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Champion Horse Racing

Champion Horse Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Hasssh Limited located at 26/F., One Harbour Square, 181 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
getting reeeeal sick of it freezing n not loading the screen when you go back. awsome game fix this problem and I'll give it 5 stars its so damn annoying having to shut it down n reload it again
The game is phenomenal. It feels somewhat realistic and that is why I like it. The only problem I had were races that seemed really easy to win I end up being last no matter how good my horse is. However, overall I like the game I hope for good updates in the future.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I'm pretty sure it is just a data-miner. When you first download and open the app, it asks for permissions like most apps do, but when you read closely, it's asking for unnecessary and VERY intrusive permissions into your device. If, like most people, you don't take the time to read them and just auto-agree, as I almost did, you might be getting taken advantage of. REALLY SHADY. As a result, the game will open but nothing I touch responds. Deleting immediately.
It would be a better game if getting stallions and broodmares were a bit easier. Also, you need to fix it to where you can get stallions and broodmares when you breed. If these changes are added, I'll rate 4 stars. Will rate 5 as soon as the freezing up quits. It continually freezes when loading throughout the game.
This game was great in the beginning. Now, it freezes constantly on the loading screen. I have to keep getting out of the game entirely, then go back in which defeats the purpose of even playing. If you want five stars from me, you're going to need to fix this problem asap.
i love the game not only because i love horses but also because of the way you made the game but it is hard to get a stallion so all i ask is if you could make it easear for us to get stallions
LOVE IT!!! Once i learned it.. OH BOY ITS FUN!!!!! HOPE THE DEVS WILL KEEP THIS ONE GOING WITH UPDATES. I even found myself yelling out loud for my horse in a race LOL.. playing this game on my tablet i just cant get enough of it and again SO FUN!!
Fun game only problem is that i cant buy a dang horse!i press bid for 1 and guess what?NO HORSE!!!!Please fix this problem!!!
nah getting worse, everytime I do something and try to return to main menu it crashes, turn it off try again like 30 times, uninstall and start again keeps doing, hello did you really create a game lmao
This is my first day of playing and I looove this game it is one of the best games I've ever played.I would love to be the jockey.
Well, would have given it a 4 star but my screen has been freezing during loading between screens for the last two days, and also lloading times before this happened were really slow.
This game is great!!! But the constant freezing is turning people off the game. This is my third post about this issue and for some reason they remove it. App developers fix the issue. We love the game but you are not helping yourself. I have rated this 5 stars twice but you are not listening to the general public. If you want revenue pick your act up and fix the server.
I do really enjoy this game but I'm getting fed up with the connection problems. Every time I try log in it tells me to check internet connection & that's not the problem because every other game works & they require internet to play. Please fix this problem & I'll change my rating if not I'll lower it & delete the game this has the potential to be my favorite game & I'd hate to no longer play it
I do not like this game It really sucks I could barely do anything Plus the graphics are not good i Really really suggest That you do not download it At all I only Had it Downloaded like 5 minutes And it's just horrible Please fix it!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Take too long to load the game To enrolled in a race...can't even bet before race keep on freezing every time
Average at best. Graphics could be improved, but the game itself runs like one of those gatcha games...cluttered and with many unnecessary things to do. There isn't anything really exciting to set this game apart from others.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can never get a stallion from the auction... It sucks... I wanna breed a few of my horses and I can't... :/
Game could be very good. However freezes at almost every screen change. So the only way to play it is to force close the app and re start every minute which means your soon get bored of it. It's a shame and needs fixing or might as well remove the app from the market place.
Other than the fact that this game has better graphics, it is not very different to iHorse Racing. For the reason of being so unimaginative and unindividualistic, I am uninstalling. I don't need two of the same game on my phone.
I actually like the game but it freezes up, take to long to load. It is almost impossible to get a breeding stallion.
Always want to try install the apps after jockey uniform, loading and then hang the other meaning jammed.
The game is good But i think there can be more improvement by giving more instructions to jockey The horse running style And also some more realism please
I like the game an i have spent real $$$$. Unfortunately in between load screen it continually freezes. Aftwr doing the account reset it is much better. Cheers
Advice to New Players and Publisher. To new players, this is a very fun horse racing game if you don't want to breed horses. You basically have to use real life money in order to breed horses. Almost all horses in the game are geldings (can't breed). Even if you pay for a stallion, the offspring is going to be a gelding. Advice to publisher. Please overhaul the breeding system bc lineage is pointless if can't breed. Change up the daily missions bc its super repetitive.
I love this game but it is nearly impossible to get broodmare and stallions and I wish we could choose the horse we want to buy. And how can we enter a gi race
Simply put... P2P! States you can do certain things such as breeding but sadly you cant unless you spend real money, get really lucky or cheat. No indication when a horse is done and when trying to build up wins so you can then breed and the horse blacks out and is unusable and you can no longer do anything with it not even breed unless again it was lucky enough or you payed to fill it's breeding bar in time. Hard to accumulate funds, training and feeding sucks, almost impossible to get right.
I like the game, but i find it really frustrating to play. It freezes constantly between screens and i find myself having to restart the app after every change of screen. The pop ups for feed and training are ok, but very very slow. This really needs attention as i'm more patient than most.
Love the game played it since the first version but last time and now again this time my game freezer everytime it has to load and it caused me to delete the game I'm giving it another try as I do enjoy playing but again it's doing the same thing please give advice on something I could do or please have tech support look into it thanks you
It is a great game but lately has been freezing a lot. Need to fix the freezing and it will be 5 stars.
Best ever and addictive game only big problem with the progress is its a money sucking game otherwise it is a very interesting game .I request you to plz give more diamonds for free .
great game but login rewards are there but wont let me collect only bad thing is this otherwise great game please fix this
Great game, gives you the real horse training and horseracing experience. please make more games! Strongly recommend this one.
A nice game but when i reach 24th season,conection become very poor..I had to re stall the game and start from thne beginig๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ŸI lost all my pogres and goog horses..Plz do the necessary for me..
Champion Horse Racing I love this game so much. It's fun, easy to learn, and super realistic. I love the graphics and how thorough the tutorial is.
So, who came up with the idea that racehorses eat muesli, lol. Where are the oats, barley, lucerne and hay? The guide needs to appear earlier, and needs to be more explanatory on basics, then moving on.
It is a first experience to train a good horse. It is a rare opportunity to touch the real horse racing system. Yet the speed of connecting and loading is slower than before.I hope the speed of them can be upgraded in order to make a bet more efficiently.
This game is pure rubbish.I have to wait for 30 sec for my game to load,to get the results or to apply jockeys to my horses and in some cases I even miss some good races for my horses due to that 30 sec loading time.Moreover it doesn't even load back to the stable
P2P/P2W, starts off ok but almost immediately gets very boring. Hard to win races, cant breed without winning high class races, cant train or feed without being fatigued or losing other attributes but you can pay for it. Bad condition horses unfed and untrained and low stats wins yet a maxed out, trained, fed and pimped up horse at its best distance and favourite comes 2nd last by a long way...how? Cant build funds needed to upgrade facilities unless your lucky enough to gamble big and win.
This game freezes too much ... It becomes difficult to continue playing even u want to play but hope gets an updated version
This game is really interesting but as u reach 10 years it freeze everytime cant continue i am really angry because i have great horse fix this please..
great game but i only rate 3 star because you have to purchase to have stallion "no free stallion not fare for all" you will only have geldings broodmare how can u breed freely??
Hi developers add 3d Cameras racing angles, Change the horses racing sound to realistic, improve the horses graphics and fields graphics
Always takes time to load. Tried on different devices and same happening. Really annoying. If continues soon gonna delete it
No, offense but ABSOLUTE ZEROO PERCENT GOOD!! This game is horrible.. you can't even like be the horses.. or control them, And the graphics are not even the same, maybe if the graphics were better and it didn't look so glitchy, And if you could control the horse then maybe I would consider rating it better..
I give u 4 stars because the game is very interesting. I dis not give you 5 stars because it always has a problem of loading And 1 have a suggestion, add the option to play with our friends the game will be more interesting
Not a bad game but still have room for improvement as it seems abit too complicated to play.It always hang and I can only race one match unless I log out and log in again everytime I want to race.
A wonderful 5 stars for this game! You have adequate time to organize your stable, choose your horses, everything is perfectly arranged in this game! BRAVO !!!!!
everytime the game has the loading screen it crashes and i have to stop the app and restart it... been like this for a few days now. please fix
Great game with more than helpful developers. Love it Biggest issue though is load times especially after you first log in. Can take up to 5 to 10 minutes to get back to stable. Loading between options is slow to. If that could be fixed it'll be a perfect game.
Quite challenging to train a horse. Since the honor is operating, I can able to focus on the score of the owner.
Breeding system is a big turn off. This could be an amazing game if it weren't for the fact that most of the horses are geldings so they cannot breed. You have to pay real money in order to get a stallion that can breed. Also the free horses that you can get is the exact same horses that everyone else gets. Please fix this. Nobody wants to race against the clone of their horses. Their needs to be more mission. Having the same daily missions everyday gets boring quick.
I love the game specially Regional race It would be excellent if we can ride the horses as jockey and we can put more of my horses in the same races Take in consideration my suggestion Thanks
Good app ,but hourse owner win the Race no recognizes , all tha races win same feature this is main problem ?
After awhile the game starts it's freezing again. Most likely it was due to winter season I guess....?
Fun so far, tutorial never showed me how to breed though. would love to know edit: Generic reply, no actual customer service. uninstalling.
This is a good game but freezes too much everything I do the game freezes which mean I have close and open to play
great game but i only rate 3 star PaytoWin because you have to purchase to have stallion "no free stallion not fare for all" give your all luck but you will only have geldings broodmare how can u breed freely??
I got one big problem the game is great an everything but why is it that the loading part keep freezing that kind of a big turn off is like we get tired of it an its very uncomfortable freezing up
I cant figure out how to add horses to my stable, and im not able to find any broodmares, fix these and ill give a 5 star raiting.