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Challenge your friends: Truth or Dare ? Dirty ! 😈

Challenge your friends: Truth or Dare ? Dirty ! 😈 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Chouic located at 13 rue Sidney Bechet 49800 Trelazé. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Sexual Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty good except for Extreme mode. the other levels are pretty varied with the truths and dares. Extreme level however, keeps cycling through the same 5 dares. No bueno for trying to get people to go to the next level.
We played the game on holiday and had so much fun that we got the full version of the game. Mega kinky!
I got the extreme pack and played it with my girlfriend and my other friend and had a great time I would defenetly suggest this app it is great fun
The game is great but i wish you would not make us pay for hard. I get extreme but fun and soft become boring fast...
Wayy too overpriced for game modes. £9 for a different game mode. The free content is ridiculously bland. Definitely needs revamping. Too pricy for me sorry
Love this game. Great question that are interesting and fun at the same time. I recommend this to everyone.
out of all of the categories there's only a few good questions and the questions that are directed towards the man is almost always a homosexual Truth or dare, why??
I had alot of fun bought the full version, I wish you could play more than one mode at once and It would also be awesome to be able to make your own dares because it gets old
it's okay it's kinda weird to take off my clothes and kiss people and message people with oil but if you like doing that to your friends then go ahead
it's AMAZING buuuuttttt..... the game will give you a dare to give it 5 stars (btw this is the dare I would give the app 2-3 stars)
First off I was kind of forced into making this review but honestly it's not a half bad app. Most of the questions are very creative. I know I think that it has appropriate levels of difficulty as well as fun spiritedness.
just for making it a dare. I will give this game 1 star You have taken advertising to another level and it got on my nerve enough to give you 1 Star. good luck w your business. Besides that, well money spent
made for a very fun evening with a couple lady friends of mine(no really, we're just friends) at the most on some nights we flirt or joke around but last night...well, let's just say it was fun!
It's a good truth or dare app, but it seems like it's not as fun for someone who's bi or gay. If you add the option to choose sexual orientation preference in addition to gender it would be better. The actual dirty and fun truth or dates only pop up when there is at least one male and female. If you can change this, I feel like you'd reach a broader audience.
Hard to play when you and the person your playing with is so far away but fun. Only reason it's a 4/5 you need to pay for the real fun parts. Boyfriend said he might pay for hot part tho 😂
Paid for the complete upgrade but did not receive. When i tried to contact, was redirected to log in via facebook. Not on facebook. Logged dispute.
OMG Love this game me and my friends played this all night but dont have prices for them because i was looking to play it and i dont want to use money on a game so please don't have money for it
Get "Truth or Dare Game 😍 For Couple and Friends" from the same Company. its basically the same but with more better questions and added support for custom Questions/Dares. I bought the Premium on both 😡
The game it self is awesome, I only wish I could play the most "intense" game modes, but I'm poor so I can't really pay for it, other wise just a few more dares and truths so it doesn't get that repeated
super funny i love it.. so far no game is way more fun than this game wheather with your friends or your lover this game fits in all
Pretty good. You should fix the English in some of the questions though. There are some that don't make sense. Also, continue adding more questions.
its a fun game for me and the rest of my friends after school on a friday because we can get beers and have fun
(I dont know if my last review got trough but changing it now if so) Understand the payment part, looks like it took its time to create it, but at least release one of the dirty ones from payment(the first one at least). but the way to select the player... could be better, specially if its for two, would be better to make it by turns. But the game is rather good tbh. Looks fun
The game was amazing and I had to kiss my guy best friend and it turns out he liked it and started dating.Thanks to this app I have a boyfriend.
its good to much truths though please, lay of the truths me and my friend dont like all of them😶 and they say the same truths allll the time its annoying please fix this problem!
Good app just some dares or truths can be disturbing considering you are playing with your friend and not your partner.
Very few different actions. Extreme is not extreme enough. And very repetitive. Everybody fisted everybody.
it's funny as hell, but it focuses too much on girl/guy stuff, instead of guy/guy and girl/girl. it would spice things up!!!
So much fun!! my husband and I got the extreme pack. We played this app for an hour! it was a blast! We did things that we normally wouldnt try. Worth every penny <3
uninstalled once I discovered you need to pay for the better stuff, at least add like a 15 minute preview of the other modes so I could find out if i would be interested in actually paying for them
The voice said my friends name wrong and you also have to pay for the good stuff! No one wants to waste there time, money, and effort when its not even good. That is my opinion. Heres my friends opinion. I think you should be able to speak your name so that the voice can say it right.
i want the hard one to be free and the extrem and what is the point of downloding a game u you have to pay like thats stupid but i lkie it abd i enjoy the game so thanks who ever made this game i hope there is another game that you dont have too pay but thabks so much❤❤❤❤❤
Great app, but needs more truths and dares. I would also like a game mode that took truths and dares from every other game mode.
This app is awesome, it has great truths and dares, it has a wheel so you won't know who's turn it is right away, all in all a good app
I can't complete purchase in app. tells me "account verification SMS could not be sent ". I will give 5star when this is resolved. 😎
it's a hilarious game great for party's but I think you shouldn't have to pay but apart from that it's the best truth or dare yet! 😂
Really good, fun game. But I wish it had more same sex dares particularly when playing as a threesome. Also when playing as a threesome it would be fun to have dares that involve all three of the players.
Horrible! Paid $9.99 and requested a refund the same night. Game repeats the same questions over and over... think there were only 8 dares total!
We have used many of these and I seriously wonder about the people that think everything in life should be free. It takes time to make games, it is not just "Hey I want to make a game and ▪︎*poof*▪︎there's a game! I have no issue with asking to be paid for my services. I might add a 5 minute teaser of different levels so people know what they are getting, also a way to add your own one's. I only gave it 4 stars for that reason and similar apps have a bit more in options and other games.
It was kind of lame, but it was cute. Not a great way to spice up an evening, but a fun, silly way to melt some ice.
Reviews must be paid lies. There is no way this "game" is this highly rated. It's dull and costs money for basic things. You're better off using your imagination.
Im not gonna pay 9 dollars for a game mode theres another truth or dare that's sorta the same and it's free!
I love it, so fun for large groups of friends or couples, just wish we could get the bolder modes free. :(
all it say when I try to start a game is "not enough players, you need two players to start." Even if i have more than two players
played it with three other people and after a while it kept asking us the same questions so we quit. it was fun for a bit but I'm going to uninstall now. .
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Tried to purchase it, it never accepted the fact that I purchased it. When I contacted their support, nothing, yet they still charged me the $10. Don't load this, it sucks and there is no support for it. You have been warned.
No mention of locked content in the description, no option for interaction between people of the same gender. Otherwise, it's an elegantly designed app
LOL... Seriously? I need to pay that much to play a game..???! I have yet to start and the locked content already turned me off. If there were some trial play and if it was fun, perhaps some users wouldn't mind paying for the locked content. But then again, that costly just to pay to unlock a game is ridiculous really.
Uninstalled 2 minutes after install. This app is crippleware, It locks the higher options insisting on payment. Not worth the download. Don't waste your time.
This game is nice. I paid 3.99 for hot and it was worth it. It's crazy the stuff it was asking my husband to do, it was like it knew it was about to go down. The more we played dare the more nasty it got. It was fun, it will start the foreplay action for u. I can only imagine the other levels.
honestly, I'd like a refund. barely any "cards", so you really only get a few great moment and you have to play forever to get there. going back to my old app.