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Cell to Singularity: Evolution

Cell to Singularity: Evolution for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by ComputerLunch located at 689 Fort Washington Ave #4N, New York , NY, 10040. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have played this game for like 3 years now maybe it was in beta back then and maybe it was on another account. It is a great game, well made and not hungry for money. Great concept, but it does get very repetitive when you get to the 'later' parts of the game, as are most idle games sadly
Kind of upsetting, I have spent countless hours on this game. and really enjoy it, but now that I am so far in the game it tends to freeze my tablet or make the screen go black unable to use and I have to restart the whole thing so I had to uninstall which sucks hope this can be solved in the future. I really loved this game.
EDIT: Unfortunately this update did not fix my ads issue. Pretty fun game, but cannot view any ads for double rewards. The option is always greyed out for me. I tried the beta version as well as the live version but still the same. I've turned off ad guard as well and still no go.
Great idle game. Highly recommended. I have hit the wall of progression though and have nothing more to achieve. Would love an update so I can get this moving forward again.
It's pretty good for a clicking game I just started playing a few days ago and it seems pretty simple, you collect points to upgrade. It gets hard to get coins later on in the game so you either have buy Darwinism Cubes to help you or come back later. You can earn cubes in the dinosaur map. The only problem I have with the game is that sometimes it offers to double what I earned if I watch an ad. The thing is once the ad ends it takes me out the game completely. Overnight it's ok.
During Covid, this game is a pleasant reprieve from boredom. The ability to tap your way to a seemingly endless evolutionary tree is awesome. One drawback. The ability to create and build civilizations and conquer space might be a nice touch.
Easy-going simulation game that is great to play infrequently, and it's satisfying to see the "evolution" of what you do. It's creatively designed for replayability, which was nice to run into. Slightly repetitive tasks in farming units to progress through the game, but it's no extreme grinding by any means. It's free to play with options to purchase in-game, but you'll find you won't need to. Ads are very minimal--they only appear if you want extra "boosts" to move forward!
Super fun. If you can sacrifice some time to go through motions of ads this game is totally free. It's a good reminder of some elementary education. It and it's in game side game is really rewarding. Genuinely addicted
Fun idler with interesting info about dinosaurs. Like most of its type, the skinning gets old while the game gets tiresome. Even so, this one kept my attention for about 3wks until I noticed that I wasn't playing anymore.
Except for the fact that there should 2 more planets before Earth, this game is pretty accurate and since I love science and have a deep curiosity of wanting to know the origin of certain things in short form, this app helps a lot Edit: that would be GREAT!!! Can't wait for the next update~
Enjoyed the game for a couple of days. Then on the third it kept crashing while on the loading screen. I tried uninstalling and re installing. I also tried restarting my phone. Didn't work. I'll give it a couple of days. If it doesn't work I'll let it go. Update: it worked after I uninstalled the webviw app. Amazing game. Quite addictive. Hats off to the developers
End of the game is odd, you unlock everything and then just wait to get all the achievements, not an action packed game but something to play now and then over a couple months
Absolutely exceptional!! Must try! This game is probably the best game on Android. The depth of the development is amazing. It's not hard, the ads aren't intrusive(you could play without watching any), and you definitely don't need to pay to play unless you feel like spring the developer. Pure genius play style! I would love to see the next evolution of this game!
One of the best idle games I've played. The progression is steady and fair while remaining engaging. There are multiple areas that all tie into the same main game play. Easy to understand and digest. Ads are non intrusive and the rewards for viewing them are meaningful but certainly not necessary. Easy 5 stars
I've been playing this game for almost 2 years now. I've got to say that this is the only game on a smart phone that I've been able to stick with and play over the amount of time. It's also the only game that I've actually purchased "in-app purchases" for as well. I've been hooked. The dinosaur side, im not the greatest fan of because there isn't a whole lot going on other than you get a new dinosaur every once and awhile after prestiging. What I'm most excited for, is The Beyond. I absolutely love space. So I'm really looking forward to this.
Mostly a good idle game. Solid functionality, plenty of free ad booster options, and side sections to give you something to do when the main sim slows down. Complaints: poor multitap support. Obviously you'd expect an idle game to let you tap for resources, but here there isn't much free space on the screen to do so without accidentally spending those resources. You can pan the camera away for this... at which point it will randomly move you back and spend more resources.
More fun than I thought :o I love science, and I live kinda off grid and I'm able to play it offline yay!! Glad I finally downloaded this, it's a brilliant game and I dig the sim aspect. :)
Nice click game, has its ups and downs. The upbis whenever you unlock new creatures. I love how well done the 3D models are. Can clearly see the developer put a lot of effort into it. The downside is that from time to time you reach a point where you either restart or wait for days. This isnt very self explaining and the game could use a bit more guidance here. Also, unlocking the reddit link costs ingame currency?? Thats a bit odd 😜
Fantastic! Awesome and amazing. A game of evolution, with unbelievable depth, that in itself evolves. Just when you think 'this can't go much further', boom! it evolves to a new game. I love idle games, I've played a lot of them. This is greatest idle game I've ever played.
Solid game, put in a lot of fun hours creating and recreating my universe and the dinosaur side game is neat too. I eventually got into doing speed runs to getting to the point of singularity. Overall very entertaining as well as educational, I enjoyed reading about all the different organisms and facts about civilization as you progress.
I normally dont like idle games but this one is absolutely perfect. I have very few ads, upgrading does not become impossible and every update seems interesting. I would totally recommend this game and im looking forward to future updates. (Also sorry for any grammar mistakes im not english lol)
Game is... By far the best i've seen. Realistic 3d models, nice storyline, and even 1+ endings! But please, make an extension where animals take back their precious earth back after the 1st phase of the Beyond is released. Well done.
History and Biology together. I'm not a gamer, I think people should be learning things and trying to have a better life. But this game is ok. What I think may be a flaw: I was able to create glasses before EYES. What depends on IDEAS costs less than other things, so you have books and newspapers BEFORE humans had eyes. Downrating from 5 to 3. Mesosoic Valley is stupid, you have to keep clicking all those things for hundreds of times. That's stupidity in a scientific game, what makes no sense!
Like many of these exponential cost games, enjoyment decreases with the increase unit cost. One day you log in for 30 minutes, the next 15, the next 7, till eventually you erase it for something that can hold your attention. Fun for a little while, but not forever. Is educational, so use it, learn the lessons it has, then move on.
I'm usually not a fan of idle games but the concept of this one really intrigued me. EDIT: Unfortunately, a couple months into playing and I have reached the point where I have lost interest. There have been no significant updates as far as I'm aware, so I have been making due with increasing my legacy level. This is a pretty nice feature but it just wasn't enough to keep me reeled in. I still REALLY recommend the game, though, and hope that more content released in future.
It's a great game that demands very little effort and makes you feel very rewarded, ads are good, content is huge. Unfortunately it's a game that demands a lot from the devs because of the details. So once you reach a huge advanced point, all you can do is wait for updates for new content... Unless you like repetitive game play.
Its a great game with good enough graphics considering how hard the developers worked on it and I love that commemoration with the dancing dinosaur Great job to the developers I only don't like one thing about this game and its that it goes against my Christian religion But you earn rewards even when your not playing the game which has helped me in a lot of situations
One of the best game in complete playstore. It actually provides with such accurate knowledge, highly recommended for people interested in how evolution took place and where are we headed towards.
Damn good game! If you're into games like AdCap and such, this is a game you'll get into pretty easily. I very much enjoy that there are two separate modes of play. The fact they're kinda intertwined is pretty neat too. I wouldn't mind seeing more additions to the game. More subspecies to find and develope. Also a little less mystery around species. I'm almost completely done with one of the modes, only need one more creature. As for the dino part, I got a ways to go for that one, I think.
I deleted the game I Installed cells back.for some reason I cannot go on cells again this game is great I love it but I come back again I don't know why? It just exits automatically for no reason.
Pretty fun idle game, lots of progression and many upgrades. The Mesozoic Valley affects the primary simulation really well. Over all a very good game that's worth anyone's time.
This is a very knowledgeable game. You need to be really patient, in order to Play and enjoy the game. It helps in building a lot of knowledge.
Super fun, but not addicting. Goes through the process of teaching the basics of evoulotion. A good educational game. First game I enjoyed since 2806 years. 10/10 human game!
I like this game because you can play offline and when your not playing you get a lot of thingys (don't know the name) and you don't have to buy with real money to earn more while your not playing and you can make life and itbis fun and its easy to upgrade which I love THANKS FOR MAKING THIS KEEP IT UP 💯 👌 😌 🙌 👏
Great game. Gets a bit dry at some moments like when you first unlock metabits. But otherwise it's a great game and We played till basically the very end except with the dinosaur zone. I would rather not start over about 22 times or something to unlock an animal. Probably the worst part about the game is the lack of things once you basically complete it. There's no events and a lack of updates. Although I could be wrong about the lack of updates. Otherwise amazing game and I recommend.
This is honestly one of the coolest and weirdly most educational games I've ever played. I've played a lot of these building games before and I think this one does it better than any that I've seen. Plus it's the first one that I've seen that has a seriously compelling story which makes you want to keep coming back. I actually don't play games that much anymore but I am very happy that I played this and I remember the experience for a long time. Learned a lot about our evolution too.
Give it a 5 since it impacts the score if gave 4 stars. App store is a bit different but this game is a good little idle game. Better than most other idle games that basically try to force you into the store ecomony. Think what helps is it is singple aspect and not a multiplayer one.
If you enjoy tapping games, auto run games, slow burn gaming, and upgrade/evolution style games then this is the one for you. Its very well done, surprisingly lengthy, and keeps your interest without needing all of it. Been playing for a few weeks and have done a few cycles without losing interest. That all being said, I could see why some might find it a bit boring or why it just wouldn't be for everyone.
Cell to Singularity is such a great game. It always guides you and tells you what to do. It offers branching evolution tress and includes a "prestige" feature which make everything more efficient. This game is overall addicting and I love it!
I've never played anything like this. It's a very interesting and informative game to play. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because some of the ads just glitch out and force me to reboot the game. Also, some times when I watch ads to get the point boosters, I don't get the point boosters, and then I have to watch more ads. Aside from that, awesome time killer.
Had this game a week or two and have barely put it down since. It's fascinating to see the evolution of the planet and history and then to go onto futuristic elements like terraforming and colonising Mars. Very pretty to look at too, very relaxing. 5 Stars 😊
Saddened to say that I really enjoyed the game but it simply stopped working. The game went from working fine to constant in game crashes to a point where it won't even start Update: clearing the cache helped. Fantastic I can now give the 5 stars that I wanted to
Interesting & educational simulation clicker. Becomes repetitive though. Almost everything unlocked. But it really focuses on the animal/human evolution, then civilization. Unless there's an update, plants didn't evolve? Waiting on whatever the "beyond" is too. There is room for more so 4/5. Beyond is never coming so I deleted the game.
This is a very interesting game and also we can learn many things from this game. But there is one problem that is I have reached at the dinosaur period but after that I have not played this game for 1 day and when i have started this game another day it comes from starting I have not deleted then also that's why I am giving 4/5 stars.
The game is okayish ideal incremental game. But it misses a very important part of incremental game, automation. I hope the product owners consider this. An end user is not going to go again amd again and click the same button even after playing for a month.
I don't usually play idle clickers, but I've always enjoyed evolution based games. This one ticks all the boxes and is incredibly educational to boot. I'm sure there's a grind further on, and the inevitable 'pay-to-go-faster', but on the whole, this would be great to educate children and creationists alike.
I myself am a gamer, this simulation helps me to learn biology, which I love. Thank you so much for this game. Educational games like this one are to be appreciated! Also, maybe you should add a definition for entropy in real life in the game so players know what entropy actually is. Talk about a good game for science fans!
This is an addicting game. Once you got into it you can't resist playing it. An amazing science game that will satisfy youlr curiosity. Try it! Because Evolution Never Ends!
Nice infotainment concept. There are two parallel games: one is the main "simulation", which shows the general evolution of life on Earth, and a side game that focuses on the evolution of dinosaurs. Progress is swift in the main game. Once you reach "Singularity", a little past the present, the game resets and you have to start over. Then difficulty (= wait time) increases to ridiculous levels at only a little distance into the future. So it's best to stop playing after the first run. The side game is much shorter, and resets with an "extinction event". Then you repeat it, with one attribute or type of dinosaur added. Then again, and again. The side game enables some things in the main game, and accelerates it a little, but it's not really worth to spent much time there either. As long as one can accept the game's limitations, it's fun for a few days, and certainly different from the usual routine.
Yeah it has lots of ads but I use it to have somthing to fiddle with during loading screens and other such things and for that it's fantastic and has no downsides.
Such an amazing game. I have learnt so much from playing this game, that I had forgotten since school. I love the idea of this game that the world is evolving before your eyes, and you can really control evolution as well as extinctions. No criticisms... it's just a fantastic game that can be pitched to any audience. Well done to the devs!!!
This is super relaxing, the graphics are lovely, and I'm jogging my memory of biology and evolution. Just so cool, really well planned and executed. A victory for science communicators 😍
Great game for passing the time and you learn something too! Also it's fun and slick. Excellent for a free by, you dont mind buying some in game stuff when it's this good.
Pretty cool Sim. I wish you would add more Cutscenes with explanations by an actual Scientist. You can make it so people can bypass if they are not "Learners" :) it would make the boring Clicks go by so much faster and I can learn a ton ! Thx devs. Keep tweaking it. Its awesome !
It's marvelous to have a game we can relearn things we've studied just a bit over time. Then the thrill of getting involved in the game in such a way that you are able to concieve the evolution of the branches of species is so exciting! I've played all day and need to be and adult who cooks and spends time with the family! Oh, darn! LOL! Maybe I'm evolving into a fact-lovin-gamer-thinker-pointy finger-being! I know my Grandson is for certain!
I have played this game since it released as a beta on android and have to say that this is the best clicker game I've played. There is a lot to unlock and the progression is really a strong point. The game is educational, has nice graphics for what it is and the musical pieces are also nice. The game has a lot of content spread out over the Tree of Life, the Reality Engine and the Mesozoic Valley. Cell to Singularity will keep you entertained for a long time and I can only recommend it.
Fun game, took me a week to beat it, and it appears this game has actively engaged Developers which Is always good to see. Looking forward to your next update guys. Enjoy the five stars.
Ads. There is an ad for X2 blocks - 2048 that opens frequently but you cannot close. So after watching the ad for rewards you have to shut down the game and restart because the ad cannot be closed.
Noticed many mentions of intrusive ads....havent seen them. Maybe its another ap. i have not seen any "no story or explanation" on anything."your playing god" um this is a simulation based off information we have learned of the past, this is just a story based off the information. Boring time waister? Um yeah thats what an idle game is. Waists time so you dont need to be on it 24/7. I log in every day about 3 times and progress without the micro transactions. KEEP UP the great work devs.
Very fun game. Would recommend. There are ads you have to sit through occasionally, but other than that this game is killer for a free game. Even once I thought I had "beat" the game there is a new "simulation" and it's all really interesting and cool. If you need something to waste some time, and/or you love evolution, biology, history etc. then this game is for you!
I love thegame keeps me busy during my breaks at work. Would of gave it 5 stars but the only problem is the atom that floats around or the bird also the 2 free geode gift dont work unless u spend your cubes. The videos play but I never get the cards. I get nothing it pops back up an I play another video and still nothing. So to get the reward I have to spend the cubes. Its almost a game killer as at times you really need the blue things to upgrade Dino cards.Videos don't work on earthor Dinoland
This is a genuinely fun game. Progression isn't super hard like in other idle games. The 3D habitats are cool as hell, you don't need to pay at all. Been playing for about 3 days and I'm already at the atomic age.
This is the most interesting and captivating game I've ever played on mobile. Good job. This deserves your attention once and a while. Totally worth having on your phone.
A good game. This game works with time. If you are not in hurry and accept the ad system in order to get more and faster time credit then you can enjoy the game. It is the case for me. As I play I remember through the game process what I learn at school. I have one suggestion. What's about the vegetable evolution from natural selection to human selection. It could be interesting to make an additional sequence like for the dinosaurs to care in parallel. Thanks for the game and your hard work.
This is a universe simulation game that tracks evolution on earth and supposedly beyond. The good: Nice graphics & a mostly well thought out and engaging interface. The bad: You are encouraged to run multiple identical simulations that end after the colonisation of Mars promising further steps "Coming soon" in the hope that further steps will unlock. Except for this very annoying feature I would have given it a 5. The "Ages" screens could also use some development as some do nothing.
An informative idle RPG that isn't cash shop heavy, I have played till the end of the tree, and it was very fun and very low commitment, just 30 minutes or so a day, and I managed to pick up everything within about a month, only problem I have is that its too short and updates are far in between, otherwise it would've been an easy 5 star...
Great idle game, though it gets slow once you start getting close to finishing the content. Really looking forward to 'The Beyond' release for new content!
Beautifully crafted with a really interesting theme. I'm not even that far into it, but I'm already looking forward to what's ahead. The best part about this, though, is the fact that there are so many layers to this- there are idle games within idle games, which all have their unique mechanics and objectives. Ads are also minimal, unless you want an optional boost. Highly recommend if you're looking for an ideal idle game! (Or if you like terrariums of cute low poly animals.)
Starts off promising, then comes the down fall, like in almost every other idle game. Let us PLAY without waiting too much, without painful low gacha chances, and without soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ads. Is this not supposed to be a game enjoyable for the players? Just another cash grab. Make games fun, not excruciating ones.
Not very exciting & not very educational. Have made it almost thru level 48 of 50 in dinosaur simulation -- but I'm getting ready to uninstall, because it starts slowing down at Level 40 to try to get you to buy your way through the levels faster. Also, it just doesn't change -- it's just the same old "challenges" over and over -- even the animation stays the same just plain BORING.
Once you colonize mars your done there's nothing else to do and it happened way too fast. It's very unrewarding and there's nothing really special ab it that sets it apart from other idle games.
This is a really cool game. Like this is something that seems like you would need to pay for it good. Yes there is the option for microtransactions and ads to speed stuff up, but it's out if the way, not shoved in your face. And honestly, I'm having such a blast that I might just buy some micro to support the devs.
Very addictive. It's fun to watch your worlds evolve, though the dinosaurs are my favorite part so far. But be careful, it's super easy to lose hours on here. Also, props to the creators that you can get so much for free with just watching ads (and no auto-ads). They made a game that actually feels fun and satisfying to play.
Definitely the best "idle game" I have ever played. It taught me some interesting lessons about returns on resources (including time) invested, and about how the ability to carefully plan out how we invest these resources and re-invest the returns makes the difference between previously-unimagined success, and wasteful languishing. I had to play this game for about one week to learn these valuable lessons. Now, to apply these lessons to my life, I must uninstall this brilliantly-designed game.
Very inventive idea! Love the game play. The Dinosaur valley should have more split offs. What happened to the sea shells and stuff like that? I dont know though so far so good! Not very far in the game.
This game is no doubt interesting but i think it should have some changes. I liked the concept of it. It is totally new. But as i said i would like to play it if it had some changes like unlocking the cell organelles of prokaryotic cell like nucleus , cytoplasm and cell wall before unlocking prokaryotic cell.
I enjoy the concept and have actually spent money I in game. However, I noticed I can no longer boost past 28 hours. This means I have to remember to log in every day. Much prefer to be able to boost a week or two at a time so that when I come back to the game I actually have something to do.
It is so basic yet in a complex manner if that makes sense. The gameplay itself is very simple and easy, but the game branches out and gets very complex in the best of ways. The number one thing U love is that you get 2 games in one. When you world simulation slows down or gets boring, its off to make some dinosaurs in its "2nd half" I find myself hooked in for hours sometimes mindlessly making more dinos and discovery hidden technology, it is a must play for any idle or clicker fan!
It started off interesting, and I play it daily, but it's getting repetitive and boring. Dinosaur fights! I want dinosaur fights! Triceratops v Spinosaurus, that would liven up the game!