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Chain Cube 2048: 3D merge game

Chain Cube 2048: 3D merge game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES located at Dubai. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I paid for the "AD free version" but still constantly get popups forcing me to watch an AD or else the game resets and I lose my score. This is false advertising and needs to stop. The game also regularly resets itself (usually overnight) and i lose my score. Highly suggest you find an alternative and don't download this game. Edit: Reached out to Support, never heard back. Will pursue claim with Google.
Ad overkill. Every reward can only be collected if you watch a long ad. But guess what, if you turn that down to avoid that ad, you STILL get an ad. Played through 3 reward options to find that out and hit the uninstall. If you're okay with that though, the game is okay.
I used to love this game and would spend way too much time on it. But in the last week or so, it now makes you view an ad to continue the game. I do not like the constant interruptions either, of asking if I want to use a bomb or view an ad to get a bomb. I would prefer to have the option to pay for no ads and use the bombs as I accumulate them, or purchase bombs by either viewing an ad or spending mk ey, but ON MY REQUEST, not because they keep flying up and interfering with my game.
I have played 100's of mobile games and this one has the most ads by far. Every 3 launches of a new cube there is an ad. You can watch an ad for bonuses or skip the ad to watch a shorter one. This game is insanely annoying, that was a fun 30 minutes of playing. Ads are about 75% of the total time played, to me that seems like the developer is super greedy. You should never have more ad time than play time. I hope you tank for it!
Fun time killer, but no challenge at all. Well over 1 million with no hearts or bombs used. Hate all the ads, you get 512 an ad, the block is still falling 1024 you get an ad, still falling yet another ad. Would give it 3-4* but the non stop ads are insane. I get why the ads, but too many takes a star.
Fun game!! Just too many ads for me. You get an ad every min or so and don't bother saying "no thanks" to the option to double your rewards, 90% of the time you're still going to get an ad!! Lol!
I gave this 5 stars ,this game has more ads than any other game i ever played by far , if you like ads this is the game for you ,,, DONT WAIST YOUR TIME!!!!! Or try it for your self you WILL BE AMAZED DO A COUPLE MOVES AND WATCH MORE ADS. MAKES FOR A REAL FUN TIME
Nice idea but annoying ads. I hit 512 then play ad.. after two cubes I hit 512 then another ad. Don't tell me this helps to make the game free as this game is created for 2 hours using Unity. I will remake the game so that I can enjoy playing it instead of watching ads all the time. Also will publish it on play store and it will have a lot less ads.
This game is fun. But I think the rewards are so distracting. Each time you make big numbers it gives you rewards but you don't even need that many rewards for playing this game. For each big number, we should receive one gift, in my opinion. Not every time you achieve that number.
In my opinion it's a but tedious for the enterity of my owning the game I have been doing one continuous game, the game is too easy, to make it better I would suggest levels to keep the player involved, also, there is too many adds every time you get a cube above 512 you get an advert even if you decline the reward. Overall, the game isn't too bad but it could do with improvement.
Its a good game. The only thing I dont like is how many ads there are. I can deal with some, but every time you get a high number cube!?!? Seriously!!?? Maybe cut out a few!
Omg. Read this review. I've seen worthless games in my day, but THIS takes the cake. It looked interesting at first until I realized that the game is an afterthought. The true purpose of this uhhh, thing, is click bait. The game is unlosable. I got a cube up to 16,192 and finally just asked myself WHY am I doing this. Every time you create a cube over 512, you're asked to either double your dumb reward, or No Thanks. Either way, it's click bait time!!!! Garbage! Uninstalled. Forgotten.
Love the game!! Truly fun! BUT the ads are over the top!!! Way too many ads... And the "no thanks" button doesn't work... You might as well go ahead and click on the ad play button... For this reason I will be uninstalling the game...
This is one of the best game I've played but I'm tired of the constant ads every time you pass 512 or more there is a ad display... But again the developers need $$$$$$ for such an amazing game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The game itself is fun but it seems to have more ads than there are game. When you hit a certain number a thing comes up to ask if you want bombs or another life or something and if you do you have to watch a video to get it. If you say no thanks you still have to watch a video. Sometimes ads for two different games in a row. I have played a lot of different games in the last 10 years and I have never seen a game with so many ads.
Honestly enjoyed the game, went ahead and spent the money to get no ads just to find out that you still have to watch ads to continue your runs, I would already have a refund if I could, fun game if you can stand ads but don't pay the extra, its a scam. Edit: After their response I feel the need to clarify, I did purchase the no ad option in the game and it still forces you to watch ads, this is a scam through and through.
Very bad and full of ads. The response from the maker on all the reviews is the same and that shows that they are too lazy to write a proper response. The ragdoll physics suck and make no sense. Now there is a option to close ad now thaat does not work until you click on it and open play store. You did not even try guys. Very sadly... You only want the money by those sponsored ads. You can't even save your game or pay in game coins to change your block. To me this is only a rip-off. Booooooooo!
Well, you need to turn off the wifi or mobile internet, or you will just watch ads. I haven't finished my first game in 2 months, until without any reason the game said "congratulation new high score, play again". I only needed a few more move to get the 256k cube... I think it is a good opportunity to delete this game.
Screw this game. It's fun, but you get anything high, then boom ad .... It's faster to shut ap off and on than sit thru an ad to just play the game. I hope they read this and know how dumb these types of game make devs look.
Addictive. I like that my game isn't interrupted, but in reading the reviews it seems you are giving rewards for when higher dice are created. You gave 1 bomb or heart, but you could get 2 if you watched an ad. I paid to have no ads so I got 1 bomb or heart. Then it was updated and I no longer get the bonuses. If you still give 1 without watching the ad then Im a bit mad. I paid so now that you can't make money off ads on me you take the bonus away.
Ads after nearly every combo after 512, which if you're on a roll gets really annoying since it feels more ad than play time. Game freezes a lot so you have to close it completely then reopen to continue. Was going to get a 3 star since it is pretty fun, but the game froze and when opening I was started from 0. I was at almost 6M total score and had gotten multiple 128k cubes. Basically 3 days of playing in my free time gone. Very aggravating.
The 'ad-free' version isn't ad-free! High scores earn you a reward, but you have to watch a video to claim it. It's just a way to sneak in ads. I PAID FOR AN AD-FREE VERSION. This is not only sneaky - - it's dishonest.
The game is fun and addicting. However having to watch 30 second ads, followed by another 15 second ad is just annoying. Especially when it keeps occurring every 30seconds or so of playing the game. I realize ads help the game be free, but these ads are overkill. Going to look for similar game with fewer ads.
A very unique take on a classic game, and done well. What you see is what you get. Only minor complaint is quite a few ads, but its a forgivable amount. Performance is good, gameplay is simple but fun, well done.
I originally gave this game 5 stars. But after the update, I'm lowering it to 2 stars. This "You've created a cube" reward thing is ANNOYING. It interrupts game play, and is just a way to sneak in additional ads for us to watch. I paid to remove ads for a reason. Get rid of this reward thing and I'll gladly give this game 5 stars again.
Love this game! It holds my attention because the challenge is to basically clear the board with only the largest of the blocks remaining.
I was enjoying the game until the recent update that continually asks me if I want to double my reward every time I combine blocks of 512 or more. It's annoying and unnecessary. I paid for this game to avoid the ads that did this before the update, but now I may want a refund as this company is finding a different way to force ads into the game.
Good idea for a spin on 2048. But ads in the middle of the game is too much and way too many. I get that you have to make money but at least let me finish a round. I would have kept the game if I wasn't spending 80% of the watching ads. And worse you give an option claim rewards and watch ad or "no thanks" and show an ad no matter what. What's the point in asking? Oh wait that's right Google policy on ads only allows you to show so many unless you get user input. Way to hack the system.
Fun game to play. The only thing i dislike is that everytime an achieve a number and an item. I have to watch an ad to claim it. If the goals are met. It shouldnt be rewarded with an ad
Edit 2: Requested and instantly got a refund from Google Play. Highly disappointed with the developer clearly not caring about the people who are trying to support them by buying ad-free versions. The instant decision leads me to think that Google are aware of the issues with this app. Edit: lack of response from the developer is disappointing, regret wasting my money on this. I really enjoy it but my big complaint is that I paid to go ad-free as I had the money from Google Rewards, but now I no longer receive rewards at certain block milestones as I used to. :( Seems there's no benefits to going ad-free as you lose out on the rewards. :/
5* for boring, ad laden, cute ap! 1* for everything else!! I personally don't smoke recreationally, buy IF I did - I'd play this using the diamond shapes and just keep pressing the 'ball' (No Aiming Required). The 'fun' comes in when u c how physics, gravity, and time are like totally ignored! I finally quit after FIVE MILLION+ (The 'heart' doubles any 'ball' it hits, so getting the disappearing MAX 'ball' is e z!!) The ONLY skill required is watching ads that are twice as long as 'play' time!!!
Another game that you spend more time watching ads then you do playing ... I wish we could give apps like this one zero stars ... I understand the purpose of having ads ..but not when I spend 5 minutes playing the game & then 15 minutes watching one ad after the other .. . Spend so much time watching ads ..how supposed to tell if game is worth playing ..
Fun, but insane amount of ads. I get having ads to play for free, but this is just too much. The better you get, the ads happen more & more often. I don't even get a minute of playing anymore without getting stopped by an ad that's 15-30 seconds long. Too bad-otherwise a pretty good game.
Great game, but too many unnecessary ads. I developed apps myself and you do not need as many ads to generate a few dollars to develop a very common code and physics game,when you have this many users. I get that your internet for money. Many people are just going to shut off their internet, use airplane mode, use a game mode app, or a firewall to block your ads if they're too intrusive.
Game has no challenge and is mindless. Too many prompts even with paid version to watch ads. it is impossible to lose. It is that easy. This game is more about ad revenue then it is about the game. 2 blocks combine on occasion and add to the wrong value. I.e. 2 8 blocks should turn into 16, instead turned to 32.
Excessive ads. I understand ads are a revenue source and a method for you to make money. However, when a 30 second ad pops up every few minutes, its excessive. That's greed. There are many great games that use ads that are nowhere near as bothersome.
I luv the game, but got sick of the way 2 frequent ads, bloody ridiculous amount. So I paid ova $5 to b ad free & that lasted 1 day & everytime I go 2 claim the rewards I get ads again. Either refund my money or give me the ad free game I paid 4!! It's simply not good enough!!😠😑
Game is fun until you just constantly have ads thrown at you making the game garbage. It's so damn annoying just trying to zen out and play and it's just ad after ad. As much as I DID like the game I'm uninstalling it. Its 1 star junk game until they fix it
Don't get this game unless you plan on spending money on it! Quote from developer "ads make the game free and you have the option to make in app purchases and remove adds" thats a big LOL when you make it virtually impossible to play for free, just make it a paid app and stop wasting our time. And don't even try and tell me you try to minimise adds. I would have given 1 star but it gets 2 because the game is fun for the 10 seconds you get to play it
Unbelievable 😯!! Very good job 3d number blocks. And background box. Good grafics. I am impressed. But , please add more locations. Add background boxes. Add weather conditions, like rain , winter like real feel play. It's very easy game, please create more hard & intresting experience. πŸ˜… Excellent work πŸ‘
This app is very relaxing and when I saw the add, I was really excited to download it and play. I hope u will make some more games like this game but u can also make more good games. Keep your work up but I don't like the ads so remove your ads. Because of the ads, I just turn off my internet. I hate when we have a block of 512 or more than it. The best game everπŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Interesting but way too much ads. Almost (way more than 50%) every time you get a cube 512 or more, you'll get stop by the game and you get an ad before getting back into the game. So annoying, that I just quit and uninstall the app.
Great Game, update hinders 'flow.' I paid for this app on the first day i foubd it, because I saw the potential, and the interface was designed for FLOW -- i wish that they utilized the upper right corner to announce when a new super-cube is made, instead of interrupting - they could add an icon on the left where you could watch a bunch of videos in a row to get the extra power ups, rather than interrupting gameplay. Or ... toggle the interruptions with the paid version of the app. My 2cents. TY
would be a very addicted game but far too many adverts, an advert for every target hit an advert for each section an advert advert advert so going to delete. no point in playing a game if you have to wait for an advert every 3 seconds. shame as enjoy playing it
Fun game, easy concept, and great for playing when wanting to kill some time. Yes there are a lot of ads but you have the option to pay for the premium version, I'm seriously considering paying for it. The game is addicting.
Fun for about 10 minutes then ads are so overwhelming that it takes up all the game time. I try to say no thanks to the award and the ad but it plays it anyway... it would be nice if there were different boards to sling the cubes on. Gets very predictable very quickly but great idea for a fun game. Thin the ads and make it with level achievements and u have s real winner
So far overall is good and interesting, just only some advertising e.g: Lazada was forced pop in their app after advertising shown. This is super annoying when concentration on a game, somehow why both not even related app forced open. Kindly hope that choose advertiser wisely. TQ.
There's no excuse for a game with this many ads. It's clearly just a money grab, since they want you to pay to play an extremely simple game without ads. No thank you- theres games out there like this with no ads. Uninstalling since my brain just can't take another second of dumb money grubbing ads.
The game is fun but....Those ADS. Every time you score higher numbers you get an ad. I don't mind a responsible number of ADS, but this is ridiculous. If it wasn't for the ADS I'd give 5 stars.
The game is a mess. A cash cow if you will. There are ads every time you make a new block even if you deny the "extra rewards". The music is just a 10 second loop of some poorly made tune that is now welded to my brain. The gameplay can be considered buggy, blocks not wanting to connect sometimes. Visually its very basic, the UI is almost non-existant, the gameplay is very basic and has nothing fun in it. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.
EDIT: after developer response, I changed my rating from β˜†β˜† to β˜†. You have the same feedback over and over again, and you make excuses, but no other free games have ads like you do, so you're not fooling anyone! I opened the game yesterday, and got an ad after THE FIRST CUBE I RELEASED. You also could redo the game so it doesn't stop play after every cube 512 and up you make, but you haven't done that, either, so you just don't value feedback even tho u make money off the ppl playing ur game.
I really like this game; however, it has a ridiculous amount of ads. Paying $9.99 to remove the ads is ridiculous as well. Everytime I get a cube of 512 I get an ad. Do you know how annoying that is? I understand you must have some ads. So either remove about 75% of them or lower the price to something more reasonable. Like $3.99. That would get you more players and more positive reviews.
What is the problem with game developers when they don't see they have reached the limit when it comes to ads. I like the game but a 30 second ad that I can not stop is too much when it interrupted game play it is inexcusable! I was interrupted a minimum of 10 times ( yes, TEN TIMES) in the middle of one game for a long ad and seems they only have one or two advertisers as its the same 2 ads over & over and one of the games I already play! UNINSTALLING!!
I'm sorry but this game is too easy. I got it because I thought it was hard because the cubes were moving around but it's really easy. I got 15 cubes over 2048 and reached over 32k on the first try without using any bombs or hearts. And the fact it says to claim prizes for adverts it still gives u adverts when u dont want it. U might as well take the prize. Sorry it's too easy and the adverts dont help. I've deleted the game but I wanted to warn others.
Honestly i even enjoyed this game with all the ads, wasnt a problem for me. One day i open the app ready to play a bit, i didnt lose yet once, my game is gone and theres only highest score written which took me alot of time since as i say i didnt lose once. Now im supposed to start again? I doubt ill play again.
Good but not so good I scored 300k didn't run out of space in the first go but i had to watch ad 3 times in between just to continue playing, i mean what is this. The ads whenever you make a big block like 256 or 512 and so on are acceptable but the former ones are really annoying.
So many ads and stops you everytime you make a 512... Even when you have 16K already built. And you go to skip ad rather than get the bonus and it still takes you to an ad. I don't have the patience for an abundent amount of ads. Otherwise, it was fun
I really enjoy this game. It is highly addicting to me. The premise is quite simple, however, it is tough to reach higher numbers if you do not stack right. It is a lovely game, I have yet to spend money and I enjoy playing. This is my go-to game for relaxation after a stressful day at work.
Worse experience I have ever had with ads being pushed on you. I enjoy the game but it is unplayable. I see the developers have said that you need the ads to have the free game? Rubbish. No other game I have ever played has this many. Should be ashamed.
Way too many ads. I understand that ads are how money is made. But so many to the point that you really can't play the game. Developer comments make it clear that ads are preferred by them. Don't see them taking player enjoyment into consideration. Ended up uninstalling the game. Not worth my time. Shame too, because the game itself was great. My time is more valuable.
This game WAS enjoyable. Right up until I needed it to help me relax; & instead of relaxing, every time I got in the groove, play was interrupted announcing a cube (so what?) & an offer of 2 instead of 1 cheats if I play an ad (not using any cheats!), so then I'm forced to watch an ad anyways. It WAS fun, but it's absolutely not restful!!! Uninstalled.
Good game but literally the better you do the more ads you are stopped for. It's had to go more then 30 to 45 seconds without an ad. Should be a little more difficult and the blocks should have more movement and interaction. Would be a five but the obsessive ads are a real drawback.
Pls STOOOOPPPPP interrupting play!! It is so aggravating, app allows you to play 30 seconds and shows you 30 second add, make a new block in the next 3 or 5 seconds and again it shows you 30 second add. Too annoyibg that simply makes game now enjoyable. Please fix this niusance
Well it was quite a fun for a first 45 minutes to be honest, but even for me who likes just seeing how far I can go it became tedious. Nothing is happening everything just repeats.And even though you get bombs and lives watching adds that becomes boring even faster. The idea is good and koncept is fun, work more on this it could really be great
Downloaded a month ago, still playing my first game. Advertisement comes up every time you merge a large block, which in turn gives you useful helps in the game, but I hardly ever use the helps because the game is so easy. Only reason I keep playing is to find out how large the blocks get, and I'm currently at 64K.
I think this might be a cool game, but it's hard to tell because I play for 10-15 seconds, then I am forced to watch 30 seconds to a minute of ads!! I'm *not* paying $5.99 for a game that I can't even play long enough to see if I truly like it!! Making money is a good thing, total greed is shameful!! πŸ™„πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸš«βŒ
This game is actually fun and I found it a little addictive. But. And I insert a big but here. Don't waste your time. I spent more time watching adds than actually playing. Every time I got to block 512, which was often, it would play an add. I have no issues with adds but when I've had to watch 3 without even playing 30 seconds of the game is a bit overkill. Could be more fun if the algorithm for playing ads was tweeked a little.
I've never experienced a game with as many adds. An option to watch an add will pop up for a chance to gain a bomb or hearts, and even if you click no, guess what- you're watching an add anyway. This is a great game if you want to waste your time watching adds literally every 15 seconds.
If you like ads, you'll love this game. You get an ad everytime you make a block higher than 512. The only way you can take ads away is if you buy the game for $4.99 which is a lot of money for such a basic game. No leaderboard, not challenges, just....ads.
I paid for no ads, my phone did an update and the game reset period my high scores were gone and the no add option was gone. I emailed chain cube over a week ago and no one has gotten back to me yet. And I still have to watch these ads. Big scam, not impressed. If I could have given negative Stars I would have.
I enjoy the game except for all the ads. Make a score combo of 512 or more Here's a bonus but first an ad Another nice combo Here's a bonus but first an ad Oh look, a No Thanks button Still get...AN AD. make 5 moves and get an ad. Game play is fun in-between ads but I think that I spend more time on this app in ads than I do actual game play. I would give a higher star count if not for all of the ads
The mae is ok but after creating a new cube or even one you've already made it asks if you want to watch an ad for a prize. I say no everytime so then I am forced to watch the ad anyways for nothing. To many ads for such little content. Can't get rich if you offer nothing and force everything. Uninstalled.
Fun but I cannot express how absolutely obnoxious it is for me to get a high number. Every single time I get a high number I am interrupted by an offer to watch an ad for a bomb or hearts. I never want or need it so I have to wait 5 seconds to continue the game. Sometimes this happens 2 times within 3 seconds. It's a horrible game mechanic and takes 3 stars off a possible 5 star game. Please get rid of this!!!
Checks all the boxes if you like bubble pop, match, multiplier games. As mentioned the ads are overbearing in the free version but I liked it well enough that I figured 5 bucks is fair. Well, the developers idea of ad free is to bombard you every minute during the game with the option to watch a video for power ups that you'll never need. The whole purpose of paying is to play without interruption. Would give it 4 stars for game play, but these fake outs are getting wayyyyy out of hand.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!! If you are thinking of installing this game - DON'T, it's a waste of time. Tooo many ads. Even when they give you a "chance" to get a free life if you watch a video and you go -NO, they will still play an ad. If you pay to be ads free, you are still not 100%free, and you are also getting less of the game which makes no sense. So to the creators of the game- I get your point, you want to grow etc etc. Well, find your way. And for now I'm uninstalling this
Good concept but every time I got a new cube even if I stated I didn't want to double my winnings I had to watch an ad. I don't mind ads but when you are playing a puzzle game it gets really annoying getting them all the time. Perhaps after a certain amount of time? I love puzzle games so it didn't take me long to get to 2048 and after that the ads just got worse.
I really love this game. I don't usually pay in games but I did in this one to avoid the ads. But there are these pop-ups everytime you get a high score cube. It would be better if they only popped up the first time you reach that score cube. It's very annoying that play keeps stopping for pop ups for scores I keep hitting.
So far it was really amazing and it's so enjoyable even though it's kind of easy and i was having a lot of fun. I would really suggest this game and if you don't want two be interrupted by ads just turn off your wi-fi because we all know that this game was run by ads. Be smart people. Hahahahaha
This game is very entertaining and addictive! I've been playing it for 3 days now and it's really hard to put down! I barely even notice the ads and most are escapable. Unless you get the 3 different ads for trainstation 2 in which case they don't even play and you have to close out and reopen the game. But still highly recommended!
The game could be fun,.maybe I don't know. Can't play it long enough to tell. Make a new cube, its goes to advertising, I have made the same cube for first time I don't know how many times, play other games more than the one that I installed to play .what I'm suppose to rate, how many other games I play,here to up date my view of y is your game, the game freezes up, it's all right, it's time consuming. And kills time, when you're bored and nothing to do
The game is fast paced thrilling as I watch the score doubling. There's angling shots and watching for combinations like when shooting pool. But the next cube comes quickly!!! There's no time to savour your success - next cube's up. Definitely two thumbs up & 5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟
This game started off great though the play to ad rationale is out of any proportion. At times 5 secs play and then 30+15 secs ads - a great way to alienate players and short the drive on money making ads (by the way I sm not watching those as 45 secs is enough to do other more useful things). Further performance seems to suffer with higher scores and screen freezes frequently. Stuck at 131072 ...
I really like this game, I'm on my first game with a score of over a million but I'm going to uninstall because of the sheer number of ads I have to go through. I understand that the ads are necessary but it went from one ad to multiple ads ranging from between 15 to 30 seconds long. And they are some of the most disgusting ads I've ever seen, which makes it most unlikely that I will download those apps. It's a pity cause I really do like the game.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't mind ads in games. Especially when those games are a free to play mobile games. Devs have to eat too. However, if you put a NO, THANKS option in your game, DO NOT continue to show me an ad anyways, because thats a lack of respect to the person who is playing your game, and showing you as a greedy developer.
Its basically an excuse to serve ads. The game is so easy to play the blocks practically find themselves. At every opportunity they interrupt your game to prompt you to double your lives by watching a video (which you don't need coz you never die) and when you select no to the extra life, they show you a video anyway. Boring
So many ads. So many rewards. I hate the number 512 now. Way too many interruptions. Before uninstalling, I had played ONE game only in a few hours and made it past one million and never used a bomb nor heart (it's impossible to die). I didn't mind the continuous play as it is relaxing, but every merge from 512 on stops the game and then every 3-5 moves prompts an ad. Simmer down on the interruptions and this is a decent game. Lots of potential. Throw a challenge in. I understand how ads work.
Do you enjoy watching ads? If so, this is the game for you! Every 3-10 seconds, you'll get another 30 second ad. During the brief periods when your game isn't interrupted by ads, it's instead interrupted to let you know you've played the game and it's giving you a "reward," which is then followed by another ad. The game, when it lets you play for longer than 3 seconds is mildly entertaining, but absolutely not worth the wasted time.
Downloaded a while ago. Still playing first game. Over 200 of each of the powerups. It's fun, but ultimately not challenging at all. Time-waster. I've leveled up the largest block multiple times. Too many ads too
The amount of ads in this game is just unreal. Its a very fun and mindless game so ots unfortunate that the ads are so bad. I have been playing for a week or so, I'm trying to get past the amount of ads. But its just ridiculous. ***UPDATE*** After their AMAZING response I just want to throw up some extra information. Yes, in-game ads are necessary. But 30 second ads EVERY 4 PLAYS is not necessary. Yes, I know I can pay you more money to TEMPORARILY stop the ads. Not worth it.
Simple yet great game. It's pretty brainless but does take some skill. Only thing I wish was there were more special moves for later stages. I'm only on my 2nd game and at 1.28mil. A special to 'shuffle' the cubes to get the high number ones to connect or something would be nice. Also an option to turn off or increase reward/ad notification. 512 happens a lot. Otherwise great and simple!
If I could give zero stars, I would. I don't mind ads.. But they took it to the next level. For being such a simple game, they take WAY to many ad breaks. Make it more fun (add challenges or something!!) and make the paid version worth it, and I'd come back.
It's great for killing your time and really addictive as well. Although i did find an issue which is quite bugging me. Sometimes you can clearly see two blocks (of the same number) touching eachother but dont merge together. It would help if you could look into that. Thank you.
Very nice idea, this is the best version of 2048 game I have seen so far. But, as usual, tons of ads, after each 512+ block you must to watch an ad (although you can chose No, thanks I do not want to watch ad and get a reward, you MUST to watch it, without reward). In my first game I was close to 4096 but I watched 14 ads(!?), so I closed and uninstalled it. Suggestion to other developers, make the same game (with realistic bouncing) and reasonable amount od ads and game will be the top!
I absolutely love this game. Great time consumer and you don't have to pay attention every second. Only issue, A BIG ISSUE, is the ads. Most ppl understand that these apps need to make money using ads. But, the ads on this game are super annoying. Some take a good 30 seconds to finish and cannot be skipped. Fix the ad issue and i will pay for this game. UPDATE: There is a limit to how high the numbers go. Plus im taking a star away. The ads are too much and too often.
Surprisingly fun, and forgiving game. My only issue with it is after paying to disable ads it still asks if you want to watch an ad to gain bombs. It's like if I wanted that I wouldn't have paid to not see ads. Seems redundant to have to say no every time.
The amount of ads are ridiculous. It seems fun but game play stops for an ad every 30 seconds. Can't put up with it anymore, I'm uninstalling your app. Other apps managed to have advertisement to make the game free, but they don't cram it down your throats like this game does.
Don't buy.. There is an option to delete ads but, I wouldn't bother. The game freezes. See the other comments. Over 2 star rating, the person hasn't actually played. There is a limit, I crashed the game twice. Why must ads be so damn long and still see ads after buying?! DELETED, GRRR! I hope someone takes this game and improves it.
I uninstalled your stupid game. I told you before: Get rid of the incessant ads! If I have to watch long double ads for rewards, that means you are a greedy dirtbag who doesn't care about your players. It's ridiculous! Get it together and maybe I'll come back.
Would be 5 stars, problem is that in a five minute span you can have 8 ads. If you are able to get multiple dice merged of certain numbers option to see ad for 2x the reward pops up...problem there is even hitting no thanks doesn't stop ad from playing, and then you get no reward.
Reward for scoring is an advert. Say no to the reward watch an advert. I get that you need income from a game but this is annoying. I usually listen to music or the radio on my device. Everytime am advert stops my listening i get annoyed. I would watch all the ads if it didn't stop what I'm listening to.
game suddenly stopped with showing me I reached highscore and didn't let me to continue... I had to start from beginning... poor bug, no more this game Edit: I reinstalled game and now it has probably newer version but it seems like game is lagging, it is not smooth and I feel like I play with 15fps in shooter game, strange. Other issue is I can't move cube maximally to the side, there is small gap of 1-2mm which causes I can't place cube at the very edge of field. Please review these bugs, thx
I spent more time watching ads than I did actually playing. Edit: developer responded to my review. I understand ads are part of free games, but time spent watching ads should not be longer than time spent actually playing the game.
Game is awesome, but the ad interruptions are way too much. $4.99 is too much for the game to get rid of ads. Uninstalling now.. Improve graphics, game pauses and ad interruptions and I might download again.
I use to love this game. I actually paid for the game thinking there will be no ads. That's false advertising, there are still ads every 5 minutes. It would reset my games and I have to start from the beginning. It use to be so fun where I would spend hours on the game. Now the game frustrated me because of all the ads and interrupts. Can I get a refund? I paid for the game and I still get ads every 5 minutes. What's worst is you force us to watch ads or the game ends.
The game has a terrible way of implementing ads. It actually discourages you from playing the game! The better you do the more you have to watch ads! And there is already a banner ad constantly at the bottom of the game. The game itself is fun but the ads ruin it.
I would give this 5 stars as it is fun and passes time but it has way too many ads. Causes it to be un-relaxing and frustrating. Sorry but you might want to think about fixing it. Will not give more stars til this is improved. Just read this game is scam. Another user PAID to have ads removed and still forced to watch ads. Total scam. Pathetic...🀣
Loved the game, but too many ads!!!! EDIT: I paid to stop the ads and then can't get a very high score anymore, seems strange I was getting over 600,000 before without even using bombs and then once paid I can't even get over 100,000! Uninstalling now, waste of my time and money!
Since I can't find my comment and I assume your response is the generic one you used for all the others. Having Ads in a game are not the issue. It's the number of ads you placed in the game. I did end up getting annoyed and paying to remove them but you absolutely do not need that many ads being forced on the player. It is a good game, just need a few things adjusted. Fewer ads would be good, instead of trying to force someone to pay to decently enjoy the game. Also I don't need a block reminde
I love this game and would give it five stars, however it seems that as soon as I get to a certain point number the game instantly restarts itself. Since there is no way to save or restore the gaming info, I find myself starting all over from scratch. There is only so many times I will continuously start over. Might I add, I am not the only one this happens to. I know others who play this game that have the same problems. Please fix this problem and also please add a way to save gaming info.
Almost great. It's a fun way to mindlessly kill time, but there are two BIG issues. Firstly, the constant interruptions every time I make a square to try to get me to watch an ad are ridiculous (I paid $5 for no ads!!!). Secondly, it ended a game even though I wasn't over the line. What the heck is that?!?
Love this game! It's so addictive. I've been playing for weeks on the same game my score is off the chain. It's challenging.Yet easy at times. But then it get's a little more difficult it makes your brain work. The ads are not intrusive. It's one of the better 2081 or whatever it's called. Download now you won't be sorry πŸ™‚πŸ˜‡
I was enjoying the game itself very much, it was challenging and fun. Now, I expect ads in games, but good Lord! Sometimes only about 15-20 seconds of play between ads! Unfortunately, the overabundance of ads totally ruined the game and I am deleting it.
Paid for no adds and they went away for about a week. I've had adds again for a few weeks and when I click no adds, it says I've already paid. They ruin the playability of the game because there are so many adds. Emailed support, no reply, I really wish I could report them to Google. So frustrating. Every 3 or 4 blocks there is an add.
Too many ads. You can only play 1-10 blocks before ads pop up. The adds last longer than the play time. Often once you return to the game another ad starts before playing 1 block.*** after developer response my rating went from 2 to 1. The ratio of play time vs ads is too high. 1 block can generate 3 adds if you have a chain reaction. Reviews on paying for ad free show you still get ads. Developers need to find a better balance.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Too many ads, I like the game tho. It's not worth $5. The frequency of the ads is ridiculous. I can watch an ad, and have to watch another one within 5 seconds if I create a block of a certain size. Uninstalled.
Developers keep telling everyone that the ads are necessary, yet don't listen to any r saying that it's the absolute ridiculous amount of ads that make the game unplayable. No, it isn't necessary, the game devs are just greedy as heck. Literally, you get intrusive pop ups every 15-30 seconds, and constant ads after each pop up. There's no excuse. Devs are really bad, considering they won't take into consideration what basically everyone has complained about.
Boring game but paid $5 to remove ads just to see if it got any better. I was tired of ads every 2 minutes. Still have ads. Why? Please refund my money as I requested in my email.
It's a really fun game, but HOLY COW! The amount of ADS is ridiculous!!!! For example....Watch a 30 second ad, go back to the game and a cube will touch another cube, triggering another 30 second ad. Ridiculous. I'm totally okay watching ads, but wayyyy too many. I've decided to uninstall the game. 5* for the game 1* for the insane amount of ADS
Had been playing the game for about 2 weeks and was enjoying it, so I decided to drop the $4.99 to remove the ads on Nov 4th. Upon doing so I no longer receive ANY lives or bombs and if I hit the line it starts me over, it does not give me the option of watching a video. So for $4.99 they have not only removed the ad pop-ups but all ads and benefits. I had to reset my phone today and now I can't get any bombs my high score is gone and I'm back to square one. Will be asking Google for a refund.
Loads of fun. The ads were unbearable so I simply set the app to "disable data usage" and hey presto no ads ever! I don't mind usually but I watched about 50 ads in my first couple of hours of playing it so I've helped the developers enough already. This volume of ads is pure greed!
I don't really understand this one. It's not a game because as far as I can see you can't really lose and there is no skill involved. I have been doing it on and off for a week and it's still the first game. Something to do if you have 2 minutes to kill. Obviously 1.5 of those minutes will be adverts!
The game itself is fun, the constant barrage of rate me and ads are a little much. I understand that the ads are needed for free game play but when you cut the game off mid shoot to run an ad then run yet another ad after the shoot gets a little annoying! I refuse to pay for no ads because I have seen others say its useless, ads are still forced upon you so why pay!
Enjoyable. The game is fun, but there are so many things that break up the gameplay. For example, every time you get a cube that's 512 or higher it stops the game to award you something and also takes that opportunity to show you an ad. I dont mind ads, but I see one what feels like every minute or so. My suggestion would be for the awards for 512+ blocks to just award without pausing the gameplay.
I have played games that force an ad when you die or fail a level. This game seems to think that showing and ad every time the player builds a cube 512 or higher is a "reward". Would give 0 stars if i could. Removed game. Too bad it was fun to play but forcing ads roughly 80% of the time you are playing isnt worth it.
Even after giving "No,thanks" to avoid seeing the videos, videos are automatically playing, then what's the use of giving "No, thanks" 😑😑😑. Game is good, videos are irritating more. 😑😑😑😑😑
Ad after ad. 26 minutes of ads for every 6 minutes of play. Watch a video for bonus lives and bombs, no thank you, and you have to watch an ad anyways. Every time you merge over 500 your reward is yet another ad. The better you are the more ads there are. This is no fun at all. . . . Well unless you love advertisements. This is an advertisement nightmare. The response from Azure games os that the adds are necessary. B.S. this game has more adds than any free game I have ever played. Ridiculous.
Fun game at the beginning but the adds are ridiculous as you progress in the game. Now, I get the need for adds when you don't pay for the no-add version, but a 30 second add every time you create a 512 block or bigger is crazy. Once you really get going, almost every other block created is 512 or bigger. Makes it not worth the play time anymore. Maybe update to an add every 10 moves or something would make it much more worthwhile.
Frustrated by the number of adverts. Despite not taking the "reward" for clearing a certain level, I was taken to 3 adverts in a row. They have the nerve to claim only 1% get to my level, probably because the other 99% have given up. DO NOT INSTALL unless you are happy spending most of your time on adverts!!!
I really like this game, especially when I play while my phone is on airplane mode. But when it's not, ads play whether u agree to the bonus points or not. And they take some times before you can skip them. Annoying.
I loved this game before the latest update! It was so fun & relaxing, now it is annoying & aggravating! Every other roll there is a pop up to get a free heart or bomb by watching an ad video. Hey idiots in de development, I paid for no ads for a reason!!! I don't want to watch your stupid ads! Stop trying to force me to!
Edit: great game, absolutely love it! It's a daily player for me.. with one flaw. I understand that developers of free content need to make their revenue through as content and far be it for me to complain.. I don't mind ads as I've said in other reviews, except for when I pay for an ad free game. That's when I expect to pass a level, etc. and recieve my reward minus the ad. Not here. Sure, no ads during game play. Big plus. Still ads to get bonus materials. Making this NOT an ad free purchase.
Love the game. Hate HOW MANY 30 second ads you have to watch in order to keep playing. On average for me, i play 10-12 seconds then have to watch a 30 second ad, play 10 seconds, then another 30 second ad. Sometimes it's the same ads back to back. Then when you get a reward it says you have to watch an ad to collect, it gives you a "no thanks" option, but click it & it makes you watch the ad anyways, just doesn't give you the reward. I get having to watch ads on a free game but this is overkill.
I would give this game five stars as I like it except you constantly interrupted 2 seconds of play and then do you want a heart and then another two seconds of play do you want a bomb and then you get interrupted with an ad take this away and I would like it more I suggest to you that you just put a button and if someone wants a heart or a bomb they can select it