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Chaotic Three Kingdoms: Epic heroes war

Chaotic Three Kingdoms: Epic heroes war for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Dreamplay Games located at 06149 서울시 강남구 테헤란로57길 17, 6층(역삼동) ㈜드림플레이게임즈. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Why do you need access to my contacts to play a game makes no sense there's no way I would give you access to my contacts so you can target them by spam calls or any other reason. You should never need access to someone's contact to play a idle game the person downloading the game is the one wanting to play and should be the only person affected by the download not all their family and friends and business associate's. That's some stalker stuff me and my gaming friends are 100% against this game
take out the vip system. its p2w privileges that insinuate a major divide between players that pay to enjoy the game and those that are free too play as a communitywhich you will find you need both to have a good game community.
This game has so many different characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms timeline! Best of all the learning curve is absolutely perfect. Its slow in the beginning then it picks up and then it challenges you with more tactics. Endless fun and enjoyable gameplay with OTHER players! Give this game a try if you never played a tactical rpg! And if you are a RotTK fan, THIS IS A MUST DOWNLOAD!
Its fun for awhile. I wish that the whole process of leveling up characters and their equipment was done automatically. Having to go through each character and equipment piece and apply the experience bonuses-it all just takes a lot of time and seems that you spend more time in the menus than you do playing the battles. I know some people like that but its a trend I see in all these kinds of games. I want to see more battle action and less organizing and customizing. Just my opinion though.
Much MUCH more of a fair rotk game and I've played dozens in the past 5 years. They give you select tickets for good heroes like guan yu and Zhao yun without tou needing to pay. HOWEVER this game is still a cash grab just not the only way to play you can grind and get a respectable account it just won't come as easy as a paying player. And this game looks good and the heroes are well made as a caveat to my previous point.
I cant start the game it says am not connected and inside the game it bugs alot with the connection too in the other hand its the best game of this type i ever played thank you for your time and effort to make such a great game .
A real chaotic game, it gives me much headache, lol. Too many things to do, it look as though the devs are trying to prevent the players from playing other games or having a normal life. Remember... moderation is the best approach.
It's sure a great game but after first time i played it i can't login for second time. I tried it agian with new acount and i get the same result. Every time i try to login in my previous account game get stuck.
My first hours in the game were great. I honestly fell in love with its graphics, game mechanics and the wide variety of things to do. Sadly when trying to log in on the second day the game loads and when I start playing it freezes. If I try to play in another kingdom the game works fine, but once I close the game and reopen it I can no longer play. I tried multiple devices and on none I can fully load my saved game.
I don't know why they give 1 star what's the point HAHAHAHA i think it's really good not bad just make some more so f2p enjoy your game make it more f2p friendly and make more and more and give more and more rewards so everyone will be happy to play this game and good btw everything is good just one thing give more rewards and make more event that f2p friendly that's all 5 star coz it's new game i know this game will give us more and more excitement wanna see your progress guys keep it up 💪👍!!
Was a great game until I received a good character in game and leveled him up as much as possible just to find that I couldn't even use him for anything at all... Whatever. Instant uninstall. What a waste of time. Would give 0 stars if they would allow it.
Less game update ,pls update in Google store only . Little bit balance between regular and vip player , as long as u can figure out the way to play ,u still can compete in this game , lots of free general and events .
So coming into this never having played Three Kingdom games I have to say this is really good. VERY easy to be F2P, they give you so many resources to not need to spend a dime. I'm level 32 now and still haven't hit any pay wall. The graphics aren't as great as some other RPG's but there are some characters that have become my favorites :) The only con I have to say is the home screen is very crowded but if you've played MMO's you get used to it fairly quickly. Great game overall though!
New server and everything will be ok. Edit: I love your game!!! But need to add more Heros, and new server thank for making good game!
A lot of dinasty warrior game, all of it too much menu, its confusing , my really disappointed is when the game went to battle, OMG. Loading is too much..
The most imporant thing inthis kind of game is player interaction and player cooperation...if you will use my idea dont make players pay for items thT would give them advantage rather make them paynto support the game w/o being able to abuse thebgame by buying their way to the top...maybe a campaign donation..skin selling...if you maake it a fair game players will not let it die and players will donate to keep a fair game alive just my thought..most players dont l8ke to play against billionaires
Not really sure what's with all the negative reviews, the game itself is really fun, lots of different gamemodes including co-op to keep you interested, I'm F2P and the recruiting is a lot fairer than any other game like it on the Playstore, of course it's still P2W but I'm happy with my team so far, only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I struggle to get matched with players my level and strength in the PvP elements. Good game, tried and uninstalled every other strategy and RPG on here.
Great game.. However joining late no matter how much u whale, you will not beat those that has started first (and also whaling).. Meta is also unbalanced and GM doesn't really care about it.. Unless u're an extreme masochist, feel free to join and experience the horror from green players.. Oh yea, almost everyone is using the same composition and general.. So yea, boring..
This game is great if you a fan of the ROTK series. Great progression and good online guild teams. No need to pay either as the game allows good equipment and bonuses. Great all round game.
0 star.. [email protected] letting you have rights on my Google account. Installed uninstalled. 0 seconds gameplay. No guest option there. Only a suspicious request to access my contacts and my Google accounts. Keep it that way.
The game was good. But it needs to work on the lag gameplay. Please keep it up since you did a great jog on the game.
I like this game... many things to do, balance heroes, 3 kingdoms setting, good graphics... the only thing bothering me is that there is no "skip" button in the battle. These battles would take 1-4 minute each and there are lots and lots of battle.
I refuse to play a game that requires access to my contacts. Seems very shady to me. There is no reason they need that information. I urge anyone to think about why a game would need this information. I personally can't think of anything good.
Great strategic game, a bit like total war phone version. However it is not quite balanced, in multiplayer battles stronger players are matched with noobs and its hopeless for beginners.
Good game and there's so many exciting event also fun to play,but only one things i don't really satisfied..the food,i hope next u can give more food..thnk you
It would be nice to have heroes controlled by us, this gives lot of feel to game, you can have both auto and manual battles. I hope you will bring this in coming update
Expectations for the game are met, you cant expect a fair game from the start but most of the events are still quite fun even though you could be at a lower level. There are things where developer can improve like, increasing game time for mine war, server war, new segments of game etc.
Involves alot of tactic and patience to win. The updates recently have been one of the best, especially the increase of level and wanted event.
Recently the is always stuck at (checking gsme data) and then crashes, however i tried to reinstall the game several times but nothing changed, what is wrong! Can someone help me!
Similar combat style as Might and Magic 3: Kingdom... Whatever that gacha game is titled. There are a few translation errors, but it doesn't take away from the fun. It's still a Romance of the Three Kingdoms game, so all the historic characters are here.
Its a really good game with alot of diverse content and lots of reward systems, there's pretty much always something to do on here
I am usually over critical of RoTK games because most of them are garbage. This game is amazing. I highly recommend playing. Graphics are great and there are no connection issues. Game play is fun and there is a ton to do. There are some minor issues like grammar in the storyline. Love this game and can't wait to see what is next.
Good game, but right now ( today ) i can not login to the game...it seems the reason is connection delay, but i check my internet connection and its fine. I can play the other game just fine...just such a shame if this continue cuz i really enjoyed the game
One of those CP cheating game, you can be easily beaten by someone who's 10k, 20k, 30k less CP than you just because they have found the way to cheat the CP system. I always move away when I discover these kind of games, either CP means something or CP means nothing, you cannot have it both ways. Otherwise the game was nice and well made and I really liked playing it until I started losing to CP cheaters.
So had no problem downloading from Google but as soon as I opened it is said not finished downloading which I'm used to but it's telling me I'm not connected to the internet right after I left Google so its getting deleted without trying because no matter what I do its still telling me I'm not connected yet no problem watching Netflix so problem is on your end
Servers war is really poorly balanced. 1 win and 12 losses, all 12 losses were in a row! All best players are always on the same team and im stuck with noobs! This happens all the time. I've only ever had more wins than losses ONCE in my entire 117 days of playing the game... all other times i always lose more and by a lot. 1 WIN 12 LOSSES. PATHETIC. WU IS ALWAYS TOO STRONG SO GAME NOT BALANCED. CHAOTIC THREE KINGDOMS SHOULD CHANGE NAME TO CHAOTIC ONE KINGDOM
Why does the game requires access to contacts and also all files? Sounds very fish, and phishing. Please explain.
Annoying intrusive tutorial keep forcing me to upgrade hero that i dont want to use, the game was fun but its spoilt by the annoying and intrusive tutorial
Same as old but way worse. CONSTANT loading and laggy battles.. 1 hour so little progress. Plus it wants contact info. Which you can deny. Super shady to even want such info. All n all. Trash re-skin game.