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Caves (Roguelike)

Caves (Roguelike) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by 36dev located at Shaumyana 103/1 Ekaterinburg Sverdlovsk Region. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence, Fear) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Imps are just an annoying mob. They waste a couple of your turns trying to kill them. They do very little damage and is hard to kill. Please make those mobs less annoying, like make em teleport away less or rework imp's behavior
Great game! Really hard. Would be nice to have more items dropped that are of use. Health, food, weapons that don't suck.
i havenΒ΄t write a review on any game till now, i had to, this game is so fkng awesome, it deserve more credit than it has right now, as everyone says, it has lil to no ads, ill give it 5 stars. i would only say something about the bosses, they tend to crush you even if you are well prepared but idk if im just too bad lol,
Great game. And surprisingly well balanced for a roguelike. Sure, you'll eventually die, like in any game of this genre, but it rarely feels unfair or unmotivated. (update) played it for some time now, got to level ~11, still think it's a great game. if I have *one* complaint, it's that I would wish there'd be a few more biotopes/maps. right now, it's 3 surface maps that alternate, and that can become a bit boring. a few more map types would be the icing on the cake 😁
I've been playing this game for years and it has been giving me countless hours of gameplay! Played it when I was in highschool to pass the time. Game kicks my ass but it'll always be fun! I hope to see this game make it onto the Switch someday. I'd gladly pay to support you ❀️
The best RPG games I ever played!! A bit challenging and it takes times to go through the levels. Also I like the new update.
I love this! I'm about to update this to the current version and I have played this non stop. I recommend this to a friend but he deleted it in less than a week saying it was too hard and I didn't blame him. The third floor is really hard and the fourth is nearly impossible! I still love this though. If the are problems I can't find them but I'll let u guys know. Awesome job with this one :)
I Played this game from 1 year ago.... And I enjoyed it a lot.... If You like Pixelated Dungeons.. Then this is the perfect game for You.
There's only a slight problem. First the continues update,you only add weapons, armor,and stuff but you dont add different mechanic like a different module that can give you advance sight or another biome. PLS ADD DIFFERENT MECHANICS IN THE GAME. Overall the game is great and im happy about it😘.
Paid 5 Buddha to remove ads which was great because the game won't let you leave you inventory until the ad loads and you see it. Also don't bother finding blueprints because you can't make it to the second floor to find the base teleporter anyway. Insanely hard enemies on the first floor where you can't find good enough enemies anyway. Extremekly hard could have been a great game but im tired of being surrounded by teleporting robot ninjas and dying inediately for no explained reason.
A very well made, difficult roguelike. Cant think of anything bad to say about it. I never actually finished it, but will probably pick it up again at some point in the future.
The roguelike I always come back to. Also whenever I do come back to this game, there are always sick updates and improvements. Seriously sick game, thanks developer!
Sorry you, but I must tell the truth that your game need very much improve. Because it is too hard to understand with me. No, my mean is not about graphics. But game' layout is not clearly especially for poor language as me. First time into the gameplay I not know must what to do continue .
This game is incredible. At first I was awful. I kept going straight for the portal as fast as I could. It is so much more fun to explore the entire area every time to find all the different elites and collect the scrolls. If you don't the boss battles are nearly impossible.
I want this game to grow big and go far. I'm sure this little bit of support will go a long way, with a developer and his team going the distance and making sure to both note the updates but to also stick with them; to actually stick with there game for the years to come. I'd like to partake in this community and watch it grow along side them all. This is a great game and I hope the developer and there crew knows it to🍁Take care and do your best.
A seamless combination of strategy and exciting battle. Mining deep into other realms for the purpose of collecting all manner of treasure. Continually adapting while managing resources is the standard yet reckless abandon in conquest may, if organized well, yield the fruit of victory. πŸ‘_(*-*)
Here is an essay about caves, i have played the game and have enjoyed it, so this is some constructive criticim for the game: The game is not starter friendly, it can be confiusing to start and figure out what things do and the game can be unforgiving (maybe add an easier difficulty). The tutorial is (slightly) confusing with so much text to read, this is more of a non-problem, but a physical physical name with an arrow pointing at stuff wouldn't hurt either. Game hard. 10/10-Mikar Fublar
New problem after playing game perfectly fine after I died and try to start it again it just crashes? But I do like the game but don't know why it crashes and my game never lags because I'm using a good phone
This game is amazing! At first I was a bit unsure on how to do things, and there are definitely learning curves as well as some hard early enemies. This game is extremely well done. Once you get the hang of it, this game has so much to offer!
It's a good game but when I go to hunger mode food is always an problem iv'e learned that you can get berries from cave grass but the cave grass needs to be a bit easier to spot.
I'm very mixed on the game to a point where I'm wanting to play more, but when I play more I realize why I wasn't playing it, which comes in the form of a few things: 1) I feel like I barely make any progress, whether it's digging or killing; getting currency takes ages and everything is expensive. 2) At any time the slow progress can be devastated by an unkillable enemy in which I can't use my potions because my knowledge of them (and scrolls) resets on death, with random potion colours... eh.
THIS GAME IS A MASTERPIECE, it's just balanced and sometimes it gets unacceptably hard but i keep returning to it's just great....i hope it gets more popular the 1M+ downloads are not enough to support this great dev..... And also I'm really curious if there will be a sequel.
This game is so good FEM. But the game can have a system storing system after you have come back home from Finding the home portal in the dungeon and when you go back home any spare weapons you have collected you can store in Homebase so when you die and you start a new character you can use those weapons or potions you have collected and go back to any level in the game which essentially the game still allows you to go and select a label
Too pixelated can barely tell what I'm looking at. Also, different sized "pixels" on the same screen is so... shockwave flashy. Could be cool. Tries too hard.
In spite of the fact that I've deleted this game at least 4x now, it still winds back up on my phone some months later
This game must be a passion project of the developer; it's utterly amazing for being a free game. It's a rather traditional roguelike in terms of mechanics, but holy smokes, this game has depth my boy. Lots of items and weapons with variations, 33 classes, 5 abilities (6 if you count a unique class ability) , tons of different styles and builds. The art style is also amazing. It's pixel art, but it is beautiful and unique. This is my favorite RL tbh. And the ads are unobtrusive to the max.
Charming game. Gameplay and progression are solid. Aesthetics are awesome. I can't really say anything bad about this game.
This game is amazing, played for hours and died almost frustrating that i'm stuck in location 3, This is my first played roguelike game and i like it.
Rlly fun to play but I have one complaint. There are only 3 caves and nothing more. But I had a great time playing all the modes. 4.5 out of 5
It's the best RPG I have ever played With Minecrafty terrain, Unending death, Undertale like pixelated design, Icredibly accurate dodge\block mechanics merged together to make this avesome game (Sorry if my english is bad.)
I've played this game for 2 years and let me just say: You're going to die a lot. But you're going to learn, and for those dedicated enough, each death on the counter will strengthen your resolve to go further. This game is a lot about trial and error, and you'll need some observational skills to tower over some of the named 'Elite' enemies. *Btw I've added some new beginner tips, check edit log
Fun and challenging - it's the only game I play on my phone. Top notch turn-based roguelike with lots of variety/strategy and replay value. Frequent updates keep it interesting.
Happy Christmas Dev and a new year in advance.may everything you do this year be blessed like your game, I love your game it's very fun thanks for making it and add more content in future. I like Christmas tree please don't remove the tree now that Christmas is done for the year it's the only thing keeping this game fun. also add real rpg elements like cure can defeat undead poison heals the poison monsters etc but the most important is adding new skills like ice mind controletc make more games
Definitely a shining example of free to play done right. Challenging roguelike with some carry-over after death, purchasable power ups, tons of unique enemies and items, no intrusive ads, offline playable, visually and mechanically sound. And seeing as the game is played in turns, you can sit it down and take a breather if the stress gets to be too much lol
I've been downloading, playing, then coming back over and over to this game. I love this little game trully, honest to goodness. To who ever sees this post, please do give it a try. No matter how long I take a break from it, and I'm always playing other LARGER games that I also love; I come back to this one all the time, and try my best to get further than I did last time. It's great. I've installed this game and played it on my Android emulator I have on my lap top. Just click away!
For those who have the patience to learn the intricacies of this game, a treasure awaits. It is a roguelike play style with depth and strategy. Item management is key. It has wonderful replay ability, due to the various blueprints for additional characters, tools, weaponry, armory and recipes for items. There are also some items and such that when used in combination, can help develop amazing game play. When surrounded by difficult enemies, call the mop up crew, then use the rage scroll.
Addicting! πŸ‘ Well worth the optional small price. I hope we will see new levels in the future (water/snow/jungle).
Great game, thanks to the devs! Anyway, is there any chance that this game can be played with friends, a.k.a multiplayer? Mechanics are still the same but it's just 2 or more players playing in 1 map, turn by turn. It's not effective tbh, as it will prolong the game so much. But I can't think of any new mechanic for now. Hope you can make multiplayer feature with some new mechanics.
I remember this game with less than 1000 downloads and now it's become a real great game, with the constant updates, there's always something new. Now there's even a database and scaning, helps to keep track of everything they put in the game.
I actually have a little bug to report- its a small sound bug. Sometimes after opening or closing and of the UI, albleit the inventory or pause menu, my sound gets really quiet for a little bit then fixes itself
It's getting really boring after 100 death and I still cannot pass the first stage. The game lost its fun. Once you die all the upgrade materials are gone. Not recommending this game.
I'm playing it on hardest difficulty and so far had 300 runs, never got past second level, a lot of things aren't discovered yet, luck impact isn't that straight, so lots of times I die pretty fast with luck build, there is a room for improvement, but I'll still give it 5 stars. Why? Well, there is no microtransations, only donation option to help developer and get rid of ads, which only appear after death and aren't that frustrating. I respect the man who follows these principles. Game is fun.
The best mobile game I've ever played. An excellent, addicting roguelike, and definitely challengin. When you die, it's a real loss, but you keep your currecy, and can buy effective permanent upgrades as well, among other things. There's an in-game index of items and enemies, and you can recycle gear items and treasure to receive money or materials, which can be brought to your home shelter and stored there, allowing you to keep them if you die. You can use those materials to build new items.
I like it.all things is good but for me i hope that they add an daily rewards or a mineshaft i thinnk in the place in the base when you interact it it will find a gold or gem and when i upgrade it the gold and gem that i get will increase and the time to get that gold and gems is reduced thats what i think is good to improve this game... Please reply if you see this dev.
This game is great, the community is active and the devs are too. The idea of "dying is part of the fun" is quite strong with this game. The game provides a good challenge
I've paid so that i wouldnt have adds down loaded the app again after my phone was stolen, but i get adds. A refund or no adds would be nice. I understand the work that goes into this but if im supporting the dev i shouldnt have to sit through adds.
This is surely the best deal on the play store. Free, ads arent annoying, game is fun and original. I don't ever see myself uninstalling this game.
My personal, #1 favorite game. This game has so much insane potential of becoming the next big thing, but they need more to it, more excitement and adventure would perfect it! When I imagine it in my head I think of new elite bosses, bombs, gadgets, monster, a load of new wacky and randomly generated caves. Like I said a lot of potential.
The game is capable of being a bit monotonous so you cant always binge play it but that is literally the only thing potentially wrong with it and if that's the biggest issue then this game is quality, if this game fits your video game preference then the game itself will be up to snuff and you won't regret getting it
Amazing art style, Music and sound, and particle affects, honestly one of the best games on the app store!
Amazing.I love the way you have to aquire a way of progressing.the difficulties,monsters,weapons, mechanics(everything) are just perfect My compliments to the chef
I don't understand the speed skill I've upgraded and even my amour increase it but I still can only perform two moves in a turn please explain it needs more skills only five isn't enough or maybe add a secondary skill by inserting a chip one can super dash with speed and make shadow clone explode or make more than one etc tell me if you like the ideas it will be fun
One of the best mobile roguelikes out there. Entertaining but painfully difficult - not for the faint of heart.
This is an absolutely excellent iteration of the rogue like form. As fun and hard as spelunky. I'm having a lot of fun sucking at it. The adds were not too annoying, but I happily paid to remove them.
There needs to be more carry over after runs because as it is, there is really no sense of progress. That is a large part of roguelikes. You nearly always die before you even have items that allow you to take care of encounters which makes the game way too luck based over any skill. 9/10 games you get no items that allow you to handle encounters and the 1 game you do get items, it becomes very easy. There definitely needs to be some balancing to better that ratio. It could be a cool roguelike.
It would be a fun game, bit being ambushed as soon as you spawn and losing 3/4 of your health before moving and then dying by a teleporting robot or a skeleton with no bow cooldown gets really agitating. Deleting the game for the sake of my sanity.
A passion project done right. Difficulty is initially high, you WILL die several times over when you first begin, but you will learn more and more each time. Sometimes RNG will smash you out, but the dev is consistent with updates and new content. Great game.
Hard hard hard, only made it to map 4 with Survivor armor. Playing mostly with ~25 HP. Die in map 1 with all other armors, including the Prototype 10. Adrenaline rarely kicks in & that armor should regen constantly. 1 pt per turn till full. Merchants should also buy gear & the home base should have a storage trunk to hold gear account wide. Otherwise sank 12 hrs into it.
Very fun and challenging. Many options to customize each run. Developer frequently adds content. Adds are not invasive to your gaming experience. Really great game. Expect to grind, and expect to die a lot, but the more you play, the better it gets. It's never stale.
THE NEW UPDATE IS VERY COOL, Some players hate this game because its unfair even though its balance you just need to use your skills and if you lose try and try again this game is very cool i hope you improve it in the future
Amazing game. Been playing for 2 straight hours. Decided to drop the money to get rid of ads but mostly to support the developer. One small gripe, seems to be a slight bug with the health and experience bar disappearing almost as if the game zooms in and cuts those off. Nothing big, just save and reload but still. Keep up the great work!
This is one of the very best roguelite games ever made: up there with Doom RL, Shattered Pixel Dungeon and Spelunky. Not quite up there with Dwarf Fortress, but that game has a steeper learning curve and is harder to learn than diesel mechanics! The developer went through considerable effort to figure out how to solve my performance issues, too. Now I gotta buy this soon's I get paid, because this level of integrity and diligence needs to be rewarded. Like, big time!
Ok I've played this game and put some serious hours into it on the hard difficulty And there are only a few things that make the game really frustrating. 1. It's not a ranged weapon if u can't shoot from range I should be able to hit any tile an enemy is on within a set distance four or five tiles should be ranged limit 2. There needs to be more utility items that can divide enemy attention 3. bombs and ammo less cost Other wise this game is fun as heck and you need to download it πŸ˜‰
The best roguelike game I have ever played. absolutely flawless. There is one axception... the difficulty. It is ok on easy, normal is a nice challenge, but hard is... pure hell. I mean it's fine i rarely play on hard. Everything else is flawless the crafting,the weapons,the enemys, even 36dev's YouTube channel is dope.
Great, BUT ads send it into a infinite loop of loading, so have to close app then re open, it's a 50 50 chance that it will load.
Completely Unplayable. The user interface is infuriating, with zero instruction or descriptions. Took me ten minutes just to leave the "shelter" because there is no door, only an unmarked portal. Worse, the ranged weapons are quite literally impossible to use. I had the ammo and gun equipped, but my character could not initiate ranged combat. He would only run toward the enemy until he was close enough to pull out his sword and strike, or until he was both starving, and surrounded by enemies.
Awsome game its a tad hard i died about 7 times but its still fun today i just reached the lava cave epic.
Game is great, Played for hours and grinding is not a problem for me! BUT a major issue I have with this Game is the Bad RNG, Mainly from Altars, You can Lose Stats if you use them, and they are important parts of the game, The player needs to be rewarded for the slightest effort as it can go a long way, Bad Altar RNG can ruin a run so easily as I got 3 Negative Energy Altars in a run, I just killed myself because screw it! Remove Negative Energy Altars, they should just give Benefits
Game is awesome and very meditative. But I suggest devs to add new caves, like, maybe, Water caves or Ice caves? That would be really awesome. Also, I would like to see minimap, because it would really help me with orienting in caves.
The game is great for the most part but you die easly not because of the dificulty but because there is next to no indication that you are low health while you're fight something. I don't want to have to look up at my health bar every single time I get hit. Another game called Shattered Pixel Dungeon does a much better job at telling you that you are low health by having the screen go slighty red after you are hit along with an audio que.
Honestly I wouldn't go out of my way to give a rating on mobile games but this however is a VERY underated game that should be more well known. It has littles to no ads only appearing sometimes when you die, engaging and strategical thinking, hours of content, and the best in my opinion is the lack of in app purchases. This game should be more well known and should be in top 10 free games. If there is ever a DLC for this game I will DEFINITELY pay for it. You don't come across games like this.
The recent update makes enemies break object if they feel like they are suffocating or at disadvantage which makes a battle even more complex that adds to the fun...... Keep up the good work... (Died on hell priest at 12 location)
Well,I really don't know anything on this game,but when I saw the graphics and hear the crunchy sounds,I still continue until I learned it by my self,I'm at the cave 3 now at the lava...here's your 5,I'm very impressed tbh ΕͺwΕͺ
Great interaction from the developer, fixes bugs quickly and is open to suggestions. Great game, lots of variety, still finding out new things.
Fantastic game all around. A bit repetitive and becomes harder to find weapons that scale with enemies properly, but this game is definitely worth your time
Since I started playing this little game it's only gotten better with its regular updates and patches. It's not for everyone. Some people will probably find parts of it boring, repetitive or a grind. It's part of the nature of randomly generated content during play. So if you really want to enjoy it like I did you aim to get earn all of the Google play achievements while playing.
Its my favorite game, it was great now its better but there's so much new content its making me dizzy in a good way btw because its randomized its hard to find it boring plus new content which makes it better. For those who havent played yet your missing out. But for the haters maybe this just aint your cup of tea or something
Great game but It will crash shortly after opening. The screen will start to flash like it is drawing ever other frame and then it will lock up. If it does not crash it becomes stable and is amazing
MAN! What an amazing game but why did I put 4 stars? Well because it keeps kicking me out of the game. So I recommend fixing the problem. But overall you did a good job. Stay Safe, and pls don't ignore this I really love your game πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Impressed by both of the starting music and the game . I play different kinds of rpg and mmorpg games and this is the game i wanted .
Bro this game is so awsome, there is so much to do and see, this fills the game with possibility and excitement, but I would like to add one thing, please make a tutorial as soon as you join, because for the most part I was walking around, not knowing what I was suppost to do.
Actually roguelite, real progression with randomized levels, gear, recipes, drops. Upgrades/crafting for currency you mine in the levels to get. Click to move instead of faux joystick controls (I really dislike on screen joystick.) There are unobtrusive ads. The ui is intuitive. Art style is a 4/5 because I can't visually tell the difference between a robot vs skeleton 🀣, still you know a monster is a monster.
One of the best games for android. Awesome rogue-like. The game keeps evolving as the author is always writing more. A must play
After leaving the game for some time an getting back to it was a better experince. Lots improvemmts an new content. I even reach the "4th" location which dissaponted me a bit since the levels loop but reach a highet diffucltty an all types of enemies can spawn. Not saying that is bad but i was expecting more unique biomes like a super tech cavern or something. The game is overall great fun an is simpler than what you expect once you think things through. Also more defind stats could help too.
This game is fantastic, as phones come and go this remains a core app that I download to eachand every one of them. Instead of focusing on the gameplay of which is a very solid mention in its own right, over the years the most impressive aspect of this game continues to be the dedicated development. This project obviously means alot to the developer and I am happy to call this a five star app!
Awesome! πŸ‘ Well worth the optional small price. I hope we will see new levels in the future (water/snow/jungle).
Absolute masterpiece of a game. But I have encountered a glitch where if you summon two spider minions using spider eggs, they will fight each other. I have a suggestion. Could you add an eliet enemy that every other turn, glows in some way, and if you attack it while it is glowing, then you will take damage and the enemy will not. Can you please add that?
Really fun Game guys!!! Love the challenging enemies and the whole design of everything! THANKS FOR MAKING A GREAT GAME!!!!!!
When i first download....the music is damn good but problem is so low volume when i max my volume like c,mon man (sry my bad grammar)
Playing this game for months now and the new update is pretty nice i like the superior armor its passive is really op!Keep up the good work btw can i request something can u add some maps and bosses it will very good if u do that πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜»
Very well build game and I love every single bit of it, the only problem I had is the sound and it's too quiet, I put volume at 100% in game and my phone just to get the medium sound so I can at least hear the game but honestly I'm fine with this if not for the ads, because I volume it at 100% the ad sounds very loud and it makes my ears hurts, of course I can just lowered the volume down, but it's a tedious to do, but overall, awesome game!!!
Fantastic games, I would pay money for this game, but ironically if it had costed money I would've never found this gem, kinda like doom turn based RPG meets dnd, tons of freakin content, BUT needs a tutorial, starting this game blind was very challenging, thankfully it was also very rewarding
I have a proposal to make for the game, since there is one noticable factor missing. ice. and an icey caves level. this would be quite a hard task for you guys to pull off, but its interesting, if you want me to give details on enemies, items, visuals, and layouts, then just tell me, and I will be more than glad to tell you all my ideas.
Like most people have said, this game is a tad difficult. But that's what I like about it. This feels more like a proper rogue like because you have know idea what you'll get from enemies. I actually just got past the lava caves yesterday and I was proud, surprised there was no guardian, but proud. 10/10 for such a good game. Can't wait for more updates.
It is a wonderful game. The technicality of combat is so good that you can succeed with terrible gear. Of course you have to be a good thinker if you're gonna do that because if you run right in guns a blazing then it gets pretty hard. I am just glad that such an amazing game is free to play. So far I haven't come across any adds whatsoever so I'm not sure if the developer is getting any money out of it. Note to the developer: It's great. Seriously, you have talent. I don't know if it is a team.
Having a new problem regarding display. I have an S9 with snapdragon and pushed the FPS to 40 as that made everything look a bit smoother animation wise. Anywho seems like a crapshoot now but i will get a blinking screen, gray to what should be displaying, and have to force close. I will try clearing the game cache, as that sounds to be the most reasonable fix. I love every update you've implemented. You should be extremely prideful in this project.
Wow! Finally a game that can entertain you for a prolonged period of time! This game is a needle in a haystack, I definitely reccomend it.
Using your tactics and strategies to play the game is amazing , in the beginning I was dying so often but now i know how to play and use tactics and strategies .it's awesome.
Just purchased the no adds. Keep adding stuff to the game, it is do much fun. Ever thought of adding text based dialouges or a backround story?
I don't play turned base games as I'm not a big of a fan of the genre but this game is special. It puts you to the game immediately with minimal tutorials and that's both good and a bad thing. Because right now I'm in Cave 1 with 90% completion and completed the Ancient Ruins and don't know where to go. Setting that aside, this game is nice but there's a few thing that bothers me but I can't point my finger at it. This game was made in 2015 and the damn dev still check the reviews and gives tips
Considering that this is a mobile game and my addiction for this genre, I am impressed with its quality and as well as the way ads are implemented (neither too invasive nor used as an incentive for a player to earn rewards). The difficulty focuses more on preparation and management rather than the upgrades provided in the shop (though that is not to say they aren't helpful), and game progression is neither too slow nor fast. If you have time and are a fan of rogue-likes, try this one out :)
Best game on play store with lots labor of love from the developer. This developer has been consistent with updates. I've watched this game grow from a few years ago. Every now and then reinstalling and experiencing a new game with it's original design goal still in tact. This developer definitely deserves a few bucks.
When i played this as a kid i made a lot of progress Maybe its time for a comeback. But its pretty underwhelming that there are so little updates to this game u gotta improve if u wanna compete with pixel dungeon
I've been playing caves off and on for the latter part of two years. It's a great single player time waster with progression. It's difficult and rewarding. It can be tedious at times especially dying over and over in a short span since you play the same levels over and over, but a minor break hasn't kept me from playing for too long if I'm couch surfing or relaxing! Dev constantly updates the game which has added to its longevity!
Love the game concept, but PLEASE fix the stupid portal bosses, acid caves is impassable due to the boss constantly spamming heal and reaching full health in a single turn after I drop it to sub-10%, I've lost so much because of that damn thing being impossible to defeat and therefore I can't even do anything, that's a major game breaker and makes it not worth downloading unless you like grinding the same thing over and over
This game is epic! I have a suggestion though. You should make a chaos armor. As well as a new type of weapon, like a rocket launcher! You should also make a chaos magic book!
hey devs I noticed your comment and if it's turn based then make a highlight for attack selection and use that to let gamepad players that use bluetooth to play with a controller to let them select what they want to do and use a cursor to move for gamepad
Hard, Engaging, and Rewarding - this game makes you work for improvements and makes you feel like each run is a scrape against the giant uphill battle that is this dungeon system. I haven't made it past floor 3, if I remember correctly. I love the level of challenge, I love the turn based system where everyone waits for you to move, and I love the clean pixel art with post processing style. A beautiful, well made game that I'm genuinely surprised is confined to the phone.
So. Many. Updates. I have no complaints. Thank you. Absolutely. I wish Roguelikes were more popular, you would definitely be close to the top. I only have a slight suggestion, changing difficulty in the same save file, but this game is still a platinum trophy to me either way.
Amazing game. I love the art style, mechanics, and all the items. The updates arent trash, and theres not many ads. Massive applause to the dev!
Great game, alot of new stuff constantly and its always really great. The simple complexity is actually quite nice.
Exactly what it claims to be. Exactly what I was looking for. Unbelievable amount of updates, constanly expanding the game and giving me new reasons to play. Can be played for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Well done! Update: I love how often this game is updated. I havent had time to play recently, but i still hop on the store to see what's new in the latest update. Just a great little game made by some people that really care and are willing to put in that extra effort to create something special.
This game is just awesome. Playthroughs can range from a couple minutes to a couple hours. The adds are so forgiving that when I paid the few bucks to remove them it was really more just wanting to help support this absolute gem of a developer. It's a challenging rogue that's simple enough to be very accessible and yet very deep in playstyle option and strategy. At first I thought it was just another simple play a while and throw away game "(edit) two years later.. This games still awesome."
Why did the other people is rating this game from 1-4 stars? But this game is pretty satisfying. This kind a little bit same as Minecraft. So can you install this game and subscribe my channel? The name is Red ShadowFire Gaming.
Awesome game, been playing for 2 years now and I can say that this game has improved a lot from before. It also updates often which is a good thing! My only suggestion is to have more environments and a coop mode? (Maybe if possible). Overall, a great game!
It's a good game! The only reason I didn't 5star is because the game lacks clarity and feels a little messy still. Overall it's def a 4star or more
This game is amazing and fun, but it would be nice if you could make some of the armour a bit more powerful.
O M G This game is awesome. The gameplay fun there so much variety to what you can do with your people and weapons and tools. The concept is great you know the futuristic past mix. ITS AWSOME and deserves 5 stars.
This game is a pure insanity. Although, it is very hard, it also the best RPG game with low memory usage. It needs a good strategy and good combat tactic to actually beat this. Dont blame the game because it is hard. My best strategy to beat this is just explore the whole map location before going to Ancient Ruins because The Ruins have more elite beast with advanced weaponry and armoury
Don't get me wrong this is a good game but it is a little buggy when I try to start the game a need to do it two times 90% of the time otherwise I think you guy's should make a creative like stage builder
This is truly a game that I do enjoy. So much terrain to explore and enemies to destroy. A question I ask for I wish to know, Will you introduce a monstrous way to grow (about adding a feature where you can modify your physiology).
Dear devs. Pretty great so far. I really liked going full luck and using only utility stuff. Thing is between the buffs there's windows where you use scrolls and potions and they don't scale well at all. The build feels a lot more punishing than going with str/agi, especially at high difficulty. An item class (staves?) that increase their power like the unique equips already do? Can we see on the recycling screen what we can expect from the result? Perhaps also how much? Good job
i love this game ever since its release on android my level and armors are all open and almost max the permanent upgrades, the game is so amazing and perfect for me, im excited for more updates for this game and my favorite armor is the survival armor, it regenerate its life so i can keep survive even im out of pots for health. the developer is amazing for creating this game. i give 5 star
I've loved this game for a long time. Lately it's been freezing and hesitating though. My phone's farely new so assuming something with latest update. Twice now the game not responding box has popped up just as my finger comes down on the close game box, if I had a fraction of second I would hit wait but it has surprised me twice now. Just lost 30 minutes of progress. Rather frustrating.
Dis what im looking for ive played it 1 year ago and its keeping more better. thank you so much! I highly recommend to play it because of the enjoyability of the game.
An absolute joy to play for those who enjoy a challenging experience. I for one have loved every second of playing this game thanks to it's frequent updates and randomized levels. I have spoken with the dev and wish him nothing but the best in his endeavor in making this game as great as it can possibly be. If you doubt me, check the official discord, others will surely back my claim.
I really like pretty much everything about the game. The graphics and gameplay are great. I could see this being on the switch one day.
Add new Armor and ability More upgrades in lobby Level mechanism is not cleared , give manual of levals Add enemy who nearly impossible to kill , who drop new most rare weapons Add different maps or zones Add quick weapons change Add more and more stuff Because I unlock all Armors, lobby fully upgradeed and face all kind of stuff which exists in game.. so I'm waiting right now πŸ™‚πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘and reply please
Ive been playing for years, and let me say. All i have seen is update after update, with more and more stuff being added. That shows dedication on the devs part! I love the game and wouldnt give it up for anything!
Game is awesome and very meditative. But I suggest devs to add new caves, like, maybe, Water caves or Ice caves? That would be really awesome.
Can we give a moment to appreciate this guy hard work that made a perfect game that is fun on own system! And this game deserves more attention than it had
A very well made game. I love the concept, i love the progression, and most importantly, the game makes it feel like your fault. This is great because the you can improve and revaluate. One time, on my second run, i was at 18 hp and splashed a mystery potion on myself. I died, but instead of getting upset, i laughed at my mistake and didn't do it again. My only problems are: 1. The tutorial is a bit confusing. It would be better if you showed what to do instead of just saying it. 2. Nothing else
I do not understand the other reviews about the game like that the lava is, "impossible" it is not impossible (autocorrect) and that is coming from me a person who goes on hardest difficulty and goes all out on luck don't give up and keep trying, experiment a bit and it will be worth it.
This is the best rogue like game ive ever played!! I dont know why others complains about the portal guards being impossible to kill, the only key to defeat those with ease is just use the items u got wisely... And also i really looking forward to play this game and i hope the devs will keep this game updated because i really liked it alot.. The upgrading, crafting, blue prints collecting system was super awesome..Also devs, pls add more new caves that would be soooo coool..
Nice addictive little game. Quite challenging even on normal mode, which I like. I paid to remove ads simply to support the creators.
This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. This game is one of the best Roguelike games for mobile. From the graphics to the enemies, this game does almost everything right.
This Game Is Ultimate, What if that game have a New Biomes Of Caves: Jungle Cave, Desert Cave, and Snowy Cave, And the new npc: librian (scrolls and spell books) weapon smith (weapons) and armorer (armors) to buy, craft, and upgrade the equipments, weapons and items of this game And the new enemies of these biomes, (Srry, my english is meh, so i hope u all understand me)
Already had 5 star from me but the new update made it even better, and seeing that little Christmas tree full of goodies to start with made me smile. 6 stars.
Why why can I change the screen orientation to vertical ? It is really uncomfortable to play in horizontal
I played it before with my friends but I can't seem to get it off of the first green whenever you start but I played it before and it's a great game
I'm a very fussy gamer and this game is 5 stars all around. It's genuinely "rogue-like". Most other rogue-like games aren't like rogue, in any way, at all. It has a full and total foundation on the rogue game. It adds very extensive new ideas to rogue: not just bells and whistles, it adds new and original game structure on top of the basic "rogue" game. i had a bit of doubt at first that it might be boring and repetitive, but i kept going because i was pretty sure it had more coming. It did!
Okay...this is a message to the developer: I know u are busy but I have to let u know u did a great job. Smooth gameplay, various enemy, a lot of weapon and great ui system...I'm impressed. After caves of qud this is my gem. Keep improving the game. God speed.πŸ‘ And this is my opinion about the game to make it more enjoyable...this is a hard game. And u will die a lot. So I think al least give us a transportation system on each level to transfer a limited amount of things to our base.
Typo at 80% in manual. Last line should read "Recyclers can also be found in caves and dungeons." Instead reads "Recyclers are can also be found in caves and dungeons."
This game is just amazing the looting the digging the enemies its all so amazing cant wait for the update or if there is gonna be a caves 2
A very pure rougelike experience, the game has a lot of stuff happening from stage one, and it's not going out of its way to explain everything. Instead, an organic progression system is set up, as every new run gives the player a chance to figure out their way around various weapons, items, and enemies. Luck is also important, but ultimately it's all about gathering information and working the obtained know-hows into an efficient strategy. I only wish there was more background ambience.
This is a great roguelike, from top to bottom. It manages to fit futuristic and medieval themes together, and it works well! The interface isn't too confusing, and I skipped right through the tutorial and had no trouble at all figuring them out. I like that you can craft and deconstruct items, as well as most block being destructable right from the start, this really sets it apart from other rougelikes. The only thing I have a problem with is that special abilities feel a little weak