 Download this
It was really wonderful.... I enjoyed a lot by playing this game and it helps me to learn new english words..πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Charades is a better version of heads up! Heads up is extremely laggy and makes you pay real money for most decks. In charades, it only costs game currency which you can get from playing the normal decks! It's pretty cool and has the aame exact decks you have to pay for in heads up for free.
The best charades app, better than the original Heads up because of how much you can unlock without paying real money. Literally hundreds of categories and easy to use.
The game is fun but it could use some newer and most interesting categories about the most recent trends.
Loved this game You can just be playing earning coins and u can unlock others Also another great thing is you can create your own deck with cards of your choice It also has so many options for cards for all ages Loved this
Excellent Work Team ...... This game is good to refresh anyone's mind and memory ....... You should make more games like this one to refresh everyone's mind and memory ... Keep up the good work......πŸ€—
My experience with this game was tragic. First someone sent it to me but when I had to open the app it didn't want, all I could see was black. So I decided to uninstall it and download it again then it worked but then all of a sudden it stopped at 99.19 and it was supposed to reach at 99.21, then I started over again but it still said downloading pending. So what I'm saying is that it takes time to download the game. Now as we speaking I'm still waiting for it, or perhaps it my bad network.
Guys thanks a ton.... I'm having lots of fun with my friend... Just downloaded it had to thank you guys
Adds after every turn. The gameplay literally lasts less than a minute and then you have to wait 30 seconds through non skippable ads to play again. Stupid design
It's fun... But something about the interface just feels clunky. A more minimalist approach would have been nicer. Also, what would make this a 5 star app is if the questions weren't limited to things only Americans - or people extremely versed in American pop culture - would know.
This is really a great game with a wide variety of topics and the ability to create your own category! Highly recommend it!
Adds are super annoying and it continually kept asking us to rate it after we spent the dollar to get rid of the Adds! So I really hope I can keep playing without further interruptions.
Its cool and good the only thing is certain subjects cost coins you get the gooder you are but I still like it I gave it a 4-5
Randomly ends after a lesser number of rounds than selected. Ad bar on the top of the screen during play gets accidentally knocked making the game unplayable.
Charades is a really fun game! It doesn't cost any money, and it has so many fun categories! The only reason why I have this a 3 star is because~ it has soo many ads! Can you at least remove some of them, Please?
Its fun to play, when you're in a group! My friends and I are in love with thid game and play it very frequently ☺ Meant for all the age groups!
Get this game You open to play for one time and then it says that you can't play I don't understand what is the problem. I was not giving any rating but I had to give 1
Had this for years and love it. So many free packs that are fun and entertaining for any time when bored or need to pass the time with others (kids). And don't need Wi-Fi to play! Definitely recommend.
Its so fun! i love playing it with my friends and we are always told to quiet down. i love it and i love the fact that you can make your own boards
Great game but needs to be updated frequently as the answers are very repetitive and gets pretty tedious
its a lot like heads up the original game but free and a few adds but otherwise it is awesome. great for family time
I think you need to edit some of the non custom categories because when I play this with my friends we don't now any of the things
Too many unnecessary pop ups every minute... leave no room to enjoy the game... it's very annoying... HMT.
this is a great game one time my best friend had too do something funny and we chould laugh our life's out this for creating this app
Great game works very well but it would be nice if the movie and music categories were more up to date because me and my mates had to pass a lot of the words since we had no idea what they were. Good overall though definitely recommend this game.πŸ˜†
Back button is in a stupid location. Top right hand corner is silly placement for that. Adds are also stupidly placed whilst playing the game. Your phones menu buttons are still on the screen so you accidentally press the back or home button. Rather they gave us a paid version to get rid of the clutter. Not really worth it being free if it's unusable
Paid for no ads but they still show up. Really not impressed. Just offer a paid version so we don't have to mess around in the app.
I'm loving this game it's so awesome me and my sister love playing this game but I think they should add kids bop because I can never see it but that's my request of what they should add in charades because we love kids bop and charades I think if they add it they should make us gess the song and character and dance because then I will be so happy and so will my sister 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘 it would be so much better for them to add it to the game. Frozen should be added to guess the songs love it
Better than the original "Heads Up." There are so many different sets of cards to choose from. The cards are easier to play and it's not as glitchy and challenging to manage. Also, you can earn coins in the game to buy other sets of cards. So most of them don't require you to pay with actual money unlike the original. I play this game a lot with my family and we always have a blast.
I would have given it 5 stars if it werent for how they made the Kpop category a million year old songs that no one knows and how they make us "pay" for some categories. But overall its a great game that anyone can enjoy on family game day or just when you are hanging out with your friends. P. S. Some of the settings were just plain confusing, like they told me to log into Game Center to save someting I bought but I had to search up hoe to do it online because they didnt give instructions.😭
Charades is a fun guessing game . Its crativehow you can create your own. The thing is you have to pay 100 coins just unlocka game but the rest is fine.
I made a purchase to remove ads and they still show up. They're super invasive and the app seems to bug out and close out of my game. By all means download it, but do not waste money on any of the in-app purchases. It will not work and you'll still get ads.
I would give this app a 4.5 stars I really like this game but there is too much ads. Like every time we finish a charade there's a ad.πŸ˜”
It's terrible. How vertical am I to hold my phone to play since I downloaded this game I haven't been able to play and it's been months now.
Was enjoying the game so I decided to buy the remove adds and bonus coins bundle. After a few minutes of playing the app crashed and when I reopened it my coins were gone and ads were back. The restore purchases feature did not work nor did re-downloading the app. I attempted to contact the support staff, but over two weeks later I still haven't been able to get a reply. Total Scam!
I have gave this a 1 star because i an really bored so i typed in charades then this came up so im like ok lets get it then i download it. First it is REALLY laggy and its really BAD.So i recommend you DON'T download this( unless you wanna waste your time).
Its fun however i would wish that there were more kpop songs in the kpop category cos i love kpop and i love thia game its fun and good to play and better than head up. Thx ❀
A fantastic game for family and friends. Only thing I would change is tilt sensitivity. Overall fantastic game.
Good concept, bad execution. No popular movies or shows, nothing the common person can play with family but mechanics work good. Only a few free options.
It is a really fun and amazing game to play with friends or family. I highly recommend it for people tgat want to have sume fun with friends and sometimes laugh. The only one thing i dont like.is how some of the themes are out of date.
Great for the kids but there's one thing i would want. With thr number of different categories, it's hard to play them all. I wish there was some kind of search function or categories that would make browsing easier. I know this game hasn't been updated in a while, but it's been a great app during lockdown. Thank you.
Excellent! Not naming the other app with similar mechanics, this one is MUCH better with a lot more flexibility, teams play, more decks, ability to get new decks with in-game currency, make your own custom decks... great job.
I don't know what other users are talking about. My family have been using it for a few weeks now and it's been awesome. There are a huge range of categories that you don't have to pay real money for. You earn coins and can pay for other categories that way. The only thing it's missing is the ability to record like heads up but you can have another phone to do that. We paid $1 to remove ads, you honestly can't complain about that price.
This is a very fun family game😘i recomended for you! Theres so many to chooe from😍 Even thought there is some ads theres no problem playing😘😘 download it now!πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Great game, you earn coins when you play then you can unlock more categories without spending money. Love it!
It doesn't work!!! This fu**ing game will never start! It just automatically goes on pass and it never lets you play! 1 star just for quality!!!!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠
Fun game for adults and children. I remember we played this at a party boys vs girls and we really enjoyed ourselves.
the game is fun to play but don't expect customer service to assist you should you have to reinstall the game. You will lose out on all your purchases. I reached out to speak with customer service and never received a response. I had made in app purchases that cannot be recovered in though there is an option to do so in app. Do not make in app purchases. Enjoy it as it is.
I enjoy this app. Its fun for me and my friends at school or at home. I have a problem with it though, this app drains my battery even if I haven't opened the app once that day. The app just drains my battery so quick and I end up charging my phone so much more now. Please try and fix this. I love this app but the battery thing needs to be fixed.