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Cats & Magic: Dream Kingdom

Cats & Magic: Dream Kingdom for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Creative Mobile Games located at PΓ€rnu mnt 139a 11317 Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just now loaded Cats & Magic. I tried 3 times to open it so I could try it, but no such luck. ~sigh~
This game looks very interesting, very fun, but I have way too many problems to give it a 3 star review, first off it takes 20 minutes to load, when I finally got to the actual game part, it was being very laggy, I tried to refresh but the screen was frozen, I had to power off my tablet to get it to stop, I tried it again after that and it was still slow and laggy, if almost drained my battery, and it almost killed my tablet, for good. So don't get this unless you want a virus on your device.
Cute game fees like my kid will like it. Main issue I'm finding is I cant even play more then 3 or so mins till my screen freezes. My touch screen not the game. Making it were I have to shut my phone off then back on. It's also causing my keyboard to act up while I type this. :/ not happy about either.
I like the game so far but am having the same issue as another reviewer as I am unable to upgrade buildings and and build anything. I have made sure my phone is up to date as well as the game. This is my only issue with the game. Other than that I think it is super cute and I was having a great time starting to play.
It's a cute game and I really like it. It is a bit glitchy but it's not too bad. Can't wait to see what more things will be added in the future.
At first I thought it was too costly than I realized it is fairly easy to get gems, it just takes longer to buy things
Completely stupid game. Supposed to buy a damn house for the first cat you find and it doesn't exist anywhere in the game. Not in the store. Can't play the levels because you need energy from the cats that you can't use because you don't have a house for it to live in because the damn thing isn't even in the store to buy. What moron makes a game you can't even play right? Stupid waste of space
I love this game at first it was all good but later on it did not let me play so I deleted it and restall it and then it just Showed a blue screen I waited and still a blue screen, so i exit and then went back and still a blue screen if anyone knows how to fix it pls tell me I just want to play this game :(
I've been playing this game for a week now today I went on it and went to go on a treasure hunt and all of a sudden the cats are busy right now and it just stops no matter what you do the cats are busy right now and then I wind up losing what I won. You need to fix this game didn't start doing this until today
Frezzing up all the time plus it also crash all the time and won't let me buy cat that I want please fix it .Wii change if there any change in the game.
GAME KEEPS DELETING MY PROGRESS! It was ok at first then it started just showing a black screen when I went to the adventure. I updated it an it regressed my progress on everything. I lost a level on all my cats and my last several building upgrades. I played for a couple hours today trying to upgrade the buildings again and when I got on tonight it deleted all the progress I made. I'm ready to just delete the game, but I've put money into it. Fix the glitches on my progress or give me my money
I was double charged then when they went to fix the account the entire account was locked and I could no longer get in it to play but that's okay my money was put on to the account so I could ask backwards s*** tried to blame my phone that is brand new when and all they are the ones who lock the account after they put my money onto the account really weird I'll be going to the bank and getting my money back unless they unlock the account and be proper
It is a good game. However, I didn't get credit for a cat that I bought. I am not thrilled that I spent money on Sir Pouncelot and never received what I paid for.
I really like this game. Other then you can't buy coins. And upgrade buildings take way to long. Either way you go you have to spend money on this game to get ahead. Besides this I really love this game and think it could be pretty awesome.
Its fun but it won't let me level my Castle to 15 or let me get the green house i got everything i need so why it let me do it
Love it, but after a while you really need to be able to purchase coins or trade gems for coins because it takes forever to get enough coins to advance, meaning you can't store your supplies because you can't upgrade the castle until after several days of playing multiple hours of nonstop quests. It sucks the fun out of the game.
I like the cats but the game gets a little boring pretty fast if you don't spend money. I like the puzzle designs, but never get enough milk, mice, etc to keep the cats content and earn a bit more. The thing that bothers me the most is that for each puzzle there are recommended cats for the mission and I rarely have all the recommended cats. Some I have not even gotten close to earning. It costs a lot of energy to make up for that. Also I cleared space but can't build. Not ready yet. etc...
I like this game, I do. The cats are adorable, the story flows and the graphics are terrific. However the game does have issues. You can use any cats to complete the task but you can't always complete clearing the space. You make me have to spend gems I don't really have to get the cat that can clear the level. I can't figure out why it's set up that way. The resources fill up way too slowly to be able to upgrade a building I need to upgrade cats. And what's with tapping the cat to help it?
This is a fun game I am enjoying myself, but there is a glitch to it. One of them is your moonlight cat can't dig, all it does is dig and sits there never giving the gift. Also I have to spend money or gems to get some of the cats I need for adventures, and when I spend gems it is only for that adventure I know. But not everyone is rich so can you let us get the cats we need at the begging instead of others we don't? Thank you for making a good game.
This is a cute game with lots of potential. There are lots of events and updates. I wish there were more ways to earn cat dreams in order to get the pieces to unlock new cats. Especially for the cats you have to have to complete levels and open gift boxes. So far, the only way to get those cats is to purchase them for 1000 gems. I have yet to see or collect pieces for those cats. I have alot of buildings that can't be built once you clear away the fog. Hopefully future updates!!
Unique and adorable game. But they have rather aggressive marketing strategies so be careful. It's very addicting which is good but you'll have to be careful not to spend money if you get addicted, LOL. It doesn't get really difficult like a lot of games so you can keep playing.
Cute game in all, but I'm a bit disappointed. Everything is so expensive? There's not too much to do, and I spent a while saving up my gems for a chest, I bought it and it gave me dreams for cats I already have? That was a waste of 100 gems. What do dreams even do once u already have the cat? It's a waste. Also not being able to collect cats that are needed for adventures without paying real money? Which is expensive, almost 300 bucks for meowbee? It's cute, but it's got more potential.
I actually really enjoy this game but I'm giving it only 2 stars until the bugs are fixed. Since the last update I can't upgrade or buy anything. I click and click and nothing happens. I have enough materials to upgrade my base but it just won't do it making it impossible to move forward with tasks. Once fixed rating will change.
Little disappointed that I can't sell items in inventory for coins or rubies instead of putting them in the trash. It's a waste.
When you start, it seems like a fun game. After investing a bit of time, it paywalls you and jacks up energy cost for everything. Very predatory to play
Ok I love this game but it takes entirely to long to earn enough coins to upgrade and the game then gets boring. If u create a way to spin for coins or even buy them as we are able to diamonds, we could upgrade and earn more cats quicker. It would make the game more interesting.
Cute game! πŸ™‚ Addicting if you love cats. Graphics are awesome. Only wish there was another way to collect or purchase more coins. I πŸ™
An exciting game with cute cats - all of them have special characters so they not only look but also behave different that makes the game interesting and after the first few levels, you can realize it's quite important to choose wisely which cat you pick for which level. πŸ€“ My only heartbreak issue comes from bugs which sometimes stop the game without any reason, e.g. after finishing a level, I can't move forward so I have to restart the game and loose my rewards - hope it will be resolved. 🀞
Enjoy the game but don't understand the new hint method in the maze? It used to just say "close" or "far away" etc...now it's 1, 2, or 3 exclamation marks above a cat's head but it doesn't make sense where is it pointing to or anything? I've been wasting a lot of energy looking around now. I can't find an explanation of how the new hints work. Can you please explain? Also, why are the dreams hidden in presents now? The explanation for that was off screen so I couldn't read it (glitch?) Thanks!
I am not getting the coins when I complete the adventure I even watch the bonus ad and when I try to upgrade the cat hall it keeps telling me I need 1524 more coins.everytime!!! I get coins from chests and still not receiving them...
I love the game. It has so much *in my opinion* that you can do. Not a whole well pay to defeat a level. Simple and i like that!
Really cute, and the gameplay is fun, but it has some cost balancing issues. Like others have said, it's irritating having cats that are necessary for even early game missions only be available by purchase. It's also irritating that the energy costs periodically increase, so even if you're leveling up your cats, they still only have enough energy for 2-3 missions before you have to either wait or pay.
The app will not go passed the loading screen i downloaded it today and i wanted to play it but it wont work please tell me how i can fix it to where it works
You progress quicky and you get new kitties frequently. The cats are adoreable and I love their little outfits. 😽
I love this new game it is alot of fun to play. Please come check out this game, if you don't play it you are missing out.
I love the game.The cats are so adorable .😻😻😻I play it all day long it's a great way to pass the time and relax.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I was enjoying the game prior to its latest update. Now when I tap the portal in the game it goes to a dark screen & does nothing.
This game is cute. I've only been playing Cats and Magic a few days but when I got to expand and move to a new area, :( the game froze and won't let me get the free daily log on reward. I also can't ( cannot move to any other areas ).
I've loved the game up to this point, but now it's glitching out and isn't working any more. It freezes up & black screens. Sadly I'm uninstalling it today due to not being able to go any farther in the game past level 55.
This game is so cute! I must tell you the only reason I tried it was because my cat was having a nightmare while sleeping next to me... lol. I haven't run into any issues or glitches, game is running smoothly and the cats I've collected so far do as they should. That's why I've given the game a 5.
Very nice entertaining game! Cat lovers will even love it! Most cats are like Easter eggs to movies, animes and maybe even games!
This sucks! All I've done so far is clicked on squares so the cat can dig up vials. I can't get anything else to work plus the game is very slow loading whenever you're trying to do anything and I don't understand the point of what you're working for. Nothing is happening you're not able to build anything! Uninstalling!
It's the best game in the world I just played it and it's the best so you have to play it you'll die without it so yeah I'm not trying to force you I'm just saying to get it you have to get it if you don't it's still okay but it's the best game in the whole entire world so you have to get it it's the best from the best game in the world but it's not the best best one I'm just saying I like it the most than you think
The cats are super cute! It's easier to get gems on this game than most without actually having to use real money so I love that! Really fun game!
Love the plot, graphics, adventures and progression!! ---Intro instructions a bit vague, there is a help menu that should be more visible, not under report problems. Would like to see more wood production early on.--- Will recommend to friends!!
This new update changed Clawin. Before this my Clawin was level 12 and now he is back to level 1 I just feel that all of the prior dreams and food used to upgrade him went to waste. However I do love the opportunity to make flowers.
An actual game that does not require you to purchase gems, rather it gives you them frequently for watching a short video. I love it.
The game won't start and I just downloaded it haven't gotten a chance to play it because it keeps crashing.
I like this game alot but this afternoon it won't load at all and it is updated to the current version. Very frustrating when your wanting to play and get the event items.
Until this past week loved this game, now can't get it to come up.goes to opening screen then blacks out after 15 seconds. Have uninstalled an reinstalled several times. Sad, but guess I won't be playing anymore.
So, i think it would be a cute game but unfortunately, im trying to buy that first house to even start the game but cant seem to find where im supposed to purchase it. The page it sends me to has a couple decorations that I'm not far enough in the game to do anything with and wont give me the option to start doing anything.
Amazing game. The first mission was a bit glitchy. You have to let them finish talking and not click before hand or it won't let you close the talk bubble and continue. It took me a few reboots to figure that out. Other than that its a fun game with adorable little kitty's who you can't help to want to save.
This I just downloaded this game and it seems pretty fun all the characters remind me of ever merge which is really cool but I am a little bit disappointed that I have to pay so much to save Meowerbee.
Quite fun if you like cats easy nd relaxing can be a bit expensive but most games are nowadays 🐱🀟
I love the game and the fact that you have to pay gems for the cats you dont have. Plus Β£12.99 for a cat is very expensive.
What happened to my data from where I already paid for Vlad I won't pay for him again so credit me him and I did construction on catland hall is already at 11 using the worker and I'm at level 15? Help me get back all the work I did. I already uninstalled and installed it again, but that didn't work. Help.
I like the game, but on level 5 a chest appears...when I try to tap it it does nothing. Only the click sound. I can't continue because of it. Any help on that ? Did anyone else encountered this kind of problem?
It's so cute. I love the different cats. Thank you so much. I enjoy this game. It take my mind off my worries and puts a smile on my face!
I've been trying to play since the update like 2 months ago and I just cant enjoy it anymore. Give us back the option to watch the video to double rewards, and give us one of everything we didnt open/find. I also have purchased 2 cats by the sales for gems and over a month now its been the same 4000+ gem option, or even at one point one I own already..... 1000 gems isnt worth 50 dreams. The amount of ads alone I use to choose to watch had to bring in revenue of some sort.
Would have given 5 but there seems to be a glitch with my storage I have 2 mice and the game won't let me give them to the cats asking for them and also I've collected 2 balls and 5 milks but they have never shown up in my storage even just one or two.
I love this game becuase, first you get to care for cats, and second you get to dec. around your area! Lastly you get to rp. Please make the same thing on moblie. my device dies and then i cannont do it on moblie! To be exact, ipad.
This game is really cute and very easy to understand. The dialogue of the cats is amazing! I can't wait to play more!
This game was lying.?they say it was offline but why i can't play it when my fon was not connected with Internet...
At level 500, empty spaces are 137, cat unlocked objects are over 180, and over 220 if locked. p Progressing through levels has slowed since a LOT of the recommended cats are special obtained in purchase form of some way or dream cave if you get lucky. Once getting them good luck getting them to a level to be useful in actual adventures. Recently my ability of highlighting a space with an item stopped highlighting for all cats who are suppose to be able to.
I love the game I just wish you buy cats with jems instead of cash like for instance toffee. Otherwise I having a good time.
Great customer service! I paid for Baron about a week or so ago and the servers were wonky. They emailed me back and said they'd work on getting him and the gems he came with to me. They also gave me 500 gems for the waiting time. This game is wonderful and I love how the kitties look. My favorite has to be the dark kitties: Moonlight, Cheshire, Vlad The Bat, and Baron.
I'm not sure how I didn't know about this game before but I'm so happy I came across it!. I love the concept of it and I'm definitely going to be showing it to my community!. I noticed there's a Cheshire cat!!!! I hope I can get it sometime as 8 have to be a f2p user. I look forward to see more of this cute game and finding more cats!.
This game is fun and relaxing. No match threes to agrivate you. I would highly recommend it. The cats are cute little critters.
The only thing I am really down rating for is the amount of gems/in game purchases it looks to take to get cats that are useful in the searching even at the beginning levels. I could see later on but within the first, I think was five sections, was a purchase needed for a specfic cat that is used alot.
I like this game. It's cute & fun. You don't have to pay to play but you can purchase some cats if you desire to do better faster in the game just like any other but it's not necessary in this game. I recommend you just give it a download and try it out for yourself.😁
Love the game. Doesn't always allow me to use the doubler. Freezes when that button is pushed. Other than that I love it
So far so good. I really enjoy the cute art style and storyline, it's entertaining as well as visually nice. We'll see how well the gameplay holds up the further I go, but so far it's definitely worth checking out.
Its a really good game but I wish they would give us the choice to keep the cats we pay for each level we use 10 diamonds to get the cat we should be able to keep them but apart from that it's a good game.
Collecting magical cats cute storyline and expanding their world (literally) easy to play and fun! The cats are soo cute
I LOVE IT!! I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT HURTS-Note:it really doesn't hurt. I'm just saying how mhch I love it-I WOULD DIE FOR THOSE CATS-Note #2:I would NOT recommend actually dying for them sense they aren't real-I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU CREATORS OF THIS GAME FOR MAKING THIS!!! ^-^
I just started and am enjoying the game but it's a 50/50 chance of actually loading the app or getting stuck on the loading screen. My phone is updated and I have no issues with any other appso, I know it's not my phone. I really hope this gets fixed so I can enjoy the game.
I absolutely LOVE this game!!!!! There's no "match 3," no Tri-Peaks solitaire, no word or hidden objects games, no ANYTHING except for you to relax, and have peaceful and stress-free adventuring with your cats. πŸ’œπŸ’œOne very useful suggestion, however: it'd be awesome if we could finish each level in the Dream Maze. I found 2 silver treasure chests in Level 2, but due the way the maze is set up, you're unable to find the gold one because the Portal keeps pulling you back.πŸ’œπŸ’œ
I really wanted to like this game, but it's slow and the "puzzles" don't actually require any thought or strategy. Just tap a square and open it, over and over again. Collect items at a painstaking rate to give to cats for next to no reward, use your resources to upgrade buildings for nothing. It's feels like just a handful of random mechanics dumped into a game with cute cats. Oh, and don't get attached to the cats, because you have to buy most of them...
A bit hard to figure out the strategy, due to no real instruction....but I am 73 yrs.old_/ young.. . and have some difficulty with some games..these cats though, are too cute!
It looked like it would of been a fun game but all I keep getting is a blue screen no more I've tried to install it 3 times same thing can u please fix I really want to play
I like this game but 9/10 the game won't even load. It gets to the loading screen and then closes and says it's not responding πŸ˜“
What happened to my data from where I already found vdal and construction on catland hall is already at 11 using the worker and I'm at level 15? Help me get back all the work I did. I already uninstalled and installed it again, but that didn't work.
The graphics are AMAZING!!I don't think any cat lover can say no this game with these cute and adorable cats and graphics.The game has a good gameplay and its so cute.
Game makes no sense. No instructions. Will not let you move on to play. Keeps asking for team but won't let you add one. Very stupid game.