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Central Hospital Stories

Central Hospital Stories for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by PlayToddlers located at Avenia VΓ­a LΓ‘ctea 28938 (MΓ³stoles) Madrid. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a very adorable game, i love the graphics, but i was utterly shocked to find out that most of the rooms are locked and i have to pay real money to unlock them. I do not like to pay money for games and i was expecting a few more unlocked rooms. Maybe give us a choice of downloading the room instead of making us pay. Thanks!
It's a good game, good graphics and all. But the fact that you have to pay for things to unlock rooms, it's annoying. I'm only 14 I don't have a job so I do not have any money. But overall, it's a good game. Paying to unlock rooms is just annoying though.
Hello, Just bringing to your notice that this game is basically a paid game. Only the installation is free. The free places are like trials just with unlimited time. So I think if you consider this then I think it could be a good with those. Well I advise the developer to make all the games free, I really discourage paying for a game. πŸ™‚
I like this game. But the problem is all rooms locked please try to unlock all rooms . I played your games all. All are locked . When I touch the lock button there is pay amount . I think there is watch add. But there is no what I think. So I again requesting to you please unlock all rooms. I am giving you four star πŸ˜‡. And one thing unlock all rooms.
This game is a half-done dysfunctional and clunky moneygrab. Right now there is only a single disease in the game: Nausea in 3 colors (all healed in the same device). Once you "heal" someone the person drops an orb which you can "feed" right back to inflict nausea again. The ER never gets new patients either no matter how often you send the vehicke out. Persons dont interact with objects either. Sure, you cqn put a tablet into someone's hand, but they will just hold it like an object. Stay away
This is the Best GAME EVER!!!I would only change the price cause my opinion says it could be free but it is really cheap so I don't mind that much. I love the series of Play Toddler but this one,the hospital is my favorite. In the end this is the best game ever.
The game is great but i really wish that everything was free. You would get a lot more people playing it to. I think that you would beat a lot of other kids hospital games because your graphics are much better. It just isnt free
Its a good game but I wish they were free. i know you are trying to get money but you should atleast make some more free rooms. Same with the other games you guys make. I rate this 4 stars.
I really like this game but OMG u gotta pay real money on every play toddlers game and its soooooo annoying I hate the fact u gotta pay to make the vlgame completed please play toddlers please make everything free in your games or at least give us a choice if we want the game to be completed I'll give u a better rating if u do
Its was so annoying you can just have one room that are free but half of it was not so iwas so sad an its not like toca world the characters did not move like on toca world that if you move them the place will move to o my god if only only all of the room are free i will give this 5 star but no bruh
love this game but it only one room and to unlock the room you have to pay $2 .5 so please unlock the pet room and low the price unlock 5 more character unlock 2 more room please i give 3 star for play toodlers
This game is so stupid. First it says over 6 characters and you only get to pick 4. It also says over 80 levels to explore and you can only stay in the the waiting room. I uninstalled immediately!!!
What a pity, can't go anywhere. This is the condition of all your games. Please make the full version free. I have the same opinion with all your games. It is a VERY GOOD and AMAZING game. Please make the full version free. Please ....πŸ˜”πŸ˜žπŸ˜’ With the hope of making the full version free, Thank you
It use too be more fun before the update, now the game is very small and you can't really do anything. I know this is for bussines but the game is really boring and you have to buy the full version to accses the rooms.The only free places are the lobby and the 2 leveal room on the left.
Even though I'm kinda old too be playing these type of games at first I had downloaded was some other game related to this one but I had never touched the lock button when you touch the door I thought you had to make enough stories but nope! So I hate these games a lot because I am an 8 year old so if you say that it is meant for all ages I shouldn't have too pay for it cause it seems like a scam.
I give this a 2 star because their are 1 whole floor that is free. Which is the 1st floor. Then on the 2 floor their is only 1 room that is free on the 2 floor. The rest you have to pay.
my brother loves this game and so do i but why im making this a three is because if this is for toddlers then why do you have to pay for all the rooms theres only one room unlocked back in the day when i was younger my mom got me a lot of games that costed money or games that were free like this one but have to pay for the rest so please my brother and i would enjoy it much better
I would love this game but it cost money to play everywhere else and it's not really fair to the people that wanna have more game to play it's a good game just cost money to play other rooms
The game is really fun, but most of the rooms are locked!, if the creators make all the rooms free then i'll change my rating to five stars. Overall the game is pretty cool
I had areas at first when i played,but now there're all locked.I dont think this game is that cool,because it A. Costs to much.B.Takes away cool areas.And C.Because people deserve to be able to play a simple game without having to pay.
Describing my experience, its really fun! You can help people, and even though the rest of the rooms cost money, I still like it
i like the game idea for kids but WHY do you have to buy almost all of the rooms!!?? you only have 1 floor unlocked that's it but i still like the idea of the game.
This game is hard to unlock and you have to pay for it I do not like this game it cost too much and there should be at least more a unlocked
I don't like this game because of the locked places it's only one place you can go. It was fun at first then I played it again then it was boring if you unlock like 2 more places this might be a 5 star rating pls pls pls pls pls Unlock some places and which I know you would not because you like money but pls pls
Very boring and you can only have one floor, so this is a unfair RIPOFF for all the kids that dream of being a doctor, so I absolutely think this game deserves only one star unless they give us all floors. Otherwise, horrible game experince, and this game made my kid CRY. This game is the worst game ever, so only one star for you. βŠ™-βŠ™
i mean theres levels we cant go to and people want to but they cant cause they have to pay its unfair because what if you have no money so you cant go to the level so i declare to remove that so its fair for everyone also nobody should be paying for that many levels at least they should have each level open
I love this game but I hate that I have to spend money on it I feel bad for my dad he has to keep on wasting his money so please can you put this in the game to have the full version for some time and to boost it you have to watch advertisements (also to play the full version and for all the games
This is fun game...bet please make free pls.im wanna to play bet just have one room and down stairs that not fun all it gonna pay I'm don like it please fix this and I'm hope you fix this. if you fix this I'm rate this 5 star ok bye
So all the rooms are lock! Id really like to unlock it really but no money means no rooms unlock can u make it dont have money I understand that you have made this game with lock rooms because you made this for people to buy this for you to have money but most people can't afford it I understand that if you can't can u free it instead or dont free it I now understand you!....keep safe!!!!
The people can't even hold anything and it's just a really bad game because It's just you can't hold anything you only get like floors but like you can't go and any you can go in some but like Nate you can't go in a lot of rooms and most of the rooms are locked so yeah that's why I'm deleting it and I don't really like the game
I love this app. It's only 3.50 to unlock everything. And there's a lot to do. My kids love it. Doll house style games like this are so much fun, and help my daughter be imaginative.
Its actually very interesting but my only problem is that only one room is open and when you treat the patients there's no way for them to leave . The animal room for example is locked and there's a dog there . Also , none of the patients are pregnant it's part of the hospital life , if not for this I'll have given you β…˜ cause there's no way to do anything and renovate.I'll download again but please make some changes and I'll rate you again.
This game you need to unlock like, EVERYTHING everyone looking at this comment almost everything in the game is locked. So annoying especially for me as a kid, I don't think that would be fun. Creators, all kids should not have to be bored from this game like me.Also when I played this game almost everything was locked.Right after playing, I uninstalled it. Also add more characters.
Your game I average first of all and you have locked rooms and there is only one choice to open them that is to pay real money that is very bad although your game is average and you have locked rooms for getting money an games like pubg have open all levels so plz solve this ok
I bought this game but then it didn't let me play anymore because because I try to get it again but it didn't let me see something's wrong with this app and also people can hack into people's apps like Angela there's somebody in her eyes and I don't think you should buy Angela Talking Angela I'm in because that someone see in their eyes and they're going to charge it there's this girl that's missing all day
It's a nice game and there are no stupid ads in the game but the full version of this game is not free I request you please make the full version of the game free.hope you will make the game's full version free. THANK YOU
I have like 10 thousand reasons why I hate this game.1- every room is locked.2-there is only one room open.3-you can't cure the people is they are dizzy.4-the graphics are horrible.5-there is nothing to do but EAT.6-i hate it when they bobble.7-the lady's can't pick up the sick baby's.8-it sucks. 9-its no where near related to real life. and last of all 10-the people who made it just wants money.parents,please don't spend money on the pack.unles you are willing to lose money just for a kids game
Only one room is unlocked witch I do not like it would be more fun if it had a couple of more rooms unlocked and also I really think that we should not have to pay for the unlock pepi hospital has a thing to watch an add and play all rooms for 25mins I think you should do that and that's why I gave it a 4 star rating other than that it's great please download it^_^
You can't do anything in this game unless you pay. This is horrible. Get the kids excited to play doctor and make the parents the bad guy because we won't pay an absurd amount of money for something you don't know what will offer. Make some rooms available for kids to be able to enjoy and give the parents a glimps of what they will be paying for.
Abigail I have been trying to continue watching to see if you have received this message was delivered to your account can be found in my head when you get the latest flash player is required for video playback not allowed because this video is currently unavailable to respond to your website on the game and fish 🐟 to your website
This game is awesome,but I rated only one star because it dosent have so many rooms to play. And I saw all the reviews but the reviews are verry bad but some were good and I liked this game and I downloaded the app and I deleted this app
I just don't like this game πŸ˜­πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘ because of the payment... I don't have a credit card yet because I am a child of 13 years old so I can't pay for this game.. this is the only problem if you can make this game available in free I will surely give it five stars....
Hello I loved this game and chacter are so nice cute I gave 5 stars Bec I unlocked it's all rooms The things are kept there they help like a medical a bottle of milk for small kids that kids are so cute I love the play toddler games I very happ to se this thing I thank u he / she thanks again u see I rated all of your games thankyou alottt ..
It's fun but I get 1 hospital room, a cafeteria, and a ambulance, and that's It it gets boring. But you have to pay 3.99 for all of it it's duuuuuuuuuuuuuum. Get this game if you want to but it gets boring..
This game...I like how the people look, and how there's sooo many rooms to try out, BUT YOU CAN BARELY PLAY BECAUSE SO MANY ROOMS ARE LOCKED!!! There are HUNDREDS of comments explaining this issue, and still, you haven't changed a thing!
I looove this app. I have finally unlocked the full version ( by my brother forcing my dad) but this game is sooo fun. You should add more games like this
I rate this. 1 because we need more of the people like 108 and a half people or something,but it is fun I saw that people rate this an 3 but the game looks fun but can we have the limit rooms 9? If yes thank you if no HMPH if we could rate it a 100 I would NOT do that, cuz it's only of moving people and placing people please make it like something else cuz it's boring thanks for reading❀️ Bye
There is like no rooms at all!!! You should add rooms it is not fair to the players so that is why I give you one star. Give one room on each floor I will give you five.
It's really nice you can like move the people and take care of them and I love it really gets the game the only problem is that it takes a while to long to load into your apps
My son wanted to install this. It fun but when I installed it, everything was locked. My friend installed it too and she said she paid for it but it is still locked. Please can you make this game free or charge money to download it because it is a waste of time having a app on your phone that you have no use of.
I don't like the fact that the most interesting rooms are the ones you have to buy. You also don't have a lot of characters. I would recommend Toca Boca instead. The graphics were good to be honest. To put it in a simple way......IT WAS A WAIST OF MY TIME
I love this game.But i really want to go other rooms they look cooler than the free one's. I would really like it to be atleast an hour every day or something similar. But I still love the game πŸ™ƒπŸ‘.
This game is very nice but there is a lot of room that in lock we have to play a lot of time than we get one room, I wish that other's rooms are not lock so that's why I gave this game four stars
I love this game so much but only because of not unlocking all the rooms just few rooms I am giving it 1star . Plz unlock all the rooms . That's all I wanted to say !
Pls can you make this game free? I love the game but this is why its bad 1. You have to pay and I hate paying for games At least give us a 30 sec ad and we have 15 minutes of free play just like pepi hospital 2. For show and tell we had to show and tell worst educational game and i picked this one 😒😒😒😠😠 Pls make it better From Power Rangers Fan
Once again I have to pay for most of the stuff. Not to mention THAT KIDS PLAY THIS GAME and they don't have any MONEY so please fix that it's the same in almost all of your gamesπŸ˜πŸ˜“πŸ˜’
my sister made me play this she loves this game but when she asked why halfe of the rooms where locked at first I thought u gave to do stuff but when I taped it sayed that this room cost real mony just for a game at lest add more rooms than just 2 or 3 hallways don't count and also in the pitchers of the game it shows them pushing well charis and all that but in the game u can't my sister told me to give u 3 stares I'm only saying adou t the whole buy a room thang the rest is my sister's idea
All of the rooms are locked and you have to pay for them and little people are really cute and I like how they have the food and stuff like that but all the rooms are locked like I said and yeah I don't really like this game I recommend not downloading it.
This game is terrible it only given a few people people and 1 or 2 rooms,and the others has to pay a lot of money for 1 room and character,too.
I love this game this game is really nice and interesting. I am give only 2 star because more thing are locked 😑😑😑😑😑😠😠😠😠like - children room . So please find a solution but this game is really nice and interesting.
It's nice game but the problem is you are locking everything so this would be the worst game you please open many rooms and it will be more fun
I absolutly hate it!! Most of the rooms cost money and you have to buy it?! I had to beg my parents for this game but they said no but I soon later found an app that can give you these full games with everything unlocked!!:) Its called Adobe <3
u guys really think that giving one room to the people that play it have to buy it and give you their money?Thats not fair,you just give them one room and that's it?that's not fair and I know you know that,u should at least do some event where everything is free for one day at least,u know some kids cant afford that or their parents will just say no to them,HOW DO U THINK THAT WILL IMPACT ON THE KID HM?YOU PEOPLE CARE NOTHING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES LIVES BUT JUST MONEY,U SELFLESS PEOPLE.
This is nice game but it is asking , u have to give money (300) to unlock all the characters and sections . If I have to give money then why is game is in category Free Games I dont understand . Till then what do I do with my patients. Bad game . Do not download . This game is scam always asking money .
I love games like this, but almost EVERY THING is locked. I animals, and babies, but it really made me sad when I seen that the animal room, and baby room was lock. And I can't even watch a video, to have those rooms unlocked for atlest 20 minutes. At first this game seemed REALLY cool, but then after a little while of playing it, it gets boring.πŸ˜‘β˜ΉπŸ˜”
When I got this I thought it could be good despite the reviews but it's not don't get it you have no rooms get toca life or miga instead you still need to pay but at least you get at least one or two rooms and majority of the time you get all the characters you can also get my town where you get all the places and people when you download it
Everything is great! But almost everything is money!πŸ˜”. If you want 5 star reviews make everything free! Thank you very much.
You know it's fun I have all the play toddler games but I like role playing and it's sad I can't pay for all the rooms πŸ˜” so I'm begging you game creators please free some more rooms πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ and I'm going to write this with two And if you don't fix this whoever else has these games don't download it it's a waste of your time ....
So I used to have this game but then I only had like two places open and one floor which was pretty disappointing.
This game was cool but there is one room only free there was no other room and you need to pay real money
Please make this game free the game was nice and it was so perfect but it's not free at least make 3/4 free please everything is locked except except for one room what can I do with just one room .please make it free not everyone can pay for this game. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😟😟😟😟😟 Plssss u guys should at least consider kids, at least make 3 medical rooms free pls. Pls I love this game very much plsssssssssssss. This game is very nice.i advice you to install but it's not free.
Ummmm well most of the rooms are locked and their ate tones of Bugs! Fix that please! Real money unlocking only rooms?! Not worth it!
I don't like that when you create your Play toddlers games, you will make sure we pay before playing with the full version. Or at least do like Pepi house. Put up an add and when we watch that add, give us like 15 minutes free play. Then and only then will I change my review. Good day, hhmph!
This game is horrible don't make it free if you only get two rooms it's not worth paying πŸ˜’ plus I was sad the pet and baby room was locked! U only get two rooms and nothing else don't make the game free if you have to pay to get the full version
I am giving this game 3 stars because there is only one floor that has unlocked rooms, and can't get all characters. I don't understand why it costs so much to buy the full game. Overall great game. 5 stars if you can make this better.
T like it , it just needs to be free because l have to buy every single thing and the only thing that is free about it is that you just get to places to go in
What's the point of this game if only one room is available? I think you should make 2 or 3 rooms available and the rest locked so that you earn money, and in the same time people enjoy playing this, for now I'm giving this 2 stars because I know that if you buy the rooms it will be fun, but since only 1 room is available, I'm sticking to 2 stars till you unlock 1 more room. I love your games, the graphics, the controls, and the overall idea, but the only problem is that most rooms are locked.
If I could I would,rate it 0 stars you only have one room unlocked.And it is so glitchy so dont download it is a horable game!
(From a 9 year old girl)Great game but I'm rating it 1 star. I'll tell you why. Cuz there are only a few rooms unlocked. Most of the rooms are locked. Cuz you have to buy them : ( . I wish there is another way to unlock them like watching ads,and etc etc. I'm just writing to the creators to know. If my wish is granted, then I'll change my rating into 5 stars. ; )
This game is nice, but I one thing is too much irritating that we have to make purchase to play this game, please stop this thing, i request you to remove this thing of purchasing and all, please make the game free, then i promise you guys, that i will play your every game....and I will rate your every game 5 stars.
Guys im this young and we have to pay to the full game, please make it free, we can't just have a few places and the rest are locked.😣
This game is really awesome , and though there is only one clinic unlocked it is really exciting to play it. Since there is one room only unlocked, I am not able to take pets and babies in this clinic . And the main problem is that all play toddler's games are room's are not unlocked . So I request you to plz unlock 2 to 3 rooms . Either than that there is no probs. This is the reason that i gave it 4 star I request you to please download this game πŸ™.THANKYOU .
I love the game and I have all their games the online thing is you have to pay please am begging you guys don't let us pay anymore at least it's just a game not a app pls change it or let us use it through ads if you can do this to all play toddlers game I will give you your five star and a better recommendation. I love this game
I love this game good graphics but can you please make a free one with all rooms free and when you go to the elevator I think it's online but it is not please make a water park
I love this game because there are so many rooms. So for all feedbackers and users of this game, I will help you to buy all the rooms in the hospital😁
We don't want to buy the stuff we wont it for free that is why we got the game we thought. everything was going to be free but ur getting 1 start Reviews on this game bc u have to pay to get stuff.
I like it but why only one room unlock. You can make it like pepi hospital that we watch ad. Than than whole places are open for 10 or 25 min
My siblings love to play this game ALOTT,but like why make most of the choices or hospital cost so much..there's no point just make it free😐😐
This game is good, great graphics. However, it is very limited. I understand the need to earn and raise money, but it would also be worth having a few more open rooms. Other than that, I have no other problem.
Takes long time to download but fun and the another problem is you have to pay real money for rooms and characters please fix this
I like this game but you have to pay money for most of the rooms and characters. That is why I gave it 4 stars.I have finally got all the rooms and I am so excited
I gave this one start because this is not an appropriate app. It says it's teacher approved but it shows pregnant women and that can encourage very young people to have children. It also says that you have to buy the full version and kids can buy the full version without permission or they buy it and dont realize it. I would recommend DO NOT download this app.
Love it ,but dude! What's up with purchase with floors,No one wants to pay $3.50 for floors and new characters, then you leave one room free for people to play on and then make it boring because we only have one room to play on, MAKE IT FREE! JESUS THAT'S ALL WE'RE ASKING FOR ,GEEZ
I love the game but you have TWO ROOMS!!!!! In the whole entire game please please please can you make everything free in all the play toddlers games bcs I've played them as well like in urban city stories it's the coffee shop and the house but you can't make it dark either.im sorry but this game I will have to give 1 star.
It is all AMAZING! Except that they only give you like the bottom floor and 1 room! And that they only give you like 7 characters not even! And if you pay they give you 13 rooms (Wich is all of them) and 30 Characters (Wich is all of them) But you have to pay to get a lot of things but if it unlocked more characters and rooms for free I'd give it 5 stars.
This game is the worst 😀 and this hospital πŸ₯ should unlock ever room!!!! Because the customer is injured then how should we help them!!!!! Make the customer die???!!!! The worst game that i ever played! I just give 1 star becus I only like the people only!!!! This channel of games should stop making new games for this channel!!
I'm so sad can't you at least put it were you can try for free with an add do 20 I don't care. Why pay without having to pay do something please I'll give 5 stares if you fix that. Make more free rooms or at least the pet or baby room but most likely all. I agree with all that don't like paying