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Celestial Fleet v2 [Starfleet Warfare]

Celestial Fleet v2 [Starfleet Warfare] for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by OMEGA POINT located at 1479-4 Yaita Tukubamira-shi Ibaraki 300-2337 Japan . The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game and original idea, that's quite rare these days here. I give 5 starts for nice sttategic battles. However there is too much light effects, I am afraid I will get epileptic seizure from this game. I suggest reducing the amount of glowing energy effects otherwise the game is really great!
You guys have done it!!!!!. Many years looking at the Google Play Store there really hasn't been a true RTS game. You guys have finally made a game that is pure in the RTS Game category. Very well done;it has Alot of features,very well put together dynamics,and so much more. Also It's a game that you can put a lot of useful time into. I would like this game to grow into something way more successful than any other RTS that's already out there. Great job developers. Keep Up The Great Work!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
Terrible game they say they can only take money from Japan than why on a us Google play store they lie to be honest I just want the time I spent this game back worst game company ever I will be contacting Google asking them to remove this useless game from there store hopefully they will they are not making money so why keep it and this is the most pathetic game company ever if I could I would give it negative 5 stars insulting to even have to give it one and don't respond it's not welcomed
The game is good and all but i can't figure out to get my data back and all of my ships please tell me i do not want to get all those ships back
Gorgeous graphics. Easy controls. Easy gameplay. HOWEVER, I am sorely disappointed in how the game has changed since I last played. It is NOT the same and sadly, my rating reflects this. 2 versions? Keep one and improve on it. Loot boxes? Major cash grabs? Loss in rating. High prices? Good bye. Sorry guys, how you all had it before is how it should have stayed.
The game is great and all but it does lag to much I can't see my fleet battle so dat I can choose how to do the next move of attack . I do not recommend this game .
Decent turn based game again the computer. Not enough players online to keep the PvP side of the game engaging.
Great game but needs some work there some bugs here and there when in Camara mode while looking at the battles but over all great game.
This game is amazing. Its incredibly fun and satisfying when you set up your fleet in the perfect formation and watch as the enemy fleet gets almost completely wiped out. Great graphics and easy to learn gameplay make for an amazing game
Could be cool but the controls are garbage and if you click something it will swipe it halfway across the screen but when you swipe somethig it clicks like the game has no clue whats going on 90% of the game. Worst controls ive ever seen
Its a good game but couldnt understand the game details because its in japanise. Heres the translation for it. A powerful fleet battle specializing in formation! Build a fleet of different types of space battleships and become the champion of the universe in formation battles! Celestial Fleet is a powerful tactics battle game where you command the fleet as Admiral of the Space Fleet! Supports online multiplayer and single player.
It is fun and downright engaging from the start to bad not all of it is english but hey. Anthow i hope they add more ships and difrerent skins
Nice game but I really hope you add like strategic commands where they move ambush or full scale attack. And you can manage your fleet that you can see their full feature
VERY awesome game. Here's what you should do (in order of necessity) first. Make it so that I (or everyone else ) can access store. I'm at campaign 4. And its locked. I live in Canada. Next. Add translations for a few other major languages that aren't badly translated. Next. Make the time screwup penalty less. So we don't lose limited pts. And maybe for a month or 2 reroute your cash flow so you have a few ads elsewhere. Bad money short term. But return will be massive. And online will be better. Good game.
Much improved! I've played off and on for years and seen the game grow a lot. It would be an easy five stars if the instructions and translations were a little better. Overall a fun game if you enjoy strategy.
Nice job its cool this is the true RTS game I have a suggestion please have a new ship making I kind of tired using the same ship can you change it like a medical frigate or whatever
I really love this game it reminds me of the anime "Legend of the Galatic Heroes". Keep up the good work.
Much better than when i checked it out last time. Readable English, inspite of the few hickups. Gameplay? Pick a formation, choose your fleets composition, and then decide the fleet's behaviour. Simple, easy, and fast. If you played Endless Space 2 the sorties/missions/pvp combat is sorta like that. Just sit back and enjoy the visuals of the guns, lasers, and missiles. An they're very pretty visuals at that. Otherwise, not much to it.
Is there some kind of regional filter in match making? I can never find anyone tk play with and I am in South East Asia. I was only able to match with 3 people after 3 hours wait. Could you allow all players to match and not by region?
Its graphics are kinda bad but other then that i love it. You feel like your in a big space battle and your telling your ships what to do like moving forward and changing formation, great idea for a game.
lots of fun. store doesn't work for me, but that hasn't been a problem. combat reminiscent of legend of galactic heroes. you pick formations and maneuvers for your fleet and watch it play out through a mini map and various 3d cameras. been playing for a week and still engaged
Ive played this game some time now & its a very good game. I cant speak for others, but when it comes to the translation I simply press translate & get english. Upgrading the ships is easy, as well as adding or changing battle formations. The graphics are awesome! Exploding ships, torpedos & lasers firing, all in the backdrop of space is beautiful. My only peeve, the game becomes repetative. No variation. Only levels, & just the same game play over and over, & that's why I gave it three stars.
Its very good.. i wasn't at first as far as with the whole fleet position, but I think I got it figured out.. my tiny issue though would be time to set up your attacks during the turns, but its not a big deal really, but its enough for someone like myself to feel kinda rushed, but above all else, really fun game.
The games very good but everytime I open the other version of it for a while it would freeze then crash, then I would have to download it all over again and the same with the v2 version
Great Game its a really rare game like this i've been finding a game like this when an anime called "Legend Of The Galactic Heroes" came.
Sorry uninstalled because I couldn't finish tutorial because tutorial is in broken English, I was asked (to change battleships select Battle ship) but all that is on that screen is a list of formations on my left and and current formation on my right showing all my ships in grid view none say BATTLESHIP, I tap each ship but nothing happens plus on the left of screen is a list of formations with my current formation blinking, but I press it and all formations in the list still nothing happens.
An honest skill based game. It is possible to win against what would be impossible odds in other games here. Good music, customizable combat UI, good graphics, and a lot of features that other games don't have these days. Worth a play. The text is machine translated, so don't expect anything there. Given what kind of game it is, this is not a problem.
Unintelligible.. Uninstall. Build a fleet give orders and gain materials to update materials. Timed Intervals to give commands based on arising situations.. Constant crashes even freezes and i just loaded it on an advanced mobile that does not have a case yet... Will see if this improves and maybe mark back up to ok but it is a cool idea. Constant crashes multiplayer if any one plays two minutes to see till computer will fill the slot. Had an issue initializing also.
It's a great game,but I'm not satisfied about how they didn't make many efforts about the game like they could have put some special abilities every single fleet or strong tactic formation like splitting the flee.but great game I hope there would be updates in the future.
Minimal options. Very little things to do during combat. Ships can't be customised. Loot are just numbers with no function so it doesn't appeal to player greed. Tech tree is okay. I was looking forward to 4x like game with tonnes of intricate customisation features but sadly, this is not it.
ALERT ! DO NOT DOWNLOAD !!! Will force you to install a google play update in order to play the game but it's NOT a google play update... Probably a virus. I looked carefully after installing the update and the logo was not totally the same colors. I could see it right away coz i had 2 google play running and like I said, colors were a bit different. I'd like for the REAL Google play store to do something about them. Fuc***g crooks !
This game had a change so much I couldn't even tell it was the same game but for some reason its now in japanese Wich is strange cause last time I played this game it wasn't
I'm german and this improves my strategic mindset. It's just to prepare for if I'm rejected from art-school.
I am addicted! I love the idea of fleet battle and earning stronger ships along the way, and while fighting under a faction. I would personally love to see a storyline, and a character development feature added, as well as a home base, territory conflict, etcetera. I love this game, it is nearly perfect and I would keep it also just the way it is.
love the game, but can you add fighters and options to what they should focus on, and add AA to ships too, or add a picket ship class.
game not start when start icon black screen and crash is closed why?i dowloaded many times this problem persist(( i really want to play
gameplay is simple, but confusing, as is camera controls. this is most definitely produced by a team that does not speak fluent English so don't expect a lot of help from the help, because most of it is very broken English. that being said, this game is massively fun and entertaining if you love big, flashy space battles.
I think the concept is amazing. However, the gameplay kind of devolves into a game of cat and mouse a lot of the time which is really annoying. Plus it's very particular about the attack hitting exactly where the enemy is (which isn't really a bad thing until you consider that the enemy can literally be an inch off of where the attack is and you can't adjust yourself).