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Cats Atelier -  A Meow Match 3 Game

Cats Atelier - A Meow Match 3 Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by COCONE located at 3-1-18 Wakabayashi Setagaya-ku Tokyo, JAPAN 154-0023. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game c: The story is good,the characters are cute. I have a problem with the gallery though, the save button hasn't worked for the last few paintings :l
I loved, loved, loved this game. I loved the characters, storylines and challenge of the stages. Then all of the updates to the game started and, unfortunately, it affected game play for me. These days; when I'm about to beat a tough stage, the whole game crashes. Today was the last straw. I almost beat the most recent stage (618) I was on 5 times and each time the game crashed. I'll miss the game, but not the feeling of wanting to throw my device across the room because of game glitches.
I use to play this game all the time and loved it, but for some reason now it's only in Japanese? What happened to the english version? I got like halfway through the game before and it was 100% english
This used to be my favorite. It used to have fun back-to-back special events, and the characters, art, music, and story were all cute and entertaining. I collected tons of unique special event items. This summer, they began to go weeks in between events that were all the same concept, which got boring. Then this month, they announced they would no longer support the English version. As of today, even the English content they'd already created is gone. It's kind of devastating, honestly.
No information that game doesnt support english.Is it so hard to write one damn line of text that game is japanese only? One star for no information...
Why is this game not in English like at all? I can't understand the story!? PLEASE, add language preferences ie: English, and I'll gladly give this game another chance!!
Well,1 star as i downloaded it a week ago,played few hours and never came back. Time to delete it and wonder why it's editor's choice...but than "kick the buddy" is as well 😬🀯
I remembered playing this a few years ago, so when I wanted to play a match 3 game, I searched until I found the right game-- hadn't remembered the name, only the visuals. But apparently the choose language function has been removed, and it's now only available in Japanese. It's a shame, I had hoped to enjoy this game again, but I can't read a lick of it.
It's cute but there's no English translation. Would've at least liked to know that before downloading.
It has a cute story line and the difficulty of each level is evenly spread out so you don't get stuck often. It's has way better content than other games of this sort! This game is a great for helping me relief stress and it doesn't force you to spend money.
I've always considered match 3 games to be dull, glorified dopamine machines. The addition of a plotline - and such an adorable one at that - is brilliant. I find myself really enjoying the puzzle of determining which strategy will be best for each level. With that being said, the farther you get in game, the faster you blow through those hearts. It's rare for me to solve just one level without using them all anymore. At that point, five heart fragments seems a bit unfair to make just one heart.
A lovely little match three game with an ongoing story, funny but sympathetic characters (famous, some tragic artists as cats) challenging puzzles and pretty pictures to collect. Updates regularly and fixes any issues that come up swiftly. The first time I saw van Meowogh's opening story I actually cried! The best game of this kind I've ever played, thank you for making it!
This game is truly a work of art (get it?). It's very addicting. I started it knowing I didn't like match-3 games, but the story is good and the match-3 experience itself is great too. I rate it 5 stars! The only things I'd like to have is customizability, aka pick what the wall, floor, furniture look like and where to pt them. (I'm only on level 8, so if you can do that stuff later, sorry for not knowing)
It's super charming, from the art style to the music, I think it's super lovely. I've only just scratched the surface but the melancholic plot and positive messages in it are shining through. Who knew a matching game would have this great of a story to tell?
At first, I really had low expectations for these kinds of games but, seeing the graphics and animated characters, not to mention spin off art from Van Gogh! Before I knew it, I kept on playing it! Not to mention, I love cats way too much so this is really an adorable game! 😊
You should play this game if you just want to play something wholesome. I haven't finished the game try but so far I've enjoyed the gameplay and story.
This is an Interesting match game with a fun story running alongside. You can play without spending real money. The game also has good offers for power ups. The last one was Β£2.99 for a Β£15.00 RL comparative value. You also get power ups in a daily spin. IDK about you, but it makes me more likely to buy the power ups because I don't feel like I'm being ripped off. In conclusion, this is a fun match 3 type of game. Enjoyable storylines and lovely artwork. Definately recommend.
I am actually addicted to this game it is the perfect amount of challenging and rewarding because the interaction of the characters gives me incentive to keep playing and there's nothing better than finally completing a level you've been stuck on! The writing is phenomenal and something I could only hope to produce one day, thank you for this app! It's my favorite thing to play, I love you Meowogh!!!
The game's language changed to another language. I've gone through all of the options I could find and tried multiple translators but I couldn't change it back to English
I can understand why they had to remove English support, but they could have at least like....mentioned it on the store page. Anywhere. At all.
Can't play it because they removed the english language support. A shame, as I enjoyed the game and story line.
Used to absolutely love this game. πŸ˜₯ But, I opened the game one day to find that I could no longer understand anything. The game is now all in Japanese, expect for tap to start and loading... Please give your adoring english speaking fans an option to change the language. Then I will change my rating to 5⭐s.
I love this game. It's amazing, creative, challenging, and cute! It's also inspiring and makes me want to paint more πŸ˜„
tho the gameplay is really basic, the game's story and style make more than up for it! it's hyper cute und really beautiful to look at, the characters are fun, and the sounds and music are a delight. <3
Cute match 3. Unlike others, the plot is engaging, and although some of the puzzles are challenging, most don't feel like pot luck whether you are going to get through them or not in the story. The theme is Van Gough, so there are some darker underlying elements to it. This is engaging for adults and possibly teens, but because of the darker topics I wouldn't recommend this for young kids.
Was a great relaxing matching game app with cute characters and story until today when out of the blue they started running ads. now it gets deleted and i ha e to find another match 3 game
This is a fun game! Unfortunately for English readers it is only available in Japanese now. I contacted support to see if the English version is unavailable now and they were prompt and friendly with their response that it will only be available in Japanese now
It's only available in Japanese, but they don't tell you that. I'm sure the game is lovely, the art is gorgeous, but I do not reward liars.
I love this game so much! It's so addictive and great to play when you only have a minute or when you have half an hour. The gameplay is fun and I love all the little painter cats and their stories. Picasso is my favorite!
I don't usually enjoy matching puzzles since a lot of them are overly difficult in an attempt to get you to spend money on them, but I'm about 1000 levels into this one and I feel like this game is a lot more manageable than most other matching puzzles I've tried. The graphics are also super cute, and the plot and cast if characters are really enjoyable. All in all I really enjoy this game!
Please I'm begging you, to add back the english language.. It's so beautiful game, I really want to play it, but I don't understand it. Please please add back the english language.
Gahh this game is seriously so adorable with amazing graphics. Its not hard but its not easy. if you're looking for a fun game this is it. I totally recommend this!!
I can't load the app, as it just shows me the loading screen once i open it after installing. It also said the server cannot be reached. Im not sure if its the app itself or my phone but do please check in case. I finally got more space for my phone and was meaning to play it. Thank you.
Edit review in 2021. The language selection for this game is no longer available. It's ONLY available in Japanese and that makes me very sad. I will probably delete the game even though I've had it for 3 years. I love this game so much. I hope it never goes away. I love the tribute to all the famous artists. I am almost done with the first house!
I never played 3 match game for long, usually I just played it several hours and uninstalled it. But this game got me hooked and I played it almost everyday, the art style is cute, sad and funny stories, and the music really fit the atmosphere. but I do sometimes find the levels are too hard without buying items, and sometimes it crashed. I just hope there were new events because this game rarely has event, and not to mention the size is big, but other than that this is a cute 3 match game.
Cats Atelier's beautiful. The art, characters, music and concept all have this memorable charm that makes the game what it is now. I ❀ how it's basing the characters off of famous artists, giving a spin on them for the sake of the story. This got me interested in art history! Here's my issue: As a no-Japanese speaker, I can't understand the story, nor do MANY OTHERS. Halfway in the game, my interest to the game diminished. Please add translation. We fans worldwide just want to enjoy a game.
the puzzle is just TOO HARD it kills all the fun. i've wasted too much time and effort and money just to get through one single stage. even if you just want to read the story, there's no way to get through without spending on microtransaction. the concept is really nice, but its gameplay is so frustrated and time consuming. i'm out.
Please add the language feature back into the game! Your game is truly beautiful but i want to experience the deeper story of the characters
If you like match three puzzle games and cute cat painters then i think you might like this, Its super cute and the characters are adorable, i was looking for a simple match three game like bejeweled but I'm very happy i found this instead. I love Meowogh with all my heart
I love this game and it saddens me deeply that I can no longer play it because I don't speak any Japanese. I adored the storyline and the artwork. The puzzles were challeniging but never that diffucult that I spent days on the same level as I did with other Match 3 games. I loved coming back to it over and over. So yeah, I'm very sad about having to give it up now. Would actually love to give 5 stars but I can't anymore because of this incident. Hopefully the davs reconsider.
What a cute little game! It's basically a match 3 game, but it also has a storyline to follow as you play. There are lots of great special events, and while you can make in-game purchases to get items, you can get pretty far without having to do so (tip: when you finish a painting, share to Facebook or Twitter to get 100 free sardines). I just wish the other characters weren't so mean to Meowogh (especially Kiki, she's a conceited little gold-digger).
Would have given it 5 stars. 2 years ago this was my favorite game. Lost my phone and couldn't pick it back up thru Facebook. Couldn't remember password. I was at about level 975. Tried to contact your support team for help but never heard back. Then I decided I liked it enuff to start over from beginning and I have tried repeatedly. It won't download for me now in English, only Japanese. What a horrible disappointment that no one at your support team is willing to help!!
Even though I've only just downloaded this game, I really enjoy the adorable and cute artwork. I think it really adds to the story. And speaking of the story, I think the developers did a great job with creating a compelling story line that keeps the audience interested. Plus, the puzzles are easier and more enjoyable than other puzzle games. So, thanks!
Can't seems to launch the game today. Love the game graphic but programming interfere too much; a playable tile can suddenly be replaced by another non playable tile when you swap. After bombing many time, tiles remain frozen, after a while kinda feel like being 'played' by the system. :(
very cute, but crashes waaaaaay too much to be playable on your phone. use a power up? crash. open the app? crash. art style only gets you so far; fix the unstable core build. might be better on a device with tons of spare data, but not sure.
I spent hours on this game, reached way over 1000 levels, spent a few bucks occasionally and it was fantastic. Now i can't even access my old account on a new phone and everything is in Japanese. Disappointed is an understatement. You've crapped all over what once was a brilliant fun game.
You can say it's just another "candy crush" kind of puzzle, but what kept me playing is the art styles and colors, which are not overly bright and colorful like other puzzle games. The characters are very cute as well. I really appreciate this unique design style. Tip: speeding up the game makes it more enjoyable
the game doesn't have many issues, though sometimes I find some levels are mislabeled as hard or easy, though this may just be me.
A fun little game. I absolutely love all the outfits and Cat-Painters. And the plot is very nice too, it keeps you wanna play to know the outcome. 100% would recommend
I'm really enjoying the story and the art is so cute. It's totally worth checking out. My biggest issue used to be how long the updates took, but they're actually pretty quick now. The thing is that after every update the storage keeps steadily climbing. Games do take up more space (Duolingo's 96.73MB compared to Pokemon Go's 449) but this is so much. Pocket Camp, which has so many characters, areas, and items takes up 653. This is 696MB. So, great casual game, but not if you want other apps.
I love this ❀️ have been playing everyday since I installed it. it is like any other puzzle game but what makes me stay is the storyline! its really interesting and the characters are all cats too. uwu
Please add an option to change it to english. I loved the story line so much. The story is why i played.
I finally got a new phone but when i reinstalled the game its all in Japanese and i cant restore my data.
I adored this game until they removed English language translations. I spent money in this game. Played daily. The art is amazing, the story is fun. So upset they changed it.
I really love this game. I'm an art major and just love the paintings and the art style and the story in general. I get a lot if joy from seeing these cat versions of famous painters and their work. A lot of the paintings are van gogh's pieces that I've never even seen before and I've even done research to find out even more about the painter. The gameplay is a standard match three game with some neat gimmicks and never gets stupidly hard. The real stand out though is the story and the art.
This is the cutest cat / painting game out there... but why is it in Japanese instead of English now? I was really liking the story! Now I cannot understand the story :( please fix. Then will go back to 5 stars. Thank You!!
the game is really good, and the art is amazing. however, im currently studdying japanese but im not fluent yet. i dont know where to change my language and i have almost no idea what theyre saying. i know a few sentences, but some of them are kanji (γ‹γ‚“γ˜) and i only know hiragana and katakana. also, why is it online? anyways, its fun and entertaining.
i play this game because i'm a big fan of Sugita and found out from my friend that he voiced the cat in this game. match up game is not my cup of tea but i have to admit that this game is really entertaining with cute story and art, really good if you just want to chill without intense gaming experience(?) the item is expensive tho, that's my only issue but i manage somehow :D keep up the good work, Dev!!!! πŸ‘
i really like the concept and its fun but i cant get past level 8 because it gives me an error message when i try and use the power up the game prompts me to use.
Very cute, and if you are a bit patient, perfectly playable without investing money. I especially love collecting the cat- version of famous paintings.
Still a fun and challenging game. I like that the game keeps getting more levels and frequent in game challenges.
It was 5 star but not anymore,i changed it to 1 star, since its only Japanese now,it used to be in english and now its another language?Ok ,uninstall.
One of the best games I've played. I absolutely adore puzzle games, cats, arts and a storyline and the art style. And this game had it all, even with the problems of the game crashing from time to time, it was ok and I rlly didn't mind. I'll still play it, for sure, the game is just to good to just get rid of it, but it saddens me extremely that they removed the English version... I wish something could be done, at least to keep what was already translated story wise.
Edit for 2020: They have removed the English translation altogether :( Such a wonderful game and now I can't understand it anymore.
I wanted to come back to the old Cats Atelier I knew because I never was able to finish it, I dont know what happened between that time, but the japanese is an obvious clue that this game was probably most likely sold off to a "Mostly Asian" game company like other great games, regarding the effort of english translation, they keep doing this to very "AMERICAN AUTHENTIC" games, dont remember french people speaking japanese in history class, you took the fun from cultureπŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
I had to erase all the app data so that the game could work properly again (events, history, notifications), but there is no option to change the language, which was previously in English and is now in Japanese
I previously gave them a 5 star review, but a bit after posting that I went back into the game. I was playing for some time, when it suddenly crashed. I would really appreciate it if you fixed this problem, because I lost progress in the game. Other than that the graphics, story, and every thing else was perfect!
Expected the usual match 3 game but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has a sweet story that will tug on your heartstrings at times. only complaint is I keep getting prompts to rate when I did months ago.
Very cute, relaxing, and addicting! The story is really simple and cute too. The only thing I instantly disliked when I started to play was the voice, so I turned that off and only listened to the soundtrack; love the background music. πŸ‘Œβ€
Absolutely love it. I love the characters,the voice acting, the art style and adorable animation at the beginning, and especially the fact that I'm dead before the game evn starts. Though there is one slight issue - turns out you can swipe pieces while they're falling, which is.... very strange. Otherwise, love it! (Other than the weird heterosexual cat maid relationship. I mean, come on. He's already living with someone xD)
Great game with a unique story and feel. Hard to put down. Love the art style and the completion of art pieces combined with fixing up the house as you finish levels.
I love the art and characters of this game! It's cute and fun, and makes the "match 3" genre feel more enjoyable. My only issue is the CONSTANT crashes in some levels. The game can't handle its own effects sometimes, and there's NO way I've found to reduce the game quality or disable effects to help the issue. It typically happens at the start of the levels and doesn't make me lose a life when it happens, but it's annoying. It can happen at the end too, but it's always given me the win if I did.
I love this game! Some puzzle games get too difficult or make you pay too much- not this one. It has stunning graphics in some parts like the clay opening, and lovely, smooth graphics everywhere else. The story function is simple but not boring - its enjoyable. Same goes for the puzzle function. It's also very calming to play - the game isn't too hardcore, and the music is calming and nice. The character design and voice acting is very cute, too. All in all, I would recommend this for sure! ^-^
This is a cute game, very relaxing and the art is beautiful. The story is funny and the gameplay simple but satisfying. However the difficulty of the levels are a little inconsistent, where some are very easy and then some are impossible without power-ups. On the plus side, they are generous with giving you power-ups compared to other similar games. There are some glitches where the game shuts down. But this happens only rarely. If you like art and cats, try it out!
This game is really cute with good humor, but it's very difficult sometimes even on normal levels. You have to rely on the extras at times. It sometimes takes me a day to do a level I'm stuck on. Maybe I'm just terrible? There's usually an event going on which is nice. I really enjoyed the one where all players got put on one of two teams. I only continue to play for the story though. I want those coins!
Great game, it's very cute and many details. I like the story, the translation of chinese is perfect. You did a great job!
A cute little puzzle game, but heads up: if you cant understand Japanese you might struggle a tad. The characters are adorable - as you would expect from a Japanese game
I've been playing this game for over a year, and have finally leveled out of English language support. :-( I will really miss this game. I know translation costs money, would happily pay for English.
I'm sure everyone is talking about their game in japanese. Well I have that same problem. Although I do want to learn a bit of Japanese, it would quite nice if the game wasn't in a different language. There was a language setting right? Why is it not on there?
New Comment: It's interesting how the new story segments divert a lot from actual art history. The first few were about a struggling painter trying to get by. Now it's like, "Meowgh, if we don't find the jewel in time, the Space Police will put Lupin in jail!" Still a charming, albeit sillier and sillier, game. (Note: No actual Space Police in game. Yet.) Old Review: It was better before the annoying daily quests (which also slow down the interface between levels). Still cute & great otherwise.
Good game, but there are less items received as you go up levels and also house remodelling has ceased even though there seems to be houses to remodel.
This is another one of those games where the micro transactions kill it. there is an in game currency but it's very difficult to accumulate and the items are very expensive if you use them. there is a one armed bandit that allows you to spin for extra but it never works for me constantly saying to check my internet connection. I'd rather pay for the game outright *edit pay to play gets worse recharge for lives has jumped from 20mins to 30 mins
I love this game. I just so happen to see it out the blue and freaking love it!! The story line is great and adds so much more to the game and the convo between the cat and the mouse is super hilarious yall did an amazing job the only I dont like is all the ads for buying stuff all over the screen but still love the game.