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Chain Strike™

Chain Strike™ for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I haven't been able to play Chain Strike since I got a new phone (Oukitel K12). Seems it's incompatible :( A shame because the game has a decent story which is fully voice acted; pretty rare for a mobile game. The turn based game play is enjoyable to play, however the in game purchases are WAY too expensive for me to even consider spending any money in game.
Nice move to add 3*arena. A team full of 5* or 6* meta are boring anyway. Better save them for tryhard guildwar or raidboss where it's needed the most. I'm gonna give 5 star if the next move make this game recover. Maybe try adding side story dungeon or event dungeon for a change.
I really liked this game and spent a lot of time on it, but since update i cant load due to "network error." If don't get fixed soon will have to uninstall it takes up too much space on my phone to keep, and frankly is frustrating thinking about what a waste of time it ended being...not too mention money
I tried to install but continually received an error trying to patch the game. I never got to play the thing. Unfortunate as I was excited to try it.
This game is very rewarding for all players. Tons of content for f2p gamers to enjoy and stay competitive, and content for purchase isn't game breaking. I reccommend Chain Strike to any gamer who likes a easy, organized grind. The game developers have created a gem and I hope the community will continue to be active and support. All the modes and content has been keeping me engaged. The only mode I would recommend would be a server "Raid Boss" mode. That usually propels a game into further success.
Nice gameplay,a nice tactical type of game,but sometimes the screen turns black for no reason pls fix it and i'll rate you 5 stars
I'd recommend this game to pretty much anyone who likes playing games on their phone. It looks good, plays well, is easy to get into, doesn't have any paywalls whatsoever and the performance is great at all times. On top of that the gameplay is something fresh and different with well-designed mechanics. Only downside is that you have to have some kind of internet connexion but in this day and age this is but a minor problem. All in all 5 stars from me. Keep it up, Com2Us.
Very fair game. Legendary characters are possible to get without spending money, however requires a lot of work. They are generous with gifts, listen to feedback from players and frequent updates with new events and feeds. Great game overall! keep up the good work!
Game look promising but they had F#@CKED up server gateway connection. Everytime you launch back to game home page to access other menu it always disconnected. Every 2 to 3mins the game always disconnect. Reopening it evertime it got disconnected consumed most of your time than playing. Tried there 4 server but still the same problem so i uninstalled it. By the way my network works perfectly fine cause i can play Heir of Light, Iron Maiden, Marvel Future Fight, Darkness Rises with no prob.
New game style fun and lots of advancement to both weapons and characters,cute graphics,fun fun fun,try it, new updates make the game even more exciting thanks for all the work you guys do on it if you haven't played it yet Christmas is the time to play it ok can't log in keeps telling me to check internet but no 8nternet issue I'm so sad is fantastic game
Great game! It still has those p2w elements, but the game still give f2p players a fair chance. Good job all you good looking people in Com2us 😁
You are late to the party. Two years late. . . You could be like me and really enjoy the gameplay and mechanics, but you will quickly realize that the game is dead. I.e. in pvp (bronze ***) you will find yourself fighting a player who quit playing 2 years ago and has a couple awakened 6*s 10 or 20 levels higher than you. It's just not worth the frustration.
Well, after rerolling close to 20 times without a 5* despite their rates saying 1.2%. Game's not off to a great start. Seems like bs
Looks like strategy game, but really isn't beyond just how you build your team. That, like the majority of similar games, is also heavily based on gacha luck.
Nice game, same as all of them. Many many hours of farming to get your fav units to shine, usually on auto-mode
Great game. But, sadly, abandoned. Looks like all decent games are closing and only trash keep going. Why people are paying only for trash, not for good games like Chain Strike...
Decent game......the issue I have with it is that it takes so long to load. I'll get done summoning and go back to the lobby and have to wait about a minute for everything to load.
very addicting game. but when I bought "Summoning package II" that cost 750moonstones from the shop, the items were sent to my inbox but went missing when I selected "collect all" from the checkbox. is it a bug or what?
hmmm this is good games but idkn is it just only happen on my device , this game is often force closed , could u fix it pls i really like it , my device is samsung S8
This game is really good but few adjustments would make it better. It needs more events where players can get legendary equipments or books. There has been any even for months which concerns me a lot. Are you giving up this game already ? It is really good though.
Typical broken pvp matching and half of the daily quests require pvp. I have come to expect this from games of this nature, but it still sucks. 4 star if pvp was balanced or dailies were not half pvp.
(original review 06/03/19 4*) game is dead. Maybe it's the English servers only. No-one in global chat. NO-ONE. Tried the usual numbers on the channels, no response. Everyone on my list has been over 600 days.
I like it. The subpar graphics and audio are offset by the strategic elements and the fact that years later I can redownload Chain Strike and pick up my log in gifts where I left off. Make sure you set up a Hive login for account security. Altogether, it's a decent enough gacha game. Nothing too special, but no specific complaints either. Still, I uninstall it for longer than I keep it. It's just not THAT interesting, frankly it's kinda boring. Idk, I like it enough to come back once in awhile.
After playing this game for an entire month, I have to say it is well thought out and the developer truly cares about the game and its players. I was a casual chess player and an admirer of anime art, so the anime art and chess-based gameplay got me hooked instantly. The home screen isn't as cluttered as most games I've played. Free-to-play is real for this game; it has the most generous pullrates and in-game currency acquisition than all the previous mobile games I've played so far. Try it!
F2P friendly. Good hero skill set that will help you plan your attack on PvP and PvE. No annoying pop ups that will keep annoying you to buy things ingame. And the summon rate of getting 5* are pretty good. But, fair warning, the game will keep you grinding all throughout. F2P or not. :)
I actually love this game. However, since the last update this game won't install on my phone. It gives me error 910 and I've done everything to fix it, but this game specifically won't install. It's a real bummer, I was just getting into farming and looking forward to the guild battle.
Meh, black screen frequently happened. Can't enjoy anything. Not really surprised if this game gonna abandoned soon by the dev.
It was an okay game but the developers abandoned it. Just a regular strategy gacha game, kinda plain.
This game was very good but i can no longer log in. This is extremely frustrating considering the time I've spent grinding levels to max out characters. I now get an error message that says "Network error". Com2us would you please see to this immediately. WOW WOW WOW The issue was resolved promptly. Thank you Devs. Satisfied gamer!!!
Can't get passed into screen. Downloaded this game after switching from iPhone, use to play it daily on iOS, so I thought to download it here. I dont know if it's a compatibility issue or not. I'm using a Galaxy S10 128 Gig. I've never had problems before until now. Will change rating if this gets resolved quick.
have been playing this game for months now and i keep coming back. the game is polished and you can tell the devs care. I wish the gacha rates were a bit better and the packages less expensive but overall a really engaging game with actual strategic depth and fun to experiment builds with. obviously if u want to be miles ahead in pvp youll need to spend but plenty there for f2p players as well. keep up the good work!
The game has a genius battle system and good art. Gives you quite a lot of characters in the beginning which really gets you going. For some reason the controls don't really fit well with me, but 9.8/10.
Good game. I'm still learning the mechanics. The story is okay. Dialogue could be better. Like a lot of these games it's usually more fun early on and become more repetitive after mastering it. Just enjoy it for what it is. Not sure why ppl complaining about month aspect. Game makers need to make money too. No one works for free
While it is true that the game is F2P friendly, it is a dead end for any gacha game when devs create heroes that a player must have in a team in order to compete. It becomes boring and repettive. Goodbye and it has been a fun 2 years, moving on to newer games with the same generic character designs. LMAO.
Beautiful game with great graphics and awesome looking characters. I was enjoying the story and the voice acting was really good. The gameplay and combat felt great. Now the bad... Everything requires some sort of energy and it takes long to replenish. Pvp is against a teams of bots. My first pvp match was immediately matched against a much higher leveled player with much higher leveled team that one shoted all but one of my guys and then proceded to one shot him too.
Seem like smart move to add 3* arena. This will give the chance to build more crazy team for competitive. And so those 5*/6* better build for guildwar or raid boss, as it's not that fun to see meta of 5* or 6* in pvp all the time.
GG got soft locked.. instead of sending me to adventure page 1 it sent me to page 2.. Can't click anything else no matter how many restarts i do.
Pretty nice concept. With chess movements, great characters, storyline, graphics. Maybe add english voices.. also the ap system is kinda meh. So for those who don't know, you have 3 ap per turn (most attacks are 2 ap and movement/heals/debuffs are 1 ap). It would be nice if the ap system is removed, so every characters in your party have the chance to attack/move. Also, increase party size to 5 if possible.
After they fix the bug about khrisna's passive this game is once again enjoyable. the developer is listening to the players and they are working hard to make this game keep running such as monsters balancing and new content and patch almost every month. this game so fun and in terms of time efficiency really suits me. thats why i quit SW and keep playing this game since the release date back in april.
Great game having alot of fun with it but still don't understand alot of it but I am learning more and more ad I go
I tested this on 4 device and can confirm that tutorial stage 1-1 cannot be played unless you close the game and restart. game gets stuck many times when played on an Emulator.Ui can be improved so that when you enter menu and enter a specific menu eg: challenges and you press return you still want to be in menu maybe to look at quest or comminuty etc. but instead you are directly back to the home screen with a few sec loading time and have to enter menu again right where you left off. since many players have left the game, their maxed out heroes are still in arena with low victory point and new players without a single max hero have to face them.
Use to love this game when it's first come out. It WAS really balance game. Even 3* could be your core unit if you build it right. Did good job at rebalancing too. BUT, when legendary unit update and red star (not sure what it call) arrive. Things really go downhill from there. The gap which you could be competitive become so huge. Almost any existing build got obliterate from Red star-able units. This explain why not many newcomer willing to spend money on this game at current state.
Very very bad! I am rerolling for atlease 47 times now but still didnt get a glimpse on 5 star heroes by summoning 1.2% is straight BS! Im not recommending this game at all. BS!
Would have been the best SRPG if only the dev did not abandoned this game. Very F2P with hard work and proper strategy you can win battles. maybe just add some in game ads with rewards like materials for awakening heroes if watched, so you can earn extra money, to make this game alive again. I prefer this one than summoners wars.
This game is really good. Very F2P friendly. I don't know why it has so many bad ratings, I get it that they don't update it anymore, but still, the game is great and offers a lot of things to do, despite not being updated any longer. The story is ok, a bit short in my opinion tho, that's why I'm giving 4 stars. The art on the guardians is really nice. Overall, it's a good and fun game. One problem I do find is that getting Legendary Guardians is mega hard, which sucks.
Its a fun Game. but I cant see any updated tips or walkthrough anymore. cant decide which 5 star to pick or legendary guardian to pick. and theres no ppl chatting on the chat box also. 🤣🤣🤣
Please update. This is such an excellent and well-made mobile game. The graphics, gameplay, storyline, voice acting are phenomenal.
Super slow opening the game, thanks & i wish we could make a folder or a heroes group by it's skills in guardian tab, we can add heroes in Healers group category, we can add heroes in seperate category so we can manage better & i have 100.mbps WiFi, but game loading is slow compare to other online games, & mystical dimensions book o never got 5* guardian ever as it says i could get guardian between 3 to 5 stars. lol business only
as a f2p player this game puts you on the same level as p2w players as long as you give this game time. 1 month to get decent and 2 months to be strong provided you log in and play almost everyday and use your brain cells (come on this is a somewhat a strategy game) unlike other grind games that you can never stand toe to toe with p2w no matter how long you play, and other games take like half a year to catch up against old players. definitely worth it.
One of the few games I've come back to over and over. The champions are interesting and well designed, the game is over all beautiful, and the base concept is unique and well presented. Lots of events to keep you engaged but they are all achievable without spending money. I am more than happy to drop a few bucks here and there to support the developer. A+
I can't get the legendary selector from the update for completing S rank in all stages of normal difficulty
Actually i am giving 3 stars based only in gameplays that i saw on youtube, as i can't really play the game because it does not open when i launch the app in my bluestacks. This game looks really good.
It's fun. Farm materials get stronger and PVP isn't based on level entierly. I've beaten ascended maxed out player with a rookie squad. The game is neat. Also the concept how the players are committed to a chess style is inventive. Bishop style moves diagonally, knight in the L, etc. first time I've played that style. Different and challenging. Thanks Devs
PvP is flawed. You need to match players that have similar levels not their points. there's no reason i should be getting matched with lvl 35+ people when im only lvl 14. i mean with how you match i could get matched with a max level player. Getting matched with someone much higher makes PvP near useless to try and play. Otherwise the game is fun and seems fairly unique from what I've seen. Definitely worth downloading and playing at least once
could be an amazing game. but its not real multiplayer, like players arent really playing each other and your opponent might not even be logged in at the time. i would change my rating to 5 * if you added a room where i knew i was playing a real person and we both had to make our own moves. with no autoplay function. also you should match players based on their decks not their ratings. its either my noob deck vs a deck i have no chance of losing to or no chance of beating, its never a fair match.
Don't regard the bad reviews , haters will hate , this game is quite legit , have most characters maxed without spending a dime , just about patience and to enjoy the aspects of the game , rate it 7.5/10 , 2 years ingame.
Great game with generous freebies. Even f2p can make an impact. They also make new players a lot easier to catch up. Edit: the new update, which allows guardian to move again after moving in like 85% content of the game lowers the gameplay. It also make some guardian skill useless. Sorry but I have to lower my rating because of this latest update. It really makes strategizing less impact in the gameplay.