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Chaos Battle League - PvP Action Game

Chaos Battle League - PvP Action Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Rogue Games, Inc. located at 18757 Burbank Blvd, Suite 302, Tarzana, CA 91356. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty good clash Royale clone. Only thing I don't like is the bot opponents that randomly fill in when there isn't a person to play against. Wish there was a way to specify I only want human opponents. Edit: I upgraded to a oneplus 7 pro with android 10 and now the game won't start. I get a black screen when I try. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it remains broken. I can't play anymore.
The animations is bit slow. But i like the graphics and sound πŸ”Š Must try if u uninstall some other good game on the same platform. I hope you understand πŸ˜… I really like the lighting and sound effects of this game. If we have 1 Star 🌟 same as opponent, this game DRAW. No Triple energy ⚑ option available. Plz fix this. Even in hight speed net. It takes almost 1 minute to search for opponent and this is the most annoying thing for me. Edit review aftr 20 days of game.
Often matched up with opponents of higher levels so hardly a fair contest, have noticed that characters that cost 8 energy and 7 energy for me actually cost 7 energy and 6 energy for other opponents. I like the game and will persevere
Lots of fun, great variety, as a 3 year veteran clash royal player I look forward to watching this game grow. Its absolute fun and a great spin on the genre. Keep up the good work. Dont mind the bugs people, its still early days. I personally have not experienced any yet but it takes time and positive feedback. Gret fun.
I love the game but graphics is quite slow compare to clash royale and united legends which im playing too. The overall response in the battle is lagging which is quite irritating, plz do fix it or change your engine.
There might be some bug. It is not showing the keyboard while prompting for name after the battle with bot is over
OMG ! dont bother ,I would say pay to win but you pay and dont win , this has got to be the worst rip off of clash royale ever . Bots bots and more bots . Please dont bother it is terrible ,game play twitchy at best ,the cheating in this game is unbelievable and customer support doesn't exist , avoid like the plague unless you want to be ripped off , YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!! like all games in this store ,dont bother .
This game is fun to play but in two tournment games, my screen turned black and it kicked me out, GIVING ME TWO LOSSES THAT I DID NOT LOSE. Please fix your games connection issues. I would love to have those two losses given back. Two losses because of this game.
Fun to play. Coming from a Clash Royal fan, this game is similar in gameplay but different kind of fun considering it's mythical concept. The game still needs some fine tuning but I believe all will be done in due course.
3 hours to open a chess really.... 2 tutorials and then nothing else... So far not so good, and only one chess at a time and just got one 12hours....uninstalled
I really enjoy this game. It give you chance to use different teams and train various different characters. Would definitely recommend!
Sketchy game play and glitchy on 5G, will not let me play on any WIFI anywhere I've tried. Good concept, bad execution
Frustrating copy of clash royale, I it try for 2 days but the same thing like clash it is only frustrating and no fun at all. I just started and I play and you put me vs players who are much higher lvl than me and I have zero chance to win, so why would I continue to play if it is no fun for me??
The game is nice but the gms needs work, on helping us better. Im still waiting on them to fix my account and they havent. Im still waiting on them to get a hold of me and everyone else has been waiting on them as well. I dont recommend this game to anyone because they not reliable and they too lazy to even do their job and also keep hackers and security like they should. The game is garbage.
i dont know how many stars i should give you because i cant open the game, it crashes at the "I am 16 or older blablabla... my phone is a pixel 3a xl. I hope you fix it, i love your games.
Best alternate to clash royale.... That bloody clash royale always sends higher level to me and it's a pay to win....but this is the best and only bug is heating issue while playing but it's far better then clash royale
Decent game, but it's incredibly unbalanced. Pay-to-win is HUGE once you are over 2k trophies. The community is less toxic than CR, but still a lot of trash talk. Legendary cards are basically a win condition if you have a few. This is intentional from the devs so that you will pay money to get them and upgrade them. You can still climb slowly because the percentage of P2W is still less than CR. I will probably uninstall soon because they won't balance it. Still, better than CR.
total rip off of Clash Royale but some things are cooler than original game. but this game has big issues with visual balance and realistic animation. UI, arena and characters are mess, so it hard to focus on important things. contrast in important things will fix that. character animation is odd so movements of characters doesn't feel natural and it becomes hard to focus on what is going on in the game. emotes are terrible. there are some interesting cards that are not in clash Royale.
I love the draft challenge great game I think they really just boomed with coolness in this game ANYONE WHO SEES THIS I RECCOMEND U PLAY DIS
The game was okay but the live chat feed is full of pedophile from other countries. I was looking at the chat room because its fun to laugh at non english speakers try to type it out. And then i read there was a 9 year old and more then 3 adult men saying that they were over the age of 35 trying to be make creepy remarks to this kid in broken english. Get rid of that feature before some kid gets hurt.
This is a clone of Clash Royale but better as if its made for fans by fans. It include community suggestions that Supercell failed to do such as option to choose deck before battles, different kind of towers and ultimate spells. The only thing that its missing is the 2v2 battle which makes it loose a star. All in all, it is a great clone and highly recommended.
Awesome game with good graphics and variety of different troop cards, but rating 4 star for match making delay. The delay sometimes kills it. Takes upto half a minute and it spoils the fun of game. Please fix
The game is nice but the gms needs work, on helping us better. Im still waiting on them to fix my account and they havent. Im still waiting on them to get a hold of me and everyone else has been waiting on them as well. I dont recommend this game to anyone because they not reliable and they too lazy to even do their job and also keep hackers and security like they should.
This game is awesome. If I have to say something negative would be that the search to match you with someone takes a long time sometimes but other than that I love it.
Great Clash Royale based game, but unlike the game this mimics, match making takes way too long; if you can get into a challenge match at all. Would give it 5 stars if match making 2 seconds instead of 20.
Game is okay don't win that much money takes forever to upgrade and a lot of the battles are not even but other than that Graphics pretty awesome game control pretty good change up playing field make it equal and how about giving a little more in the boxes stop being so cheap
Fun change from other similar games. Fun tournaments happen often. Choose your tower and special skill. Both are really cool features
Good creation. I like it because it's internet catching power is good. There are some games which cannot be played for poor internet connection though I have a good net connection . But this game is good. Thanks for this game.
Unbalanced and unfair. Developers cant be bothered to address issues. this game is almost as bad as war heroes. cheating is rife. The biggest issue is that players can get to high levels by only purchasing a select few units. This gives them a lower overall score which in turn matches them against players with lower level units but a higher overall score. The developers don't care as long as people spend $$$ buying upgrades.
the various types of avatars is awesome,the power ups are awesome...the game is easy, very entertaining...I like it so much I play daily.good adventures everyone...see you on the battlefield.
I'm always winning and it's honestly a improved version of clash royale... I love your game creators πŸ₯³yay love the gameplay and graphics.πŸ₯³
I don't know why but when I downloaded the game I had WiFi and everything but the game went to the loading screen but never loaded up I never saw any graphics except for the background on the loading screen. Plz fix this I read alot of good reviews and would like to play the game but I can't if it is gonna do that.
It's been 2 months since the game keep crashing on my phone (Samsung Note 20 ultra) and I mean by not even allowing me to enter the game or play it.Loading screen appear and then exit automatically.I sent a message to the support/developers(I received a message that they are working on it)still I can't log in the game.I really like this game(after investing time and money not being able to play it now its sad and disappointing )πŸ˜”.I dont want to give a bad review/rating of3⭐but it is what it is
nice replica of another game that shant be mentioned lol. the characters are rather creative and makes for a fun experience, i would recommend this if you want to take a break from the normal humdrum games you've been playing. why not add a little #CHAOS to the mix??? the only thing hilding you back is you, i believe in you...do you?
Solid Game, has a lot of ways for you to earn packs, and crystals aswell. Not just another Clash Royal knock off. Has some similarities, but trust me as far as these games go... i think this game has done it the best! As long as they dont make any drastic pay to win update to screw you out of ever cent... Will be playing this for a bit.
Looking good game, however there are a few basic what developers should change. Let's hope they will do it.
had to change my rating. Tournaments, what a SCAM. They want us to use crystals, the cards are random which is fine. However, if u lose you are stuck with the same deck. What kind of sense does that make? You, should be able to change after each fight. Seriously, in California MARIJUANA is legal. Development, shouldn't be indulging in drug use. This Tournament game mode is a prime example. Try having a nice hot cup of tea. Put, the Dope down! Also fix the game~
The matching system in this game is horseshit!! You get 2 matches to learn and then they throw you to the sharks. Why the hell is my 3rd match ever going against somebody a league higher and 520 more trophies ahead of me?! Very discouraging to new players who are trying to scrape by for chests to upgrade. Huge fail on match making!! Guess I'll log in every 4 hours or so for my free chests for the next week just to have a fighting chance. HUGE FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't even go back to Clash Royale without feeling like everything is in slow motion over there. This game is faster, better looking and just simply more fun. Even the sound is better with a great music and sound effects. It took some humility to grind away at the start but holy moly. So worth it. Great game.
Fun game, like clash royale but with minor tweaks to balance every couple of weeks not the same, this is a good thing! Lots of players, never wait more than a few seconds for a game. They also have a Discord server to interact directly with players. Enjoying it so far.
Your game is a 1000% rip off of clash royal and its sucks worse. Damn cards respawn to fast and 9 out of 10 games ends in a draw. Sooooooo boring deleted it fast!
Good game, i think damages are a little off but not much. Just feels like certain heroes do more damage. Also, grey theme looks wack. I know its robot themed but i just dont feel it
One of the most detailed, well thought of, 1 vs 1 tower defense games I have ever played! You can tell the developers spent alot of time on all of these many characters you can use and build up with so many cool abilities that you have so many ways of upgrading and not just spending alot of money to compete with other players! This shows that the developers aren't as greedy as some game developers are and shows they actually care about providing a real cool game and not just making money! Bravo!!
The Mobile version doesn't even work. The PC version works 80% of the time. Great fun game, but please work on the PC version and make the PC version available to play offline without using steam, thank you.
Been playing for months & loving it but new update needs permission to access our personal media like photos & files on our phones. You don't need to have access to our personal stuff, it doesn't have anything to do with the game. Just when I thought I had one of the best games ever & leader of a great guild that's taken months to build, I'm now thinking of uninstalling due to new invasive permissions! People are obsessed with collecting everyone's "data" when it's no concern of theirs.
This is by far the best mobile game I've played in years. The characters are great, it's very well made and best of all it's really fun.
Definitely borrows from clash but with several nice differences. Multiple tower types create a new layer of strategy and the various ultimate abilities make thing very interesting.
please a best graphic and beauty cards.Heroes beautiful.please a bug fixes and bad face delete.pleae a high girls beauty in battle. Please new mode in game and best of game players.please a card very level up.recieve a high cards for me.please send a max cards in battle game play can best.send a every days very point and gem and money.send a best machine in battle.50 cards can new very soon to best performance
Ever since I installed the game I haven't been able to play it. If we can't play it then why keep it going in the first place? Everytime I try to install it it's still the same.
I chose this game over war alliance andothers like it, both are fabulous games pls try 1v1 game w resource gathering and bldgs Game just as fun as clash royale
I have played this game for a long time. built my deck to lvl 12. usually hang around 6000 trophies. was a 4 or 5 star. not now. tell me why it is endless mismatches now. I'm at 7080 trophies. went against a max deck with over 13000! you can compete with strategy when all they troops they have are all 2 or 3 levels higher. they over power you way to easy. looked at last 10 battles. 8 battles against 3 top 10 groups in WORLD! 1 battle against #6 player in WORLD! I'm nowhere near them. a joke
Thakkali Vera leval bro ,keep updating and make app interface much better ,then beat the clash royale game,one of the best game
Gameplay it's pretty solid and has a lot of potential, but you have to do something with the engine, it's way to slow. I have and standard cellphone and even Clash Royale run fluently. Another thing the HUI it's a little boring and has way to much distractions. I lost a little while doing the normal things like upgrading cards or even unlocking chests. So I will recommend an intuitive and friendly interface and focus on what is important. As I said this game has a lot of potential. Regards.
Fabulous game...its very fun and time consuming...do not download if you have any loved ones that dwmand attention...lol...seriously its fun as hell
love this game, it needs a few upgrades like clan wars. Something huge to change the game. I love the animations in this game, and I wish they had a toaster chest like a crown chest like they have in clash royale. Plays exactly like clash royale, but with a Egyptian type theme to it. I also wish they had better e motes. I also want to add that the match making is really unbalanced. I am a lvl 8 at the moment and it normally matches me w/ lvl 5's. Other than that its a really good game!
Chaos Battle League is a smooth running pvp auto battler thay combines balance, tactics, and collecting for a title that provides daily replay values. Units and customization goes to the next level with twists on familiar favorites alongside generic spins, each having unique power/weakness signatures. To the hardened castle-minion-crafter players, this option will allow familiar mechanics yet still gifting as a new, and to the newer profiles, Chaos Battle League is a good option to try.
I'm giving this game a 4 star not because it's a bad game. There are just a few cards that need to be balanced out REALLY REALLY BAD lol. some need to be nerfed and some need a buff to make the game more enjoyable. it's a cool spin on clash royale but there are huge differences as well.
Changed to one star. Dropped my account after not playing for awhile. When I went back into it, everything was reset as if fresh install.
If you played clash royale, you'll love it. I am just discovering the game at 1.7k trophies. The best thing about it how the guilds work and how rewarding it can be.
Very good game, very addicting, don't be upset when you never win a tournament, it's impossile, I would not recommend paying any money on this game because of all the glitches, you may not get what you pay for, other than that great time killer, the developer needs to put some more work into this game to make it perfect.
This game is good and i also play the clash royale but the difference is this game have better graphic. I really enjoy to play this game.
Great game overall similar to most out there, But stands out by far with the wide range of card/character selection..great graphics aswell... By far my favourite new battle pvp game 10/10 so far for this game .
This game is an exceptionally well crafted work of art. The creator of this masterpiece will go on to live a fruitiful and lucrative life. I first glanced at this game and thought "what a clash royale ripoff!". Little did I know at the time it would change life for the greater good. I hope every person can play this game at least once, even the poverty ridden third world country civilians. Blessings from above! 😘πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€πŸ‘€πŸ’¦β›ΊπŸ‘™βœ‹πŸ‘–πŸ‘
Graphics and speed could be a lot better. But it is almost the same concept and gameplay as Clash Royale. Its fun and I use it as a time passer.
I really dont like to do comparisons so im just going to say that this is my second favorite royale game to play I like how it's based on certain eras of the earth it's very addictive and you dont really have to spend real money to get nice cards that's really the best part I would advise anyone to download this app
Well in my opinion the game is very good and well made... Just to say im a clash royal player for 3 year and still active... It got my attention and i love the game because it way better then the others like castle crush , etc... But a the same level of royal And i will love to make a video about the game .....
A must play if you like CR just needs 2v2 and it would be perfect...still 5 stars but please Devs hear me out add 2v2 Thank You!
Excellent game. I like that it's similar to clash royale but with different units. Even though some units are mimics of clash royale there's way more units that are different with new and fun abilities and the choice of towers and game turnover spells make it more fun also. 5/5 stars, I think it's very fun and I liked clash royale but it did get old and this new twist suits me perfectly. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Game has a lot of GLITCHES. Game matchups are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Level 9 players matched against level 12 players !!! C"mon really??? Game is definitely a PAY TO PLAY GAME ! Developers seem to be more concerned about money & childish censoring of chat & MUTING people for no reason! Complaints & problems with the game fall on deaf ears. Developers should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!!
Game is good but trophy payout is very very low. When we win a game it gives only 18-20 trophy It is very low as compared to other games It take lot of time and effort to reach to next league Due to less trophy pay out
Gameplay was good. Everything else was terrible. Everything revolves around getting you to spend money. And then when you do spend money they won't give you what you payed for or a refund for not fulfilling services. I have tried to contact customer service and have not gotten any response whatsoever. Trying to get more character cards? You have to wait literal hours to unlock 'toasters', can only hold a maximum of 4, and cannot get rid of the low tier unless you wait HOURS or spend real MONEY.
Does not work. Downloaded and crashes before the second tutorial battle. Uninstalled and re-installed multiple times and still does the same thing every time. Don't waste your time or data downloading.
Just couldn't get into this, there's no real challenge, just same old same old. Played for about 30mins with not much fun had so uninstalled.
the worst game I've ever played, at league 9 you got paired with an opponent five times higher than your level, this game is a complete trash. i wish there was something lower than 1 star
music.. game music i don't like it amd dosnt have business with the game.. please guys i love ur game but change this music totally starting while we preparing while we playing while we win, lose etc.. otherwise u are best than 2 many and maybe all
Im sorry but i played it for 3 yrs i only seen 2 new cards come thats aweful the developers never add new content once u hit 5000 trophies you get board the game is so laggy and glitchy its hard to play some times your buildings are down before you even get your cards no i take my old reveiw back its not good it out right SUCKS!!!!
It's a good game but with terrible balance, I'm lvl 8 atm and I can battle a player as high as lvl 14 where I have absolutely no chance for a win, it becomes frustrating and there's nothing I can do once the battle starts but to just sit there and take the lose, unless I pay to lvl up faster which will never happen, but there needs to be a more fair way to get random opponents cause a player that's 2 or 3 or 6 lvls higher than me is 9 times outa 10 gonna kick my ass.
it's actually good. I like how it acts like clash royal but with just different characters. it's a good substitute and addicting to play. I love unlocking new characters and using them to see what they do.
Good game. I enjoy playing, with the different types of cards and arenas. Ads can be annoying but there manageable. I can't rate it higher because sometimes Ad's can make your loot/rewards disappear.Overall it is fun to play!
It's ok, a cheap clash royale. The characters are cool but everything else is low budget. And you can tell you are playing a computer most of the time.
It's an awesome game , as good as Clash Royale but still have rooms for improvements such as the interfaces and matching of opponents , by then would be 5 stars ratings..
Great game. Gameplay is very fun. They characters are done perfectly, and they've got all the classic monsters and stuff you could ask for. I'm just really digging it. Good job guys! 5 stars all day!
I dont know why anyone would play this game because clash royale already exists. isnt this technically intellectual theft?
Think before you pay I bought a 90 days subscription of gems at 8 March but it ends on around 25 March with no reason. Furthermore I could not find any customer service on game so that I could only say in here. Think seriously if you spend money on the game <20200401> After 6 days...... ......However, due to a large number of tasks, it may be a little while before the team is able to address your concern directly...... Think before you pay!!
gameplay is terrible third party stealing all your information don't waste your time. crashing bad connection as they claim. they just want your money because they are broke but no one will pay for this terrible experience this is a junk app and it don't need to be allowed on Google
nice game but i keep advancing and i keep getting the same cards i rarely get any new ones while my opponents do very stingy on epic & legendary cards also game is a bit slow and I always get matched with players with much better card levels .
Something happened to this game around 3/22/2021 & now it won't load at all! I'm worried that I'm going to get kicked out of my guild unless I can get back on normally & play! There's no pending update & everything was running more or less ok up until 3/22, not sure what happened?
Do not play if you value balancing, fairness, or accessibility. Some cards are just ridiculously powerful. The grind is too slow. Defensive buildings scale very strongly with leveling (i.e. from grinding for ages, or paying-to-win). Matchmaking does not factor in the account level, which can result in facing opponents who have a significant level advantage. For example, (having recently achieved a 90% win rate in 'League 4' as a level 5 account) I lost 5 of my first 6 games once I entered 'League 5'. Most games, I was matched against opponents who 1.4x my account level. Despite my proved ability, I was forced with a decision to either spend weeks farming to reach a point where I could overcome the manifestly unfair competition or to pay-to-win.. Why the heck would I keep playing a game that proved itself to be broken, since I know that I will eventually be forced again to waste my time grinding to overcome inequality again..
The game is great but I think it could improve in the matchmaking system, I keep getting paired up with peopke 1-2 leagues above me, dudes that have better cards (bcs of the league they are at) different towers and thats a bit unfair. Overall the game is fun is easy to play and everything, just the matchmaking details. Besides that keep it up, its really fun to play
Edit- this game would be better if developer shows interest in this game... I am clash royal player from last 3 years but i can say this game was way better than cc royal game. This game is deserve for 5 stars but only for development i am decreasing rating
This is a really fun game. I thought it was just a CR clone at first (and it kind of is) but I like how the Devs took it one step further with "hero abilities" and arena cards. I am ftp so I can't comment on the bundles but the rest of the game in terms of battles is very fast paced and hectic. Very fun. One concern I have is how inactive many players are. It makes it difficult for us to make use of the guild function as most of them are dead. I recommend adding a search filter feature to find active guilds within a certain timeframe. I really want to play guilds but I haven't been able to find one in weeks of searching in-game.
To many hackers and P2W players making the game not enjoyable or even competitive. Still unbalance. Uninstalled it. An 8 should never beat a 11.
game is pretty much Clash Royale clone (got your spear goblin, their huts, witch, giant, bomber, skele,fireball, arrows all with a diff name) with minor changes (change your princess tower to have diff range/damage and a spell u can use in final minute). bad thikg is game doesnt load unless i clear cache and load the game while off wifi. since game havnt been updated in 6 months though not gonna hold my breath for a fix
I really love the graphics and sounds but... In 8 mbps constant speed this game just don't connect and take almost 30 to 40 sec for searching opponent. Plz fix this. Or else... This game is soo good.
matchmaking sucks..im level 8 battling the likes of level 10-12..wheres the justice in that..is that a balance game for u?
I'm having a blast. Thank you for such a fun game. Better than all the other rest like this. Please keep developing new cards and more chests to open.
Don't waste your time theres not anything good I can say about the game . Match ups are terrible tournaments are terrible . Play something else
I understand that this game is like Clash Royale BUT I would rather play this game than play Clash Royale because its so much more fun. the graphics are better and I love the game entirely better. ask to raise the percentage on being abke to acquire better cannons for the towers. i have opened a lot of chest already and haven't gotten any cannons other than the first one you usually get for the quest.
Good game with different concepts than clash rouale. But needs fine tuning on the little mechanics. It is a lot better than a year ago
good gfx but slow very slow game play. takes hours of waiting to play a fast match of no morethen 10 minutes then it's back to waiting for another 3 to 8 or longer hours to play again. and for starting off it takes forever to level up cards and rank. and when it comes to matches you get cards outside of your rank and no help as to what the cards do in fight. thumbs down πŸ‘Ž
Awesome game almost like clash royal but better graphics with a twist get specials to help you in the last minute of battle
The game is fun super. But the issue only is that to wait to collect the coins to upgrade your warriors is a lil slow. otherwise its great.i like it
It's a fun game enjoyable way to pass the time . If you like clash Royal you'll like this it's about the same game play different spells and tower buffs but along the same lines. All and all its smooth game play and you can mute chat which is good when there's a lot of really immature kids on.
I'd really like to rate this game much higher but I just can't for a few reasons. Matches are played with way too many bots/AI players, which I really wouldn't mind if they were more accurate and consistent (i.e. I could be beating a player really badly then suddenly lose). The cards are really quite unbalanced... attacks are too high on some cards or hp not high enough on others or vice versa. But my biggest problem with this game is the fact that there are so many cheaters!!!
I really wanted this to be a good alternative to Clash Royale but the excessive lag and the constant laughing in your face from other players wrecks it. The game re-enables emotes every time you turn them off, so the mocking is really from the company itself. Graphics are decent, idea is a straight rip off of CR (ie. a successful one) but it's designed to annoy you into paying for upgrades, which is never going to be successful and ultimately makes it a failure
That's a cool package of game!! Spent lot of time on it, its not just like a clash royale but well its unique characters & powers make it a different gaming experience & download it its a beautiful game to stick onn!!
I love this game so far! Got tired of clash royale, and all the new gimmicks and crashes. really digging the monster theme. only complaint so far is the emote limit. i like to trash talk and get in the opponent's head lol.
You need to balance your game and add new cards, its pointless to play these days when you get put up against max level players just cause you're good enough to be in their league.
No doubt its a blatant copy of another game. (CR).....But it doesnt take away from the fact its a really fun game. Great to play when your waiting on your chests are to open on that unsaid (CR) game.
This game is so fun and addicting its actually scary. It scares me when i say "one more game" 50 times and physically unable to put it down. I like to think chaos league is an elaborate arcade version of chess. This game will forever be a cornerstone on my phone. Thank you so much for creating/providing such a enjoyable game I shall cherish for many days to come.
No support. No monitoring of global chat. No one seems to care that this game could be great. Sad really. I can't get any devs or support to talk to me. Apparently they don't even care if they make money. If you do read this, put in a block option in global chat. Since your report button does absolutely nothing.
best one around. very similar to clash royale but in my opinion much better. a lot diffetent style cards/decks. trophy system in my opinion can be a bit rewarding, as in im level 9 and managed to beat level 11's and 12's but on receiving 17+ trophies. which is a common award. would be nice to win some 30+ trophies. apart from that, best game by far
Not what I thought it was; Smash Four was what I thought this would be like.. It's not. Good game tho, I'd definitely recommend trying it to see if u like it.
My phone just did an Automatic Update. Since then, I Can Not Open the game. It Shuts Down At Opening Loading Screen??? All other APPS on my pnone are working fine???
Better provide chests with ads,so players get some cards, it's very hard to get gold. In app purchases costs too high.
I stand corrected.... this game sucks. reach level 5 and cannot get any higher unless you spend money... game lags far too much for that. playing against players far beyond my level (cards, towers,etc). going back to clash! Bye Felicia!
The game is better than Clash Royale but during the gameplay i always got disconnected says data error even when my connection is strong!! which i never faced in Clash Royale. Which is disappointing as i keep loosing my trophy. That is why my rating is down.
While the graphics are nice and I've only been playing for 15 minutes I can easily see that this is a pay to win game.. What I mean is how can you put me up against players that defeat me in less than 90 seconds.. What about having a fair battle with players that are near or the same lvl as I am.. Seems this is what Google is all about these days.. I understand you need to make money for your game development but I just started.. Sheesh! and thats why you get hackers on these types of games
You are introduced to the paywall from the second battle played 5 won 1 and that was the tutorial. Not interested in learning how to play if I feel I'm going to lose every match before I start. Might be the best game ever made but I'll never know. Not as good as vainglory that is for sure!
Please make the loading time faster and make more cool emotes... Also add a 2v2 like on ClashRoyale. Overall this game is awsome keep on improving. Peace