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Character Sheet for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by DayDream Software located at Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think this game has a good premise but it's not much like the form of Pathfinder I play doesn't really help me the skills are all weird and different from what it is in the books. I didn't see a spell list area but I could be wrong it could still be there I like the picture idea you could use more obviously. It could be nice if the experience bar would go up automatically to the level if you just have it picks low moderate or fast space progression. And it does not have a place at least I did not see to put my class.
Spend 30 minutes filling out a custom sheet before being prompted to pay. I hate these slimy tactics. Still decent for just 5e I suppose, though not more than decent.
I love this app, its good for organizing a 5th edition D&D character sheet! I would like to be able to use images from my own gallery for character appearance though, albeit that might be a feature i haven't found yet.
Soooo handy for making characters ( i play dnd 5e) and not evrything makes perfect sense in regards of the "magic" menu for example. But then you van just get creative.. rly.. the only dowside is that not all items are in the shop. You technically dont need to have all your inventory in this app, but, if you want it as simple as possible youvan spend 2$ for a "custom shop which lets you add your own items. Honestly, if you are an rpg fan i rly recommend you try this app now
I found this character sheet well made and easy to use and make a, character with if you don't mind typing out your characters, abilities and history. Which you would do anyway on a normal character sheet, bad is that shop, doesn't work on samsung galaxy a20 phones but does on my Samsung galaxy tab s2 8.0
The app is useful for veterans players but can be confusing to beginners like myself. I know that it's manual and because of it, its perfect for those who know the game inside and out but for newer players it can be daunting. Would give it 5 stars if it automatically calculated stat.
App is overall good but missing a few key areas. There needs to be a spot to add custom skills, a feat page and please a delete button. Also needs to be able to add custom attacks/skills. Besides the lack of content, app runs great and has an excellent inventory system especially for new DM's
It's great, but how do I restore purchases? I reinstalled and it's asking me to buy custom shop for the template thing, but I have. Help!
It was almost what I was looking for. I am just looking for something to organize multiple characters stats, skills, feats, items, and gold. It seems to work fine for what it is, but my options were too limited for items and working with the currency was a little weird. That's fine for some people though. My main problem was that it would restart if I switched to another ap, and took too long to switch characters, making it impractical to keep track of a game since my party normally operates over discord. Neither positive or negative stars, it's just not what I needed, so average star rating.
I like it but I cant seem to find any other way to look at weapons other then Inventory which kinda makes the attacks screen pointless. you should just organize all inventory weapons into that screen automatically or remove the attack screen
This is a great place to store information about your character. It has a place to enter just about any information you need to, and you can use the notes section to add abilities that aren't accounted for. It's easy to use and you can customize things really well. One of my favorites.
this is a really great app. very convenient for my RPG fantasy needs. it is indeed 5 star quality if i can figure out why it continues to freeze my fon whenever loading. my character is in limbo and since i cant retrieve it my looted items and experience are lost (everything else is salvageable). i suppose i just should have stuck with paper character sheets like I've always done
Awesome interface! Very easy to use. Would like a way to access the same characters on my different devices. Otherwise a fantastic experience.
Pretty cool app to store my D&D characters, though it does have micro transactions for items and other inventory stuff but I don't need them
It has everything you need to make a proper character. The layout is slightly hard to adjust to but that is mostly because of limited screen space. These people deserve money for this app it is absolutely fantastic.
not nearly as modular and customizable as indicated. very limited on base character aspects, such as being unable to reflect an ability that adds wisdom to the dexterity initiative score or being able remove things like inspiration and mana pool.
Its pretty good overall, except your equpiment screen definitely need a tune up. It needs a larger library of weapons, or alternatively the ability to create customs - "enter name" "dmg + type" "range" "special effects". Your loot inventory also needs some changes. Usually loot will be precious gems, gold, weapon, armor, notes/maps. Not... Twigs and bug wings and berries. Those are spell components at worst, footnote druidic goblin finds at best. Also ability to upload picture for avatar
I can see the potential of this app being very useful, just hope they add all the different role playing game templates soon so I can make my Mutants and Masterminds character.
This is honestly a great app! I play D&D 5e and this is absolutely perfect for it. However, this is not an app for everyone. It requires a lot of writing on your own part. There are no preset races/classes/features to choose from. Everything on there must be done yourself (except for a couple of premade functions such as armor class calculations). Overall: an app for people who want high detail and customizability. Not great if you want an easy, "pick a few options" type of character sheet.
It is great as a fifth edition Character Sheet. I would love to see a 3rd edition character sheet app with similar format.
This is super usefull. Please add child avatars as I often can't find anything that will work. Love this app.
So far, this is a fantastic tool with a ton of potential. It is very clean and rather simple to use after getting the hang of it. Only a couple things I noticed. Would like to be able to edit the main overview page either normally or through a template(adding different blocks, changing names etc), there should also be a proficiency check box for the awareness(passive perception) block. The ability to edit/remove preloaded items would be nice as well. Overall though, great start to a great app.
Great for custom classes and homebrew. Took a minute or two to learn navigation after that very easy to use.
I just really enjoy this app. It is specific enough to be useful, but not so specific it isn't easily useable for Homebrew stuff. *Cough* D&D Beyond *Cough*
Of the several apps we tried, this is so far the most user friendly and functional. Inventory and Shop can be tedious. If you try to click out of an item box, or back button, then the app crashes. You HAVE to click that X for exit. Would love to have a horse option and its speed.
I really like this app, it's universal and customizable, it also looks great. Love the avatar choice and custom icons as well as built in dice roller and ad free. But the inventory/features/background section is very clunky and nothing is loaded into the database. Shop has sections none of which are accessible. Everything has to be entered manually as far as I can tell. Mana pool does not help in 5e. Takes a lot of time to set character up. Lots of potential though.
Probably the best app used for role playing, its pretty easy to use. So far my favorite part is that you can puchase your gear. I couldn't find the packs like explorers pack. Also it would be great if you could upload your own avatar image. maybe theres a way and i haven't found it yet. Overall very easy to use and stylistically cool looking.
This app is flawless. No having to fight pre-defined and auto-suggested stuff. You can just put whatever you want into it. The only suggestion I have is having a Swim Speed on the front page with speed.
Fantastic App. Looking forward to feats being added. Under equipment, please add ball bearings and backpack.
Has potential to be an amazing app but is lacking in important area. 1 being No section for jobs or classes Another improvement I'd make is a function to upload your own or edit the avatars
absolutely perfect for me! takes a little time to fill out, but when you do Oh Boy it's great! (would be great to be able to use personalised avatar... link to phone pics or something)
would recommend but there are a few inconsistencies (e.g. damage die for war pick) with the handbook. otherwise a brilliant app
So this is a great app and it has worked amazing for me up until recently the shop is still bugged with no items loading in at all
It's really easy to use. If you have an idea for a character all of a sudden, you can just fill out a new template and use the character almost immediately.
I absolutely love the organization and aesthetic on this app, I just wish that custom icons could be loaded in from the gallery for the artists out there, as well as for any truly exotic races and unique items that exist. Warning for 5e players: this app uses a Mana system for your spellcasting! I use this for keeping track of maximum and used spell slots, but keep this in mind!
It is only possible to generate D&D characters. It was a waste of time to install it. It seems that for some, rpg equals D&D, and that is not the case. It would have helped that the description made clear that only D&D characters were possible. Will consider it if future versions have other systems
regular app fine. I bought the 9.99 premium in order to save my own template; however, once the template is finished and you try to create a new character with the template it gets stuck on an eternal loading screen. I've let it sit for over 10 minutes and nothing happens. Until it gets fixed, it is unplayable for me.
Had an issue originally that led me to a different app... the devs responded and fixed the issue... too little too late there are 100 apps that do the same thing with more customization... This app is pretty... but pretty is a secondary goal to functional
It's cool, but I want a customizable character picture or to be able to pic a picture from your gallery.
the app is really good and works great, and i woukd give it 5 stars but i cant figure out how ti add attacks. it only has unarmed and doesnt have a plus at the bottom to add more. am i missing something or is this just a bug?