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Character Creator: Block Story

Character Creator: Block Story for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by DEF Software Solutions located at 148 River St Moosup, CT 06354. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the app but there's only one problem can you pls make this the new version the version 13.0 block where there is a dragon egg to make eldriar I really want that dragon that's the thing I've always wanted in block storry I really want that dragon egg pls get this game to the new version and this game when organiz your inventory you can't even have the dragon egg or graviton pls fix this thank you but still this app is still cool thank you for making this🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
It would be nice if you could get all the items that is in the game instead of a select few, otherwise it is pretty good
It's very good app, it help me alot however there is a missing item which is the saddle which i am pretty disappointed and also there's a bug in which when you select emerald ore it doesn't appear in the inventory so please fix overall the app is so useful and good.
Gotta love this app! Helps a lot when you dont want to grind at all! I make characters that go into my world and store resources in chests so i dont have to grind after i make my character! Best app ever i totally reccomend it Block story lovers!
Amazing quality! Good for map designers and cheaters. It's easy to set up a new character and import it directly into the game.
overall, it's good, but i'd give this a 5 star if you added the other items, quest boxes to choose which quests you want to complete immediately, along with the daily, and adding the feature to put your own level until 200, and accomplishing achievements. but to be honest, i'd love to help in the developing because i'm too bored
Very good love it works nearly perfectly a few items don't show up when I start such as armor items on character but no big since they are easy to get in game anyway. Request option to set Health and Mana regen rate to
Um its fine and it works at 2017 but in 2018 its not working pls fix it and the ones saying fix the crash when mine said in 2017 character succesfully created it crashed and when i went to my block story sad because thought it did not work well it did always one hitting monsters thanks DEF software solutions
Pls update this app and all things that is in the game is also available in this app when it use, some blocks, items, tools, weapons, armors, animals, plants in the game is not available in this app, i hope all will be available in the app also!!!
Love the newer updates. Gotta get the newer junk though. Honestly i think there could be a way to add a window in the game where you can open the app and add stuff to your inventory as you go or a way to set what story quest your on (with the modifiers that can set stats to where you are a god to the game you could just kill anything already so thats perfect) oooh and maybe an option to unlock all crafting recipies
I don't know what you did, but the previous version worked great. Now every time I open it it crashes
I love it but can you add spawners like ashkore dragon and ice dragon? Or can you add a way to edit a character you already made?
Mann i thought that this will not work.. but it works suprisingly well.. and il give ya 5 stars if you will add the machine gun, goblin rocket launcher, phoenix swords and the world breakers in the weapons slot, and also machine gun ammo. Overall for its use for testing stuff out on a new character i give a 4
Yes! Thanks you so much for adding this game-I mean..editor thing. It makes my rp and other things not so hard...
It's pretty good. I feel like this needs more items to make it feel better, especially with the incoming update for block story. EDIT: I appreciate the work you put into this. :)
So, it's good, but, I'm not sure if it's cause of my Samsung galaxy tab 4, but it used to work, but now it says, unfortunately, character creator block story has stopped, when ever I go on it, and it kicks me out. I have block story free, but it used to work on it oo. Please fix this, as block story is my favorite game of its kind, and I had this app on my phone too.
This app started to work thank you but can you add the new pet dragon on the next update. Thank you very much!!!
Well ,this is a very good character creater but i could'nt find werewolves in the block story, so please add all animal spawners, as finding animals like shiva, werewolves and black werewolves are very tough. So please add animal spawners in this character creater of block story. Please add spawners, it will be my honour.please. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP SIR
its great, but please add more blocks,weapons,and other useful items, I'll rate this 5 if you add items
This app is very good and helpful.But if it's okay than please add more stuff from the game itself.Because there are still a lot of things missing that actually needed in the game.So please work on all the things you can get in the game if it's okay.Thanks.
Good tool for getting things that are hard to get in Block Story. When I need something I can't get, I make a character with this, put what I need in their inventory, spawn as the character, and put the stuff in my chests so the character I use can get it. Waiting for all items to be added.
I love this app but can you updated because there's a lot of new stuff on block story that you don't have on this app
Idk if it works or not but I didn't get my items why won't it do it I don't believe it's real but like the game to.
Hey! I really looooove this app! it HELPS me in the game "Block Story". The app doesnt lag. Keep up the goodwork!
I love the app so much but i would like you to add these (its fine if you cant) •Diamond cheat •All spawners •All items •Add the new weapons •Achievements Cheat PLEASE KEEP UPDATING THE APP I REALLY LOVE THIS😆😆😆
Like that it works and all but i want all the items from the block story game not just 1 armor set i want to be able to test out all the weapons and armors in the game pls do this in next update i would apreciated =)
Actually works! I didn't really expect much, but it's really easy to use. you choose the stats, choose what items it has, name the character, and you're done. Once you load in block story, the character should be there. I have not experienced any problems with the app, so i gave it five stars. They should increase the amount of items you can choose, though. But it works! Also i'm not a bot oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof
Im disappointed after i finished everything i tried loading the file and it wouldnt open. Mind you i did this multiple times but none work. So i sasly will give it a one star reveiw. Because tbh it was a waste of my data and time. Hopefully someone can fix this problem. Then i would change my reveiw and try again. For know ill keep looking for other apps that may help me.
This app is great but it needs spawners and other stuffs so if you see this pls add more when you about to update this app. It is important because im stuck at the quest i was
I love love love the app, the selection is kinda bland but! I still love the app! I really recommend it and please continue the good work!
I love it it really functional You must download it. OR YOU WILL REGRET But i mean after the outer world update i was not able to add stuff Like if i cheated and put diamonds it just comes out as... Fake diamond😞
I've heard this was a good app so I gave it 2 stars but every time I went into the app it said it was not working properly.
There some bugs sometime when i make a character when i spawn him in with the next day i lose all my and reset like he was no matter what
unless using a creature spawner, all npc's, creatures, and enemies stopped showing up in my game after usuing this app
This donest work when i created the world i then went onto the app did all the things like added a charachter or whatever and i did the invetory thing but when i loaded it up and went back to the game i saw the name of the charachter and clicked it but it didnt let me get into the thing
Best app ever a 100% working,BTW pls add in eldriar soul, graviton, meteorites and dragon eggs if you do, this is the best app EVEEER!!
i have been using this app for a long time, my friends think im a hacker and its the funniest thing ever. anyways, just one question, can you please add the new dragon that was recently added to block story and add the armor for the pets? other than that, this app is awesome and thank you.
this app is awesome. it makes characters in block story very powerful if you play block story you should try this app